The True Gospel: Discovering the Life and Nature of God in You


The true gospel message is this: once the Spirit of the living God is quickened within you, there is nothing you ever again need outside of yourself. For instance, Christians teach that someday Jesus is going to come back and then everything is going to be wonderful. But what they haven’t realized is that On the day of resurrection, He that was among them breathed on them and re-generated within them the life, the nature, the seed and the character of God that was in them. John 20:22


The gospel was not to get people in any way to just correct their outward behavior, but to realize that the living, transcendent, resurrected Spirit of Christ was now in them. What they needed was not rules and regulations, but to have an unveiling and understanding that the new creation-life, that new creation-man that was in them had the very life and nature of God that they could learn to live by.


Galatians 1:3. “Grace be to you, and peace from God the Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for our sins that He might deliver us from this present evil world.” Now again, what was the present evil world that Paul was talking about? I can guarantee; he wasn’t talking about sin. As he goes on in Galatians, he tells about how he was so well bred in religion, and how he was exalted in his religion. But he said he gave all that up as dung that he might know Christ and go on in the reality of the gospel. The present evil age that Paul was delivered from was the religious age of his day.


There are two gospels presented and both are in operation today. There is the gospel of law, and there is the gospel of grace. In Most of the Christian churches that we go to, teach us a mixture of those two. They say, “God is great. You were saved by grace. You know, even before you were born, Jesus died for you.” Well, that is the message of grace. But then – I don’t know how you were taught, but if you were in church very long, you were certainly taught after you were saved how you needed to behave. My pastor told me in the 1st Assembly of God church that I began to attend right after I was saved; he said, “Gary, you never work your way to the cross, but you better work your way away from it, ecbause God loves you. That has been proven because He went to the cross and He died for you. But now that He is in you, and now that you understand that you are forgiven, from this point on you have to live a holy life.”


In the 1st Assembly of God, it was not quite as bad as some, but it was no smoking, no drinking and no going to movies. They gave you a little card to sign that you wouldn’t do any of these things. And I gave the card back to the pastor, and I said, “Well, I don’t come see anything wrong with those things.” That was my beginning of once you are saved, they say, “You come to Jesus just as you are, but once you to Him just as you are, then you must begin to live according to what the scriptures teach,” and I’m not saying not to do that. What they miss is that once you really have the revelation of what you know in your head, once you really have the revelation that the Spirit of God dwells in you, nobody has to teach you not to do this or not to do that.


We all have a new nature on the inside of us that is birthed. And that is what the ministry should be geared towards, ministering to that new life, not trying to get that old life to change and to act better, to quit sinning, or whatever it is, and try to get you to change by an outward law. The new life in us needs to be fed. Galatians chapter 2 and verse 16 – Paul says this, “Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus.” At least 13 years I studied the Word, and I read this over and over and over. “A man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Christ”, yet I always felt guilty! That was mainly due to the fact that when I went to church, all I heard was, “You can’t do what you are doing.” Or if I’d go to my religious leaders, they’d tell me, “Well Gary, God can’t bless you as long as you are living this way. As long as you are puffing on a cigarette, or you are going into some of these places where you shouldn’t go, you can’t expect God to bless you, because it even says in Deuteronomy, ‘If you obey my laws, if you obey my commandments, then you will be blessed in the field, you’ll be blessed in the cattle, your families will be blessed. You will be prospered.’ But living like you do, the law has a whole other set of curses that come upon you.”


I often share that according to Deuteronomy, if you keep the law, you have 15 verses of blessings that come upon you. I just named some of them. Your children will be blessed. You’ll be blessed. You’ll be prospered. – 15 verses, if you keep the law. But the worst thing about keeping that law is, as you go on in and really understand what the law says, you can’t break even one of them, because if you break one law, you are guilty of all! One day as Kenneth Copeland Was speaking at our church he shared Galatians 3:13, “Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law.”


That is why Paul said here, “There is no man that can be justified by the law in the sight of God”, because the only way the law could possibly justify you is if you keep every bit of it. We have all kinds of churches today that teach you that you must keep the law. But what they don’t tell you is that you must keep the law according to their concepts. And if they really taught the law like it is taught in the Old Testament, you would see all kinds of weird things happening in church. Well one of the laws is, “Keep the Sabbath Day to keep it holy.” Now, no matter how much the Christians argue about that point, there is no way that they can get around this. The Sabbath Day was Saturday. Yet the people in Christianity that are teaching the law, outside of the Seventh Day Adventists, they break the law by celebrating the Sabbath on Sunday. But then they are trying to get you to keep all the other laws that they think should be kept.


If your performance is right, then you are accepted. The true teaching of scripture is that there is nothing at all that you need to do to win God’s favor or grace. Once He died, He died for all, and He took away the sin of the world. All the churches teach that, don’t they? He paid the penalty for your sin. That is the gospel of grace.


Carol and I were driving to the beach one day and saw a man with a huge sign that said Homosexuals are going to hell. Religion teaches you that if you don’t stop that lifestyle you will go to hell. That is not the gospel of grace. The more you struggle by performance, trying to overcome, and trying to keep the law because you feel guilty, or you feel unacceptable to God, it just keeps you trapped in that bondage, and you can’t get out of it. In fact, in 1st Corinthians 15 and verse 52 says this: “The strength of sin is the law.” That should tell everybody you want to give strength to the sin in your life. Put a law on yourself. You are going to go on a diet, or you are going to quit smoking, or if you are a prostitute, “I’m going to quit prostituting my body.” The more you put that on yourself, the stronger it becomes. It was meant to be that way!


The law was never created for anybody to make a performance so that they could be acceptable to God. I can hardly say anything in a message without bringing up the verse that says, “God was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself, not holding their trespasses against them.” This is one thing that we need to understand in these days, the love and the character of God. If God is not holding sin against you – and I’m so glad that is in the Word and that is what it says, that God is not holding you accountable for your sins. If you really, really understand that you will become so free, because you realize, what can you possibly do to live as God on this earth? Only by living by the spirit of God within you can you live as God on this earth.


You show me one person who can live as God on this earth. You might say, “Well Jesus did.” You are correct. But how could He do that? He lived as God on the earth because he had a revelation even as a child that God was his father. He never lived by His human carnal life. He was a human being in every respect that we are. He was born as we are both human and divine. He lived the way He lived, because He knew who He was. We will also live as he lived when we discover the truth of our being.


When we understand that when the scriptures talk about a new creation-man, it’s not talking about our old human nature made new again. It is talking about a brand-new creation. It is a brand-new man. That is a brand-new way of living. And those two lives can’t mix. The one life is lived by grace. And the other life is lived by law. Paul says the law was written to the disobedient. The law was written for the carnal man, for the man who knows nothing other than being a human being. The law was written to restrain the flesh.


Consider what would happen today if there were no law. If you take away all the law from one who is living by the law of the spirit of life in Christ, they are not going to be any different, because they do not live by an outward law. However, if you do that with a majority of the population, you just take all the laws out of society, what is going to happen is chaos. The law was given, not to the spiritual man, it was given to the carnal man to restrain the flesh. And it’s purpose is always to make the new creation man, those who are regenerated and born again, it is to make them realize that no matter how much they want to, no matter how bad you desire to completely conquer everything in your life that is not according to God, it is impossible for you to do it living out of this human consciousness.


When we get the revelation and the understanding that I am a new creation man, it is impossible for that new life on the inside of us to sin. It will not do anything but please God. We need to first of all, have this revelation for ourselves, and then we need to learn how to relate it to others, because I believe in a very short time, in just a matter of maybe just a few years, this message is going to so explode around the world about the unconditional love and acceptance of God.


Religion has the control over most of Christians today. I recall a scripture that says, “Babylon has fallen,” the cage of every foul and unclean spirit.” You say, “That couldn’t be the religious system. That is talking about the worldly system.” When Paul said, “God has delivered us from this present evil age”, he goes on to talk about his experience in religion. The religious system is this present evil age along with the political and financial system. It is not sin, but the religious system that keeps your mind in bondage.


Religion will tell you that to take a drink of alcohol or numerous other things are sin. As a new creation being you are free to do anything you want to do unless you sense the anointing saying no. God will not be displeased with you. It doesn’t matter what it is. It’s not going to change God’s mind towards you. It’s not going to change His heart towards you. It’s not going to change your ultimate destiny. You will continue to sow what you reap but that will not stop God. And what is your mind going to do with that? I’ve had people tell me all over the United States, “Well brother, if I believe that, I’d be out chasing women. I’d be in the bars every night.” Well what does that tell you? You don’t know God. So if I keep you in a performance-based religion, you are just fooling yourself. You are just lying to yourself. But if I set you free and tell you, “Hey, if you want to chase women, go chase them. If you want to go to the bars, go for it. You think that is going to change God’s mind and His heart toward you? Do you think God is ever going to destroy or do away with that life that He created within you?” No but you will reap to the flesh if you sow to the flesh. If you set people free to sin, that is the only way they can be free from it. Because being free from sin is not restraint. Being free from sin is not, “I want to go to the bar but I’m not going to because that is not what a Christian does.” That is not freedom; that is bondage.



Why We Can’t Get This Journey Wrong and How We Are All Connected

Why We Can’t Get This Journey Wrong and How We Are All Connected
Barbara Symons Author of: https://amzn.to/3IhWwor
Escaping Christianity ~ Finding Christ and
Musings From an Ex Christian Fundamentalist
Words By: Barbara Symons - Podcast # 18
We can’t get this wrong.
This journey in human consciousness, we can’t get it wrong.
We don’t have to worry about another “waking up” or getting things right, coming out from religion, political parties, bad marriages etc.
All things, all experiences are FOR us. Sometimes we are the student and other times we are the teacher - but all things, and all circumstances serve us.
We still struggle with feeling that others need to believe like us. We still struggle with the need to feel better, more alive, more awakened than another. That’s just the ego. It’s still doing its job to self-protect and have the human feel special.
We are beginning to understand this:
We are in a great cycle of time, longer than our present measurements of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries and millennia. We are in the midst of a giant cycle that lasts approximately 24,000 years where we moving through each sign of the zodiac, each lasting roughly 2000 years or so. During each 2000 years we come under the influence of the particular sign’s constellation, and the lessons and energy that it offers.
The Bible is an astronomical book too, recording the events up until the end of the age of Taurus (the destruction of the golden calf), the age of Aries (the ram caught in the thicket and sacrificed), and Pisces with its many references of fish.
The New Testament also points to the age of Aquarius when Jesus was asked what should the disciples do to celebrate the passover meal, he told them to look for the man bearing the pitcher of water (the sign of Aquarius). It is important to note the meaning of the passover is so that the firstborn does not have to die - the firstborn is your physical, mortal self. So we may expect something spectacular in the age of Aquarius bringing an end to mortality, where death is swallowed up of life.
Also of note is that during the passover in the Old Testament, they had to slay a lamb and put the blood on the threshold of their doors. The blood of the lamb slain is symbolic of Divinity, as it surrendered its immortal status, willingly becoming a mortal human to partner with us in this ever unfolding drama.
This divinely imbued human surrenders to union with its co-partner, divinity within, to ultimately birth the Christ. This surrender to union is encapsulated within the metaphor of the blood on the doorposts referencing the shed blood of the virginal hymen as it likewise sheds its blood upon penetration, putting blood on the birth portal (vagina).
As above so below - so there is another huge axiom here - there is another symbol of this union between the human and the Divine - our very mortal solar system and sun is in a lover's elliptical orbit that traverses around another star/system that takes approximately (you guessed it) 24,000 years.
Our sun has a lover! And indeed, our solar system may be in a gravitational relationship with many stars and or constellations!
Our sun is feminine in nature and it’s dual or binary is masculine, possibly the star Sirius. Right now our sun with our solar system in tow, is making a journey to reunite with its partner. Our sun sees to our physical needs but the possible binary partner of Sirius, sees to our spiritual life. The closer we traverse to Sirius, the more enlightened we become.
About the Author
Barbara Symons is an ordained minister and tireless spiritual seeker whose experience in Christian fundamentalism spans her lifetime beginning at five years of age. After leaving the church in 1999, Barbara began to recognize the fear-based propaganda that most fundamentalism employs.
Having spent forty-three years within Christian fundamentalism, ten of those years as an exorcist, Barbara has keen insight into this systematic religion and writes of her journey through deprogramming. Always captivated by unusual phenomena, Barbara has a vast repertoire of spiritual and metaphysical experiences from which to draw. She is a lecturer, teacher and writer who hopes to bring light to the mysteries that can be found within the historical stories of the Bible and beyond.
Barbara resides in College Station, Texas and is married to Lyle. Together they have three children and five grandchildren. Website: www.BarbaraSymons.com


How God’s Judgment is Actually Good News for Us

God has been so miss-aligned in our thinking. I was told that God punishes you for sin. That is so untrue. There has been so much judgmental preaching “It has been appointed unto man once to die, and after that the judgment.” And they stop right there, and then they preach this message about, “You know, one day you are going to face that judge. 

One day you are going to stand before the great White throne, and you are going to give account for your sins. And if your sin out-weighs your goodness, or whatever, you are going to be cast out to perhaps be tortured eternally. When reading that verse in Hebrews, they stop too soon. This is what it says. “It is appointed unto man once to die, and after this the judgment, so Christ was offered to bear the sins of many.” Our judgment took place on Calvary. 

Every Christian denomination will teach that Jesus died for your sins. But they will turn right around and say, “But if you don’t straighten up, and you don’t live like you are supposed to, then when you die, you are doomed.” I explained earlier how you are not a sinner, you are a son or daughter of GodThere is no one who has ever taken a breath of air that is ever doomed in God’s eyes. The only thing God is going to destroy is that image of yourself, that anti-Christ spirit that sits in the temple of God thinking that he is a carnal human being. That is the only thing that God will destroy. And He does that through the breath of His mouth, through the words that He will speak to you. 

That is the only thing that God will destroy, is that carnal image of yourself. You may say, “Oh brother, the scriptures say that the wicked, God will leave them neither root nor branch.” Hallelujah! All the wickedness in me, all the rebellion, everything will be burned up, and what will be left is His seed, the real me; that is what is going to be left. God is going to consume me by the breath of His mouth, the fire of His presence will purify and cleanse every defilement in this Temple until one day I stand in the glory manifesting the presence and the essence of all that He is. 

That is the only thing He is going to destroy. The gospel is the power of God to deliver us. No matter what you do, God is still going to get you, I won’t tell you; you won’t go through Hell. I won’t tell you; you won’t suffer. I will tell you this: In the end, you belong to God, and He is going to burn up everything in you until you are fully standing in His likeness and image. That is the God I know. We are beginning to realize some of the things we have taught are what will hold us in bondage. Some of the most spiritual men alive today, most of Christianity are rejecting them. Why? They don’t say a whole lot about Jesus. They don’t say a whole lot about God. 

They don’t say a whole lot about atonement. I wonder why that is. Let’s look at something. Hebrews chapter 6 I hear this all the time. “Well these guys, they are teaching you good, but they never mention the blood. They never mention salvation. They don’t mention Jesus enough. Listen to what Hebrews says. Chapter 6 verse 1, “Therefore leaving, (not hanging onto it), leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, of faith toward God, of the doctrine of baptisms, and the laying on of hands, and the resurrection of the dead, and of eternal judgment.” 

You show me a church in America that has gone beyond those basic principles, and I’ll show you a place where you can go and be spiritually fed and nourished and raised up in the faith. But when you go to church all you hear is how you need to clean up your life, how you need to be baptized to be saved, how you need to do this, how you need to do that. You only need one thing. You need His Spirit quickened on the inside of you, and then stop listening to voices outside, as far as directing your life. I listen today to certain preachers and ministers, so I’m not telling you to shut everybody off. 

But just know that if you hear something and it doesn’t settle right with you, you don’t have to receive it, but you might find out 3 weeks or 6 months from now that what they said was really right, or you may never feel it was right. But you must learn if you want to grow spiritually, you have to learn to use your own discernment, and not somebody else’s. That’s the only way that students can pass their teacher is to learn to hear God for themselves. Otherwise, you will sit in a church and you’ll never go beyond what the preacher can tell you. All the preacher can do is reproduce what he is. If he is not advancing, neither will you, unless you are hearing the voice of God for yourself. 

The book of Galatians was written by the apostle Paul, because the churches had begun to move away from the gospel of grace, and they began to fall back into teaching a mixture of law and grace. They began the teachings of Judaism of outward laws, commandments and ordinances. The apostle Paul wrote the book of Galatians to get them to understand what the true gospel of Christ was really all about.The Gospel has nothing to do with forms or rituals or any kind of regulations written my man or by the church or by an organization. If I were to ask you what is the greatest hindrance in a Christian’s life that is keeping them from advancing in spiritual maturity, what would you say? 

Some would say, “Well, it is all the sin that is rampant in the world.” Some would say, “Well it’s the homosexuals, or it’s the gay life style. It’s corruption that is in government. The greatest hindrance to our spiritual growth is the tradition of the elders, or that which has been taught by the organized systematized church we know as Christianity. Most of Christianity stands in direct opposition to the gospel that Paul preached. And that is why Paul said to the Galatians, “If any man preaches any other gospel than what we’ve preached, then you let them be accursed.” The whole message, especially in the book of Galatians and really in all of Paul’s writings was to the New Man., Paul never spoke to what we call, “the old man, or the carnal mind or the religious man”. Paul only spoke ministering to “the new creation man”. That is why he said things like “you have been chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world. The book of Galatians was written to bring clarity and understanding to what you have as a New Creation Man. 

When you begin to have a clear understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ, it simply says that He who you thought was outside of you, He who once walked among the disciples in Jerusalem and walked the shores of Galilee and raised the dead and healed the sick, the One who you believed was outside of you is really inside of you. We have the same life and spirit as he had. Once we have that revelation that Paul told the Galatians, “When it pleased God to reveal His son in me, then is when I went out and preached the gospel” This has to go much deeper than an intellectual understanding, because every Christian that you know that is truly a Christian will tell you that Jesus lives in them. All of us have known that. 

I mean, the moment that you go in any church in America that preaches any kind of a gospel, a salvation message and you receive Jesus, they will immediately tell you that now that you’ve received Him, He is in you. But from that point, the whole message of the religious system is to get you to try to bring this humanity of yours, this human image of yourself and make it more God-like, or make it more Christ-like; and that is why they teach you all the rules and the regulations so that you will, “clean up, or straighten up” your outward man to make you more acceptable to God, that is really the how the religious system puts you into bondage.