Fisherman’s Inn is a hotel on the shores of the Luminous Lagoon

https://www.facebook.com/fishermansinnjamaica16/ Fisherman’s Inn is a small boutique-style hotel on the shores of the Luminous Lagoon. We off a comfortable and full service stay with our multiple or single occupancy rooms. Let us make your Jamaican getaway complete. Ask Them For The Buddy Deal! Tell them you see this Video! We have a fantastic outdoor seaside pool that can be accessed directly by ground floor rooms onto a private patio complete with a cabana bar. Our restaurant and bar will keep you well fed and hydrated while you lounge seaside. We are located on the banks of the the planet’s brightest Luminous Lagoon (this is one of only four that exist in the entire world). The Luminous Lagoon is seriously right out of the movie Avatar… we’re not kidding. This is some unbelievably cool naturally occurring bioluminescence! Microscopic photoplankton that live in the waters here have the amazing ability to transmit light when they are disturbed. This means that when you swim in, or touch the water, it gives off a brief bright blue light. Call or email us any time! Call the Fisherman's Inn today! (876) 954-3427 (876) 590-2515 fishermansinnjamaica@hotmail.com

The Owner Margret Rose Lanam, in the red.


They're Trying to Ban Another Harmless Plant That Helps People By: Truthstream Media

Published on Aug 3, 2017
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