You're in a PROGRAM. Here is the CODE

You're probably too tired and too distracted to notice that your life is run by an invisible program. The original link for this Video Here: https://youtu.be/T9zfB9e2MdE I uploaded this video to my Channel with the full permission from the owner of this video. I highly endorse this guy's Channel and suggest that you watch all of his videos and learn and share this information. ~ Buddy Huggins

Nothing in your life is real. Nothing you know is true. Your life was designed for you with all lies carefully choreographed and planned. It's time to wake up and escape the matrix. Your future depends on it.
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What are we dealing with right now? How can we defend ourselves? A very different type of video that needed to be made.

Why do we reincarnate and what do machine elves have to say about soul trap and archons? Learn how to escape the matrix




Depopulation - That Means You - BY JERRY DAY - A Must See Video!!!! NEW UPDATES: 11-21-2021

We hear the word "depopulation." Are we prepared to face the implications? Is depopulation actually necessary? Please visit our sponsor pages:FreedomTaker.com with free downloads of empowering documents, notices and templates. PrepareWithJerry.com for top quality long term storage emergency food. EMFhelpcenter.com with carefully crafted solutions for electromagnetic hazards and harm. Jerry Day's YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/minivanjack/ His Web Site https://jerryday.com/

Imagine the arrogance of self-appointed unelected “world leaders” who expect people to participate in their global “reset” idea without even explaining what that means. It is like a slap in the face which forces us to examine not just the idea of a “reset” but the entire idea of central authority and global power.

C.I.A. Secret meeting with the Pentagon, where CIA offers thier Satanic-Talmudic-Masonic methodes to kill the World through nano-vaccins and other satanic-talmudic methodes against the Human Race.

TURN UP the Volume. (filmed with hidden camera). Old clip (5 years ago or so) 



Just the tip Part 1 of 3

Just The Tip 2 Part 2 of 3

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Trump Time Travel Series


First aired in Summer 2018, and now newly updated and REMASTERED, this series provides empirical evidence that Time Travel was/is being used in order to implement the Plan to Save the World. Many of the images used in early episodes of this series were taken from videos produced by the American Prophet YouTube channel. That channel has now moved to Rumble as American_Prophet.

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Trump Time Travel Series

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