Virgin moves to Branson, Missouri

Published on Mar 31, 2015
A few weeks ago I discovered my long-lost relations in the great city of Branson, Missouri. With such a name, I couldn’t resist finding out more about the opportunities for Virgin in Branson.

My great-great-uncle, Reuben S Branson, founded Branson and was the original all-American entrepreneur. As I have followed his lead as an adventure and an entrepreneur, I now want to follow his footsteps into his hometown. I’m proud to announce the Virgin Group’s US operations are moving to Branson, Missouri.

Virgin America are leading the way, announcing a new flight service to Branson from San Francisco. Virgin Hotels are well on their way to developing their next property in Branson, following in the footsteps of Virgin Hotels Chicago. Meanwhile, Virgin Limited Edition has announced their next luxury property will be based in Branson, offering guests exclusive wagon trails.

Virgin Produced, our film and production company, will be filming their next feature in Branson. Virgin Mobile USA will be stocked at Branson’s Walmart store, where several hundred t-shirts were handed out to staff and customers. Virgin Active are introducing a new Branson-themed workout that will have gym-goers tossing hay bales and rolling wagon wheels across the gym.

Virgin Pure will ensure that the entire water supply throughout Branson is triple-filtered and purified to make it super healthy for all – so I will always be able to enjoy the perfect tasting cup of tea whenever I'm in town. Virgin Holidays will be also offering package holidays to the city with a variety of attractions and excursions available through their concierge service.

Before embarking upon this project, I spoke to Branson Mayor Raeanne Presley, who is wholeheartedly behind the move. I also searched around for other entrepreneurs who have successfully launched businesses in Branson. To my delight, I found that Dolly Parton, the undisputed queen of country, runs the wildly popular Dixie Stampede in Branson. Virgin America are honouring Dolly by naming our newest plane Jolene, hosting Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede-themed flights and featuring a Dolly channel on our Red in-flight entertainment system (only available from 9am-5pm).

Kevin Plank, CEO and Founder of Under Armour, runs one of the most successful stores right in Branson. They are showing their support by painting their Under Armour Branson store red, as well and throwing the biggest party ever to welcome Branson to Branson.

With more of our Virgin brands expanding States-side, it made sense to open our US headquarters in the hometown that bears my family name. I can’t wait to paint the town red.

Branson Mayor Raeanne Presley also is a kiteboarder

Reuben S Branson, founded Branson
also was a kiteboarder

Branson is one of the Best Kiteboarding spots in the World!

 Branson Table Rock Lake is in my back yard! I will help bring Kiteboarding to Branson Missouri. ‪#‎kiteboarding‬ ‪#‎kitesurfing‬ ‪#‎branson

With more of our Virgin brands expanding Stateside, it made sense to open our US headquarters in the hometown that bears my family name. I can’t wait to paint the town red.
Richard Branson



Richard Branson’s long, storied history of outrageous April Fool pranks

Today Richard Branson announced that Virgin USA, and part of Virgin UK, would be relocating to the kitschy town of Branson, Missouri (population approximately 11,000). The move, the knighted English billionaire wrote on Virgin’s website, was inspired by his recent discovery that a long-lost relative founded the city. Quoth Branson: “My great-great-uncle, Reuben S. Branson, founded Branson and was the original all-American entrepreneur. As I have followed his lead as an adventure and an entrepreneur, I now want to follow his footsteps into his hometown.”

The initiative, Branson wrote, will involve the following:

  • flight service between Branson and San Francisco
  • a new Virgin Hotel in the city
  • a Virgin luxury property offering wagon trails
  • a Virgin-produced movie filmed in Branson
  • Virgin holiday packages to the city
  • a Branson-themed workout at Virgin’s gym chain featuring hay-bale tossing and wagon-wheel rolling
  • an upgrade to Branson’s water supply, which will henceforth be “triple-filtered and purified to make it healthy for all—so I will always be able to enjoy the perfect tasting cup of tea whenever I’m in town.”

If this all sounds too cheeky to be true, that’s because it probably is. The announcement, on the eve of April Fool’s Day, comes after a long line of other Branson-related April 1 hoaxes. Among his deviously playful exploits:

1989: A UFO lands near London
The then 36-year-old chairman of Virgin Records arranged for a hot-air balloon masquerading as a flying saucer to land in a field in Surrey, outside London. An alien in a space outfit exited the UFO, who turned out to be midget.

2004: A mobile phone for lefties
Tech sites lapped up Virgin Mobile’s announcement that it was coming out with a Sony Ericsson mobile phone with a redesigned keypad to make its navigation easier for lefties.

2006: Animal-only gyms
Branson’s health club company, Virgin Active, teamed up with a PR agency to weave a tall tale about the launch of an animal-only gym, design especially for animals in need of “lifestyle management.”

2010: Ferrets lay underground cable

Virgin Media said it had employed the help of trained ferrets to lay cables to expand the reach of rural broadband. The company told The Telegraph: “For hundreds of years, ferrets have helped humans in various jobs. Our decision to use them is due to their strong nesting instinct, their long, lean build and inquisitive nature, and for their ability to get down holes.”

2011: Branson buys Pluto

Branson claimed he bought Pluto to have it reinstated it as a planet, after it was officially downgraded to a dwarf planet in 2006. The company said on its website:”As a firm supporter of small businesses Sir Richard is hoping to set an example for struggling entrepreneurs facing setbacks by having Pluto reinstated as an official planet.”

2012: Trips into active volcanos

Virgin, Branson announced, had invented a vehicle that would allow humans to explore first-hand the innards of the most active volcanoes. Actor Tom Hanks, musician Will.i.am, actor Seth Green, and filmmaker Barbara Kopple would be joining him on the first mission.

2013: Glass-bottomed planes

On Virgin Atlantic’s blog, the company said it had been secretly working on a glass-bottomed plane to give its passengers “an unparalleled flying experience, as well as a selection of stunning landscapes from the comfort of their seats.” At least one media outlet took the bait.



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