Clueless, Carefree and Cared For

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Clueless, Carefree and Cared For

Marvellous - A Best Spiritual Awakening Signs Movie
"If we follow out the teaching of the Holy Spirit, the teaching of Jesus, we will become so clueless that we won't understand problems. It's actually a very, very bad habit, to try to figure anything out about this illusory world, about a world that doesn't even exist, about a world that Jesus calls an impossible situation."

David Hoffmeister
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Marvellous Movie Review - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment
NewsIn this gem of a movie you will meet Neil Baldwin who, in worldly terms, could be labelled as a "special needs" person. Some would call him clueless. But there is absolutely nothing "special" about his needs. If he ever needs something, he simply asks, and whatever it is appears, because he has absolute faith that he will be provided for.
He was once asked, "How do you stay so positive?" Neil replied, "I've always wanted to be happy, so I decided to be."
As Jesus tells us in ACIM, we are responsible for our own state of mind..... Marvellous!!!
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Forrest Gump - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment NewsForrest GumpEmotions/Themes: Dare to Take Step, Faith, Devotion, Trust, Guidance, Inspiration, Purpose, Letting Go of Control

MWGE Excerpt:
 Innocence is unfettered by the laws and ways of thinking of the world. Having enough faith to just take the next step, life takes care of itself. Contentment and happiness come from non-judgment, extending love, and letting go of the idea that you really know what anything of this world is for. The journey is one of simply yielding or surrendering to what is. 
Being There - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment News
Being There

No People Pleasing, Defenselessness, Worthiness, Divine providence, Awareness of Dreaming, Innocence, Projection, Letting go of form

MWGE Excerpt:This is a magnificent film about the purity of heart that will take you all the way home. Chance has lived a sheltered life, growing up and working as a gardener within the walls of his wealthy caretaker’s home. With innocence leading the way, he is led through a set of holy encounters that carry him gently to his next step.
Brother Sun, Sister Moon - Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment
Brother Sun, Sister Moon

Inspiration, Collaboration, Devotion, Faith, Purpose, Divine providence, Discover True Identity, Dropping the Mask

MWGE Excerpt: Like all mystics, Francis faces the darkness within his own mind and traverses the landscape of doubt and guilt in his search for God. This movie is deeply moving in its depiction of a life lived in full humility, with great trust and deep gratitude. Love is never far behind a grateful heart and a thankful mind.
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Clueless, Carefree and Cared For — Holy Spirit Autopilot with David

Holy Spirit Autopilot YouTube - Movie Watcher's Guide to
Enlightenment News

If we can't even define the problem, how can we define the means to solve the problem? If we can't even define the problem, we cannot find the means in our earthly egoic terms to solve those problems. In fact, we're going to have to become so clueless, that we don't know anything. That's really what salvation is. I do not know the thing I am, what I'm doing, where I'm going, or how look upon myself or the world.

Why would you put your effort into trying to figure out and find problems and solutions in an imaginary world that has no existence. Wouldn't it be better to be a giver? Wouldn't it be more fun to just to be like God, to be a giver and to radiate that giving? 

I always talk about being clueless, carefree and cared for.
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A Course in Miracles, T-20.V.5.8

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Why the Drug Epidemic was engineered by the Deep State - Tentacles of the Deep State [2018] PART 2

We have all heard of the #DeepState, #Cabal or #ShadowGovernment but who makes up this Deep State and how have they impacted our history over the last 100 + years?
During our research, we came upon a book on the CIA website called The Story of the Committee of 300. What we read in the book was so shocking we realized we needed to do a series on it.
On our previous Episode
http://bit.ly/DS_Exposed of Edge of Wonder, we dived deep into the pyramid structure, the secret organization behind the Deep State, and uncover their ultimate goal for humanity which is beyond anyone's imagination.
In this episode, we will get into the root of the drug epidemic and really see who has been behind it for 200+ years. Also we talk about how they inspired the drug culture to an entire generation which is tearing our society apart.
So in this 4 part miniseries, we will be exposing the dark tentacles of the Deep State starting with the Committee of 300, the Drug epidemic, followed by the 13 bloodlines of the Illum!n@t!. [due to censorship ;)]
The Story of the Committee of 300, by Dr. John Coleman on the CIA website:



Meet this 90th Degree Ex-Freemason

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Confession from a former "90th degree" freemason William Schnoebelen. We aren't convinved William is being entirely truthful. Remixed interview by WeSeeYouNWO. Visit William Schnoebelen's website "With One Accord Ministries" by clicking this link: http://www.withoneaccord.org

We are not monetized. We make no profit from these videos. Please support with Bitcoin for more original videos from WeSeeYouNWO: BTC: 19ZTQPMHBvr4KMwV4PQKm6aKjyBUrdm173 Predictive Programming: Things or ideas which would otherwise be seen as bizarre, vulgar, undesirable or impossible are inserted into films in the realm of fantasy. When the viewer watches these films, his/her mind is left open to suggestion and the conditioning process begins. WorldStarHipHop uploaded this video on the 24th of April 2014. In 1 day it had collected 1,174,346 video views. This is our first viral upload. Thanks to everyone who viewed or commented.