Shelley Yates Fire The Grid - Vancouver Speech - 07-17-07

We are now in a time when natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and tidal waves are dramatically affecting our planet, and our lives on it. We now have the power to destroy this beautiful Earth quickly, with atomic power, or more slowly, with pollution and devastation of our resources, and overpopulation. I have been guided to tell you that we also have the very real power to save this planet, and to make it a loving and healthy place for ourselves and for future generations. Please take a few minutes to read my story. It will hopefully save our Earth.**


Nikola Tesla Was Right! "We've Found The Magic Frequency" (This Will Revolutionize Our Future)

We've Found The Magic Frequency (This Will Revolutionize Our Future)

Nikola Tesla Was Right! "We've Found The Magic Frequency"


Ozark Newsletter - February 2020 News & Updates

Volume XXXIX | February 2020
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February's edition includes....
  • Mayor's Corner with Ozark Mayor Rick Gardner
  • A note from City Administrator Steve Childers
  • Ozark PD News and Updates
  • Ozark Parks & Recreation Programs and Events
  • Educational Information regarding a Local Use Tax
  • Upcoming Programs & Events

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Greetings Ozark, 

Here we are in the first month of a new decade and I want to assure you the City of Ozark is ready for the challenges ahead. In the last two years, we have completed a land use Comprehensive Plan, Park Master Plan, Water Utility Plan and enjoyed the benefits of a Police Department certified by the Missouri Police Chiefs Association and are months away from rolling out our new sewer master plan. Coming in 2021 will be a new Facility Master Plan on how we can deal with our very outdated, dysfunctional and undersized Police building and City Hall.

The city is calling our communication initiative for our plans going forward Love Our City - Journey 2030. This campaign has already begun with various community meetings educating Ozark residents of our needs in the next 10 years and the financial plan we have for meeting those needs.

Ozark is an outstanding place to live. This is evidenced by our strong growth through the years. Ozark's population was slightly over 3000 people when my family moved here in 1983 and the 2020 census should put us well over 20,000. This growth has come about because our community has all the things people want and expect. We have an award winning school system, certified Police Department, large scale transportation improvements being made in three different areas of town, and a community building and trail system that very few cities our size across the country can brag about. But all this comes about because we research, do surveys on community wants and needs and are never satisfied with the status quo. We want to make Ozark better every day.

But just like your household and business operations and budgets, becoming great and staying great comes at a cost. That is why the City has put the Local Use Tax on the April 7th ballot. City Administrator Steve Childers will be explaining this in greater detail in his newsletter article. Passage of that tax (only charged on out of state online purchases that you are not already paying sales tax on) could provide funding to increase public safety, new facilities starting with a new no-kill animal shelter, and recreational needs our residents and guests have stated they want our great town to have.

Thank you all for your support, friendship and love for Ozark. Together we will keep moving forward in making Ozark better every day.

Rick Gardner
A Note from City Administrator, Steve Childers
When people hear the word “taxes” they tend to cringe and shut down. They don’t want to discuss them and don’t want to hear about them; however, it's more troubling that they don’t want to learn about them. 

I say this because taxes play a very important role in your everyday life as it generates the revenue necessary to pay for public services. Especially local taxes, as local taxes, unlike Federal and/or State taxes, are the only tax you will ever pay that is guaranteed to remain in your local community. 

All taxes are different and they all go to different political entities for different purposes that have different budgets, and are independent in their decision making regarding how your taxes are used. It is important to raise the level of civic intelligence regarding why taxes are paid, to whom we pay them, and how much each entity receives. If we are going to dislike something so much, shouldn’t we know why? 
This educational information was provided and paid for by: City of Ozark, Missouri.
City of Ozark, Missouri
Rick Gardner, Mayor
P.O. Box 295
Ozark, MO 65721
City News
Love Your City Focus Groups:
Help us make the journey into 2030 the best yet for the City of Ozark. Join a "Love Your City" Focus Group by emailing spayne@ozarkmissouri.com. Limited spots available.
Love Your City: Survey
We want to hear about what you want to see Ozark accomplish over the next 10 years, and take the journey with us to get there. You can participate in the "Love Your City: Journey 2030" Citizen Interest Survey by clicking here.
Christian County Library Update
For more information on this program, click HERE
Ozark Police Department
Ozark Police Department welcomes new officer:
Please help us welcome our newest officer to the Ozark Police Department. Officer Brad Redden was sworn in on Jan. 13. Welcome to the team Officer Redden.
Officers Inlow and Anderson were instrumental in a very important hearing at North Elementary on Jan. 24, the trial of Goldilocks! Glad to be involved and ensure justice was upheld.
Park and Recreation Department
Mother and Son Fun Night
Friday, Feb. 28th
Click here for more information.
Kids Day Off
Feb. 17th
Click here for more information.
Friday, Feb. 14th.
For more information on The OC's Youth Programs, click here.
Click here to learn more.
Upcoming Programs & Events
Big Game Watch Party
Where: Ozark Big Whiskey's
When: Sunday, Feb. 2nd, 2020
5 pm - 8 pm
602 N 25th St.
Click here for more information.
Oscar Night at The Vineyard
Where: The Vineyard
When: Thursday, Feb. 6
6 pm - 9 pm
Tickets: $25
1759 West St. Hwy J
Click here for more information.

February Book Club
Where: Word on the Street Books
When: Thursday, Feb. 20
6 pm - 8 pm
127 E. Church St.
Click here for more information.
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Ozark, MO Mayor Rick Gardner
Well I went and done it now. I told all these people about The Comprehensive AnnualFinancial Report (CAFR) for Ozark city and Christian County, Missouri.
The mayor of Ozark was there and he told "to knock it off". So I told the crowd that the reason he wanted me to go away was because I was right about (CAFR).
Check on these links.
My Blog, with a video tell all about the (CAFR).

Where The City CITY OF OZARK Hides Your Money


Here are the links that shows CAFR Scam = Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Start with this link.
Statement of Net Assets
December 31, 2011
See Page 24

Ozark Budget Status Goal 
Updated 12-31-11 
This report is updated through 12-31-11. All of the revenues are posted, however there may be some further expenses posted. 

So how much money does Ozark, MO have?


The CAFR Swindle - The Biggest Game In Town / Texas

CAFR- The Only Game In Government Town

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)