Game Theory: Will Your Favorite Channel Survive 2020? (COPPA)

Here we go again, another big, scary change coming to the platform that has Creators shaking in their boots. I'm talking about COPPA, the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act. Now COPPA has been around for a while but not too long ago the FTC and YouTube got into things over whether or not YouTube was in violation of it. The results have a lot of channels - family, gaming, art, and many more - scared for their jobs, their livelihoods, and their homes on this platform. Today, I want to talk about the reality of COPPA going into 2020 and what we REALLY have to worry about and what we don't. Leave a comment on COPPA for the FTC► https://www.federalregister.gov/docum... For more information on COPPA ► https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/press...


Wrestlelamia channel and other WWE youtube channels might be in Serious Trouble !!!

New rules on youtube starting January 2020 might drastically affect WWE wrestling youtube channels.

YouTube is not telling you the WHOLE TRUTH about COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). And the consequences are disastrous … FTC fines of $42,530 per video, video de-publication, and worse … LOSS of YOUR CHANNEL. In today’s video, I take you through an in-depth history of COPPA,

YouTube & the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), including when the FTC fines YouTube. I tell you what you can expect from COPPA & YouTube as of January 1, 2020. I also breakdown the NEW COPPA YouTube rules and give you a COPPA YouTube update. As you may already know, if you get a YouTube

COPPA violation, you could lose your channel. So, you’ve got to practice solid YouTube COPPA compliance. Messing with YouTube COPPA FTC is no joke. You’re probably going to need legal representation if you suffer a YouTube FTC fine. That’s what I am here for -- to give you guidance on how to comply with YouTube COPPA law. Thanks for watching.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🛑 SIGN the SAVE Family-Friendly Content on YouTube Petition HERE ➡️: https://www.change.org/p/youtubers-and-viewers-unite-against-ftc-regulation 🔥🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Marking “Not For Kids” Doesn’t Protect You - COPPA Update

1 - Leave a comment for the FTC! → https://www.regulations.gov/comment?D... 2 - Sign the Petition! → https://www.change.org/p/youtubers-an... 3 - Spread the word! Every Bit Helps! Watch the full FTC COPPA conference here → https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/audio...

Ian Corzine - What YOUTUBE's Not Telling You About COPPA


UPDATE!!! NEW COPPA INSIDER information learned from a SOURCE close to YouTube Management!!! What is the COPPA info? Who is the source? Is he from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission)? Is he a YouTube COPPA insider?

That is what today's COPPA YouTube update video is all about. In it, I discuss YouTube, COPPA & the FTC. I talk about the YouTube COPPA compliance system (i.e., video-marking system). I also speak to a YouTube COPPA violation. Do you know about the DANGEROUS consequences of YouTube COPPA law? Have you heard of the FTC fines on YouTube?

The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) is a detailed law. In this video, I break it down for you with NEW information learned from an INSIDER on YouTube COPPA. Thanks for watching. For my FREE Sample TWEET, Text “SAMPLE” to ❇️(213) 340-3302 ❇️


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Ozark Newsletter December 2019 News & Updates

December 2019 News and Updates
If you have a photo you would like to share in an upcoming newsletter please tag @OzarkMO on Instagram with a caption and the hashtag #BeOzark or email spayne@ozarkmissouri.com.
December's edition includes....
  • Mayor's Corner with Ozark Mayor Rick Gardner
  • City News: CoxHealth Announces Two New Clinics for Christian County
  • Ozark PD News and Updates
  • Ozark Parks & Recreation Programs and Events
  • Photos from Ozark's November #IamThankfulFor
  • Upcoming Programs & Events

You can always find more information on our website at ozarkmissouri.com and connect with us on our social media pages, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Nextdoor
Greetings Ozark, 

For my last newsletter article for 2019 I want to highlight some of the major accomplishments our city has seen this year. The list is long and varied and not totally inclusive as there are too many to list here. So here are the highlights:

  • Governor Mike Parson speaking at our State of the Community Dinner
  • Two major storm water repair and paving projects completed
  • 5 lane and intersection improvements to South Street and the Selmore Road intersection are well underway and should be completed by spring
  • Hwy CC and 22nd Street intersection improvement completed
  • Over 1M dollars in grant funding was approved for sidewalk and trail extensions
  • Several new commercial developments expanding our employment base
  • Phase 1 of the downtown square landscaping project was completed
  • Phase 1 of the Chadwick Flyer trail was completed
  • Completion and opening of The Workshop at Finley Farms
  • New Farmer's Market location at Finley Farms
  • Adoption of the 2019 Comprehensive Plan
  • Opening of new Youngblood Automotive facilities
  • Opening of new Creative Audio headquarters and warehouse
  • Ozark School District purchased the east Fasco building for a major expansion of several programs over the next few years
  • Multiple new commercial developments
  • Bid was awarded for the new Riverside Bridge to be completed in late 2020
  • Announcement of new Cox Health Super Clinic 
  • Several new subdivisions platted
  • Parks Department has experienced major increases in number of people served in their baseball, softball, boy's basketball, volleyball and soccer programs
  • Totally sold out and expanded children's summer day camps
  • Expanded child care programs at The OC
  • Started USA competitive swim club
  • Expanded fitness programs for youth and adults
  • Ozark Police Department hosted its first two Youth Training Programs for younger and older youth

The above list is just the tip of the iceberg of the many accomplishments and completed projects of our four major departments. I just wish you citizens had the opportunity to meet and work with our extremely talented and skilled city staff that made all this happen. They are all amazing folks and I am privileged to work with them. Next time you see one, tell them thanks!

Be on the lookout for January's newsletter. I will detail some of the things to look forward to in 2020. 

Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year to you all.

Rick Gardner
City News
Show Me Christian County Project Announcement:
CoxHealth Announces Two New Clinics
for Christian County
Release Date: November 14, 2019

CoxHealth announced today their plans to build two new super clinics in Christian County: one in Nixa and the other in Ozark. Each facility will be its own unit, providing increased health care to Christian County residents, including primary care, urgent care, dedicated pediatric offices, and physical therapy.

The announcement comes as the result of collaboration with CoxHealth staff and many organizations and leaders throughout Christian County. “The City of Nixa is proud of the teamwork with CoxHealth, Show Me Christian County, and the Nixa Chamber of Commerce to help bring this project to our community,” says Nixa Mayor Brian Steele. “We are grateful and excited for the significant investment CoxHealth is making to offer not only next level health care but also more great jobs in Nixa.” Ozark Mayor Rick Gardner added, “Congratulations to CoxHealth. This is great news for Ozark, Nixa and all of Christian County.”

The Ozark super clinic will be located at US-65 and CC, while the Nixa super clinic will be constructed on US-160 just north of MO-14. Both facilities will replace the current primary care and urgent care facilities in both cities.

Read the full announcement by clicking here.
November 21, 2019
Riparian Corridor along Finley River

The City of Ozark is excited to announce work has begun to create a riparian corridor along the Finley River. A riparian corridor is a plant community that grows near or next to a body of water in the space between land and the bank. The riparian corridor at the Finley River Park will be approximately 50 to 60 feet wide and contain a variety of native tree, shrub, and herbaceous species.

The City was awarded a riparian corridor grant by the Missouri Department of Conservation to complete this project. The grant specifies that the City must maintain the riparian corridor for 15 years. A current estimated completion date is April 2020 and the project is now in its beginning stages.

“This is a great joint venture between the City of Ozark and the Missouri Department of Conservation,” Lana Baysinger, the City of Ozark’s horticulturist, said. “The City of Ozark is fortunate to have employees across all city departments working together to complete this monumental project.”

The riparian corridor will begin on the north side of Finley River Park beginning on City-owned land. Currently, there is an orange fence indicating the riparian zone. The City of Ozark asks that residents and visitors do not cross the fence or disturb the area.
Benefits of the project include a more stable stream bank, minimal to no erosion, and a more definitive pathway along the edge of the river. The wildlife will also discourage geese from walking into the park from the river bank.

New trees and shrubs will include 35 large growing, deciduous trees in open spaces between the bank and the new trail. These types of trees include oak, sugarberry, sycamore, blackgum, and tulip poplar. There will be numerous species of wildflowers planted behind the current fence.

“I am honored to work with the Missouri Department of Conservation in completing this project and look forward to working together on future projects,” Baysinger said.
The Workshop at Finley Farms celebrates its opening!
An official ribbon cutting was held at The Workshop here in Ozark to celebrate the grand opening. The Workshop at Finley Farms is: "A coffee shop and space for makers to share their craft, friends to learn a new skill together, and families to make memories."

Public Works
It's Official!
It's official, Riverside Bridge project has been awarded to Hartman Construction!
Christian County Library Update
For more information on this program, click HERE
Ozark Police Department
Ozark Police Department officers served at the Veterans Appreciation luncheon at the Ozark Senior Center on Monday, Nov. 11th. Thank you for your bravery and service!
OPD officers handed out candy at the annual Emergency Responders Trunk or Treat event on Thursday, Oct. 31st for Halloween. Thank you to everyone who joined and handed out candy!
Ozark High School cheerleaders headed to State on Nov. 16th!
Park and Recreation Department
Click here to register.
Click here to learn more.
Click here to register.
For more information on The OC's Youth Programs, click here.
Click here to register.
Click here to learn more.
For more information on swim lessons, click here.
Click here to register.
Upcoming Programs & Events
Christmas Lights of Ozark
When: Nov. 14th - December 31st
Sunday - Thursday: 5pm - 10pm
Friday - Saturday: 5pm - 11pm
Where: 891 N. Riverside Rd. Ozark, MO
For more information, click here.

Breakfast With Santa
When: Dec. 7th
8 am - 10 am
Claus and Paws: 10:30am - 12:00pm
Where: The Ozark Community Center
1530 W Jackson St.
Click here for more information.
Happy Holidays!
City Offices will be CLOSED
Dec. 24th - Dec. 25th
Normal Hours will resume Thursday, Dec. 26th, 2019
I Am Thankful For..
The City of Ozark launched a social media initiative to spotlight the employees that Make Ozark Better Every Day by writing down what they are thankful for. Take a look at a few below:
Chief of Ozark Police Justin Arnold
Steve Childers, City Administrator
"Family, Friends, Cashew Chicken, My Farm in Thayer, Health & Nice Days."
Ozark Mayor Rick Gardner
"All of the dedicated and highly competent staff members I have the privilege of working with in Ozark. We are truly blessed."
Becky Appleton, OPD Communication Resource Officer
"For my 3 Grandbabies."
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