Obama DOCTRINE: Congress Just Declared Preemptive WAR on Iran

Eric Blair
Activist Post
War with Iran has already been decided by the powers that be and the modern-day quasi-declaration happened last Thursday. Using the same legislative and propaganda playbook that led to the Iraq War, the U.S. Government has just officially declared War on Iran. Reuters reportedCongress on Thursday approved tough new unilateral sanctions aimed at squeezing Iran’s energy and banking sectors, which could also hurt companies from other countries doing business with Tehran. The House of Representatives passed the bill 408-8 and sent it to President Barack Obama for signing into law. The Senate had approved it 99-0 earlier in the day.”
Congress hasn’t officially voted for a Declaration of War since World War II. In modern times they use creative wording in bills that authorize the broad use of force across borders in the sweeping “War on Terror." The Bush Doctrine of preemptively attacking countries because they may pose a threat to America in the future was universally trashed by progressives, but is alive and well under Obama, the Prince of Peace, without one dissenting vote in the Senate. This authority is what the Obama Administration claims also gives them the legal argument to bomb sovereign countries like Pakistan.
This unilateral decision by the United States Congress comes on the heels of a 12-2 U.N. Security Council vote on June 8th to impose a “modest tightening of sanctions” against Iran. Of course, Russia and China have been assured that sanctions won't apply to their energy needs in order to secure their votes. After the vote President Obama asserted that, "these sanctions do not close the door on diplomacy."
However, the United States preempted this embargo vote in Congress by taking up an aggressive posture in tandem with Israel by deploying an Armada of Battleships to the Red Sea. There are now reports from the Israeli National News that, “The Israeli Air Force recently unloaded military equipment at a Saudi Arabia base, a semi-official Iranian news agency claimed Wednesday, while a large American force has massed in Azerbaijan, which is on the northwest border of Iran.” Now, it seems that the United States is working overtime to sell their war plans to potential allies.
CIA chief, Leon Panetta appeared on ABC’s This Week and announced that the Iranians, “have enough low-enriched uranium right now for two weapons. They do have to enrich it, fully, in order to get there. And we would estimate that if they made that decision, it would probably take a year to get there, probably another year to develop the kind of weapon delivery system in order to make that viable.”
While world leaders negotiate their piece of the Iranian pie in G8 negotiations, the multi-nation fear campaign has begun. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said Sunday that a CIA warning that Iran has enough uranium to build two atomic bombs was "worrying," and criticized Tehran's secrecy over its nuclear program. Gathered at the G8 Summit in Ottawa, world leaders now “fully believe” and are “worried” that a preemptive attack by Israel on Iran is inevitable. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi told reporters that “Iran is not guaranteeing a peaceful production of nuclear power [so] the members of the G8 are worried and believe absolutely that Israel will probably react preemptively.”
Enforcing an unprovoked embargo on a sovereign nation has been historically defined as an act of war. Unfortunately, very few of our elected officials know or understand history and therefore overwhelmingly voted for the new sanctions. Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX), an outspoken critic of Iran sanctions, was one of the eight house members to vote against the measure. Here is Ron Paul from a few months ago comparing sanctions to an Act of War while discussing this bill; H.R. 2194 Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act of 2010.

The Bush-Obama Doctrine is the rule of tyrants. Clearly it looks like Israel and America are determined to preemptively strike Iran even though Iran has always maintained that their nuclear program is for peaceful energy production only. America has once again engaged in an Act of War on a sovereign nation that has not harmed, or even threatened to harm her. Iran's biggest crime appears to be sitting on a sea of crude at a time when oil-thirsty Neo-cons, who penned the Doctrine, rule the world. The coming war with Iran will not be pretty.

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The Om Wave -Solstice Intent & The Diamond-Octave Triad

AA Metatron Channel :
'The Om Wave -Solstice Intent
& The Diamond-Octave Triad'

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

The Triad of the Diamond Octave

Gateway of Om - June 19-23 2010
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse - June 26 2010
Solar Eclipse- July 11 2010

"Greetings Masters ! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I greet each of you on this very powerful and potent Solstice.

Indeed this energy that is circumventing the earth in this focal moment , is among the most robust and intense frequencies showered upon the earth in many eons. It is an energy that can and must be harnessed for greater good. And so we warmly join our energies to that of Sainte Germaine and the Cosmic Council of Light, who are indeed with you at this time.

And so the Cosmic Council of Light has begun the Wave of OM, an omnipotent energy oscillation that continues to bath the Earth and mankind in the energy of the Diamond Chakra Octave, the frequency of Hope and Unconditional Love.

This energy is being transmitted from the Cosmic Council of Light with Sainte Germaine and the Syrian-Pleiadean Alliance from the OM Crystal at Mount Shasta. It is pervading every Powernode on the planet and emits the optimal encouraging energy of Hope and Unconditional Love. As such it is not only available to all that tap into the OM Wave, it is further empowered by those that do. This is a Diamond Octave opportunity to integrate the positive attributes of strength and promise. Indeed it is the response to the yearning of conscious humanity at this time, and serves as an assurance that the Ascension will occur, and is indeed on track. Do you understand?

And so each of you are urged to meditate in micro and macro, in solitary and in mass during the Gateway of Om. The modality is to harmonically integrate into the wave by the earnest and anticipatory toning of OM. Feel and project the attributes you receive, of JOY, of well-being, of HOPE and Unconditional Love.

And know Dear Ones that this energy will collect in mass, and become a thought form collective that will reach critical mass and be reborn on the full moon lunar eclipse of June 26 and again on the solar eclipse of July 11. Well to continue participation in rebirthing the Om Wave on both eclipses. Each eclipse will exponentially reboot the OM Wave on the planet in great and greater potency.

Maters, we urge you to Consciously Create the world you desire on these special gateways. Sainte Germaine and the Cosmic Council have materialized onto your EarthPlane to be very close to humanity and the Earth , actually in your dimensional fields to facilitate this wave of Love. We tell you that even now, as the Cosmic Council cluster within Mt Shasta , hologramic refractions of their group-entity co exist in true presence on every Powernode on the planet, on every continent and over every body & stream of water. Indeed the waters exude this energy as they become pools of OM.

On the Lunar eclipse , identify and release your obstacles and fears. On the solar eclipse, visualize the creation of the New Earth and of your optimal desires of pure joy, in being who you became to be. Unify the chakras in the Gateway of OM.

Many of you have become despondent and although you are of high light quotient, are giving in to doubt and confusion, and thus are operating from the lower chakras, and your optimal auric circuitry is ruptured. You can and must reconnect the chakric field and reestablish 13-20-33 circuitry and flow into Mer-Ka-Va Field. No better opportunity exists for you.

Indeed the Triad of the Diamond Octave, will lead you into refurbished Joy, and be the path to the incredible energy that awaits you on the September Equinox and the Triple Date Portal of the heralded 10-10-10.

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved"

... And so it is.


The September Equinox Explained

The September equinox occurs at 03:09 (or 3:09am) Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on September 23, 2010. It is also referred to as the autumnal or fall equinox in the northern hemisphere, as well as the spring or vernal equinox in the southern hemisphere (not to be confused with the March equinox). This is due to the seasonal contrasts between both hemispheres throughout the year.
The equinox will occur in the evening of September 22, 2010, for locations on US Eastern Daylight Time or further west. To find the September equinox date in other time zones or other years, please use the Seasons Calculator.

This illustration, which shows an example of the September equinox, is not to scale.

What happens during the September equinox?

The sun crosses the celestial equator and moves southward in the northern hemisphere during the September equinox. The location on the earth where the sun is directly overhead at solar noon is known as the subsolar point. The subsolar point occurs on the equator during the September equinox and March equinox. At that time, the earth’s axis of rotation is perpendicular to the line connecting the centers of the earth and the sun. This is the time when many people believe that the earth experiences 12 hours of day and night. However, this is not exactly the case.

Dispelling the “exactly 12 hours of daylight” myth

During the equinox, the length of night and day across the world is nearly, but not entirely, equal. This is because the day is slightly longer in places that are further away from the equator, and because the sun takes longer to rise and set in these locations. Furthermore, the sun takes longer to rise and set farther from the equator because it does not set straight down - it moves in a horizontal direction.
Moreover, there is an atmospheric refraction that causes the sun's disk to appear higher in the sky than it would if earth had no atmosphere. timeanddate.com has a more detailed explanation on this topic. timeanddate.com has more information on why day and night are not exactly of equal length during the equinoxes.

Why is the equinox date not the same each year?

While the September equinox occurs on September 22 in 2008 and 2009, it occurs on September 23 in 2010 and 2011 (UTC). The September equinox has also occurred on September 24(UTC), with the last occurrence on that date being 1931. The next time a September 24 equinox occurs will be in the year 2303. Moreover, a September 21 equinox will occur in 2092.
There are a few explanations on why the equinox dates differ in the Gregorian calendar. The varying dates of the equinox are mainly due to the calendar system – most western countries use the Gregorian calendar, which has 365 days in a year, or 366 days in a leap year. According to the National Maritime Museum, the equinoxes generally occur about six hours later each year, with a jump of a day (backwards) on leap years. An extra day is added in a leap year to minimize a gradual drift of the equinox date through the seasons.
As for the tropical year, it is approximately 365.242199 days, but varies from year to year because of the influence of other planets. A tropical year is the length of time that the sun takes to return to the same position in the cycle of seasons, as seen from earth. The exact orbital and daily rotational motion of the Earth, such as the “wobble” in the earth's axis (precession), also contributes to the changing solstice dates.

Vernal Equinox vs. Autumnal Equinox

The vernal equinox occurs in the spring while the autumnal equinox occurs during fall (autumn). These terms are derivatives of Latin. It is important to note that the northern hemisphere’s vernal equinox is in March while its autumnal equinox is in September. In contrast, the southern hemisphere’s vernal equinox is in September and its autumnal equinox is in March.
This distinction reflects the seasonal differences when comparing the two hemispheres. timeanddate.com refers to the two equinoxes simply as the March and September equinoxes to avoid false assumptions that spring is in March and fall (autumn) is in September worldwide. This is simply not the case.

Historical Fact

A Greek astronomer and mathematician named Hipparchus (ca. 190-ca.120 BCE) was attributed by various sources to have discovered the precession of the equinoxes, the slow movement among the stars of the two opposite places where the sun crosses the celestial equator. However, the difference between the sidereal and tropical years (the precession equivalent) was known to Aristarchus of Samos (around 280 BCE) prior to this.
Hipparchus made observations of the equinox and solstice. Astronomers use the spring equinoctial point to define their frame of reference, and the movement of this point implies that the measured position of a star varies with the date of measurement. Hipparchus also compiled a star catalogue, but this has been lost.
The word “equinox” derives from the Latin words meaning “equal night” and refers to the time when the sun crosses the equator. In modern times this word is used to refer not only to the positions on the ecliptic but also the times of the year when the sun has reached them. The September equinox has been used as a reference point in many calendars in the past, including the French Revolutionary Calendar. Although very little is known about the ancient Macedonian calendar, some believe that the first month began after the autumnal equinox.

Useful Tools

To calculate the approximate time and date (according to Coordinated Universal Time) of the March equinox, as well as the June and December solstices and the September equinox, click on the Seasons Calculator. These dates mark the beginning of the four seasons of the year, which are spring, summer, autumn (or fall) and winter. It is important to note that the seasons in the northern hemisphere are opposite to those in the southern hemisphere. Find out more about the Seasons Calculator and links to useful tools, such as the Day and Night World Map, Moon Calculator, Moon Phase Calculator, and Sunrise Calculator.
The World Clock can also be used to find sunrise and sunset times, as well as the current position of the sun in major cities around the world. Simply select any location that is available from the World Clock and the calculator will adjust the local time in that particular city.

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Metatron ~ The Extraordinary Eclipses of the Grand Cross

Saturday, 26 June, 2010

Greetings Dear Ones, I am Metatron, Lord of Light. I greet you all in Unconditional Love, indeed a love that you will need over the next few weeks! You are entering of one of the most powerful and intense energy crucibles experienced on the planet in many millennia, and the relative 'temperature' is about to drastically increase. It is the Diamond Triad, and is the purpose behind the encouraging 'OM Wave' that the Cosmic Council of Light have graced you with.

There are three very significant astro9logical occurrences over the next five weeks (June 26-August 4). These are:

· The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse June 26

· The Solar Eclipse of July 11

· The 5 Planet Alignment of July - The Grand Cross

The June 26 eclipse of the full moon is extraordinarily powerful and will set the stage. Indeed this full moon eclipse is a double edged sword and can be the impetus of great change to the positive, if correctly understood and utilized accordingly. Or its intensity can rupture your auric field and set you in a downward spiral. It is up to you, depending on if you react in impatience and emotion or if you wisely utilize this resonance for creativity and inward cleanse.

As is the case of all crucibles, it will use intense heat to purify.

We tell you that the recent solstice and the impending Diamond Triad of the Grand Cross are among the most powerful energies felt on the planet for millennia, and many of your savant astrologers have recognized this....and so must the wise among humanity. Indeed the 5 planet configuration and associated angles represent an extremely rare and extraordinarily unique frequency that can offer a template of magnanimous change, yet within a resonance that can also be quite chaotic.

It is well during this time to carefully consider your actions. Be cautious in your demeanor, and take extra efforts to maintain the integrity of your auric field. Think before you speak, and do not allow untoward emotion; that of anger, envy, depression, guilt or doubt to invade your energy. It will be easy to mismanage both communications and emotions in this crucible, and the results could be quite detrimental to relationships and state of mind. Better to use this cutting energy to go inward, and review for hidden habits and obstacles that may yet lurk within. There is no better time to release these. And Dear Ones, almost all of you still have cleansings yet to perform. More often than not in duality, those that do not recognize the tarrying residues of negative traits are the ones most needful of the search, including those of you on the spiritual path. Spiritual ego can especially be cleansed, if dutifully examined, in this crucible.

You see, the obstacles that were easily seen, for most of you seekers, have been dealt with. What now remains are the residual ones your ego's have quietly swept under the carpet, and hidden in the darkness in deeply embedded boxes.

But do not be discouraged, and do not feel we are judging you, for all of you will indeed Ascend, sooner or later. But there is a grand opportunity within this crucible to find what is hidden, and perform the needful purge. That that is in shadow will be revealed in this time, and that which could not easily be seen in other sojourns, in other phases of the 'present' lifetime, will be visible if such self- search is truly desired and diligently executed. And Masters, while such an examination will require courage and humility, the rewards are great. For indeed the eclipses and Grand Cross affords you the opportunity to pass through an important doorway, into a higher and more pristine version of true self.

So we urge you to seek the hidden obstacles and confront and release them on the lunar eclipse. We further and emphatically recommend you to meditate intensely on the attributes you desire to achieve on the solar eclipse., for indeed the ability to be creative in the phase of the solar eclipse is amplified as well. A perfect time for resolve and surprisingly for artistic expression, or manifestation of desire.

Utilize the interim phase between the eclipses then to decide who you truly are. What are you here to do, what will you do with the years of this sojourn you have remaining. You see Masters, the energy of the period you are entering, offers you the ability to enter a state of profound 'Beingness'. A state beyond the mind, an energy beyond that you term thought. And for many of you, Beingness is a state that you have not truly engaged; such is the control you have given the inner narrator. In a true sense the Diamond Triad offers those of you who can silence the mind, the opportunity to more easily enter the solemn vibration of still wisdom, of 'mindless' Beingness, and truly Masters, it is a state far higher in frequency that that of mindfulness. Does that confuse you? We tell you that there is an identity of your Divinity that is above the mind, and it is an aspect of your soul, and is far closer to your true Beingness. Indeed mind is simply a companion of your Beingness relative to the 3rd dimension, and we beckon you to explore this aspect more deeply in the following 4-5 weeks, for many doorways are opening. You are capable of investing your Beingness in a higher level of engagement during this time, and while this may surprise you, your mind invites this opportunity, in all its aspects of creativity, for it knows that there is a level above it that is quite necessary for your evolvement into higher dimension.

The Diamond Triad, the Grand Cross and Eclipses are the pathway to the 10-10-10 in this your year of 2010, use this time well, and you will make a quantum leap.

As we have said, what lies before you is a difficult energy for you to master, but it can indeed be experienced and great gain is possible. The Cosmic Council of Light has sent a wave of energy over the past days, that has been termed the 'OM Wave'. Tap into this energy, and it will serve you well as you navigate the next 5 weeks.

Dear ones, keep ever in mind, this energy is extremely intense, and is quite capable of throwing you off center, if you do not maintain your guard. It is the Diamond Triad, and can serve you well and offer a quantum leap if you consciously utilize this energy and retain Auric Integrity.

Be calm, be patient, be creative , be wise, and nurture yourselves and one another.

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths.

And so it is....

This channel is copyrighted to www.Earth-Keeper.com

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Crop Circle Reported 25th June ; A Must See !

White Sheet Hill, Nr Mere, Wiltshire.
Reported 25th June.

Circles Everywhere

A stunning formation appears in a really beautiful part of Western England. Whitesheet Hill is steeped in history. With ancient sites going as far back as Neolithic times.

Six key circles surround a seventh circle in the middle. Eighteen circles provide an outer ring. I dare not try and count the many more smaller circles that pepper this wonderful formation.

There is a magical feel to this formation which is set in this magnificent setting connecting the ancient past to this modern day phenomenon.

Images Chris Bird Copyright 2010


Image John Montgomery Copyright 2010

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Images Steve Alexander Copyright 2010

Diagram Tommy Borms Copyright 2010

Diagrams Arie Van Der Wijst Copyright 2010

Diagram Combine of Light Copyright 2010

What I believe you have here is a "Ummac Dan"
Otherwise known as a commonly used symbol for the Galactic Federation
- Specifically The Sirian Star System


Thank you,,,, : )

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The Planetary Grid Transmissions
This Saturday, June 26

holy cross 2

Image courtesy of Susan Seymour Hedke


Hang on to your jeweled crowns and remain strapped in... Solstice was just the beginning of our current e-ticket excursion. We immediately flow into a very rare astrological alignment, a Grand Cross, all amplified mega scale by a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses are tremendous energy accelerators and this one brings an even greater boost to this intense galactic configuration and start of a new cycle.

The heavenly bodies around our planet are lining up in a giant cross formation and many of the involved planets will be in dynamic tension. It all will shine a torch of light upon conflicting energies, opposition and competing priorities, already being played out in personal lives and on the world stage. Numerous astrologers say that this cosmic trigger will be a defining and most critical directional point for humanity and for the planet.

How we respond to the unfolding events, through individual choices and action, sets the anchor points for how we transition into our desired new realities. Each act of love and every experience of peace will mold and move this incoming energy into the highest potential for every living thing and atomic particle participating in this sacred Earth experience.

A Grand Cross alignment urges us to take action. In other words, the time for procrastination and complacency is over. For those awake and attuned, this crescendo of energy offers opportunity to receive renewed inspiration and highly creative solutions to our situations. As the break down of old structure continues, the aspects of community, alliances and the ability to work together will become one of our highest priorities.

Our ability to keep up with the quickening pace depends upon our ability to handle abrupt and unexpected change while not taking anything personal. May we be conscious of our every action and always, always remember that our perceptions and responses ripple out and imprint the collective consciousness field.
Take a deep breath. It's going to be quite the ride, and it's now underway. For those choosing to sit in the front seat, may we roll gracefully with change and assist wherever we can to ease and balance the effects of this next grand planetary alignment.

earth view

Our Grid Transmissions ~ Daily Focus So Important
...especially now through the New Moon Solar Eclipse on July 11

It is scientifically proven that it only takes the square root of one percent of a given population, in dedicated focus, to effect change. This is about 8,500 awakened individuals in unified intent to have a significant impact for the ENTIRE world.

Standing in the full supremacy of our Group Avatar, let's take every opportunity with these amplified June/July energies and give DAILY FOCUS towards the Gulf of Mexico.as well the tension in Israel, the warring in the Middle East and other Earth hot spots for unwanted rising potential.

May we focus on transmuting unconscious guilt, past "debts", persecution, religious judgments and the seeds of revenge and violence in human behaviors based on the dualistic mental distinction between good and evil. May we transmit forgiveness and radiate courage to everyone to jump into the fires of love!

i am the truth

I AM the Truth and the Way

To Co-Servers of the One Power,

As the walking Earth Masters, we have been given the opportunity to assist Gaia on the level of Universal Illumination. The Heavens now reflect the absolute spike upward in global human consciousness. Let's assure our full power to affect change by standing unwavering in the light of our Group Avatar supremacy. We are here to use the creative faculties of our thoughts and feelings with the purity and the power of I AM, the One thinking these thoughts.

How shall we remain in the steadfast peace and harmony of our true being as chaos runs its course? We can show our self by what Jesus and others have done by standing (in their truth) on the shore and commanding the storm to cease; or feeding hundreds with a few staples on hand. Let's stand in our Presence and wield our power!

Best said: who you are is not WHO YOU ARE. Who you are is the I AM. In your grid of light transmissions, know with all your mind and all your heart that I AM Global and I AM the only acting Presence.

Also remember the act of Compassion. A energetic out-burst of our group compassion can instantly change everything of nature's form.

gulf bird

Awakening to our Collective Responsibility

On June 19, the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers met in an unprecedented public teleconference. The Grandmothers spoke about the Gulf of Mexico and its message for Humanity. They say that we are being given a challenge to take full responsibility, both individually and collectively, to heal the imbalances that we have caused in the world. It is time for us to let go of convenient silence and to speak out when we see things that aren't right, even when it is unpopular to do so. The Grandmothers emphasized that it is our collective choice which determines the outcome in the Gulf.

This time is a pivotal juncture for mankind. One of Children of the Sun's recent messages urged our attention to a large gas bubble forming near the sea floor as a result of this oil disaster. If it blows, the consequences for humanity are dire. We must comprehend that we are directly connected to our planet and that our choices have consequences. We must awaken to our collective responsibility in this, which includes taking sincere steps to return to balance with our planet and committing to finding cleaner and more balanced natural energy alternatives. If the bubble erupts, the potential for massive loss of life would certainly cause a great awakening but such destruction is not necessary IF we can make that shift in consciousness now.

If this problem were to be simply fixed for us, in this moment, mankind would remain in a slumber. Right now, we can each individually accept personal responsibility for the way we walk upon this planet. It might mean giving up some of our life conveniences and refusing anymore to buy into a system or anything that contributes to pollution and destruction. It could also mean tapping into divine inspiration to manifest alternative, cleaner forms of energy and energy technology.

Changing our beliefs about the way we live begins with recognizing that WE are all responsible for what is happening. With this realization comes the necessity of forgiveness; forgiveness of those directly accountable for our situation, and also of ourselves for our complacent contribution and silent consent.

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You are a Powerful Creative Being

When Light is Here, darkness disappears. Darkness does not escape; it does not exist at all. It is only an absence of light. Ego is just like darkness & has no existence of its own. It is only the absence of Awareness. Observe it. And once we know the Basic problem of humanity, it is not difficult at all to dissolve it. In fact, in the very finding it dissolves, because your Awareness becomes a light unto itself.


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Crop Circle at Vale of Pewsey – June 21st 2010

Crop Circle at Vale of Pewsey – June 21st 2010

Today is Monday, 21 June, the solstice and I'm here to take a message from our crop circle maker friends in regard to the pattern which arrived today, and interestingly they told us a couple of weeks ago that they would put down a message for the solstice (see http://www.the2012countdown.com/The_2012_Time_Line.php ) and so I checked this morning and lo and behold, there it was!!! So I am interested to see what they have to say about this pattern and so I call our crop circle maker a friend forth, and he is saying;

This, as you can see has been laid down as a geometric pattern. It is encoded in a way and it carries an encoding that once more the subconscious will understand and you can see that the pattern is bounded by a solid circle and there are some segments filled in and others not; and one person has already identified that they are 20 slices and 12 rings and yes, it is a message about 2012, so that individual has done very well. I would also say that, as you can see there are parts filled in and parts not, and you can look at this as being like a pie and part of that pie has been filled in and others not, and the information that is coming in that humanity needs to understand, if you like to complete the pie to complete the understanding that is required before the arrival of those energies of the December 2012 solstice, that only some of the knowledge is in place and it's in fragments.

Yes, some of it has come in as a sizeable piece and you could look at the circle around the outside and the sizeable piece, you could say which is filling in various segments of the pattern as coming forth with this solstice, and so it is an important piece of the puzzle that needs to be understood, that needs to be in place before that December 2012 solstice. But as you can see, it is only a piece of the puzzle. It is far from the entire picture, and so you can also see there have been other segments that have come in in the same way. There is a largish piece in the middle that has filled in a number of segments and this too, you could say has come forth along your path but there is much more to fill in, and in some ways humanity will not understand the complete pie, you could say until all of it is filled in and that will be filled in as you proceed through the next 2 1/2 years. So that is the message of this pattern.

Some have asked why we put this pattern in this place, where the farmer or farm manager was not happy to have this pattern. We are not driven so much by whether the farmer is happy to have the pattern there or not. We are driven by where there is suitable material to work with that meets our telluric energy requirements and is in an area where it is most likely to be spotted. So for our purposes, it meets our primary criteria. We do prefer to have them in places where humanity can get access to them, for the reasons we’ve spoken about before in terms of these being, you could say like temples and also because of the energy that is placed in the grain, so that where it can be harvested separately, that is to be encouraged. And this is all we have to say about this pattern.

Blessings, Joy, Love and Peace. Richard Presser www.the2012countdown.com

Copyright © 2010 Cosmic Connections (International) Ltd

The Wilton Protocol – 2nd Crop Circle Signals Ongoing E.T. Communication Effort

A new formation reported on June 21, 2010 at Vale of Pewsey near Oare, Wiltshire, clearly presents a second stage event for a communication protocol first observed in the Wilton Windmill, near Wilton, Wiltshire formation on May 22, 2010.

In our first article in this series, New Wilton, Wiltshire Crop Circle Signals a Major Communication Event is Coming, we expressed the opinion that Wilton could be prove to be clear harbinger of what could be a major communication event this season. With Vale of Pewsey, it certainly has.

According to the the Crop Circle Connector site, “This formation [Vale of Pewsey in Wiltshire] seems to me to have links to the Wilton Windmill formation that appeared in oil seed rape earlier in the season.”

That assessment really caught our attention because if this new formation as well as the previous Wilton formation demonstrate authenticity in the field reports, then we have a clear-cut, two-stage pattern of and ongoing communication event, we’ve dubbed the Wilton Protocol.


Marshall Masters

Steffen Jaschob

In response to Sherry Goeller's question about the numbers 10964:6765: adding them up brings us to 20:24. If you add these up you get 8 - infinity. Doesn't the phi ratio of 1.618..... go on infinitely?

Also, I did a little checking on the formation and noticed that if you count up the blocks of crop in the concentric rings, both laid and left standing, you will find every group to be a prime number - 1, 3, 5, 7 or 11.

I'm not a mathematician so cannot see the message there, but thought it might trigger some thoughts or a direction of thought among the math wiz's that post to this site. Maybe they're pointing to the alpha (prime) and omega (infinity) of existence? Just a guess.

It seems to me that the circle makers are trying to tell us something significant with the formations they leave us. I am not really getting the depth of wisdom gained by the codes we're seeing so far. Are we being too cerebral about them? Should we be looking at them from a more heart-based perspective - squint and feel them rather than put our brains and computers to work to decode something we already know about? Are we able to discern some significant and timely message from these codes once they're unlocked? What are they really wanting us to know now? What understanding are they wanting us to gain? How are we to respond in the world based on what they leave in the fields for us to experience?

Carolyn Anderson

I created a picture about the latest crop circle (Vale of Pewsey – June 21st 2010). I basically unwrapped the circle into a rectangle for better reading. I didn't find anything new, but maybe some of you viewers might. You can post the image on your site, if you like.


We might have to listen to the heart to find the message here ;-)


Steffen Jaschob

First, a back-story from the BBC on the heart-shaped hawthorn grove in the adjoining field, as many readers might be enquiring about it:

Love is in the air... in Wiltshire news.bbc.co.uk

Dominating Huish Hill, overlooking the tiny village of Oare, it's not only a third the size of a football pitch but so big it can only be really appreciated from the air.

So what is this massive heart doing deep in the Wiltshire countryside? And is it, as Google Earth has claimed, a heart shaped crop-circle?

Second comment, on the value of phi – the simplest way to arrive at this number is via the formula:

1+(5^(1/2) – 1)/2

i.e. 1+(((the squareroot of 5) – 1) / 2) = 1.6180339887498948482045868343656

Another interesting property of this number, phi is that it is the only number that is a solution to the equation:

x = 1+1/x

i.e. 1/phi = 0.61803398874989484820458683436564

1+ 0.61803398874989484820458683436564 = 1.6180339887498948482045868343656

The square root of 5 as is the case for any prime number, is irrational i.e. like pi and e (the natural log) so its digits continue forever to infinity without repetition.

Ashley Graham

I have absolutely no idea what this may mean, but when I saw this latest crop circle I remembered a game I had purchased a couple of years ago called Zenerchi. I still have the game and played it for a while but can't say I really understand it or what it may mean, but just wanted to give you guys a chance to check it out. http://www.games.com/game/zenerchi/. Actually, it's not a board game, but sort of a game for meditation. I'd love to hear what formulations may come from this.

Also see the video of the game HERE

Aaron Turner

Earlier in the season it was shown how the Wilton windmill formation was aligned via the equinox sunset to the area of windmill hill. It was also shown that this alignment passed through certain key locations on the landscape. I used the Pavilion Oare House as an example to illustrate this. See my comments for the Wilton Windmill circle and the image below.

This current circle has located itself in a field next to this very same landmark. I personally read this as a confirmation that the crop circles are indeed placed on the landscape to incorporate alignments to the solstice and equinox sunsets/sunrises, and other astronomical alignments on the horizon at certain times and dates.

One thing I have noticed this season is that often the last formation will be aligned to the next future formation via such an alignment, with the direction of the December solstice sunrise or sunset being a popular choice. In this example, following the direction of the June solstice sunrise from the previous Chirton bottom formation, leads to this formation.

Like many other crop circles this year, this current formation near Oare incorporates many such alignments. Not only that but the central maze path in this formation is aligned to at least 8 (with the possibility of 9) previous crop circles that have appeared this year (!)

This crop circle represents a central focal point placed in between all the previous circles that have appeared this year. What a wonderful way of radiating a message of love, by placing this circle next to a love heart, with all the other circles radiating outwards from this point. In the following diagram, all the measurements are precise, with the end of the lines leading to the exact centre of each formation.

The following image shows the alignments included in this formation for the direction of equinox sunrise, June solstice sunset and December solstice sunset (as mentioned in other comments - the date of a total lunar eclipse). There are two other alignments included with a question mark. I don't know what the significance of these alignments are at this stage. Maybe some else will be able to work it out? I do know that they have nothing to do with the position of the sun or moon as these do not move through this area of the sky at any time during the year.

While researching these alignments the next formation appeared at Newmark - a very distant crop circle. I feel this was intentional to make sure we figure out what this alignment may be, considering it's extreme distance, and also the fact that the Oare formation, Liddington castle, and the Newmark formation are in EXACT alignment, a truly perfect feat for a crop circle of such distance.

(Please insert Oare7.jpg Oare8.jpg)

Luke Peacock.

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On June 26, 2010, there is an extraordinary planetary constellation, a Grand Cross.

On May 22 a crop Circle appeared near the windmill of Wilton in Wiltshire, South of England – a crop circle with an encoded message. This crop circle speaks of a profound paradigm shift, a reverse of polarity.
It alludes to two dates: The Grand Cross on June 26 2010 and December 21, 2012.
It contains a powerful warning, speaks of a global crisis and at the same time it shows the solution.
On June 26, 2010, there is an extraordinary planetary constellation, a Grand Cross. According to the message of the crop circle, the sun creates a new room, a healing room, a new field of consciousness on that day.

The sun unites two poles, merging them to a unity on June 26. This merging of polarities leads to a short-circuit, or in other words, a cosmic orgasm due to which a new room will enfold. This new room is a gift, because in this new room what seemed devoid of meaning all of sudden makes sense again. What enfolds is a new, corrected reality, shifted in phase!

According to the message of the crop circle this new room can be accessed by everyone through the power of consciousness.

If LOVE succeeds on earth, and be it for only a few hours in just one person or in just one loving couple, this experience of LOVE will leave a trace in this newly opening room, a trace which is eternal and will remain active forever. A shining trace, a trace of love, which will remain visible far beyond earth atmosphere. Each experience of love and every experience of peace will stimulate this room, fill and adorn it. The power of this room is going to grow exponentially. The songs of the Healed Matrix are the hymns which will fill this room!

Each person who dares to leave behind the matrix of power and violence, everyone who is not afraid of letting go old belief systems but live instead in harmony with Mother Earth and ALL that IS, will be able to access this room. Each person will receive healing impulses from this room through his consciousness and heart and will give in return his/her healing experience back to this room.

What we find in this room will exist within ourselves and outside of us. It is a Secret of the Universe, that what is being formed outside can be accessed from within; you find it in your own sacred inner space, your personal centre.

And once this Healing Matrix in this newly created Healing Room will be powerful enough, the matrix of fear will dissolve and the Healing Matrix will expand.
This is the Plan of the Star Master and the Planetary Beings.

This Healing Room is less than an atom in distance from us.
This Healing Room is in our own Sacred Space Centre when we are in unison with ourselves, in unison with Mother Earth and in unison with ALL that IS.

Werner Johannes Neuner describes the process of decodification of the message of the Crop Circle of Wilton in detail and all the information is available in German at this link:
He is looking forward to entering this Sacred Room together with all of us,

In the Light of Unity
Werner Johannes Neuner and Sonja Myriel, who translated this message

Image Olivier Morel Copyright 2010

Wilton Windmill Crop Circle Working Model

By Matt Emery

Interpretation of the 4th crop circle of 2010—Evolution of new species

In the next civilization, mammals will disappear. And the creatures replacing them are the 12 animals of Chinese zodiac. Actually the 12 animals are the 12 tribes of Centaurs (human brain animal body). This is a significant upgrade. Animals will start to have wisdom, get rid of the animal nature and think like human beings. However, such transformation is not evolved naturally but genetically modified new species. The genes in the new species are deliberately revised. This formation is completely contrary to the previous one. The keyhole crop circle is about the Nature rule which can not be changed or controlled by anyone, while this formation depicts the man-made modification. The crop circle makers take the genetic modification of Centaurs as an example here.

First, they introduce the calculation method of their genes. The computer of human beings is based on binary numeral system using 0 and 1 to represent numeric values. However, the circle maker’s calculation is based on quaternary numeral system which is more advanced than ours. The quaternary numeral system is like “0 “, “0-“, “-0” and “- -“. In the 12 sections of the circle, there are 8 fragmental circles. Each fragmental circle is composed by 4 symbols, “- -”, “ -”, “- ” and “ ” as can be seen in each section. This represents quaternary numeral system. Meanwhile, 8 inner circles represent 8 times to be multiplied (to the power of 8). 4 to the power of 8 is 65536. That means there 65,536 sets of genetic modifications. The genes of the 12 animals are selected from the 65,536 sets. After the embryo is selected, the following job is to hatch it by thermal energy. The windmill next to the formation is to remind us that the windmill can generate thermal energy. Furthermore, doesn’t the combination of the 12 sections in the circle look like a rapidly-revolving windmill that is generating electrical power? This means the 12 embryos will not be successfully hatched without high frequency power.

Crop Circle Decoder: H.K.D. Copyright 2010

Translator: Lisa C. Kuo


New Wilton, Wiltshire Crop Circle Signals a Major Communication Event is Coming.

YOWUSA.COM, 23-May-2010 Marshall Masters

First reported on May 22, 2010, a new formation at the Wilton Windmill, near Wilton, Wiltshire is a clear harbinger of what could be a major communication event this season. As always, Mark Fussell and Stuart Dike of the Crop Circle Connector web site are on the case and doing a brilliant job of it.

Assuming the authenticity of the formation (approx. 200' diameter) is confirmed with verifiable field reports, 2010 could become a pivotal year in crop circle research. This is because the binary encoded structure of this formation clearly demonstrates that the message makers have clearly established a perceptual communication protocol for a series of future formations.

“It Certainly Resembles a Computer Disc?”

In the Crop Circle Connector report, Lucy Pringle states: “It certainly resembles a computer disc? Any explanation most welcome as I believe this is important.” Lucy is on the right track, because this is clearly a computer related glyph.

However, not in the modern sense, as most would assume. Rather, the Wilton Windmill formation offers a perfect representation of a hard drive platter.

Unlike a DVD or CD, a hard drive platter is housed inside the hermetically sealed housing of the hard drive installed in our laptops, computers and other such devices.

The reason hard disk drive have more storage capacity than a single DVD or Blu-ray disc, is that they can use a stack of platters to multiply the capacity. The next order of business is to organize the data stored on the hard drive platters so that it can be used reliably. This is done using tracks, cylinders and sectors.

On the Crop Circle Connector site, Andreas Muller posted a preliminary diagram of the formation. Next to it, is a Wikipedia image of how the data on a hard drive platter is organized.

If this doesn't send shiver down your back, you're going to love what comes next.

Shades of V'ger Past

In the first Star Trek film, a Voyager probe leaves the solar system and returns as a planet-eating behemoth named V'ger. The point here is that space junk can come back at you in the oddest ways.

This in turn raises an interesting possibility. With all the junk in orbit over our heads, there's got to be a few old had drives here and there. (Kinda handy when you come to the think about it.) So what would it look like?

The hard drive platter you're seeing in the illustration above, is decades old. A relic of the late 20th century. Just like a lot of the junk in orbit over our heads. The possibilities are endless, but more importantly, what should be looking for next?

Keeping an Eye Out

I'm am so looking forward to reading the Wilton Crop Circle field reports when they come out. Once the formation have vetted and is determined to be non-anthropomorphic (a fancy term for 2 drunk jerks with planks didn't make it), the game is afoot and something big is coming.

This formation takes me back to the famous Alien holding a disc formation that appeared in Crabwood England on August 15, 2002.

Later when I founded the Sagan Continuation Project in 2003, I was haunted by the last two words from the translation of the Data-CD glyph in the formation, by Maurice Osborn.

"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there. We oppose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING,"

Those two words “COnduit CLOSING,” hung like a dark cloud. Now, could the conduit be opening again? If so, the comma does give one hope and so I wrote a reply some 7 years ago.

We WELCOME all who RESPECT our FREE WILL. If you CHOOSE to HELP, then help us to help ourselves. There is GOOD HERE too. WE LOOK for a reply,

Maurice event went to England and created his own crop circle using this message and since then, I've included it on every page and email sent from our site.

This is not to suggest that the message makers are answering us, however if this formation is genuine, it will mean that the dialog is changing. Sacred geometry may no longer be the king of the hill as it looks like we're about to go digital in a much bigger way.

If so, what am I on the lookout for? In a word, “dimensions.” I'll be looking for any new binary encoded formation. Especially those that form with multiple glyphs all at once, or over a period of days.

Also, any series of related formations with similar dimensions, such that you could literally assemble them like a stack of platters in a hard drive.

Something like that could certainly take the conversation to a whole new level. It's kinda cool when you think about it. Needless to say, I am looking forward to an interesting season.

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From down here in Australia I have some comments about the Wilton Windmill Crop Circle, 22 May 2010.

Like the other researchers, when analyzing the binary information in the image, I came up with the text e^(hi)pi)1=0. I, too, think this is a clear reference to Euler’s identity, but the question kept coming to me, “Why did they make mistakes?” The intent of the equation is there, but why did they not ‘get it right’, for example by encoding the equation as e^(i*pi)+1=0? I can imagine them having a bit of fun, by turning i-pi into hi-pi. But why replace the ‘+’ with a ‘)’? The Circlemakers don’t ‘get it wrong’! When you look at the perfection of some of their previous designs, it is breathtaking: something that clearly separates them from the inept fakes. But when we examine the Wilton Windmill design itself, the ‘error’ is not subtle; it is there, bold as brass, a 1 instead of a 0.

OK, so let’s assume the Circlemakers don’t make mistakes—that implies there’s something else going on here. What could that be? Well, there’s something else odd about the encoding, about the construction of the entire design. The 7-bit binary coding is written along each of the ‘spokes’ of the design, but the information is duplicated. If you examine each spoke, a ‘bar’ on one side invariably has a ‘blank’, or ‘lack of bar’ on the other side. For example, take the character ‘e’ that has been identified in the design. This comes from the spoke highlighted below:

Let’s look at the clockwise side of the spoke. If we take flattened crop (dark line) as a ‘1’, and non-flattened crop as a ‘0’, and read from the inside to the outside, ignoring the innermost of the 8 ‘tracks’, we get the following 7-bit binary number: 1100101. In decimal this is 101, which on the ASCII chart is the character ‘e’. Continuing clockwise, doing the same with each spoke, we get the whole ‘message’, e^(hi)pi)1=0.

OK, well and good. But why is the same information coded as its inverse on the anticlockwise side of each spoke? And why is the innermost track, track 8, there at all? This track contains no ASCII information: it is just alternating ‘1s’ and ‘0s’ as you go around the circle. For each spoke, on one side it is a ‘1’, and on the other side a ‘0’. Why is it there? We could easily find the message e^(hi)pi)1=0 without it. What, then, is it telling us?

I think it is telling us that there are two messages on each spoke, one coded with a dark bar (flattened crop) being a ‘1’ and the other with a dark bar being a ‘0’. Let’s look at that. If we follow the above process, going clockwise around the spokes (the same way as the windmill in the background), ignoring the innermost track, decoding the clockwise side of the spokes, reading from inwards to outwards, with flattened crop as a ‘1’, we get:



ASCII Character





































This is our familiar reference to Euler’s identity. But now let’s use the other side of each spoke. This is the same information, of course, but it’s inverted. The above list of binary numbers becomes:



ASCII Character





































The column on the right shows the corresponding ASCII decoding. N/P means that the number decodes to a non-printing ASCII character, such as an escape key or a control code. As you can see, there is no meaningful information encoded there. But what say we read this side of the spoke from outward to inward, instead of inward to outward as we did with the other side of the spoke? Our decoding becomes:



ASCII Character





































Suddenly we seem to have a message! It reads,


What does it mean? Is it there deliberately? I think it definitely is there deliberately, and here is why. Looking at the crop circle as a whole, there can be no doubt that it is meant as a message, and the Circlemakers have a history of using ASCII encoding to communicate. It is no surprise, then, to find the message e^(hi)pi)1=0 encoded there. They seem to have a penchant for mathematical encodings, including Pi encoded in a previous crop circle. So finding Euler’s identity in a crop circle is charming, but not unexpected. However, given that there is one twelve-character message encoded in the design, what is the probability of having another printable message encoded by the double-reverse means outlined above? Well, we can work it out. Conditional probability is given by the formula:

This states that the probability of event A occurring, given that event B has already occurred is the probability of both A and B occurring, divided by the probability of event B occurring. If we think about two messages being encoded in the crop circle, then let’s call the first message ‘Sense 1’ and the second ‘Sense 2’. Sense 1 is decoded by the first method above, giving “e^(hi)pi)1=0”, and Sense 2 is decoded by the subsequent method above, giving “,But45x459!y”. Without even thinking about the meaning of the decoding, what is the probability of there being a printable ASCII character in Sense 2, given that there is one in Sense 1? For each spoke, the probability of both Sense 1 and Sense 2 decoding representing a printable ASCII character is 69/128, or 0.54. (You can figure this out by drawing up a table of all possible 7-bit ASCII characters, and checking the decoding of Sense 1 and Sense 2.) The probability of Sense 1 being a printable ASCII character is 95/128, or 0.74. So for each spoke the probability of Sense 2 decoding being a printable ASCII character, given that Sense 1 is already a printable ASCII character is 0.54/0.74, or 0.73. This is for each spoke. Now, we have 12 spokes. Since we are ignoring meaning for the moment, we can treat them all as independent. If the probability of Sense 2 being a printable ASCII character, given that Sense 1 is a printable ASCII character, is 0.73 for each spoke, what is the probability of this being true for all 12 spokes? It is 0.73^12, or 0.02—i.e. a 2% chance.

In other words, by mathematics, the chance of there being a second printable message encoded on top of the first, by pure chance, is only 2%. This level is generally regarded as statistically significant, but I think that the actual probability of this being a chance occurrence is even less than this. This is for two main reasons.

Firstly, there are the clues in the circle design that there is a second message. There is the redundancy of presentation of the information, with the redundant information being inverted to give us a clue as to how to decode it. The inner track contains no information apart from alternating 1s and 0s—a pointer that we should use both black-as-1 and black-as-0 in our decoding.

Secondly, in the Sense 1 decoding, it is quite clear that reference is being made to Euler’s identity, but there are mistakes. At first glance they seem unnecessary, but there is no escaping the fact that they seem to be there deliberately. And that brings us on to meaning. Imagine the difficulty of constructing two meaningful statements to be simultaneously present in the same 12*7 bit encryption, just needing two different methods of decoding. It boggles the mind! The above probability analysis simply finds the probability of any printable text being present in the Sense 2 decoding, and even that is only 2%. And yet here we have something that gives a good approximation of Euler’s identity in one decoding, and something else that seems meaningful in another decoding. I firmly feel it is not there by accident. Before moving on to what it might mean, I would just add that we can now see the reason why the ‘+’ cannot be present in the Sense 1 decoding of Euler’s identity. If this were present in Sense 1, then the character decoded in Sense 2 would have to be a non-printing character (ASCII 21, the control signal for ‘negative acknowlege’, clearly meaningless in a message).

Our Sense 2 decoding is “,But45x459!y”. This is not only printable, but looks to have some sort of meaning. What is it? I would be very grateful for any opinions! Does 45x459 mean a grid of some sort? Or are we supposed to do the multiplication? 45*459=20655. Does this number mean anything to anyone? One thought of mine is that the circle appeared on 22 May 2010. 20655 hours after this date brings us to 28 September 2012. Why should we think of 20655 as hours? Well, the information is presented to us as a circle divided into twelve segments—the parallel with a clock face divided into twelve hours is evident.

Is 28 September 2012 when the Earth changes are going to begin? Euler’s identity, the Sense 1 decoding, is widely regarded as the most perfect equation in mathematics, bringing together all the major foundations of mathematics in one formula. Perhaps the Sense 2 decoding is telling us, “Yes, this is perfect, but it doesn’t stop there! Wait until you see what begins 28 September 2012! Yes!” That’s just one thought.

Anyway, these are my ideas on this remarkable crop circle. I would suggest that far from this being a flawed attempt to communicate Euler’s identity, it is in fact an astonishingly accomplished dual message—and, as always, a message of hope!


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