Patricia Diane Cota-Robles – Your Light Is Needed Now! – 30 November 2012

PatriciaHi Precious Heart,
Your time is at hand! We are in the midst of a momentous event on this planet that each and every one of us have been preparing to participate in for aeons of time.  I AM delighted that you are awake, and that you have volunteered to help lift Humanity and all Life evolving on this sweet Earth up the Spiral of Evolution to the next octave of our learning experience.
You may not know on a conscious level all of the details of your lifetimes worth of preparation, but I assure you, your God Self, your I AM Presence, knows exactly how you can be the most effective instrument of God during the unprecedented shift of energy, vibration, and consciousness at hand. You have an important part to play or you would not be in embodiment and receiving this information during this critical time.
Ask your I AM Presence for guidance, then remain in a state of Listening Grace. Respond according to the inner promptings of your heart to the opportunities that are being magnetized into your sphere of awareness. There are myriad events taking place all over the planet during the month of December 2012. See which events resonate in your heart, then make the choice to join physically by attending the events or to join in consciousness by adding your Light from wherever you are on the planet.
When we join together physically or in consciousness, the Company of Heaven has been granted a Cosmic Dispensation to amplify our efforts a thousand times a thousandfold. This gift of Divine Grace will exponentially expand the Light we are capable of adding to the world during this Cosmic Moment. Please do not let this opportunity pass you by.
I AM going to be participating in three events that I would like to invite you to participate in. Please read the following information carefully and see how these events resonate in your heart.
On November 28th, we experienced a very powerful Lunar Eclipse that expanded the Open Heart energy of both Humanity and Mother Earth. This allowed the I AM Presence of every person on Earth to magnetize the patterns of perfection from our newly birthed Renaissance of Divine Love more effectively from the Realms of Cause. This paved the way for the powerful activities of Light that will occur on December 12th, December 20th, and December 21st and 22nd.
For the December 12, 2012 events, 12:12:12, I have the honor of participating in the STAR KNOWLEDGE CONFERENCE at the Carefree Resort in Phoenix, Arizona. That event will take place December 10-13, 2012. For details please click on this link and go directly to the website: www.starknowledgeconference.com
On December 12, 2012, 12:12:12, our Mother God—the Holy Spirit, and the Feminine Aspects of Deity throughout all Creation, will breathe into the Earth’s Crystal Grid System the highest frequencies of God’s Transfiguring Divine Love that Life on this planet is capable of withstanding. Due to the monumental influxes of Light that have occurred over the past several decades, and especially since the Dawn of the New Millennium, this will be the greatest influx of Divine Love Humanity has ever experienced.
For over 500 years, December 12th has been celebrated in Mexico and throughout Central and South America as the Feast Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe. For millions of people this aspect of Mother Mary has symbolized the return of the Divine Feminine, our Mother God. On 12-12-12 our Mother God, and Her exponents representing the Divine Feminine throughout all Creation, will cocreate a Forcefield of Divine Love that will envelop every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life on Earth, and all of the spaces in-between the particles and waves of Life. This forcefield will reinforce a multidimensional and multifaceted Womb of Divine Love and a Birth Canal of Divine Love that will assure Earth’s safe passage up the Spiral of Evolution, and the Birth of the New Earth in the Realms of Cause.
The Beings of Light are aware that in most instances this information is beyond the comprehension of our finite minds. But they assure us that the I AM Presence of each and every one of us clearly understands the bigger picture of what is happening on this planet. They said that adding to the Light of the world during this miracle of the Shift of the Ages and the Birth of the New Earth in all her splendor is exactly why we volunteered to embody on Earth at this time.
The events of 12-12-2012 will be the final steps of preparation leading up to the December Solstice and the Birth of the New Earth on 12-21-2012. These two dates reverberate with the master number 11, 1+2+1+2+2+0+1+2=11 and 1+2+2+1+2+0+1+2=11, the numerical frequency of the transformation of the physical into the Divine. Isn’t God fun?
On December 20th, from 7:00-9:00 p.m., we at the New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose have organized an event that will take place in Tucson, Arizona at Loew’s Ventana Canyon Resort. During this Activity of Light, THE SHIFT OF THE AGES, we will create the safety net for the Cosmic Events that will take place during the December Solstice. This event is FREE and open to the public.
During the Activity of Light on December 20th, we will unite with the Company of Heaven and Lightworkers around the world. Together we will cocreate the sacred space for the greatest influx of Light Humanity and the Earth have ever experienced. We will form a Chalice of Light that will cradle the Earth and serve as a particle accelerator to prepare every man, woman, and child to safely receive the monumental influx of Light that will occur on Earth when we align with the Galactic Core of the Milky Way during the December Solstice.
On December 21-22, 2012, I have been invited to participate in a very powerful event that will take place in Sedona, Arizona. Sedona is a power point along Earth’s Crystal Grid System through which the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light from Suns beyond Suns beyond Suns will flow during the December Solstice and the Galactic Alignment. This event is called SEDONA 2012 FESTIVAL. For details please click on this link and go directly to the website:www.thesedonanowagefestival.com
 On December 21-22, 2012, the Earth will align with the Galactic Core of the Milky Way. This will open a portal of Light that will extend from the very Heart of our omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent Father-Mother God—the Cosmic I AM—All That Is, into the Divine Momentum pulsating in the center of the Earth. This influx of Light will flow through God’s all-encompassing Divine Matrix to bless every particle of Life on this planet. This Divine Matrix is the Body of our Father-Mother God within which all Creation lives, moves, breathes, and has its Being. This influx of Light will begin the process that will Birth the New Earth in the Realms of Cause. This will be Earth’s New Beginning. From that moment forth, the patterns of our Planetary Cause of Divine Love and our Renaissance of Divine Love will easily flow into the mental and emotional strata of Earth. Humanity will be able to easily tap into these patterns of perfection and through our thoughts, words, feelings, actions and beliefs we will bring them into manifest form. These patterns contain the viable solutions to every humanly-created malady existing on Earth.
The Birth of the New Earth will accelerate the awakening of even the most recalcitrant souls, thus causing a shift that will take place in the energy, vibration, and consciousness of each and every one of us. This shift will reflect a new level of understanding that all Life is interconnected, interrelated, and interdependent. Humanity en mass will begin to realize that what affects one part of Life affects all Life. From this new awareness people will be inspired to work together to find win-win solutions that will benefit every person and enhance the existence of every facet of Life on Earth. This is monumental! Please be the instrument of God you volunteered to be prior to this embodiment.

December 10-13, 2012 – STAR  KNOWLEDGE  CONFERENCE

December 20, 2012 – THE SHIFT OF THE AGES
7:00-9:00 p.m.
Loew’s Ventana Canyon Resort
7000 N. Resort Drive
Tucson, Arizona

December 21-22, 2012 – SEDONA 2012 FESTIVAL
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The information in this monthly sharing is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of these celestial sharings is to encourage, empoer, uplift, and inspire Humanity by allowing us to see the bigger picture during these wondrous but often challenging times.
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Dolores Cannon 5D Earth is Here!

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Connect with your Soul Group or find your Soulmate at in5d Connectionhttp://www.in5d.net/ EVERYONE is welcome!

Article: http://www.in5d.com/dolores-cannon-5d-earth-is-here.html

The crew at Time Monk Radio interviewed past life regression hypnotherapist, Dolores Cannon, who spoke about the changing energies, the New Earth and signs of the New Earth, who will get left behind on 3D Earth, physical symptoms of ascension, becoming a Light Body, what happens to people who get left behind, removing karma, duality on the New Earth, gridlines, timelines and points of convergence, Nostradamus, free will, moving into 5D Earth, why we're skipping the 4th dimension, the waves of volunteer souls, earth changes, the overlapping of 3D and 5D, the sun's relationship with the earth and whether or not the afterlife is a form of the 5th dimension.

Time Monk Radio: http://timemonkradio.com/


9/11 Hypothesis: AE911Truth, NIST, & Judy Wood

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Energy is not a thing, it is a concept that is used in calculations. So when you talk about weapons you have to talk about things. So if someone hits another person with their fist, this is an "Energy Directed Weapon". The only weapons which are NOT "Energy Directed" are biological weapons. So we have to ask Judy Wood exactly WHAT IS THE DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPON SHE IS TALKING ABOUT?
-Professor Neils Harrit on Judy Wood




The amazing AE911Truth Action Group volunteers in Buffalo include Marty, Rob, Eric, who, along with others, organized two well-attended AE911Truth speaking events on 9/6/11 in record time

AE911Truth FAQ #6: What’s Your Assessment of the Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) Hypothesis?

Some have suggested that much of the structural steel of the World Trade Center skyscrapers was turned to dust, or “dustified” – a term used by Judy Wood, the primary proponent of this hypothesis – with some type of directed energy weapon (DEW). Some of the observations cited by Wood include the voluminous dust created during the Twin Towers’ destruction, the “craters” in WTC 5 and 6, “toasted” cars, and small holes in glass windows.
While Wood and AE911truth agree that the official story of an “inevitable” collapse by gravity alone is impossible because it conflicts with laws of physics, we completely differ on the mechanism of the destruction.

The scientific method requires us to look at all the available evidence and then assess various explanations for their ability to account for the evidence. At some point, the inferior explanations must be discarded if there is to be continued progress in an investigation, just as in pure science. It is our opinion that the DEW hypothesis is not just weak; it is not supported by the evidence at all. We provide only a general discussion here, referring the reader to references for a thorough understanding.

A Hypothesis in Search of Facts

One of the observations that seems to have motivated Wood to come up with her directed energy weapon hypothesis is that the debris pile at Ground Zero does not seem to be tall enough to contain enough steel to equal what was in the Twin Towers before they came down. She departs from verifiable fact quite early with this claim. FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, performed the first technical review of what brought down the Twin Towers and WTC 7. Even in its report, FEMA acknowledges (inconveniently for the official story, which cannot account for this fine destruction of the Twin Towers) that roughly 90% of the Twin Towers' mass fell outside their footprints. Indeed, the entire plaza was covered with steel pieces and assemblies. Some of the structural steel was thrown as far away as the Winter Gardens.

Given all this, there is no reason to expect a taller debris pile at Ground Zero than the photographs show. Wood's belief that some of the steel must have been turned into dust rests on a completely spuriously interpretation of the visual evidence. Her hypothesis is an attempt to solve a nonexistent problem. As we will show, it can be sustained only by additional poor analysis and leaps of faith, just like the official explanation.

Damage to Core Box Columns
Many of the core box columns found in the WTC rubble had concave sides. Most were broken straight across at the weld points. Often, one side of the column’s welds were deeply oxidized and even torn away. Explosions ripping across the weld points, as explained by Gordon Ross, offer an explosive hypothesis that demonstrates a mechanism with results resembling observations in the WTC rubble.

In order for the core column breaks to be so straight and horizontal, DEW technology would have to have the following features:

• Be capable of a sufficiently sharp focus for it to attack all columns at a given level at the same time, but only the ends of those columns;

• Be capable of having its target level move down the building without changing the angle at which it cuts the columns;

• Be capable of having its target level move down at two-thirds of freefall acceleration, and perhaps other acceleration rates;

• Be capable of having multiple target levels, so that it could destroy the falling upper section of each tower while also destroying the lower section, to create the illusion that the upper section is crushing the lower section, even though that upper section is in itself being destroyed; and

• Be capable of destroying only those connections between steel columns that still form part of the buildings’ structures, leaving untouched the hundreds or thousands of steel assemblies and steel pieces that can be seen flying out of each tower in huge clouds.

In fact, the destruction of the Twin Towers matches fully the characteristics of “high-order damage” as they are listed in the NFPA 921 Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations: all three WTC skyscrapers were completely destroyed, the structural units (perimeter walls, etc.) were shattered; heavy pieces from the Twin Towers were thrown horizontally at 70 mph over large distances, and most of the concrete floors were finely pulverized. That the common concept of high-order damage is met by the evidence at the WTC means that explosions with a high rate of pressure rise occurred. The use of high explosives can also explain all the evidence that matches the characteristics of high order damage.

The case for explosives is also supported by over one hundred orally recorded accounts by FDNY first responders, many of whom reported sounds of explosions and patterned flashes of light, and with many interpreting the skyscraper destruction as being caused by “secondary devices.”

The Fall of the “Spire”
Wood asserts that the steel “turned to dust.” One of the key observations that she uses to support this conclusion is the dust that appeared when a portion of the North Tower's core finally came down about 12 seconds into the destruction of the North Tower and several seconds after the floors that used to surround that core structure had been pulverized or had fallen to the ground.

However, upon studying the video of the “spire,” we find that the steel did not “turn to dust.” It appears to have fallen after being attacked by an explosive charge which shook large quantities of pulverized concrete off of the steel as it fell. As is well known, air resistance causes dust to fall slower than macroscopic pieces of structural steel (note the final remaining column falling faster than the dust in the third photograph of the sequence.) Also, if the structural steel was “dustified” then one would expect to see at least some evidence for partially “dustified” steel members in the debris. Yet nothing of the sort is shown in Wood’s book or website.

The “toasted” tops of vehicles

Wood suggests that the tops and other portions of damaged vehicles near Ground Zero may also be attributed to DEW yet doesn’t provide a possible scenario as to how DEW might account for this phenomenon, particularly in view of the fact that the towers reached high above ground while the cars were on the ground.

Partially unignited thermite, thermate, and/or nanothermite falling through the air as it continued to react would have produced molten iron droplets. A still-reacting thermitic mixture drifting down onto the cars in the dust plumes could easily account for the singing of their paint and even igniting the cars (since the highly exothermic thermite reaction can quickly reach temperatures exceeding 4000° F.) A reporter and a firefighter described the dust cloud as feeling hot – whereas Wood claims that the dust clouds were cool.

Previously molten iron microspheres found in the dust

Substantial quantities of previously molten iron spheres, up to 150 times the background level of iron in dust from other buildings in the area, were found and documented by the US Geological Survey (USGS) and The RJ Lee Group (RJ Lee). RJ Lee found the microspheres in amounts up to 6% inside the skyscraper across the street from WTC 2. Other scientists estimate a total of 10-100 tons of microspheres altogether throughout Lower Manhattan. These spheres were so plentiful that RJ Lee used them as a “signature component” of the WTC Dust and the EPA discussed their use as signature markers. RJ Lee notes that the microspheres were “created during the event,” that is, they were not created by welding operations during the cleanup of Ground Zero. The previously molten state of these microspheres indicates that they were created by temperatures hot enough to melt iron. Office fires and jet fuel fires, which do not produce such high temperatures, could not possibly have produced them.

The chemical signature of the examined spheres matched the chemical signature of spheroids produced by common thermite and by red/gray nanothermite composite chips found in the WTC dust, indicating that thermitic reactions took place as part of the towers’ demise. The DEW hypothesis does not address this and cannot account for it – because it is inconsistent with the extreme heat required to produce it.
A video, photos, and dozens of witnesses document molten metal

Molten metal is observed pouring from WTC 2 several minutes before its final destruction. Its bright white/yellow color demonstrates that it is not aluminum, but steel or iron, and that its temperature far exceeds that which can be produced by jet fuel or office fires. FEMA's Building Performance Assessment Team report, May 2002, Appendix “C” documents molten iron invading the grain boundaries of the WTC structural steel. A revealing NY Times article called this “the deepest mystery” of the investigation.
Thermitic materials (thermite, thermate or nanothermite) produce molten iron at 4,500° F temperatures. They can easily cut through steel and create the ubiquitous iron spheroids. (See YouTube.com, “9/11 Experiments: The Great Thermate Debate”.) The DEW hypothesis does not explain this phenomenon. In fact Wood denies that these temperatures were ever reached, without even addressing this evidence, which is documented by official and unofficial sources.

Active unignited nanothermite found in the dust

An international research team found nano-engineered thermite, or "nanothermite," in each of the four samples of dust examined as part of a peer-reviewed study. Nanothermite, also known as superthermite, was developed in US national laboratories in the late 1990s as an "energetic composite material," meaning it could serve as a pyrotechnic substance to ignite other energetic materials, as a rocket fuel, or as an explosive unto itself with advantages over conventional high explosives.

One key advantage of such substances for the purposes of a surreptitious controlled demolition would be that it would not be detected by conventional chemical tests nor by trained bomb-sniffing dogs. Another advantage is that these substances can be chemically tuned to adjust their shockwave characteristics, which presumably includes the amount and nature of the sound generated when they go off.

The red/gray nanothermite chips constitute direct evidence that supports the explosive/incendiary hypothesis. The DEW hypothesis does not explain how or why this engineered energetic material was found throughout the dust. DEW proponents merely wave away the evidence, which was carefully documented in a 25-page peer-reviewed paper, without addressing any of the specific points made in the paper. Particles of aluminum and iron oxide 1,000 times smaller in diameter than a human hair, intimately intermixed and set in a bed of organic material capable of generating gas pressure when heated, were photographed, analyzed by x-rays, and he did in a calorimeter to the point where they reacted to produce iron-rich microspheres precisely resembling those found in the World Trade Center dust by researchers independent of this team. These findings conclusively account for the observed high-temperature phenomena described in the next section.

Persistent Extreme Heat

Extremely high temperatures at Ground Zero are documented by various sources, for example in thermal images by MTI and NASA, USGS aerial photo 9-16-01, by photographs, and by numerous witness accounts. The American Society of Safety Engineers reported that “the debris pile at Ground Zero was always tremendously hot. Thermal measurements taken by helicopter each day showed underground temperatures ranging from 400ºF to more than 2,800ºF.” Wood denies that these temperatures were reached, without addressing the ample evidence for them.

Craters observed in WTC 5 and 6

Wood makes a great deal of the holes that are visible in pictures of WTC 5 and 6, purporting to find no other explanation than exotic weaponry. These holes are easily explained by the thousands of tons of falling steel, smashing through the tops of the adjacent structures. Steel perimeter column sections from the towers can be clearly seen inside these holes.

Hundreds of eyewitness accounts of multiple explosions

The many qualified witnesses to the sights and sounds of explosions are easily explained with the controlled demolition by explosive hypothesis – but not with the DEW hypothesis.


We do not support the DEW hypothesis because it is not supported by the available evidence. In contrast, the explosives/incendiaries hypothesis for the WTC destruction is well supported by the evidence. In addition, we believe the DEW theory raises far more questions than it answers, such as the energy requirements and other issues outlined in the suggested references listed below.

Based on what we know today, it is our opinion that the destruction scenario that best addresses the evidence is some type of explosive demolition using some combination of thermitic incendiaries and explosives that were placed inside the structures.

We recommend the AE911Truth DVD "9/11: Blueprint for Truth" for a more complete review of the above evidence, and the following technical papers for a more complete review of the DEW hypothesis.

Reply to Reynolds & Wood by Steven E. Jones, 8/25/2006

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NY Police Officer Larry Deprimo Buys Homeless Man Pair of Shoes

NEW YORK, NY -- One tourist's photograph, among the countless snapped every day in the Big Apple, has gone viral. The moment captured is one of generosity, and since it was posted on Tuesday, it has circled the globe and brought a lot of attention to one young New York City cop.

Had it not been for a tourist from Arizona who snapped the photo with her cell phone, Officer Lawrence DePrimo's act of kindness, giving boots to a homeless man, may have gone unnoticed. Tourist Jennifer Foster emailed the photo to the NYPD and they posted it to their Facebook page. Tens of thousands of comments followed.
DePrimo says he had no idea it was going to be such a big deal. The 25-year-old officer was on patrol in Times Square on a cold night two weeks ago when he saw the homeless man with bare feet. He says, "You could see the blisters were about the size of my hands. My heart just went out to this man. I didn't think anything of it. I just went towards him, asked him if he wanted a pair of socks. He said no, but thanks and God bless you for asking. And that I found amazing. Here he didn't even have a pair of socks to his name and he had the heart to say God bless me. It was absolutely, it was just inspiring."
Officer DePrimo went to a Sketchers store to get the man boots and had to run back out to ask the man for his size, he was a 12. Manager Jose Cano offered his employee discount to the officer. Cano says, "We realized, you know, this is a cop on the beat, you know. He's just passing by. And it just, it came naturally for us to try and want to help, make the best out of the situation."
DePrimo never found out the name of the man he helped, but he remembers his reaction. "He looked me right in the face and the smile just went from ear to ear. And again he said God bless me and he said, you know, be safe. And I just couldn't believe what was coming out of his mouth. You know, for such a small gesture, you know, he was so appreciative."
The officer says he keeps the receipt in his bulletproof vest as a reminder of those less fortunate. "If it pushes somebody else to go out and do another kind act towards another person, then I'm going to sleep well tonight. It's absolutely amazing to me."


Shocking video catches Oklahoma police officer using TASER on woman in handcuffs

Published on Nov 29, 2012 by 

An Oklahoma woman is suing her local police station after an officer attacked her with his taser while she was handcuffed in jail - and it was all caught on tape.

The shocking video shows City of McAlester police officer Sterling Taylor-Santino stunning Nakina Williams in the chest at point-blank range while she is restrained inside Pittsburgh County Jail.

He continues to use the weapon on the woman, who had been arrested for drunken behaviour, for what seems like minutes as she runs around the booking area, attempting to get away from the taser.
Tasered: The shocking video shows City of McAlester police officer Sterling Taylor-Santino stunning Nakina Williams in the chest

Tasered: The shocking video shows City of McAlester police officer Sterling Taylor-Santino stunning Nakina Williams in the chest
Mr Taylor-Santino has been charged with assault using a dangerous weapon in the June 24 incident but Ms Williams, 27, is now seeking more than $2 million in damages, according to NewsOK.com.
According to the lawsuit, the officer used excessive force as he dealt with the handcuffed woman, who is less than 5 feet tall.

Ms Williams allegedly spat at the officer before he walked up to her and pressed the taser against her left breast.

Attack: The officer, pictured, continues to use the weapon on the woman as she runs away

Attack: The officer, pictured, continues to use the weapon on the woman as she runs away
The video shows a bolt of bluish-white light as the officer fires the weapon.
Ms Williams doesn't fall to the ground during the attack but her lawyer claims the real damage was done when officers removed the taser's barbs, out of the view of CCTV.

'They sat her down on a bench and yanked them out... they were embedded in her upper-left breast, if you can imagine,' Jeremy Beaver said. 

'They were supposed to take her to the hospital to remove those.'

Witnesses: Other officers stand by as Ms Williams, pictured, is tasered

Witnesses: Other officers stand by as Ms Williams, pictured, is tasered
The lawsuit also claims that Mr Taylor-Santino lied on a report he filed in connection with the taser episode, not realising the whole incident had been caught on CCTV.

'In his 'use of force report,' (Mr Taylor-Santino) sought to cover up and/or conceal his actions... by omitting that (Ms Williams) was handcuffed when she was shot with the taser,' the suit alleges.

'As a result, he was found to have acted 'within policy' by police department officials.'
The suit also draws attention to the officer's 'violent work history.' It claims he has been involved with and instigated a 'disproportionate number' of violent conflicts with suspects compared to his colleagues. 

Suing: Nakina Williams, left, had been arrested for drunken behaviour when officer Sterling Taylor-Santino, right, allegedly used his taser on her
Suing: Nakina Williams, left, had been arrested for drunken behaviour when officer Sterling Taylor-Santino, right, allegedly used his taser on her

Lawsuit: Nakina Williams, left, had been arrested for drunken behaviour when officer Sterling Taylor-Santino, right, allegedly used his taser on her

'Some of these resulted in allegations of excessive force being made by the suspects,' the suit reads.
The officer was suspended for two weeks but remains on the police force. He has pleaded not guilty in Pittsburgh County District Court.

Mr Beaver said the criminal charges suggested his client's federal court case would be successful.
'It just reaffirmed our position that she's a victim of a crime,' Mr Beaver said. 'We felt that from the beginning, so when they filed the charges, yes, that just confirmed what we've thought all along.'

Watch the shocking video here:


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2240117/Nakina-Williams-tasered-Shocking-video-catches-Oklahoma-police-officer-using-TASER-woman-handcuffs.html#ixzz2DjM7VHlz
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