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"Desires are FREQUENCIES" | Learn to Vibrate Correctly

This is THE REAL LAW OF VIBRATION. Learn how to use it properly, and you'll obtain anything you desire.



The Keepers of Knowledge | Ancient Symbols and Hidden Origins - Matthew LaCroix, Video Advise

What is Electroculture?

"What electroculture is, it's basically harnessing the earth's energy that's all around us, the ether, the orgone, the chi, the prana, everything that's all around us that we are just can't see. What you're doing is you're taking a piece of wood with copper or brass, and you're taking that and you're putting it into the ground and you're creating an ether antenna, and that ether antenna is going to pick up the frequencies that are all around and help increase the magnetism and the sap, the blood of the plant." — Matt Roeske, co-founder, Cultivate Elevate



Expanding Your Electromagnetic Field - BIOGENICS Brain Training #BIOGENICS #PMEF

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Whole Body Battery Recharger
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