Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging (Full Movie)

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This video provides the facts about psychotropic drugs and the huge profits they create for the pharmaceutical industry. These drugs are not safe and have not been on the market long enough to provide sufficient long term studies regarding their effects. These drugs do cause addiction, however most "doctors" would call this dependence because you do not have to take an increasing dose over time. They are completely fine with you being addicted to the same amount of any given drug on a daily basis. Over half of the people that commit suicide in the United States are prescribed to psychotropic drugs. (Ex: Paxil, Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Effexor, Seroquil, etc.)


2012 Ascension Acceleration Signs of the New Earth & Angelic Human

You are leaving 3rd dimensional reality and existence which limited your divine expression and holy sovereignty, to be in complete sacred union with the Universe. Master Light Bearers of Creation, Blue Rays, you are in the process of bringing into complete alignment all your ascended selves from the many places of enlightened dimensions, realms and planetary systems to create wholeness and divine power in your life and world. The time of miracles is upon you!

The codes of light within you are being accelerated by a cosmic alignment activating the ancient sacred technologies, placing you in an energetic space for your evolutionary spiritual Initiation of 2012 and 2013. You are being supported by a profound Universal planetary alignment that no one currently alive on earth has ever experienced before.13

The pathway is through the Sacred Heart and Shekinah frequency of the Divine Mother, resonating through the Crystalline Earth Christ Grid. You, in Cosmic unison of the Light of Creation, have already created this Christ Heart Gird with Gaia for the new earth and Angelic Human. 11:11 12:12 = 13- 33 333
Leaving the Old World ~ the End of 3D
Not all beings will be choosing to be in the higher frequency dimension bringing forth the new earth. What is important to know is that each being has a right and will be honored for what they choose. Your ascension process of purging and clearing the energetic bodies has activated a higher embodiment of your core essence of your Divine Original Blue Print God DNA. You are now resonating at a higher vibrational frequency that may not be compatible with your current occupation, partners, family, friends, groups, location and institutions. 444
You will be leaving the old world, and sometimes it will not always be subtle as you may be instantly cut off from circumstances you once were a part of. Family and friends can become angry and, mostly, it is that they feel threatened by the higher energy that they cannot articulate. A surge of divinity coming from your sovereign self will emerge that will support you, where your body and being will not be able to tolerate lower energies and negative behavior or treatment.
Your Body Cannot Tolerate Lower Energies and Negative Behavior 55
Your body may protest, where before you were able to act like everything was okay, now it will be screaming “no more” and you will speak and react from a higher truth and not be part of situations that take away your power. You are seeing this occurring more in your world and in your close relationships.
A special note for The Blue Ray and ultra sensitive empathic Light Bearers:  your tendency had been to shut down energetically when you felt threatened or overwhelmed by energy. This can have a direct effect on your immune system and may appear as a drop in your energy, fatigue, anxiety or brain fog. This tendency is changing, as you are now experiencing the realignment to the cosmos and your sacred lineage and higher immunity. Where you were once without a voice quietly in your inner worlds doing the holy work of creation, you are now stepping into a sacred sovereign power. Your light is becoming brighter, stronger and more noticeable, your God alignment frequency resonance more in tune with the cosmic support of Creation.
Misconceptions of Ascension and 2012 ~ “Did I Make a Wrong Turn?”

On your ascension path there may be times that you wonder if you did something wrong, and how you arrived at certain places of your journey. You may have had perceptions and thoughts that your life would look physically perfect. From the white picket fence of your home and your completely stable and secure life, you would look out from your curtains as all the upheaval settled and never touched you as you only had felt love and light.

If you have dedicated your life to the light, are a Blue Ray, a transformer through the Goddess Gaia, most likely ascension will bring you to the depths of the dark night of your soul. This may also occur a couple of times, as you reach a deep soul core purging that touches most all aspects of your being. From the true essence of your soul, a profound transformation of your reality brings an awakening of holiness and compassion for all life, and clarity like never before.  You are on a path of divine love and light that transforms negativity from the cells of your body. This innate mission of purpose within you has been guiding your emergence as an angelic human for the unveiling of the new earth. 333.

\The old world perceptions of staying in one place and accumulating material possession were thought to be the ultimate wealth and stability. As you may have material possessions and comforts on your path of ascension, this will not be wealth or stability, as you are seeing this occur in your world. In the new earth, you will anchor your sovereign self, a sacred communion with creation of divine love, light, power and glory. This will surpass any perceptions you have had, where you can rise above and see beyond any chaos or confusion; the Universe will be at your command.
2012 Ascension Acceleration Signs of the New Humanity
Life Review in the Living

Life review in the living comes when you have reached a significant level of consciousness to experience a higher infusion of your core soul essence. This is the activation of your star essence, your ascended selves, God DNA in human form. It’s as if you are living many lives in the current one you now reside and do not need to die and be reborn, as you are doing it continuously and at accelerated speeds that are beyond time and space.

Your life review comes to show you that perhaps you have been accelerating at such great speeds that you may not have noticed your grand progress and who you are now. Past events and memories are brought to you but no longer trigger you – the trauma fields have been healed. It is to show you are ascending and evolving to a higher divine state of being.
Walk-ins and Re-Star Born
On your ascension you can experience such immense downloads of your higher dimensional fields from your soul matrix that you feel like a new being or walk-in. A soul braiding of your ascended selves is now able to merge with you, forming an expanded consciousness and higher embodied frequency to maintain a divine expression of your God Self.

Your expanded ascended selves bring higher knowledge, wisdom, soul and spiritual gifts, an enhanced expansion of your already healing and psychic abilities, and activate energy centers in your body and energy fields giving you support.
Planetary Alignments and Living in a Dream State
At times of planetary alignments, new and full moons, the Solstices and Equinoxes, you may feel you are in a dream state for a day or two. You may also feel sluggish, have difficulty in moving, as if through density, and you can’t wake up. These are transitional periods of being put in sort of a void dimensional time-space, still living your life and very much having a powerful connection with Source. Go with the energetic flow and rhythms the best you can, slow down and enjoy being in an awakened dream.
The Ascended Life of Divine Love
You will come to know that what you wish for more than anything is the clarity of your soul, your true full expression that is Divine Love, and all has been a ploy from your higher heart to get you there, to the ultimate divine power and glory of the Universe. All of God and life have been serving you to bring what you truly wished for. From this place that many are already experiencing, you will enjoy a higher experience of life and spirit. Wherever you go and wherever you are, a divine harmony of Peace will meet and greet you and say this is who you are. This peace we speak of is the truth of your soul and spirit; it is beyond peace; it is the Divine love of joy that holds all of life, the Universe and Cosmos together and this is who you are! 333


My New House Setting Gig

Laura and I are house setting near Branson, Mo... we should be here for the next 6 Months

I AM Blessed and have Much Faver



I Got Me A Rainbow, Just After a Storm over Branson MO

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I Got Me A Rainbow, Just After a Storm over Branson MO

Amazing rainbow seen over Branson MO just days after a deadly tornado rips through Joplin.

The flowers are for my girlfriend, Laura Fifield.


Texans Revolt Against TSA Tyranny, Storm Capitol

Alex Jones with some of his Texans fans Revolted Against TSA Tyranny and Stormed the Capitol . Exclusive footage of the Texas Capitol takeover Wednesday, by Alex Jones and angry Texan demonstrators . If Texas would have stood their ground other states would have followed and we would have massive change with the TSA. As is stands the TSA Nazi's will continue to become more and more intrusive in our lives.The land of the free home of the brave? Not in the Texas congress and senate.And for that matter no longer in America.

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Exclusive footage of the Texas Capitol takeover Wednesday, when angry demonstrators led by radio host Alex Jones descended upon the Senate to rebuke threats used to quash a TSA bill that passed the House unanimously and was poised to clear the Senate with 30 of 31 senators supporting. The bill's sponsor Sen. Dan Patrick revealed that Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst was behind a move to kill the bill without "leaving fingerprints" on behalf of the Obama Administration. Supporters of the bill sent a message to the Texas Senate even after being barred from entry, shouting from the halls "criminals" and "treason" while decrying the tyrannical mission creep of the unconstitutional TSA. The bill would have expressly declared it a crime for TSA or security personnel to reach into the pants or touch the genitals of passengers or other innocent bystanders.


Celebrate the Midpoint of the Fourth day, July 3, 2011 with the Jerusalem Hug

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Dear Friends,
About six weeks from now, July 3-4, 2011 we are coming to the midpoint of the Fourth day and in fact of the whole Ninth wave. I think an excellent way of celebrating and fulfilling the ultimate intention of this wave of generating freedom and oneness is to participate in the Jerusalem Hug on July 3rd:  http://www.jerusalemhug.org/ and I have written an article about this topic:http://mayanninthwave.com/midpoint-of-the-4th-day/. The underlying idea is very simple, namely that by expressing our love for this Old City and not identifying with any particular side in this long-standing conflict
we may help to dissolve the walls, mental and physical, that separate people in this center of several religions. Some people will want to go directly to Jerusalem to be part of the actual holding hands there, but I feel that the rest of us may very well participate by creating a world wide event of circles, or medicine wheels, that serves a spiritual participation and back-up for those that are actually there. I feel the time
has come for us to let this event be known and to start to organize events that are supportive of it. Maybe the creation of a New Jerusalem is a matter for the whole world to take part in and cannot be done without the rest of us expressing our support for freedom and unity there. 
Carl Johan

The Website of the Ninth Wave
Celebrations of Mayan Calendar Shifts

July 3-4: The Jerusalem Hug (www.jerusalemhug.org)
The aim of the “Jerusalem Hug” is to promote a peaceful experience, a life of freedom and joy to all people. The “Jerusalem Hug” will focus on love, respect and unity between all people. With this attitude the participants will spread out around the walls of the Old City holding hands, singing and praying for peace and respect for all humankind.

The Jerusalem Hug and the Venus Transit, June 6, 2012
If the Arabic and Muslim worlds have been affected by the collapse of the Planetary midline as part of the end to dominance we may also speculate as to what this might mean regarding the relationships between the different religions that have a common origin in the Middle East. As we saw earlier the three Abrahamic religions all have an origin in the duality of the National Underworld, with an energetic difference between the Judaeo-Christian tradition expanding during its DAYS and the Islamic during NIGHTS, which explains the more collective nature of the latter. If the dominance introduced during the National Underworld is now to come to an end, then we would expect that also the antagonistic division lines between these religions would erode as a very significant step towards peace in the world. In fact, much of the warfare and violence that the world has seen in the Galactic Underworld have been reflections of conflicts between Islam and other religions (and also between different Islamic groupings), related to their different energetic backgrounds.

Nonetheless, there are prophecies from these religions that speak of a peace in the future. This is obviously so in the case of Christianity, which promises an eternal peace in the Book of Revelation. Also Islam however gives a place to Christ in the end times. In one of its prophecies Christ is the one that brings people to Islam and if we understand Islam as the “surrender to God” and not necessarily as its patriarchal set of rules this would be fully consistent with what is proposed here. Also Judaism, which is maybe the oldest still practiced religion on our planet (and hence would be the most entrenched in scripturalism), would be affected by the shifting polarity creating an opening for peace. If peace could be established between the major monotheistic religions it would be a major step towards peace on our entire planet. The location where the division lines between these three religions are the most clearly marked is in the city of Jerusalem, and especially in its Old City, where each religion constantly watches against trespassing by the others. In fact, not only does the Old City of Jerusalem have invisible boundaries defining where adherents of the different religions may go. Palestinians and Jews are also sometimes separated by literal physical walls, which adds national separation to the already existing religious.

The separation between East and West has been a significant theme during the past 5000 years ever since the introduction of the consciousness field of the National Underworld created a polarity between the two global hemispheres along the 12th Longitude East. This has remained as a background ever since. Yet, it should be noted that the Seventh DAY of the Planetary Underworld did lead to the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the end to the Cold War, which was an extreme expression of political separation between the Eastern and the Western Blocks. The religious polarity has however remained and even intensified throughout the Galactic Underworld expressed for instance in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The causes of these are mainly a reaction against the reemergence of Islam as it is favored by the light on the East in the Galactic Underworld. Paradoxically Islamic nation states have during the same time tended to erode significantly as explained previously. Even if it now seems like the whole political map of the Middle East needs to be redrawn with the revolts in Tunisia, Egypt and several other Arab countries no clear steps seem to have been taken to ease the tension between the Abrahamic religions.

Even if Jerusalem is not a city located on the longitude 12 East it has come to carry the East-West polarity for a variety of reasons. Jerusalem not only separates two peoples, Arabs and Jews, which essentially may be identified with the traditions of the East and the West, but also three religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, where the two former may be identified as Western and the latter as Eastern because of their practices and distribution in the world. Hence, Jerusalem is not just any city and the question is if the walls also in this city, as once in Berlin, will fall as a result of the shifting polarities of consciousness of the eighth and ninth waves of the Mayan calendar system. This would reflect an end to a separation on a much deeper level between East and West than was the case in the Cold War. Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world, with a history of being a holy center for separate religions for at least two thousand years. All the Abrahamic religions have significant prophecies about the fate of this city and many adherents of these are invested in seeing exclusively the prophecies of their own religion come true. From the perspective of the Ninth wave now generating unity consciousness it would however seem as if such an exclusivity will not be at hand.

In the Book of Revelation a New Jerusalem is also mentioned as a center of completion for the world after the turmoil of the apocalypse. We may wonder if this maybe in fact refers to the birth of a new world or even a new frame of consciousness rather than an actual city. Regardless, Jerusalem serves as a significant microcosm of the planet and in this sense it may be said that if there is peace in Jerusalem there is also peace in the world and vice versa. If the deep-rooted cultural, national and religious divisions of Jerusalem can be transcended then the same thing would seem to be possible everywhere.

It is with the transcendence of these division lines that the Jerusalem Hug has been celebrated. The idea behind the Jerusalem Hug is that the path to peace there goes through the expression of love for the city and especially the old city by whomever feels this regardless of national or religious affiliation. The Jerusalem Hug was initiated by Dvora Pearlman and Rob Schamra, and supported by James Twyman at the so called Breakthrough Celebration at the midpoint of the Fifth DAY of the Galactic Underworld, May 20-22, 2007. It has continued as a yearly event ever since. The ring-like enclosure of the Old City has melted many boundaries between people creating an experience that this belongs to everyone and the event has been complemented with fantastic art projects that you may read about at the web page: http://www.jerusalemhug.org/.

As we are now entering the Ninth wave of unity consciousness the Jerusalem Hug holds the potential as an event that may unify the whole world in a meaningful and joyful action focusing on peace not only in Jerusalem, but also for the whole world. While many might want to go to Jerusalem to be physically part of the Hug I feel the event could also be an enormous global event through the creation of several circles around it. The global medicine wheel created in the Conscious Convergence could again be activated as the outermost support ring. This included participants among the Mayan elders in the West, people in Scandinavia in the North, the Hindu/Chinese convergence in Bali and Singapore in the East and the Bushmen together with many others in the South. In the common ceremony a sacred space was created on a global scale modeled upon a Native American Medicine Wheel. I feel that for the Jerusalem Hug, both this year and next year at the Venus Transit we should recreate such global medicine wheels, but turn them into circles of hugs. This may be complemented by creating smaller wheels that connect to the larger wheels. Some wheels, or hugs may also encircle other spots on the planet where separating borders between people have become strong and need to be thawed by Hugs.

There will be one such event in 2011 that for those following the Mayan calendar may be looked upon as part of the Ninth wave (July 3, the midpoint of the third day). There will be another one during the Venus Transit 6th of June 2012, which comes after the culmination date of the Mayan calendar on October 28, 2011 and in my understanding closes the window for the intense spiritual transformation that has existed since the first Venus Transit on June 8th 2004. Coming after the end of the Mayan calendar the Jerusalem Hug during the Venus Transit of June 6, 2012 may in fact be a beacon of light in the future that all of humanity may look forward to, and especially for those that are manifesting the unity consciousness of the ninth wave. This may turn out to be one of the greatest celebrations of all time marking a decision never to return to the old conflictual ways.


Coming Out Of The Box By; Lynn Hayes

Starkville Mississippi April 2011

Lynn Hayes, a man after my on heart,,, and he talks a lot like I do. This is from a meeting that was in Starkville Mississippi April 2011,,,, It was called ,,, "Coming Out Of The Box"

"Coming Out Of The Box" by; Lynn Hayes

CD 1 Lynn Hayes
CD 2 Barbara Symons
CD 3 Lynn Hayes
CD 4 Avis Bazzill
CD 5 Gary Sigler
CD 6 Lynn Hayes
CD 7 Barbara Symons
CD 8 Lynn Hayes
CD 8 Darryl Dement Ruth Minor


The Third day of the Ninth Wave (Universal Underworld) and the World Oneness Revolution

Practically the whole world strongly experienced the frequency increase associated with the beginning of the Ninth wave (Universal Underworld, May 9th, 2011) as this manifested in the earthquake in Japan and the ensuing events. But what is this Ninth wave about? It is easy to see the “chaos” and “catastrophes,” but maybe not so easy to see the overall direction of the process that it carries. I have previously only described the direction of the Ninth wave in very general terms saying that it is about unity consciousness, but exactly what is unity consciousness and how will this manifest through this wave?

To understand this we may begin by studying the Seventh wave that began in 1755 and brought an endarkened unity consciousness to mankind. The Ninth wave also brings a unity consciousness, but one that is enlightened. We have already found a significant parallel between these two waves in that they began with huge Earthquakes, although those as is reasonable, occurred at opposite sides of the Earth, in Lisbon and Japan respectively. Another parallel is that the two waves have started with revolutions to topple existing systems. While the Seventh wave began with the American and French revolutions, whose anti-monarchic nature gradually has spread throughout the world, the revolutions of the Ninth wave have not only rejected monarchic rule, but the phenomenon of dominance and rule over others as such. Thus the Oneness field of consciousness (see below) carried by the Ninth wave will not allow for systems where people give their power away to someone they have elected every four years or so. A deeper freedom based on the sovereignty of all souls is now being called for.

Moreover, the Oneness field of consciousness will not allow for an economic system where the power to print money determines what activities people spend their lives with. The world revolution carried by the Ninth wave potentially develops a much deeper freedom and oneness than either the monarchy of the sixth wave or the democratic institutions of the seventh wave. The driving force behind the world revolution of the ninth wave is the divine guidance that the unity consciousness allows. What is happening in the world today could thus be described equally well in religious/spiritual terms or economic/political. The chief point to realize is that ultimately the course of events, and the breakdown of dominance, is a result of a cosmic plan that has been described by the nine levels of the Mayan calendar with their different polarities (see figure below). Since no human being has any power to change these polarities the overall direction of the cosmic time plan is irreversible.

This consciousness of the Ninth wave was as expected first evident around the midline of the planet at the 12th longitude East between East and West. The opposing polarities of consciousness generated by the 6th and 8th waves led to the collapse of dominance along this line already at the beginning of the seventh day of the Galactic Underworld on November 3, 2010 and two months later the processes surfaced in Tunisia and Egypt. The revolutions there were much aided by the social media networks that had been developed by the Eighth wave, but also showed the emerging role of women and a unity between Muslims and Christians in Egypt where people were singing “we are all one” in Kairo. (That some of this might have been temporarily reversed does not change the overall direction of where things are going).

Different forms of rule generated by the
Yin/Yang-polarities of the different waves

This oneness revolution is now spreading notably to a few European nations such as Portugal, Greece and Spain. At first sight this may not seem to be part of the oneness revolution as the demands raised by people are mostly economical and directed against austerity plans determined by the EU and/or IMF/World Bank etc. Yet, the economic system of the world is far from based on oneness and separates people in haves and have-nots and many are now finding this unacceptable. These European nations are also, like Arab North Africa, located around the planetary midline and so they are participating in the process at a relatively early point of the Ninth wave. As the Ninth wave continues more and more aspects of our world that are inconsistent with oneness will be highlighted and events, sometimes forced upon us by catastrophes like the one in Japan, will trigger calls for radical change. Technologies, which are not based on unity with the Earth will increasingly come to be rejected. The Ninth wave will however not generate a linear process of change towards oneness and people in the far West (like the US) and far East (China) are going to be affected in ways that are different from what happens in Europe or the Arab world.

Regarding the West here are currently discussions going on as to when a very likely collapse of the value of the US dollar will take place (which may be looked upon as part of the Oneness revolution) and some people think that it is natural that it will happen in the Fifth night (August 18 - September 4). My own view is however different and I tend to think that a dollar collapse may come to happen in steps during days 3, 4 and 5. Since such a collapse is not destructive from the perspective of Oneness it seems logical to me that it would manifest in a day or a series of days. I instead tend to think that the fifth night may come to carry a temporary return to the old monetary system in some form, which from the perspective of the Earth is what is dangerous.
Assuming that we are approaching a collapse of the value of the dollar and the world’s monetary system (with the immense distress it would probably mean) it is truly time to think about what this should or could be replaced with. Understandably, many people ask how they should protect themselves as individuals from such a collapse and find ways of investing constructively. This may or may not be possible even if there are suggestions as to how to do it on the Internet. The deeper question is to ask how to respond as a planet to a monetary collapse in a situation where the new consciousness of oneness will not allow dominance based on money to return, at least not in the long term. This is by definition not a discussion that the mainstream media will bring up since it would risk precipitating the events that it seeks to avoid.

On my own part I essentially see three different systems that could replace the current use of money if there is a monetary collapse. The first is that all people go on and continue to do what they already have been doing and ignore the fact that there is no exchange of money between them. The farmers continue to produce food, the truck drivers continue to deliver it to the cities, people stay in their homes without paying rents or mortgages, etc without any exchange of money taking place between them. This is probably the best response to a monetary collapse, but it would hardly be consistent with existing laws and contracts based on lower levels of consciousness. It would naturally also create problems for many people who have primarily been working with handling money if this is no longer used and it is naïve to believe that such a shift could happen without much conflict. A second alternative way to deal with a monetary collapse would be to create a system of food stamps or rationing that would allow for everyone to have a secured access to the necessities of life. A third alternative is to create local currencies as a basis of exchange. The problem with this is that it would not include the many people that are too young or old or are sick or disabled to be able to offer exchangeable services. There may be other alternative ways to handle a monetary collapse and these are only a few hints in a discussion that I think is now necessary as to how to respond to a such with a perspective of serving the whole.

The above remarks also have as a consequence a very different definition of oneness than many currently have and give more emphasize to its practical manifestations than to the mental or spiritual state of an individual. This is not to say that methods that may help individuals attain states of unity consciousness would not be valuable. In fact I believe that to be successful the world revolution that has not started must be divinely guided, and be based on a desire by its participants to serve the divine plan. Yet, this definition of oneness does imply that a world of oneness cannot be created without a practical collective effort. After all, who we are is largely defined by our relationships and so only by transforming the nature o our relationships with others in a very profound and practical way can a world in harmony be born. No one knows how this world oneness revolution will play out in its details, but we know that it is irreversible and that it is likely to intensify as we approach the culmination of the Mayan calendar on October 28, 2011. This incidentally is the time when the comet Elenin is at its shortest distance from Earth and if nothing else this may serve to guide us to cosmic consciousness in a spiritual sense, which ultimately is what this political and economical change provides a basis for. The completion date of the Mayan calendar however only means that the “final field” of consciousness is then established on our planet. It does seem likely that it will then still take some “time” after this date until a harmonious world settles, but “time” will then never again be the same.

Carl Johan Calleman,
Seattle, WA
On the day 10 Alligator and the third day
of the third day of the Ninth wave (May 22, 2011)


That's a Bull Cow, not a milk cow Buddy Huggins

That's a Bull Cow, not a milk cow Buddy Huggins

HAARP Ring Outbreak - 5/22/2011


From: dutchsinse  | May 21, 2011  | 3,534 views

All areas listed have "HAARP VLF UHF" ring activity. All areas listed should expect severe weather up to and including tornadoes in the next 24 to 48 hours. I know it is a large number of cities to list.. but each on has its own ring indicating a "hit threat" within 24-48 hours from now.. 5.22.2011 @ 145am CST

Little Rock Arkansas, direct center of city.

Nacogdoches, Louisiana

Fort Polk and Alexandria Louisiana

Evansville, Indiana

Pittsburg Pennsylvannia

Dice, Taulbee Kentucky

Ada Minnesota

South of Belton Kansas

Austin and San Antonio Texas

Saint Louis, Missouri

Fort Smith Arkansas

Greenbay Wisconsin

Des Moines Iowa


Changes in the Sun Change You

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The sun is going through dynamic changes and transformations. These changes in the sun assist in your capacity to access your consciousness awareness of enlightenment and your personal transmutation. Pay attention and access this sacred energy frequency that bathes you daily in its Light!


2012 Mayan Calendar - A Schedule to Enlightened Consciousness

2012  Mayan Calendar - A Schedule to Enlightened Consciousness Part 2
Uploaded by on May 2, 2011

Exploring the complexities of the Mayan Calendar in simple terms gives a compelling explanation for the dizzying acceleration of events today. The threats to established social institutions cannot continue.
Part two of this video will explore the impact and alternatives for the future of humanity.

The Mayan Calendar by Dr. Carl Calleman: http://www.calleman.com/
Background music by Bradfield:: http://www.firethegrid.com/eng11/index-2011.htm (downloads}


Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist Documentary

Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist Documentary

While a majority of people believe what the tube has to say about what is going on in the world buying all that passes off as current affairs, the truth remains largely unknown ... concealed behind all the repeated lies and deception in the mainstream media. For most part anyone who hasn't delved into the facts surrounding 911 and this whole war on terror facade is living a reality designed to keep the masses under a cloud of uncertainty by feeding us stories with no basis or validation, often retracted and contradictory statements are evidence of all the lying that passes off as headlines in our mainstream media networks. The official story behind Osama Bin Laden and his so called Al Qaeda Terrorist Network is all smoke and mirrors, designed with the intent to keep the public from knowing the truth, while creating animosity among religious groups ... creating chaos and confusion with all the deception and lies.

However, in the times we're living in, it's easy to know the truth from mass propaganda when one is living from the heart. The truth is emergent and is changing our world view and this change in our individual world view is bringing about this collective change we envision as a society united, without boundaries and limitations.

Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist is a documentary by The Corbett Report. It interrogates the theory that Al Qaeda is a centrally-operated terrorist organization run by Osama Bin Laden that perpetrated the attacks of 9/11. The documentary looks at Al Qaeda's roots, its ties to western intelligence agencies and the fictions that have been created to enhance its myth in the corporate-controlled media.

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This is the Prologue to the new documentary from The Corbett Report, Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist. This documentary interrogates the notion that Osama Bin Laden single-handedly runs the pervasive Al Qaeda terrorist network by examining its inception, its links to Western intelligence, the double agents and fictitious characters that populate its ranks, and the fraudulent ways the Al Qaeda myth is propagated in the controlled corporate media. The documentary also offers ways that citizens can become involved in helping to spread understanding about the true government-sponsored terror paradigm.

For more information about the documentary, please visit:


For more news and analysis from The Corbett Report, please visit:


It's about time we stop being controlled and manipulated by silly poly~tricks ... it's time we awaken to the unity of all creation, which is the real essence of our being ... here, now ...

CIA Agent Exposes How Al-Qaeda Dosen't Exist

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... Namaste ~ _/\_ ~ ... ﭢ

Jiddu Krishnamurti : The Real Revolution Documentary Film

This 30-minute documentary titled 'The Real Revolution' is the first from an original series of eight made for television in 1966. They were the earliest films of Jiddu Krishnamurti speaking to audiences.

Jiddu Krishnamurti was a writer and speaker on philosophical and spiritual issues including psychological revolution, the nature of the mind, meditation, human relationships, and bringing about positive social change. Maintaining that society is ultimately the product of the interactions of individuals, he held that fundamental change in society can emerge only through freely undertaken radical change in the individual. Krishnamurti stressed the need for a revolution in the psyche of every human being and posited that such revolution cannot be brought about by any external entity, be it religious, political, or social.

Just realized, today is also happens to be Jiddu Krishnamurti's Birthday ! Quite a coincidence indeed ... Happy Bud'Day Jiddu ... Now n Forever :)

References : Jiddu Krishnamurti Online


Wrestler known as 'Macho Man' dies in Fla. wreck

Wrestler known as 'Macho Man' dies in Fla. wreck

By HARRY R. WEBER Associated Press The Associated Press
Friday, May 20, 2011 8:41 PM EDT

Randy "Macho Man" Savage, the professional wrestler known for his raspy voice, the sunglasses and bandanas he wore in the ring and the young woman named Miss Elizabeth who often accompanied him, died in a car crash Friday in Florida. He was 58.

A Florida Highway Patrol crash report said the former wrestler — whose legal name was Randy Mario Poffo — was driving a Jeep Wrangler when he lost control in Pinellas County around 9:25 a.m. The Jeep veered over the raised concrete median divider, crossed over the eastbound lanes and crashed head-on into a tree.
Police said he may have suffered a "medical event" before the accident, but the report did not elaborate, and it said officials would need to perform an autopsy to know for sure.

The report said a woman in the vehicle, identified as Barbara L. Poffo, 56, suffered minor injuries. A statement from Stamford, Conn.-based World Wrestling Entertainment said the passenger was the wrestler's current wife. Both were wearing their seatbelts, according to the police report.
"Poffo will be greatly missed by WWE and his fans," the statement said.
Savage was a charismatic wrestler made famous for his "Macho Man" nickname and his "Oooh Yeah!" catchphrase. He was a champion in Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Federation, and later Ted Turner's now-defunct World Championship Wrestling.

Poffo was under contract with WWE from 1985 to 1993 and held both the WWE and Intercontinental Championships.
"Our sincerest condolences go out to his family and friends. We wish a speedy recovery to his wife," WWE said.

Savage defined the larger-than-life personalities of the 1980s World Wrestling Federation (now WWE). He wore sequined robes bejeweled with "Macho Man" on the back, rainbow-colored cowboy hats and oversized sunglasses, part of a unique look that helped build the WWF into a mainstream phenomenon.
For most of his career, his valet, Miss Elizabeth, was by his side. The woman, Elizabeth Hulette, was his real-life wife at the time. They later divorced, and Hulette died in 2003 at 42 in what was later ruled a prescription drug overdose. She was among many performers in the sport to die young.

Others include Curt "Mr. Perfect" Hennig, who died of a cocaine overdose in 2003 at 44, and Chris Benoit, who killed his wife and son and then committed suicide in their Georgia home in 2007. Benoit was 40.
The WWF made Savage their champion after a win over Ted DiBiase in the main event at WrestleMania in 1988.

Savage had not appeared for a major wrestling organization since 2004, when he performed for Total Nonstop Action.
He was at times both the most popular and most hated wrestler in entertainment. His flying elbow off the top rope was mimicked by basement and backyard wrestlers everywhere. Savage made good use of his deep, raspy voice as a corporate pitchman as well, for years ordering Slim Jim fans to "Snap into a Slim Jim!"
He's most known for his legendary rivalries with Hulk Hogan, Ricky Steamboat and Ric Flair. Wrestlers took to Twitter to let fans know Savage won't be forgotten.

"There's probably five or six of us, with Andre (the Giant) and Hogan and thankfully myself and Flair, that, when their names pop up, even if you're not a fan, you know who in the hell these people are," said former wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes. "You say, `I know this guy. I know Macho Man Randy Savage.' He was part of that breed. We lost a good one."

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson hailed Savage as one of his childhood inspirations and heroes, while Mick "Cactus Jack" Foley called Savage "one of my favorite performers."
Hogan said he and Savage had just started talking again after 10 years.
"He had so much life in his eyes & in his spirit, I just pray that he's happy and in a better place and we miss him," Hogan wrote.

While so many personalities who left the WWF for WCW like Hogan, Roddy Piper and Mean Gene Okerlund were welcomed back to the company and even inducted into the Hall of Fame, Savage never returned.

Rhodes said Savage had prudently saved his money and was content to remain out of the spotlight.
"He was a recluse, almost," Rhodes said by phone. "Whatever he was doing, he wanted that privacy. Yeah, he was out of the picture for 10 years, but he didn't want to be in the picture."
Savage was a minor league catcher in the 1970s for St. Louis and Cincinnati before turning in the uniform for tights. His father, Angelo Poffo, was a longtime wrestler, and his brother, "Leaping" Lanny Poffo, was also a 1980s WWF mainstay. Condolences from fans poured in to Lanny Poffo's Facebook page on Friday.

'Fear Porn' - Remember: 'YOU are a God Being'

Uploaded by on May 16, 2011

What is 'Fear Porn'?
- What is the best defense against all the Illuminati, NWO, Chemtrails, HAARP, 'evil ET's', Int'l Bankers, Microchipping the world population agendas etc.?
- What is 1 Full Divine Breath?
- Why are Humans the 'Genetic MasterPieces' of the Galaxy?
- How have Humans lost their power?


Flood 2011 May 18, Is The New Madrid EarthQuake Imminent?

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This video has PROOF that TPTB are tooling with the New Madrid Faultline!
New Madrid EarthQuake Imminent? PROOF that HAARP is being used?

HAARP: http://goo.gl/FmLJe

http://goo.gl/hdtWM (FEMA's drills along the faultline)

http://goo.gl/kFXcm (PROOF that HAARP is training it's target on New Madrid! Witchita, KS or Birmingham, AL. in the triangle's crosshairs!)

Strange energy above AR the day birds died: http://goo.gl/V6CeE

http://goo.gl/kCcuu (GLP forum)

http://goo.gl/rnMm4 (possible disinfo)

http://goo.gl/mbCFF (Declassified document obtained through Freedom of Information Act in regards to electronic harassment, and FREQUENCIES. US Dept. of the ARMY.
Patent info on HAARP Mind Control! http://goo.gl/UUNBW

http://goo.gl/woz59 (General Reading)

Consequence Assessment, or "If you thought Hurricane Katrina was big..."

This is from the Virginia Tech article:

The results indicate that Tennessee, Arkansas, and Missouri are most severely impacted. Illinois and Kentucky are also impacted, though not as severely as the previous three states. Nearly 715,000 buildings are damaged in the eight-state study region. About 42,000 search and rescue personnel working in 1,500 teams are required to respond to the earthquakes. Damage to critical infrastructure (essential facilities, transportation and utility lifelines) is substantial in the 140 impacted counties near the rupture zone, including 3,500 damaged bridges and nearly 425,000 breaks and leaks to both local and interstate pipelines. Approximately 2.6 million households are without power after the earthquake. Nearly 86,000 injuries and fatalities result from damage to infrastructure. Nearly 130 hospitals are damaged and most are located in the impacted counties near the rupture zone. There is extensive damage and substantial travel delays in both Memphis, Tennessee, and St. Louis, Missouri, thus hampering search and rescue as well as evacuation. Moreover roughly 15 major bridges are unusable. Three days after the earthquake, 7.2 million people are still displaced and 2 million people seek temporary shelter. Direct economic losses for the eight states total nearly $300 billion, while indirect losses may be at least twice this amount.

They do mention loss of nuclear facilities...but only to do with the impact of losing the electrical power they generate, in a quick re-reading, I can't find anything about radiation releases. Those facilities are built like iron fortresses, but I doubt they could withstand the 7.7 quake they are calling for in this simulation.

Gee, I wonder where FEMA plans to put 2 million people seeking temporary shelter? (Written by Ginny in an email response)

Links Below Pertaining to Earthquake preparedness, FEMA, misc:






YouTube Video for Operation Garden Plot, also has to do with Faultline Drills (PROOF!): goo.gl/r37Gt


The epicenter will likely be near the 3 towns in the triangulated area!!!!

Please contact your local media outlets and send them url's or copies of these videos!!!


FAIR USE NOTICE: These Videos may contain copyrighted (© ) material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Such material is made available to advance understanding of ecological, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, etc. It is believed that this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior general interest in receiving similar information for research and educational purposes. For more information go to: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode

The clouds tells the story...

update: 5/16

Strage clouds are forming again the the central US.

Take a look at the clouds. Compare the clouds from this week (left) and the clouds from 2 weeks ago (right). Notice anything strange?

Source: http://radar.weather.gov/ridge/Conus/full_loop.php

See the strange blue circles all over the Madrid fault lines? Guess what happened in that area? Yep! Mississippi river over flooded and was or is flowing backwards. The Army corp then BLEW the levees (like Katrina) and destroyed thousands of acres of Farmland.

Also See:

10 Ways ‘The Police State’ Tracks You

10 Ways ‘The Police State’ Tracks You
When discussing the “promotion of a police state” in music videos, I am not referring to an abstract, theoretical concept. It is real and it is happening. The high-tech chips and devices seen a few years ago in sci-fi movies and futuristic music videos are used on us today. Here’s an article from the Times-Standard describing 10 ways the police state keeps track of you.

The war on terror is a worldwide endeavor that has spurred massive investment into the global surveillance industry, which now seems to be becoming a war on “liberty and privacy.” Given all of the new monitoring technology being implemented, the uproar over warrantless wiretaps now seems moot.

High-tech, first-world countries are being tracked, traced, and databased, literally around every corner. Governments, aided by private companies, are gathering a mountain of information on average citizens who so far seem willing to trade liberty for supposed security. Here are just some of the ways the matrix of data is being collected:

— Global positioning chips are now appearing in everything from U.S. passports and cell phones to cars. More common uses include tracking employees, and for all forms of private investigation. Apple recently announced they are collecting the precise location of iPhone users via GPS for public viewing in addition to spying on users in other ways.
Internet — Internet browsers are recording your every move forming detailed cookies on your activities. The National Security Administration has been exposed as having cookies on their site that don’t expire until 2035. Major search engines know where you surfed last summer, and online purchases are databased, supposedly for advertising and customer service uses. IP addresses are collected and even made public. Controversial websites can be flagged internally by government sites, as well as re-routing all traffic to block sites the government wants to censor. It has now been fully admitted that social networks provide no privacy to users while technologies advance for real-time social network monitoring is already being used. The Cybersecurity Act attempts to legalize the collection and exploitation of your personal information. Apple’s iPhone also has browsing data recorded and stored. All of this despite the overwhelming opposition to cybersurveillance by citizens.

— Forget your credit cards which are meticulously tracked, or the membership cards for things so insignificant as movie rentals which require your Social Security number. Everyone has Costco, CVS, grocery-chain cards, and a wallet or purse full of many more. RFID “proximity cards” take tracking to a new level in uses ranging from loyalty cards, student ID, physical access, and computer network access. Latest developments include an RFID powder developed by Hitachi, for which the multitude of uses are endless — perhaps including tracking hard currency so we can’t even keep cash undetected. (Also see microchips below).

Traffic cameras
— License plate recognition has been used to remotely automate duties of the traffic police in the United States, but have been proven to have dual use in England such as to mark activists under the Terrorism Act. Perhaps the most common use will be to raise money and shore up budget deficits via traffic violations, but uses may descend to such “Big Brother” tactics as monitors telling pedestrians not to litter as talking cameras already do in the UK.

Computer cameras and microphones
— The fact that laptops — contributed by taxpayers — spied on public school children (at home) is outrageous. Years ago Google began officially to use computer “audio fingerprinting” for advertising uses. They have admitted to working with the NSA, the premier surveillance network in the world. Private communications companies already have been exposed routing communications to the NSA. Now, keyword tools — typed and spoken — link to the global security matrix.

Public sound surveillance — This technology has come a long way from only being able to detect gunshots in public areas, to now listening in to whispers for dangerous “keywords.” This technology has been launched in Europe to “monitor conversations” to detect “verbal aggression” in public places. Sound Intelligence is the manufacturer of technology to analyze speech, and their website touts how it can easily be integrated into other systems.

— The most popular biometric authentication scheme employed for the last few years has been Iris Recognition. The main applications are entry control, ATMs and government programs. Recently, network companies and governments have utilized biometric authentication including fingerprint analysis, iris recognition, voice recognition, or combinations of these for use in national identification cards.

— Blood from babies has been taken for all people under the age of 38. In England, DNA was sent to secret databases from routine heel prick tests. Several reports have revealed covert Pentagon databases of DNA for “terrorists” and now DNA from all American citizens is databased. Digital DNA is now being used as well to combat hackers.

— Microsoft’s HealthVault and VeriMed partnership is to create RFID implantable microchips. Microchips for tracking our precious pets is becoming commonplace and serves to condition us to accept putting them in our children in the future. The FDA has already approved this technology for humans and is marketing it as a medical miracle, again for our safety.

Facial recognition — Anonymity in public is over. Admittedly used at President Obama’s campaign events, sporting events, and most recently at the G8/G20 protests in Canada. This technology is also harvesting data from Facebook images and surely will be tied into the street “traffic” cameras.

All of this is leading to Predictive Behavior Technology — It is not enough to have logged and charted where we have been; the surveillance state wants to know where we are going through psychological profiling. It’s been marketed for such uses as blocking hackers. Things seem to have advanced to a point where a truly scientific Orwellian world is at hand. It is estimated that computers know to a 93 percent accuracy where you will be, before you make your first move. Nanotech is slated to play a big role in going even further as scientists are using nanoparticles to directly influence behavior and decision making.
Many of us are asking: What would someone do with all of this information to keep us tracked, traced, and databased? It seems the designers have no regard for the right to privacy and desire to become the Controllers of us all.