Bill Still's 'The Secret of Oz': The Hidden Economic Symbolism in the Original Wizard of Oz

This is a research documentary on the money system symbolism behind the original Wizard and Oz. It was released in 2009 by the American Reporter Bill Still. It has received a 8.2 / 10 on IMDB with over 240 positive reviews! This powerful documentary will help you uncover the veiled truths about our monetary system. With in-depth research and insights from our esteemed speaker, you'll be taken on a journey through history, understanding, and revelation. Discover how financial institutions operate, the hidden machinations of power and control, and the need for transparency and reform in the system. This is a must-watch for those wanting to comprehend the shackles of the debt money system and the imminent need for monetary reform. Learn about the money system and arm yourself with the knowledge to challenge the status quo. 🕰️ CHAPTER TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 : Introduction Brief overview of the financial world's complexities. Setting the stage for a deep dive into the heart of monetary systems. 05:01 : History of Financial Institutions Origin stories of banks, savings & loans, and credit unions. Their transformation over the centuries. 12:01 : Understanding Monetary Systems How money is created. The role of central banks and the impact of their decisions on economies. 20:01 : The Broken System: Fractional Reserve Banking Exploring the inherent risks and flaws. Real-world examples of its negative impact. 30:01 : The Invisible Chains The concept of debt in modern society. How it's used as a tool of control by financial elites. 40:01 : Financial Crises: Patterns and Consequences Analyzing major economic downturns through history. Uncovering the role of banks and financial systems in these crises. 50:01 : 21st Century Challenges Modern financial challenges and their implications. The role of technology in shaping the future of monetary systems. 1:00:01 : Reform: A Ray of Hope Advocating for transparency, accountability, and change. How each one of us can contribute to a fairer financial future. 1:10:01 : Reflections of the Past Reflection on the journey of discovery. Call to action for viewers to get involved and stay informed. 1:20:01 : The Hidden Power Players Unmasking the unseen forces driving financial decisions. Analysis of their impact on everyday consumers and the broader economy. 1:25:01 : Central Banks: Beyond the Facade Dissecting the role and operations of central banks. The myths vs. realities of their influence. 1:30:01 : Corruption: The Hidden Underbelly of the Financial World Exploring notorious cases of fraud, money laundering, and embezzlement. Their repercussions on the global economy and public trust. 1:35:01 : Global Economy: A Web of Deception Delving into international trade, debt, and interdependencies. How imbalances and malpractices ripple across countries. 1:40:01 : How To Fight For Change Reflecting on the need for systemic change and individual awareness. Bill Still encourages you to take action, seek knowledge, and challenge the status quo. 1:45:11 : Historical Overview of Financial Institutions Differentiation between banks, savings & loans, and credit unions. Their roles and methods in intermediating money. 1:45:43 : 21st Century's First Depression The looming economic downturn and its causes. The importance of educating society on these matters. 1:46:18 Economic Collapse and Banker Threats Historical attempts to challenge the banking system. The dangers of succumbing to bankers' threats. 1:46:49 : Monetary Symbolism in The Wizard of Oz The hidden allegories of money and power in L. Frank Baum's masterpiece. The importance of recognizing and addressing these issues throughout history. 1:48:12 : Global Economic Collapse The aftermath of the real estate bubble and its global repercussions. The dangers of banks controlling the money supply over sovereign nations. 1:49:47 : The Necessity of Monetary Reform The two pillars of monetary reform: forbidding government borrowing and ceasing fractional reserve banking. The pitfalls of the fractional reserve system and its exploitation by major banks. 1:52:50 : Ideas to Fix The Broken Money System The speaker's hope for future generations. The importance of understanding and challenging the current monetary system to pave a more equitable and stable future. Let this knowledge not just remain as information, but inspire you to question, to discuss, and to demand transparency and accountability. Share this documentary with friends, family, and colleagues. 💡✊ If you got something from this please consider sharing the research video and give Bill a follow on X, @BillStill , or visit his website at www.thestillreport.com




Solar Eclipse 19° Aries | The Blood Of The Lamb | Starseed Astrology


America has suffered greatly, and so has the whole world, because of the evil effects of our first ever Pluto return. But this April 8th, through the new moon total solar eclipse at 19° Aries, we will triumphantly enter our long-awaited first light time that will break the darkness of America's plutonian dark night of the soul. Since time immemorial Aries has been represented by a ram of which the lamb is its innocent infant version. The 19th degree of Aries esoterically governs the blood of the lamb in a profound astro-spiritual sense and since this eclipse is a definite time of divine intervention we predict great international themes of healing, rebirth, renewal and transformation through the direct influence of the Good Shepherd. Because this eclipse will align perfectly to Chiron, one of the Father's celestial healing forces, it will create a powerful new healing effect on Earth that will save life from death while avenging many great ongoing evils.


Aries is the zodiac's house of war and one might think that an eclipse in this house heralds new war. To those who intuit this way we say that you are right. This eclipse is a sign that Heaven's war against satanic forces on Earth will soon be escalating dramatically and in favor of humanity with Archangel Michael to have a shining role in the victories, defenses and healing processes to come. The divine war against evil will escalate through the opening of cosmic seals at the 19th degree of Aries in governing firmaments across the globe. As these seals are opened we will see tide turning events manifesting against demonic militaries, subversive political and cultural aggressors and those who have conspired to damage the world through medical and economic means. This is an eclipse of reckoning and revenge according to the measurements and judgements of God. Holy fires will soon be burning in places of greatest need.


Paradoxically, this eclipse will also usher in a precious new wave of healing and reconstruction into our lives as it will rarely occur in perfect conjunction to Chiron, the chief healing deity at the Olympic level of celestial government. A great amplification of Chiron's healing influence will be cast into this world, including and especially in urgent, time-sensitive, life-saving ways. I had a vision of a doorway being opened before a dark human silhouette who was suffering. When the door was opened bright light filled the door frame. The person walked through and successful healing was achieved on the other side. We will each be presented with new paths and means of definite, God-blessed healing to accept. When the eclipse comes simply walk through the doors that open to you. No one is spared and all are invited into the new healing light. But also know that this is a fateful time to change and transform out of negative ways with health or bad habits that impact health for the sake of healing and renewal.


This eclipse will also usher in a two year cycle of economic reconstruction on the macro and micro levels. This influence can be seen through the semi-sextile that the eclipse will make to Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, the two planets most chiefly connected to beneficial economic developments on Earth and for humanity. In our personal lives we will be presented with new pathways of economic reconstruction that if accepted will lead to new economic stability, power and potential. Unforeseen changes, transformations and revelations will often drive new economic healing processes ahead. Although there will be a certain financial earthquake this year I encourage my readers to take heart that despite certain hardships ahead a greater cycle of economic ascension is opening. Be patient with the process as seeds can't be rushed to bloom. But read the signs on the wall and go into the new ways of gold that God confirms.


As Aries governs the military dimension of life we can expect dramatic, beneficial and miraculous changes in this realm over the next two years, a process of Arian alchemy that will prepare us for the world-transforming transits of Saturn and Neptune in Aries which commence jointly in February of 2026. More specifically, this eclipse will effect a process of transformation that converts military missions from killing and chaos into defense and healing. We will see God's hand working through active forms of military crisis in the months ahead. Militaries have been exploited, abused and used for evil but this eclipse marks a time of pivotal change for the better. Secrets that have been contained or suppressed in the military sphere are soon to burst out into the global commons. There are secret heroes that we will learn about and secret missions that will be brought into the light. Songs will be sung for heroes unknown.


The "blood of the lamb" degree of Aries resonates with new powers and new transformations that occur through their bestowal or acquisition. People who serve God and the collective good of humanity will be receiving new powers over the next two years in such ways that amplify the success of their work, their ability to heal and their spiritual missions on Earth. Courage and leadership, two classical virtues of Aries, must be developed and expressed at higher levels as the new powers come and as planetary transits advance. A stripping of power will also be experienced by the demon class on Earth who have abused power in cruel, subversive and evil ways. Inner powers that have laid dormant will be activated by the eclipse magic while necessary healings for full power manifestation occur. Divine experiences with new healers will abound as a new environment of medical discovery, success and innovation take life.


It is true that this eclipse will trace over eight Ninevehs in the USA and Canada when it comes so we think that God is calling global attention to the historical Nineveh, an ancient Assyrian capital city that scholars have accurately described as "a mighty kingdom of war, terrorism, cruelty, bloody victories and sudden defeat." We think that this eclipse signals the doom of the modern day Nineveh whose location we will leave for our readers to intuit. Here are the states where Nineveh is located in the USA: Indiana, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia. There is also a Nineveh in Nova Scotia. In ancient times God overthrew this demonically warlike kingdom of darkness and we think that this is will happen again. The story of Nineveh teaches us that God has full power over evil and that He does justice and revenge in His wise time and way. We think that this Aries eclipse marks such a time and we welcome it.


We further predict that this eclipse will have devastating effects on satanic leadership with emphasis on upper echelon hierarchies, organizations and personnel. We see the heads of serpents being slashed off their bodies with the Aries eclipse being symbolized by a sword that is held by an extremely powerful heavenly figure. We are going to see great turmoil within their ranks to the extent that profound forms of surrender, confession and cooperation begin to happen in dramatic ways that turn the tides of global war and quest for control. There are leaders and controllers on the dark side that we are not fully aware of but this eclipse will bring the secret leaders, networks and hierarchies of Satan to light, a process which will precede crushing defeats on their hideous side. We'll be able to see the spiritual warfare with great new clarity and awe through the alchemy of this eclipse. Now we see a board, they are checkmated.


Rebirth of the self for the good and divine is a major eclipse theme to be aware of. This eclipse will usher in great new energy and momentum that should be used to advance next-level personal changes and transformations that advance healing, empowerment, enrichment, spirituality and positive global impact. We sense that we should all be focused on rising above things that have confined or restricted us, especially on the personal, spiritual and psychological levels, so that we conquer our shadows and transform into our highest self like a phoenix rising from the ashes of the old. This is a time to reclaim and project personal power on individual and concentrated collective levels to advance divine global change. Warrior, leader and trailblazer transformations are a part of this. Divine callings of leadership are coming. Be strong, confident and faithful if and when yours comes. Also be ready to recognize and receive your new battle buddies.