61-year-old CEO shares his tips for staying fit at any age

Take-Two Interactive chief Strauss Zelnick now sharing his 90-day plan to jumpstart your health and fitness in his new book.

Bio - Buddy Huggins I AM Speaking Life to my Cells & DNA Life is just to funny! I have turned 10 years into a life time of fun. See what you can do when you can collapse time. I am becoming younger healthier stronger because I say I am. I speak life to my atoms my cells and to my DNA. I speak that I am becoming that of a 21-year-old Elite Olympic athlete. Specialize in decathlon triathlon. And I'll be darned if my body is cooperating. By the way you haven't seen nothing yet the next 20 years is going to be a tremendous! I am second intention to run a Ironman Triathlon in the next year and, I intend to be able to run one when I'm 90 years old. "The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly." ~ Buddha : )

I AM Finding my Bliss, and Becoming Younger and Younger.
Hear and Read This With an Open Mind.
This is REAL, the Awakening is Real.
One Must Know Who he or she IS.
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I AM becoming Younger, I am becoming Lighter.
I eat very little food, mostly only food of Light, like Honey.
I AM learning to Live, On Liquid Light.

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Ozark Newsletter - April 2019 News & Updates

Volume XVIII | April 2019
April 2019 News & Updates
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April edition includes....
  • Christian County Business Development Corporation Note
  • 2019 Comprehensive Plan Press Release
  • Citywide Spring Clean-up Information
  • Meet Hayden, the new OC Recreation Supervisor
  • Ozark Employee Spotlight!
  • Upcoming Programs & Events

You can always find more information on our website at ozarkmissouri.com and connect with us on our social media pages, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Nextdoor
A note from Andrea Sitzes, Christian County Business Development Corporation
When is Ozark getting a Chic-Fil-A? That seems to be the No. 1 question I’m asked by citizens from the age of 5 to 95. You could easily interchange Chic-Fil-A with your favorite restaurant or brand and be wondering the same thing. How does a company decide where to locate?
Our Mission: Show Me Christian County is the collaborative public/private partnership serving as the business concierge, advancing economic health through an intentional and balanced approach to growth by leveraging our exceptional assets.
Economic development can be defined in many ways. Economic health is the path that we’re seeking as a county. The Office of Administration projects Christian County to be the single fastest growing county in Missouri from 2000-2030. Over the past 15-20 years, we’ve seen an influx of residents moving to our area for a safe quality of life, exceptional school district, and close proximity to regional amenities.
From small business to large industry, Ozark has a solid base of employment. Show Me Chrisitan County works with multiple partners to actively support entrepreneurship, business retention and expansion, and business attraction to this area. Job growth is key in moving toward a more balanced economy. I assist with a range of requests relating to the growth of our business sector.
One such example is the construction of Creative Audio’s new headquarters and distribution center just south of the Elk’s Lodge. I had the pleasure of working with the business owner from site selection through current construction. Grateful for Creative Audio’s investment, the project will relocate 20 jobs into our county. Efforts like this help to balance our day-time population of residents that both live and work in Christian County. On average, 75-80 percent of our residents travel outside the area for work each day.
Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with students at the Ozark Junior High and High School. What did those students want to know? You guessed it - When is Ozark getting a Chic-Fil-A? We walked through the steps to answer their question: How does Chic-Fil-A make their money? “They sell chicken.” When do they sell chicken? “At lunch.” Where are the people during lunch? “In Springfield (or outside the county).” So when is Ozark getting a Chic-Fil-A? My favorite answer: “When we get more jobs!”
It’s an honor to serve Christian County as we collectively pursue “more jobs” and work toward a balanced economy for the sustainability and future of the community we love so much. If you would like to chat more about economic development or a business opportunity for this area I’m happy to assist you. Thank you for making Ozark your home!
2019 Comprehensive Plan Press Release

The City of Ozark is excited to announce the release of the 2019 Comprehensive Plan. This public document, also referred to as “the Plan,” specifies how citizens want the City of Ozark to grow and improve in not only the near future, but 20 years and beyond. The Planning and Zoning Commission adopted the Plan by resolution February 25, 2019, and the Board of Aldermen adopted the plan by resolution March 4, 2019. The City of Ozark would like to express its gratitude to the Southwest Missouri Council of Governments (SMCOG) for its contribution to the development and distribution of the 2019 Comprehensive Plan.
The Plan serves as a continuous source of guidance for the city regarding land use, long range planning and a range of City services. Ozark has used the Plan to direct decision making since its original adoption in 1993, with amendments made in 2008 and now 2019. Ozark is one of the fastest growing communities in the region with a bright future due to its family-friendly atmosphere, small-town appeal, and unique history. Moving forward, the Plan will serve as a guide in managing the growth of Ozark and preserving this appeal by virtue of studying facts, making plans, and executing them. The 2019 Comprehensive Plan is meant to be long-term and used as a source of direction and guidance toward a desired end rather than a static blueprint of future development of the City.
Those wishing to access the 2019 Comprehensive Plan can visit the Planning and Development subsection at OzarkMissouri.com under the Doing Business in Ozark tab.

They may also access the storymap online by clicking here.
If you are a member of the press and wish to contact someone regarding the 2019 Comprehensive Plan, please contact Samantha Payne, Public Information Officer at 417-581-7002 ext 2001 or by mail at 1530 W. Jackson Street, Ozark, MO 65721.
Ozark Square will be renovated!
Ozark Public Works will be making renovations in the Historic Downtown Square to help create a lower maintenance environment in accordance with the seasons. This will include more appropriate plants for the location, the replacement of mulch with 2 to 4-inch gravel, and switching over from a spray-irrigation system to a drip system. PW will be taking a phased approach to the renovations set to start soon with good weather permitting. PW Crews will begin on the north side of the square for the first phase and the rest of the renovations will follow.
The OC
Meet the New Recreation Supervisor!

Hayden Ponsar is the new Recreation Supervisor for The OC. Hayden, originally from Springfield, Missouri, has been working with the YMCA for the last nine years in many different capacities with a large emphasis in overnight camps. He has acquired an extensive history with youth programs through working at the YMCA and takes great joy in being able to provide daily life changing experiences for everyone. 

What are you looking forward to the most with starting this new position?
I am most excited to continue to work in programs that seek to develop all individuals in our community. I also am excited to join the dynamic team at The OC and be a part of the amazing offerings that they already put together.

What do you like most about Ozark?
The thing I like most about Ozark, and excites me the most, is the philosophy that the community has about coming together and making their city the best it possibly can be. Everyone seems to be reaching out to each other to accomplish this goal through collaboration as well, which gives it almost an electric energy.

What are your goals in this position?
I am excited to continue the amazing traditions that have been built at The OC, but also to offer the community new and innovative options that will engage them in different capacities. Working together with all of the passionate individuals in the City of Ozark, I am excited to see what we can do together.
Q & A
Q: When will the City be collecting limbs this year?
A: The City of Ozark will be offering free limb collection as part of the annual City Wide Cleanup. Scheduled pickup dates are April 8, 2019 - April 12, 2019, weather permitting. In order to participate in the limb collection, you must be registered on the collection list by 5:00 p.m. April 9, 2019.
Q: Are there any rules or standards to follow in order to ensure that my limbs are picked up by the Public Works Department?              
A: Yes, in an effort to make sure our PW crews are capable of collecting the limbs and properly disposing of the limbs, there are certain guidelines that the City has established.

Q: Is the City also responsible for the Spring Curbside Cleanup?
A: It is a collaborative effort. The City works with our great partners at Republic Services to establish one Saturday each year dedicated to helping our citizens keep Ozark clean. The City’s Spring Curbside Cleanup has been scheduled for Saturday, April 13, 2019. 
Q: So if I put my items that qualify for the cleanup out on the curb at the same time as my limbs, will they all get picked up at the same time? 
A: This year, April 8th – 13th will be 6 productive days of cleaning up our community. The limb pickup will occur over 5 days, April 8 - 12th, and the Spring Curbside Cleanup will occur on Saturday, April 13th.

Q: When do I need to have my name on the list in order to ensure that my limbs will be picked up?
A: PW crews will begin collecting limbs on April 8th. However, in an effort to maximize citizen participation, this year we have decided to extend the deadline to be placed on the cleanup list until April 9th at 5:00 pm. This will allow citizens the opportunity to see our crews out picking up limbs and it might help remind others that it is time to take advantage of this amazing service provided by the City of Ozark. 
Q: What if I am out of town, I am unable to participate in the cleanup or I just plain forget to have my limbs on the curb?
A: The City of Ozark is one of the few communities that offers this free service to our citizens each year. We will be back out cleaning up once again next Spring. However, if you cannot wait a year, which is completely understandable, there are locations where you can haul your limbs for a charge. We have provided some links to those facilities. 
Q: What does the City do with all these limbs?
A: PW crews haul off the limbs to be chipped and utilized in our landscaping and along the nature trails which connect to The OC. 
Q: How do I participate in this amazing, free service provided by the City of Ozark?
A: Please register to be on the collection list by:
  • Contacting the Department of Public Works, Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm, at: 417-581-1702
  • Or email msteiner@ozarkmissouri.org
  • Or call City Hall at 417-581-2407
Ozark Employee Spotlight
Marissa Hodges, Guest Relations Supervisor
Marissa Hodges is the Guest Relations Supervisor at The OC. Originally from Osceola, Missouri, Marissa is married with 2 children and loves staying active and spending time with friends and family. Marissa has been dedicated to The OC for seven years, working both part-time and full-time. Her love for Ozark and its familial, comforting feeling extends to her neighboring community members who travel to The OC for its programs. Seeing people through their weight loss journeys, injury recoveries or simply seeing the front desk staff achieve their dreams, Marissa takes great joy in the growth she is able to witness as the years go by in her position. From managing 20+ part-time staff across The OC's many amenities like the Kid Zone, to handling finances and customer service, Marissa is working hard every day to make Ozark better.
Spring Clean Up
City of Ozark Department of Public Works Spring 2019 Citywide Clean-up is Saturday, April 13, 2019.

For additional details regarding the citywide clean-up, please click here.

The Spring 2019 Tree Limb Pick up is April 8, 2019 - April 12, 2019.

For additional details and regulations pertaining to the Tree Limb Pick up, please click here.

You can always visit our site OzarkMissouri.com to view future citywide events.
Christian County Library Update
For more information on event click HERE
Ozark Police Department
Upcoming Programs & Events
Summer Day Camps 2019 Registration!

Registration @ The OC on Saturday, April 27, 2019 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

For more information click HERE.

Run With The Cops 5k!

April 27, 2019 @ 9:00 a.m.
For more information and to register click HERE.
English Country Dance

Offered every Thursday from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.
For more information click HERE.

Ozark Tiger Shark Swim Team

For more information click HERE
Home School P.E.

Tuesday & Thursday 1-2 p.m.

For more information click HERE
Kids Night In

2nd Friday of the month

For more information
Click HERE
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