The shocking Truth about Iran and the reason Trump misspelled “locked”, “site” and “strait”.

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Source: https://bit.ly/327Hyee Mikado game | Gearbest: https://bit.ly/2Nog9kI Mikado Teen Version: https://bit.ly/2LpWcYd BBC News Maryam Mirzakhani - first woman to win the Fields Medal: https://bit.ly/2XcnKaG Press Gaggle: Donald Trump Speaks to the Press Before Marine One Departure - June 22, 2019: https://bit.ly/2LloxyW Shah Of Persia's Coronation + State Opening Of Parliament (1967): https://bit.ly/2xkrLus Oil Crisis of 1973: https://bit.ly/2NhlwSK Why the West ovethrow the Shah of Iran and installed the Mullah-regime: https://bit.ly/2Lp1kvG The CIA, Khomeini, & Secrets of the Islamic Revolution Exposed with Margot White: https://bit.ly/2X5fQek Remarks: Donald Trump Holds a Bilateral Meeting With Justin Trudeau of Canada - June 20, 2019: https://bit.ly/2XAH6pb -----------------------------------------------------------------------

The shocking Truth about Iran and the reason Trump misspelled “locked”, “site” and “strait”.

Have you ever played a game called Mikado? You probably have at some point in your life. Here’s the kid version: video, and here’s the teen version: video.
:) Now that we have a common understanding of what a bull in a china shop is, we can analyze the Iran problem.
First, some history.
Iran, also called Persia, is a very ancient civilization that began with the formation of the Elamite kingdoms in the fourth millennium BC. Before, during and after the Golden Islamic Age, Persians have contributed significantly to the advancement of human society with inventions ranging from refrigeration, postal service, sulfuric acid, batteries, water management, chess, algebra to… the guitar.
Among the most famous Persians, we count the very well-known Cyrus the Great who founded the first Persian Empire, Ibn Sina, better known in the West as Avicenna, who was a Muslim polymath to whom we owe modern medicine, and Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi without whom computing would not have existed since he is the one considered by mathematicians to have invented algebra.
In modern days, did you know the first woman to ever win the Fields Medal, the most prestigious award in mathematics, was Iranian? Her name was Maryam Mirzakhani: video.
This is the People of Iran. A Great People, with a Great History and this is what the Maestro meant when asked about his decision to suspend air strikes in retaliation to the Iranian attack against an unmanned US drone: until 8:32.
As you can see, POTUS makes the difference between the Great People of Iran and their leadership. This is key. He’s hoping that Iran’s leadership will represent their people well by being smart and by making the right choices. How? By moving away from the infiltrators who have betrayed Iranians and the bad advisors who have knowingly misled them for decades.
Some more history. Read very carefully: page 1/2 and page 2/2.
As you can see, with what they have done in Iran, the C_A and the British MI-6 have given us their understanding of democracy and how it should be exported… I can hear clowns from here saying: “you don’t get it, we were trying to stop communists”. Oh Yes? Are you talking about the communists you also created? Then why did Eisenhower turn down Mossadegh’s offer to sell his oil to America at a 40% discount so that Iran could avoid dealing with Communist Russia and China? Why did Eisenhower put the UK’s interests above America’s interests? Why? Answer: because Eisenhower was an esquire and had to satisfy the British Crown…
"There are two histories: official history, lying, and then secret history, where you find the real causes of events." Honoré de Balzac.
So here is the aftermath of the US/UK clown operation in Iran: new oil agreements detrimental to Iranians signed for 25 years, end of the democratic experience through Parliament and a reinforced Shah helped by oil revenues for the establishment of his dictatorship. As planned, the Shah soon went nuts and became the laughingstock of the British nobility: video.
Then, when the Shah got bored with extravagance and his violent dictatorship, the oil crisis of 1973 gave him some new ideas: video.
As you can see, he actually made some very good points but he forgot one key parameter in his thinking: he was a C_A/MI-6 controlled creation and his people hated him. He was reminded this reality the hard way when, on January 17 1979, an uprising forced him to leave the country and to never return.
Next? The C_A microwaved a clerical asset that they previously exiled in France and used him to hijack the 1979 Iranian uprising against the Shah. His name was Khomeini. You thought the Great People of Iran kicked out the Shah because they wanted Khomeini with his bogus version of an Islamic Republic? Think again. Listen very carefully to Margot White who was in Iran during the uprising: until 11:39.
Khomeini was C_A. We saw with the example of Kashani, who was activated against Mossadegh, how C_A/MI-6 tried to use Shiah clerics to achieve political goals. They just happened to succeed with Khomeini. His exile in France, his return and his press coverage to take over Iran were financed by the C_A. It’s partly declassified and this information even got mainstream, right here: article.
Everything that happened in Iran after the return of Khomeini is nothing but the continuation of the C_A/MI-6 plot to impoverish the Iranian People, enslave them and to secure for the Cabal a rear base with nuclear weapons for leverage and protective purposes. The North Korea play:
Q430 Who really controls NK? What families are protected using leverage? Bank / Financial leverage? NUKE strike package leverage? Why is IRAN protected?
The Rothschild Cabal is the ultimate beneficiary of the NK play that has been replicated in Iran. All the past US and British politicians, from Eisenhower and Churchill to May, Hussein and HRC were just tools activated along with their C_A and MI-6 to progressively build and solidify their nuclearized positions of leverage.
Do you now see the power of this drop:
Q888 Thank you Kim. Deal made. Clowns out. Strings cut. We took control. Iran next. Q
Iran is next because Iran has the same problem North Korea had before Trump could get Chairman Kim on board: they are infiltrated by clowns and their nuclear weapons. They need Trump’s help to cut the strings, get the clowns out, stop the clowns’ nuclear programs, regain control of the country and make a deal that will be profitable to their people. And all this must be achieved with as little collateral damage as possible.
Once again, have you ever played a game called Mikado?
Now you know how the Maestro is going to play this.
You thought the unmanned US drone was taken down by the Iran? No. It was shot down by a rogue asset activated by the Cabal in an attempt to trigger a disproportionate response from POTUS and create chaos in the region.
How do I know?
The Maestro gave you a hint right here: until 11:31
You heard that?
“I find it hard to believe it was intentional, if you want to know the truth. I think that it could have been somebody who was loose and stupid that did it. But we'll be able to report back, and you'll understand exactly what happened.”
Peruvian Coffee for those who understood what the Maestro meant by “we'll be able to report back, and you'll understand exactly what happened”! You know he’s talking about the tweets right?!
First, we analyze the 5 tweets made the day of the drone incident. Try to decode them. Here they are: Img3
Since the first and the last tweets are similar, we group them and the decoded message immediately appears: Img4
And here is the message decoded from the 3 other tweets: Img5
We gather from these 2 decodes that the drone incident was designed to negatively impact the stock market and was thwarted thanks to the intel gathered from a successful cooperation between the US and the UK intel communities.
But the Maestro gave us more. He coded it in the tweets he dropped the next day. Here are the pieces of the puzzle, read very carefully: Img6 – Img7 – Img8 – Img9 – Img10 – Img11 – Img12 -Img13 - Img14 - Img15
And here is the summarized decoded message: page 1/2 and page 2/2
We now have the background knowledge to easily decode why Trump misspelled STRAIT in his tweet yesterday. Read very carefully: Img18
Are you tired of winning yet?!
You want more?
Listen to what the Maestro says about the straits: until 5:39.
Do you see it? He’s playing the “NATO Card”. He’s essentially saying: “hey guys, do you realize that now that I have secured my energy supply domestically, I don’t need to have a military presence around the straits anymore? What would happen if I started charging you for securing your oil? What would happen if I withdraw my Military personnel and infrastructure from the region?”
Now you see how the trade deal with China invites itself into the Iranian equation and how, progressively, Governments will have to fight their own Deep State franchises and cut strings from the Rothschild Cabal for their nations to survive. Do you see what I mean? Look how the Maestro played the tariff card on Mexico to resolve the border crisis. When he spoke about tariffs, it only took the Mexican government a few hours to forget their friendship with Pelosi and start playing ball with Trump.
Iran surpasses Mexico by the number of Fields Medals but Mexico was very quick to solve this equation proposed by Trump!
Politics at its finest.
Q1690 You are witnessing/watching the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD. POWER WILL RETURN TO THE PEOPLE. Q



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