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Dar City with David - A Best Spiritual Awakening Signs Movie

"We’ve been fooled into thinking there are architects, carpenters, bricklayers, construction workers that build buildings. They’re projections of our mind. Everything in the cosmos is a projection; it’s attack projected outward. We have to see it’s all an illusion before we can give it over to the Holy Spirit to see its nothingness and have a happy dream."

David Hoffmeister
Your Guide through Dark City

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Who Knows How to Get to Shell Beach?
Dark City Shell Beach Clip - Movie Watcher's Guide to
Enlightenment NewsThere’s a remembrance of this light in the mind, in this movie it’s called Shell Beach. All the characters in Dark City have this faint recognition of Shell Beach, but nobody knows how to get there. In this world, you hear people talk about nirvana or Heaven, but how do you get there? Nobody knows how to get there. When you’re in darkness and you don’t remember the way back, you need help, lots of help. That’s where A Course in Miracles takes us. The desire of your heart gets you back to Heaven. 

The Ego's Pathway: Seek and Never Find
Dark City Seek and Never Find Clip - Movie Watcher's Guide to
Enlightenment NewsAs long as we’re searching in the dream world we’re not acknowledging it’s a dream. It’s like we’re trying to find the answer to the mystery of time within the dream world that the ego built. The ego’s back there saying, "Search all you want." The ego’s pathway to God is seek and never find.

Mix and Match Memories
Dark City Mix and Match Memories Clip - Movie Watcher's Guide to
Enlightenment NewsThe ego divides memories up into good and bad memories and everyone who’s asleep and dreaming is trying to find the happy dreams and avoid the dark ones. In ACIM Jesus says, "The dreams you think you like would hold you back as much as those in which the fear is seen." T-29.IV.2 Judging the positive dreams as different from the negative dreams is part of the way the ego keeps you from seeing that you're dreaming.

True Forgiveness Heals the Mind in its Totality
Dark City True Forgiveness Clip - Movie Watcher's Guide to
Enlightenment NewsThe traditional definition of forgiveness would say to forgive for what someone did or didn't do. But forgiveness in ACIM terms is saying that the perception of hurt is completely wrong. The ego made up this world and it made up bodies and it projects this belief in separation—this horrifying feeling of being separate from our Creator—onto the bodies. Feeling abused, neglected, unfairly treated or taken advantage of in some way is all part of the distorted misperception. But the world is not a cause, the world is a projection of the thoughts in mind. The ego is an unreal belief and it has projected a world of unreal effects. The Holy Spirit and true forgiveness take us back in our mind to a point which you might say, is prior to the projections, and therefore it's a deep and lasting healing. True forgiveness heals the mind in its totality.
     Dark City Movie Review
Dark City Review - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment
In a world of darkness, controlled by time, images and roles shift and change in an ongoing nightmare as if part of a mad experiment. Everyone seems under the spell of sleep and forgetfulness, just vaguely remembering a distant memory of light and home, but unable to remember how to get back there. When the plan of darkness, attack thoughts and projection is finally uncovered and exposed, the upside-down world is turned right-side-up and bathed in the light of innocence—the present moment. There is no memory of a past. The games of fear and guilt are ended in the light of true love. In the light, Christ is recognized anew, as if for the very first time with no memory of the past.
     Watch Before Dark City
Dark City Before Talk - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment
NewsWhen people seem to manifest things or bend spoons, that’s just a sign of the power of the mind. Bending a spoon is a small feat considering the mind is capable of making up a whole cosmos. In this movie, the main character starts to realize he has these powers to “tune”—the ability to manipulate the physical form with the mind. The “dark ones” believe they’re the only ones advanced enough to do this. They are shocked to find out that someone else has the power to tune, and the power to forgive or remake the entire world. All of us have the power to turn the upside down world, right side up, and back to the light. And that’s why the ego wants us to keep feeling weak and helpless.
     Listen After Dark City
Dark City After Talk - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment
NewsAt the end of the movie, Anna and John meet near Shell Beach with no past memories. It’s more than Anna and John, it’s the light of the present moment that’s there. You can feel how freeing that is, meeting everyone without a past reference. That would be safe. It wouldn’t be you would lose your mind, you would find your mind by finding your divinity. In the end it’s not about good and evil, it’s about withdrawing your mind from the idea that attack is real. That’s the symbolism of turning the dagger away: I’m not accepting the idea of attack any more. There’s a Workbook Lesson from the Course, “My mind holds only what I think with God.” If that’s true, my mind does not hold fear, my mind does not hold doubt, my mind does not hold attack. That’s where the innocence comes in—my mind holds only light and love.
     Bonus Material

Escaping from Attack Thoughts YouTube - Movie Watcher's Guide to
Enlightenment News

Attack thoughts are kept as long as a distinction is made between the inner emotional world and the external world. The ego sees a big difference between being the victim and being the attacker. It asks, who's right and who's wrong, and who deserves forgiveness? But the ego itself is the attack thought. Nothing in the world can alleviate an inner upset. If you can see that victim and victimizer are the same, then you'll be ready to let attack go.
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KY3NEWS Johnson & Johnson Fined $72 Million for Lying About Baby Powder's Link t...

The family of a woman who died from ovarian cancer after using Johnson & Johnson's baby powder and other Johnson's talcum products for 30 years has been awarded $72 Million in damages after a Missouri jury found the company guilty of fraud, negligence, and conspiracy, having known since the 1980s their products could cause cancer and willfully failing to inform the public of the potential dangers. And she's not the only woman who has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer from using Johnson's baby powder, either. 

I put this up because it won't be top news but people are still applying this product to their babies on a daily basis and it causes cancer!!!

Source: http://indianexpress.com/article/busi...
Case: Hogans et al v. Johnson & Johnson et al, Circuit Court of the City of St. Louis, Missouri, No. 1422-CC09012.

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KY3News Navy Seal Confronts Hillary Clinton – ‘You Are An Ignorant Liar’

Dom Raso calls out Hillary Clinton's false claims of having dodged sniper fire as dishonorable and proof that she is unworthy to lead our country. 

Former Navy Seal officer Dom Raso is risking everything this week to slam Hillary Clinton and educate Americans about what a fraud she REALLY is.
According to American News, Raso began by calling Clinton out for a lie she told an audience “in order to make herself appear as courageous as American soldiers.” Of course, he was referring to the lie Clinton told about dodging enemy fire in Bosnia.
“I remember landing under sniper fire,” Clinton once said. “There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicle to get to our base. It was a moment of great pride for me.”
Raso pointed out that video footage proves Clinton was greeted warmly with handshakes that day. She tried to blame her lie on a mistake, calling it a “misstatement.”
“In my 12-year military career, I never heard an excuse like that from my leadership,” Raso told reporters. “It’s impossible to even imagine that happening.”
“Only someone completely arrogant, ignorant and disrespectful of what happens in war could say something like that,” he concluded. “Hillary was willing to lie in order to take advantage of that feeling of gratitude and awe Americans have for those who serve.”
We applaud Raso for braving the liberal backlash to expose Hillary Clinton for the liar she really is. SHARE if you agree!



Family Guy Predicted Justice Scalia Would Die On Hunting Trip - TEN YEARS AGO!

In the season 5 episode "Meet the Quagmires", Death says to Peter that Dick Cheney shot Supreme Court Justice Scalia in a hunting accident and the bullet went right through him and killed Karl Rove and Tucker Carlson.

Family Guy - Dick Cheney President of Halliburton shoots Justice Scalia https://youtu.be/HMKASt8fvG0


The Probable Murder of Justice Scalia: The Cover up Began Immediately


They Live - Based on a True Story - 2016

In the season 5 Family Guy episode “Meet the Quagmires”, Death says to Peter that “Dick Cheney shot “Supreme Court Justice Scalia” in a hunting accident and the bullet went right through him and “killed Karl Rove and Tucker Carlson”. It was also mentioned that Universal Health Care would be in place. Now I don’t know about you, but we find that pretty interesting. Judge Scalia was killed on a hunting trip. Not with a bullet but maybe a CIA “heart attack gun“? Well played, Family Guy.
For years now, Illuminati and NWO messages have been inserted into seemingly mindless cartoons like The Simpsons, Family Guy and a host of others. When you really pay attention, it gets a little frightening seeing how deeply they are drilling down to mentally condition us.
This video shows you 15 different times when future events were amazingly predicted. Pay special attention to the episode of The Simpson’s where they use predictive programming to tell you about 9/11.
Ask yourself why they found 84,000 parts of the Space Shuttle Columbia traveling at 17,500 MPH . But not even a wedding ring from Flight 77 at the pentagon for the loved ones . They never even found a sneaker from Flight 93 in Shanksville ,they were only traveling at 500 MPH not 17,500 mph like the NASA Shuttle that they recovered 84,000 parts from.
Seth MacFarlane calls Family Guy clip ‘abhorrent’ but he is the one attacking Boston marathon, then the Turban Cowboy episode is pulled because he wants to hide it . He is worried people might go looks at his shows , like August 29, 2001 just 13 days before 9/11 “The Kiss Seen Around the World” shows events from September 11th 2001 , and the episode that aired 7 weeks before London 7/7 bombing “Blind Ambition” Family Guy, first broadcast on Fox on May 15, 2005. They show the same things , somehow he made videos of events weeks before they actually happened.
So the next time someone puts on some silly cartoon or boilerplate drama, make mental notes and see how much of it just “coincidentally” comes to pass.
Because they are definitely sending us a message.



US Marshals Are Arresting People Who Have Not Paid Back Their Student Loan

If this was about money they would be arrested the Too-Big-To-Jail Bankers!

Paul Aker told Fox 26 Houston that he was arrested by seven deputies with automatic weapons—for a $1,500 student loan he received back in 1987.

“I was wondering, ‘Why are you here? I’m home and I haven’t done anything… Why are the Marshals knocking on my door?’ It’s amazing,” he said.

Mr Aker says he was arrested without being read his rights, placed in shackles and taken to the downtown federal courthouse where he spent several hours in a holding cell.

Later, he was taken to court surrounded by "70 Marshals" where he was made to sign a payment agreement.

Representative Gene Green said that it’s troubling to see private debt collectors use US Marshals to go after people who owe student loans.

“There's bound to be a better way to collect on a student loan debt that is so old,” Mr Green told Fox. “The federal government is now using private debt collectors to go after those who owe student loans.”

The US Marshals issued a statement on Tuesday saying that they were required to serve a civil process to Mr Aker as directed by the federal courts.

Learn More:


If 'Too-Big-to-Fail' Means 'Too-Big-To-Jail,' It Should Mean 'Too-Big-to-Be'

The U.S. needs 'the Iceland option'

From left to right: Former CEO of Kaupthing Luxembourg Magnus Gudmundsson, Olafur Olafsson, the bank's second largest shareholder at the time, Hreidar Mar Sigurdsson, Kaupthing's former chief executive, and former chairman Sigurdur Einarsson—all sentenced to between four and five and a half years. (Image: DV)
In a couple of days, the so-called US Justice Department will be announcing an “agreement” reached with five large banks, including two of the largest in the US—JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup, the holding companies for Chase and Citibank—under which these banks or bank holding companies will plead guilty to felonies involving the manipulation of international currency markets.
This is not really a plea deal, or what in the lingo of criminals is called “copping a plea.” It’s a negotiation in which the nation’s top law-enforcement organization—the one that just sentenced a teenager to death in Boston in the Marathon bombing case, and that routinely sends ordinary people “up the river” for minor drug offenses or even tax fraud—is taking seriously these banks’ concerns that if they plead guilty to felonies they might be barred by SEC rules from engaging in many profitable practices. So—get this—the Justice Department is seeking assurances from the commissioners of the Securities and Exchange Commission that they will not enforce those rules against these particular felonious banks.
There will be fines, of course, though nothing that will even dent the profits of these megabanks, which also include two British-based institutions, Barclays and the Royal Bank of Scotland, as well as the Swiss-based bank UBS. But under these deals, not one bank executive will even be forced to quit his post, much less face jail time or even a fine. As theNew York Times put it in an article last Thursday, “In reality, those accommodations render the plea deals, at least in part, an exercise in stagecraft.”
What this means is that the departure of bankers’ friend Eric Holder as Attorney General, and his replacement by Loretta Lynch, has not changed the policy announced by Holder several years back that there would be no prosecutions of the leaders of the so-called “too-big-to-fail” banks for the scandals and crimes that collapsed the US and the global economies in 2008, bringing on the so-called Great Recession that is still punishing the people of the US and many other countries. In fact it demonstrates that there will be no real prosecution of wrongdoing by these monolithic banks for crimes committed since the financial crisis either and going forward.
As the Times wrote by way of explanation for this refusal to prosecute the criminal banker class: “...as much as prosecutors want to punish banks for misdeeds, they are also mindful that too harsh a penalty could imperil banks that are at the heart of the global economy.”
This statement, made by the paper’s two reporters, Ben Protess and Michael Corkery, as if it were a fact, is clearly nonsense.
The big banks, far from being “at the heart of the global economy,” actually function more like tapeworms feeding on that economy. And the case in question, the manipulation of currency markets, is a good example of this. By manipulating currency markets, these banks have been doing nothing to facilitate trade and commerce. On the contrary, they have been profiteering by rigging the markets and raising the costs of doing business for all companies and for all people who need to change one currency for another. Every raw material that a company in the US buys from abroad, every product that a foreign buyer purchases from a US producer, every consumer good that a US citizen buys from a foreign supplier, costs more because of the rigged currency trading that the banks have secretly been engaging in.
How much did this massive conspiracy cost, and how much did these corrupt banks make by manipulating currencies? Here’s what Matt Levine wrote about that in Bloomberg News:
“How much money did those banks make manipulating that $5.3 trillion foreign exchange market? I don't know! No one seems to care. The U.K. Financial Conduct Authority says ‘that it is not practicable to quantify the financial benefit’ that each bank got from its manipulations; the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency don't even acknowledge that the question might be interesting.”
So that’s how the US is handling criminality by some of the largest and most predatory corporations in the US and the world today.
Compare the US to Iceland, a country that responded to the same banking crisis of 2008 by aggressively prosecuting and jailing its top bankers. This past February, Iceland’s Supreme Court upheld the convictions and sentences of four top executives of Kaupthing Bank, one of the country’s biggest financial institutions. Those bankers are will now be serving four-to-five-year sentences for their felonies, at least if they want to ever return to Iceland. A number of other Iceland bankers, including top executives of three of the country’s top banks, were convicted earlier and sentenced to prison terms.
Here’s the thing. If the government really believes that banks like JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citibank and Wells Fargo are “too big to fail” because prosecuting their chief executives—or even forcing their chief executives to quit their posts!—could lead to a new financial crisis (a claim that seems totally absurd), then those institutions are simply too big to allow to exist.
And there is a simple answer to that: break the damned things up! It’s not as if these huge banks are responsible for running the US economic engine by lending money to businesses and the public. In fact, they are not doing that at all. Mostly, they are taking free money from the Federal Reserve and gambling with it, not lending it, and are putting smaller banks that actually do lend money out of business. We’d be better of if each of these huge banks became ten smaller independent banks that would have to behave like banks, and that wouldn’t have the outsize power of banks that are bigger than entire countries.
The idea that certain companies and their executives and owners are simply beyond prosecution whatever their crimes is intolerable. It should be intolerable not just in a supposed “democracy,” but in any county.
When people whose primary driving motive in life is greed, power and endless acquisitiveness -- which is what we’re talking about when we consider people like JP Morgan Chase’s chairman, president and CEO Jamie Dimon or Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein -- are told that they are beyond prosecution, it is an open invitation to rapacious criminal activity, and that is what we have witnessed in the years both running up to the 2008 financial meltdown and in the years since.
It’s past time for the American people to wake up and demand an end to this outrage. We need to be more like Iceland: Prosecute the bankers!

The probes into bank fraud leading up to the financial industry’s crash have been quietly closed. Is this justice?

In May 27, in her first major prosecutorial act as the new U.S. attorney general, Loretta Lynch unsealed a 47-count indictment against nine FIFAofficials and another five corporate executives. She was passionate about their wrongdoing. “The indictment alleges corruption that is rampant, systemic, and deep-rooted both abroad and here in the United States,” she said. “Today’s action makes clear that this Department of Justice intends to end any such corrupt practices, to root out misconduct, and to bring wrongdoers to justice.”
Lost in the hoopla surrounding the event was a depressing fact. Lynch and her predecessor, Eric Holder, appear to have turned the page on a more relevant vein of wrongdoing: the profligate and dishonest behavior of Wall Street bankers, traders, and executives in the years leading up to the 2008 financial crisis. How we arrived at a place where Wall Street misdeeds go virtually unpunished while soccer executives in Switzerland get arrested is murky at best. But the legal window for punishing Wall Street bankers for fraudulent actions that contributed to the 2008 crash has just about closed. It seems an apt time to ask: In the biggest picture, what justice has been achieved?

Since 2009, 49 financial institutions have paid various government entities and private plaintiffs nearly $190 billion in fines and settlements, according to an analysis by the investment bank Keefe, Bruyette & Woods. That may seem like a big number, but the money has come from shareholders, not individual bankers. (Settlements were levied on corporations, not specific employees, and paid out as corporate expenses—in some cases, tax-deductible ones.) In early 2014, just weeks after Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, settled out of court with the Justice Department, the bank’s board of directors gave him a 74 percent raise, bringing his salary to $20 million.



The Probable Murder of Justice Scalia: The Cover up Began Immediately


Work From:  https://saboteur365.wordpress.com/2016/02/14/the-probable-murder-of-justice-scalia-the-cover-up-began-immediately/

How did “conspiracy theorists” (I prefer the term I coined, conspiracy realists) know immediately that the death of American Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia would be ruled a heart attack?
How did we know that there would likely be no autopsy?
How did we know that chaos and confusion would surround the scene of his probable murder?
We knew because we know how the power elites (Illuminati Jews and their Masonic lackeys, aka the globalists, NWO, etc.) operate.
Murder is a tool that these psychopaths use with impunity to get rid of their enemies.
Usually, the murders are accomplished via giving someone a heart attack. Sometimes, the power elites want to make an example of someone and will have them assassinated in a bloody coup. Examples include JFK and more recently, Gaddafi of Libya.
It’s interesting to me that liberals believe that Russia’ Putin murders pesky journalists, but that the American Deep State does not.
Justice Scalia stood in the way of many of the schemes of the power elites: open borders, rigged elections, gun confiscation, and a host of other tyrannical plans that will enslave Americans and transfer their rightful wealth from the peons to the powerful.
There’s much more research to do by all of us truth seekers and truth speakers, but this report from the highly respected liberal newspaper The Washington Post confirms that conspiracy realists are on to something in questioning the suspicious death of Justice Scalia.
Yet as details of his sudden death trickled in Sunday, it appeared that the hours afterward were anything but orderly. The man known for his elegant legal opinions and profound intellect was found dead in his room at a hunting resort by a ranch owner.
It then took hours for authorities in remote West Texas to find a justice of the peace, officials said Sunday. When they did, she pronounced Scalia dead of natural causes without seeing the body and decided not to order an autopsy. A second justice of the peace, who was called but couldn’t get to Scalia’s body in time, said she would have ordered an autopsy.
A remote ranch owned by one of the power elites is the perfect spot to carry out a murder. Think about it. Could there be a better place to do in someone? Even if Scalia suspected something at some point, he had no place to run, no escape route. Hell, do cell phones even work in an isolated place like that? He wouldn’t have been able to call for help.
“If it had been me . . . I would want to know,” Juanita Bishop, a justice of the peace in Presidio, Tex., told The Washington Post in an interview Sunday about the chaotic hours after Scalia’s death at the Cibolo Creek Ranch, a luxury compound less than an hour from the Mexican border and about 40 miles south of Marfa.
The U.S. Marshals Service has not issued a statement about the events surrounding the death on Saturday of Scalia, who had recently returned from a trip to the Far East, where his last public event was a book signing in Hong Kong. And as official Washington tried to process what the justice’s death means for politics and the law, some details of his final hours remained opaque.
“Opaque” is the word that the Post uses. Meaning unclear or mysterious.
As late as Sunday afternoon, there were conflicting reports about whether an autopsy would be performed, though officials later said Scalia’s body was being embalmed and there would be no autopsy. One report, by WFAA-TV in Dallas, said the death certificate would show the cause of the death was a heart attack.
And so the mystery will remain a mystery and seekers of the truth will be labeled by New Word Order useful idiots and shills as “wingnuts” and other terms designed to denigrate the discerning cognitive abilities of “conspiracy theorists” (another derogatory term).
The best advice I can give is simple: Question everything. If it stinks, something is rotten.
The death of Justice Antonin Scalia stinks.

hillary face


They Live - Based on a True Story - 2016

Andrew Breitbart

The New World Order 'Cleaning Up' 

Tags CENSORED by Google: Breitbart "Andrew Breitbart" "Breitbart Assassinated" "Breitbart Assassination" "Breitbart Obama" Breitbarted "Heart Attack Gun" "Breitbart NDAA" NDAA "NDAA Obama" Obongo Obama "New World Order" "Jew World Order" Globalism Globalization Multiculturalism "Mass Immigration" "Cultural Marxism" "Frankfurt School" "Weather Underground Obama" "Weather Underground" "Columbia University" "Protocols of Zion" "Obama CIA" "Obama Birth Certificate" "911 Inside Job" NAU Amero Bancor

In the season 5 episode "Meet the Quagmires", Death says to Peter that Dick Cheney shot Supreme Court Justice Scalia in a hunting accident and the bullet went right through him and killed Karl Rove and Tucker Carlson.

Family Guy - Dick Cheney President of Halliburton shoots Justice Scalia https://youtu.be/HMKASt8fvG0