Hail in Rogersville Missouri damaged hundreds of cars if not thousands cars

How to get your hail-damaged cars fixed?  Here is one way, let the guys at Specialized Hail Company give you a Free Estimate!
You can find them set up in the car wash right beside Hardee's in Rogersville MO.

How is Hail Damage Repaired with Paintless Dent Removal? 
Stop by and talk with the guys.  They will be happy to show you how this is done.

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Doppler radar detected Egg size hail near Rogersville, MO, Mount Vernon, MO and Jasper, MO on May 19, 2018. This hail storm was traveling E at 27 mph and the entire storm produced hail for roughly 1 hour(s). There were 3 spotter report(s) with reported max hail size of 2" and an average hail size of 2". We estimate that 7,491 buildings were in the affected area and the probability of hail DHI detected was significant. Based on this information, you can expect to see minor damage to vehicles, tile roofs and crops in isolated areas (Impact Rating 2).



FALLING OFF A 10 STORY BUILDING (*actual footage)

POEM: This world isn’t easy, but at least I have anxiety. A diagnosed reason that makes it ok to be crazy Bullied daily by my catastrophic reflection ‘NO’ doesn’t hurt when you’ve already planned for rejection You are exposed, but you don’t expose yourself Meaningless engagements to gather dust on some digital shelf I have no reason to hide behind a glass wall lit by a thousand pixels My fear extends further than the need to be heard through the sacrifice more brain cells This world can be a dark place, but at least I’m anxious I'm constantly searching for reasons to add color to lifes’ rayless canvas Out of sight out of mind doesn’t exist for me My visions are vivid enough for it all to become a believable reality Isn't that brilliant. A mental condition seen as so negatively resilient. See depression, bpd, ocd, adhd, anxiety could be looked at differently By the ‘sufferers’ that is. You just need to see that your difference is empathy. Being so connected to my feelings is scary as shit but I wear them like scars on my skin so that ill never be considered a counterfeit If you like me, I see you. I feel you. Transparent as glass. Be brave, stand tall and know that the bad times will pass You are unique and remarkable. Harness that shit and you’ll truly become unstoppable.

My Words Back to Dan Mace

"#IAMwithyou I I've been fighting #anxiety #depression and #fear for years. So I feel you bru. I did find a lot of tools tips and and tricks that have helped me through the years overcome this that I am, I AM consciously aware that I am, I've learned to live in only the now I let the future go and I forget the past by forgiving myself and forgiving everything that has ever caused me pain and suffering. and don't even get me started on my #Dyslexia. I love your story and videos! You Rock!" ~ Buddy Huggins



This is why Roseanne show was really cancelled! Could Roseanne Barr be right?

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UPDATE 12-20-2018
2018 - Top 10 Regularly Schedule Series
1. Roseanne (ABC) 20.0
2. Sunday Night Football (NBC) 19.6
3. The Big Bang Theory (CBS) 18.3
4. NCIS (CBS) 16.7
5. This Is Us (NBC) 16.6
6. Young Sheldon (CBS) 15.7
7. Manifest (NBC) 14.6
8. The Good Doctor (ABC) 14.5
9. America's Got Talent (NBC) 14.3
10.Bull (CBS) 13.5
That's right, folks! The most watched series in 2018 isn't even on the air anymore. The Roseanne revival pulled in huge numbers during its first season back on #ABC, and it was well on its way to dominating the broadcast audience. Then sh-- went sideways; #RoseanneBarr 's offensive tweet about #ValerieJarrett got her fired from the series and #Roseanne was subsequently canceled. A spin-off, The Conners, has not been able to pull in the same massive numbers the original series did.

Why Roseanne Was Canceled by ABC - May 19 2018 The move comes after series star and creator Roseanne Barr made a comment on Twitter Tuesday morning referring to former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett as looking like the offspring of the “Muslim Brotherhood & Planet of the Apes.” Jarrett, an African-American, was born in Iran to American parents. “Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show,” ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey said in a statement. Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger voiced his support for the cancellation, tweeting, “There was only one thing to do here, and that was the right thing.” Barr deleted her tweet about Jarrett not long after posting it. She followed it up with an apology that read, “I apologize to Valerie Jarrett and to all Americans. I am truly sorry for making a bad joke about her politics and her looks. I should have known better. Forgive me-my joke was in bad taste. I am now leaving Twitter.”


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Enlightened Beings on the Nature of Time

We think that time is something mechanical and a fact. These great enlightened beings prove that time is just a product of the mind. You'll also get great advice on how to live joyfully in the present moment.



Secrets of the Pineal Gland

Ancient traditions knew of the pineal and enshrouded its mysteries in their lore. http://bit.ly/PatchmanBackInTime They knew that the pineal plays a role in our spiritual development and communication with spiritual beings. But with an increasingly toxic world, many people do not know of the innate gifts inherent to an open pineal. http://bit.ly/SpiritScienceExpansion Hey everyone! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Well, not to worry - behind the scenes we’ve been working really hard to get to the place where we can create and share a never-ending stream of videos! We even moved into an actual office, and with a small animation team, we’re ready to start cranking out videos! We’re hoping to publish the next Spirit Science episode next monday, and they should continue to roll out from there! We’re also especially excited to be working with Gaia to help share some rather meaningful content. They’ve offered to share a couple of exclusive videos with us to help get the energy rolling, and we were so blown away by their library of content, that it’s such an honour to be able to share it with you today! Thank you Gaia, you guys are amazing!! To you, our humble audience - thank you for all of your patience and love over the years. We’re so happy to get this motion rolling once again! It is the dawn of a golden age! See you soon! With tremendous love, Patchman, Jordan & the team at Spirit Studios



What Jesus Really Meant But Wasn't Allowed to Say (Alan Watts)

An inspirational and profound speech on The Secret from the late philosopher Alan Watts. Original Audio sourced from: “Alan Watts - Myth of Myself" Video Produced and Edited by T&H Inspiration "Really, the fundamental, ultimate mystery — the only thing you need to know to understand the deepest metaphysical secrets — is this: that for every outside there is an inside and for every inside there is an outside, and although they are different, they go together." – Alan Watts (1915 – 1973)

Speech courtesy of alanwatts.org




The monthly Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment May 2018



Awakening Through Watching Spiritual Movies!


The Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment (MWGE) is an online searchable database of movie commentary & reviews on the best spiritual movies on the planet!

With more than 470 movie reviews including audio and video commentary from spiritual teacher David Hoffmeister, MWGE turns the universal pastime of movie watching into a portal for a whole new perspective on Life.




Time is not what we been told

This is just me speaking from my heart.  I am finding there is a way for me to tell you guys about my life and my awakening.  It has been hard in the passed too speak my heart.  As I move forward I will not let fear stop me from looking in my video camera and making the the best videos that I know I can make.  Thanks so much to you that are seeing my life story coming to life on YouTube.
I love each one of you,  Thanks  

About the clip I used in my video:
Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) seems to have it all but his wife, Donna (Kate Beckinsale), is increasingly frustrated by the amount of time he has to spend at work. Michael cannot find time to be at home until he meets an eccentric inventor (Christopher Walken) who gives him a universal remote that controls time. At first he happily skips the boring times until he realizes the remote is in control of his life and he learns to cherish all the precious moments with his family.

TM & © Sony (2006)
Cast: Adam Sandler, David Hasselhoff
Director: Frank Coraci

Video Original Source link:  https://youtu.be/yywlulXZ0ls
Click (2006) - I'm A Fat Guy Scene (7/10) | Movieclips


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Road to the Ironman Triathlon - ONE MILE AT A TIME  

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I AM Speaking Life to my Cells & DNA Life is just to funny! I have turned 10 years into a life time of fun. See what you can do when you can collapse time. I am becoming younger healthier stronger because I say I am. I speak life to my atoms my cells and to my DNA. I speak that I am becoming that of a 21-year-old Elite Olympic athlete. Specialize in decathlon triathlon. And I'll be darned if my body is cooperating.  

By the way you haven't seen nothing yet the next 20 years is going to be a tremendous! I am second intention to run a Ironman Triathlon in the next year and, I intend to be able to run one when I'm 90 years old.

"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly."

~ Buddha   : )



The Illuminati Are About To Make Their Final Move 2018 2019

In order to understand current events, you need to understand the past.  America has been controlled by deep state infiltrators for many years. They have been working to set up their end game, which is about to unfold.   Anyone with eyes to see knows the season we are in.  We cannot sit back and allow these people to continue operating from the shadows. 


Bodhi Mind Is the "Dark Meaning of Zen"


Posted: 16 May 2018 12:30 PM PDT  By:

DSZ Roshi

Q: I can't get a grip on this Mind with a capital M. What do the Zen teachers mean by it?

A: This is the "Dark Meaning of Zen." So let's get into it. Here is some of what Bodhidharma has to say about Mind:
Mind, from the beginningless beginning, is not different from that which it is at this very moment. It has never been born, nor has it died, never perished, never decreased, never been impure nor holy. It has never been good, never been bad, has never come, has never gone, was never right, never wrong, never taken a man's form, never been a woman's. Never been a monk, never a layman, never been old, never been young, neither a saint, nor an ordinary being, not Buddha, nor an incarnate human being. 
Mind has nothing to attain, nothing to practice. It has no cause, no effect, no energy, no form. It is like empty space in that it cannot be held nor can it be dropped. Mountains, rivers, even the Great Wall cannot obstruct it. 
Such a mind is hard to see because it is deep-rooted. Mind is not the same as physical material. Mind is the Buddha. 
Everybody wishes to understand, yet, already you are in the midst of a bright light.
Q: But Bodhidharma is only telling us what Mind is not. He doesn't say what it is! I think he doesn't know what he's talking about! He's just another of these holy monk types who speaks in riddles.

A: Ha ha. Why do you "think" that and above all with what do you "think" it?

In fact, Bodhidharma's explanation of Mind is just ancient Zen -- the Zen that he brought from India to China.

But if you doubt his explanation of what "Mind" is, just take a look at the Lankavatara Sutra, which Bodhidharma brought with him and gave to Hui K'o. Or, if you want, fast forward a few centuries and look at Master Lin-Chi's statements about Mind, such as:
Followers of the Way, this thing called Mind has no fixed form; it penetrates all the ten directions. In the eye we call it sight, in the ear we call it hearing; in the nose it detects odors, in the mouth it speaks discourses; in the hand it grasps, in the feet it runs along. Basically it is a single bright essence, but it divides itself into these six functions.
Is Lin-Chi also one of those "holy monks," in your opinion?

Also, where does this or any "opinion" reside? Where does it come from? What generates it? If you say, "my brain," then you must believe that there is something apart from your brain capable of knowing what your brain is. Or is it your two and a half pound brain that mysteriously "knows" itself? Ha ha.

Q: So the Mind of Zen is nothing at all. What good does that do anyone?

A: Bodhidharma doesn't say the Mind is nothing at all. He says it's a "bright light" and you're always in the midst of it. Lin-Chi says the same, right? "A single bright essence." Nonetheless, it is true that "The Buddhas are born from the realm that leans on nothing." But leaning on nothing only means that the Buddhas aren't born from any particular thing you can name or think about.

As Lin-Chi taught his students: "Apply the mind and at once there's differentiation; rouse a thought and at once there's error." Don't lean on anything, not even some concept of mind, because all things you can speak of are just meaningless labels and projections. But the Mind itself is intrinsically real and complete as it is.

Lin-Chi said, "Do you want to know what the threefold world is? It is nothing other than the mind-ground that you who are now listening to the Dharma are standing on." He quotes from the Lotus Sutra to buttress his point: "The threefold world is nothing but mind; the ten thousand phenomena are nothing but consciousness." Then he goes on to explain:
The threefold world does not announce, "I am the threefold world." Rather it's you, followers of the Way, who do so, this person here in front of my eyes who in marvelous fashion shines his torch on the ten thousand things and sizes up the world -- it's he who assigns names to the threefold world.
Bodhi is purely illuminating. You are always shining your Mind-torch no matter what. That's what brings the whole universe into being. But people forget that their Mind brings the universe into being, and begin to assign labels and distinctions which they consider more real than Bodhi. And in the end they begin to think of Bodhi as something that can be seen and named. So Old Lin-Chi insists, "Get a hold of this thing and use it, but don't fix a label to it. This I call the Dark Meaning. When you can see it like this, you won't be averse to anything."

Q: So only the Mind is real?

A: You're using it right now to ask that question. According to Zen, "real" and "false" are just labels. It's Mind that shines the torch and creates everything that supposedly is. Everything is without characteristics until Mind dreams or imagines them. It's all just Mind. "The threefold world is only consciousness." So what's real and what's false? Only consciousness is real in and of itself, while the rest is false. But insofar as things are the projections of consciousness, they're extremely real.

Q: I'm bewildered.

A: If your Mind were something objective, something out in the realm of phenomena, limited and with specific characteristics, it could appear in your Mind, right?  Meaning that your Mind could experience itself in a quasi-objective manner. But anything that appears in your Mind cannot, by definition, be Mind itself, since Mind is that in which everything without exception appears, and the host [realm] of all experiences!

Here we are in the quick of it! As Yunmen once said, while holding up his stick: "This staff has turned into a dragon, swallowing up the earth and heavens!"


The Story That Will Change History - Eisenhower's Meeting With Extraterrestrials! (True Story!)

For years it is said that governments around the globe have been covering up the existence of alien life.
For years thousands of UFO sightings have been dismissed as a global conspiracy.
However, everything could change when evidence is obtained.
A former Pentagon consultant (among others) claims that President Eisenhower had THREE secret meetings with three different alien species.
It is said that Former US President was taken to the Edwards Airforce base while he was listed as officially ‘missing.’
Lecturer and author Timothy Good state that the 34th president of the United States of America met with three extremely advanced alien species in New Mexico in 1954.
The alien meeting took place at the remote airbase, and they communicated using ‘telepathic messages.
According to Timothy Good, the alien meetings were witnessed by many people.

VIDEO:  Philip Schneider Underground Alien Bases (Full Version)

SECRET LETTER About Eisenhower Meeting ET's in 1954 - YouTube

Jun 6, 2014 - Uploaded by sonofmabarker
There is circumstantial and testimonial evidence supporting Eisenhower's meeting with extraterrestrials ...

Eisenhower's Meeting With Alien's (MUST SEE) - YouTube

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50 years ago, if one broached the topic of extraterrestrial visitation, he or ... I have heard Eisenhower met ...

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President Eisenhower's Secret Meeting with ETs in 1955 - The Real Story. UFOTV® The .... What if aliens ...

President Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens, former ...

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Don't forget to subscribe and share . https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyzM... President Eisenhower had ...

President Eisenhower's Three 3 Secret Meetings with Aliens Pentagon ...

Jun 18, 2017 - Uploaded by Alex Aquarius
By Michael E. Sallas, PHD February 12, 2004 from EXOPOLITICS. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net Donate ...

President Eisenhower Meets With The Aliens At Holloman AFB ...

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Learn about this shocking story kept from the world for over 50 years from many of the actual people that lived it ...

Great-Granddaughter of 'Eisenhower' Speaks About Meetings with ...

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Great-Granddaughter of 'Eisenhower' Speaks About Meetings with Aliens ... projects, Corey Goode and ...

President Eisenhower meets aliens - YouTube

Mar 2, 2016 - Uploaded by Alien Agenda
The 34th President of the United States met the extra terrestrials at a remote air base in New Mexico in 1954.