Choice Point The Movie : Align Your Purpose (FULL)

"Choice Point" is a feature-length 
documentary film which probes the issues of informational change and how when one person transforms his or her own life, that person can contribute in a positive way to the shaping of the world.

The world is facing multiple"choice points"at this moment in history: individuals are making choices to change their nations, nature is giving us a wake-up call, economies are struggling, and for many of us the future looks uncertain.

Yet people are also rallying to make choices and to have a voice, awakening from their apathy of previous decades. Each of us has the potential to be agents of change, and Choice Point is a film that endeavors to be an agent of change itself.

Our film sends a message of hope. As so many great philosophers have said, change starts with the self, and then ripples out to have a positive effect on the world. Greater personal well-being translates into greater well-being for all of us. However the larger question is ...

"How does one make lasting positive changes?"

The film answers this most important of questions by weaving together inspirational personal stories by public figures, from sports stars to statesmen to business people  with discussions by a range of experts, from scientists to philosophers, about the dynamics of change.

The film features major visionaries and inspirational figures of our times, every one of whom has overcome challenges and obstacles in his or her personal life or field of endeavor to reach the pinnacle of success. To do so they have had to shift beliefs, abandon or change self-defeating thoughts and behaviors  take action, and persevere. In every case, their transformation was not only personal but also collective, for as they reached their goals and bettered their own lives, they also shared their gifts with the world-and continue to do so, making major positive social contributions.

In addition, Choice Point presents scientists and philosophers who explain in layman's language revolutionary theories of about the dynamics of change. They help us not only to revise our understanding of the world in which we live, but also to see how our thoughts and actions shape and transform the reality of our world at every level, from the personal to the global Choice Point explores the stages of change: 1) understanding our world, 2) aligning your purpose, and then 3) being the change you want to see in the world.

A message of hope and a template for transformation.

The goal of Choice Point is to inspire viewers and motivate them to examine their own lives and begin the journey of personal transformation, so that they too can reach out to make meaningful contributions to the world. In addition to the interviews with figures of renown who have changed their

own lives and made positive contributions to the world, we will examine belief-change processes and the underlying "nature of reality" as explained by the latest research and theories from science, psychology, philosophy and other fields of inquiry. The film seeks to be an agent of change itself by providing a message of hope and inspiration, and guidance for undertaking the informational process.


Choice Point movement is here to help us all to take a step back, understood our world and then to take the choice to align our purposes, so that a lot of the world's problems can suddenly turn into the world's solutions and collectively create the world we all want to live in. Together, through our individual contributions, we are the change.

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