9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

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Transcript and sources: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=2594

Everything you ever wanted to know about the 9/11 conspiracy theory in under 5 minutes.
TRANSCRIPT: On the morning of September 11, 2001, 19 men armed with boxcutters directed by a man on dialysis in a cave fortress halfway around the world using a satellite phone and a laptop directed the most sophisticated penetration of the most heavily-defended airspace in the world, overpowering the passengers and the military combat-trained pilots on 4 commercial aircraft before flying those planes wildly off course for over an hour without being molested by a single fighter interceptor.

These 19 hijackers, devout religious fundamentalists who liked to drink alcohol, snort cocaine, and live with pink-haired strippers, managed to knock down 3 buildings with 2 planes in New York, while in Washington a pilot who couldn’t handle a single engine Cessna was able to fly a 757 in an 8,000 foot descending 270 degree corskscrew turn to come exactly level with the ground, hitting the Pentagon in the budget analyst office where DoD staffers were working on the mystery of the 2.3 trillion dollars that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld had announced “missing” from the Pentagon’s coffers in a press conference the day before, on September 10, 2001.

Luckily, the news anchors knew who did it within minutes, the pundits knew within hours, the Administration knew within the day, and the evidence literally fell into the FBI’s lap. But for some reason a bunch of crazy conspiracy theorists demanded an investigation into the greatest attack on American soil in history.

The investigation was delayed, underfunded, set up to fail, a conflict of interest and a cover up from start to finish. It was based on testimony extracted through torture, the records of which were destroyed. It failed to mention the existence of WTC7, Able Danger, Ptech, Sibel Edmonds, OBL and the CIA, and the drills of hijacked aircraft being flown into buildings that were being simulated at the precise same time that those events were actually happening. It was lied to by the Pentagon, the CIA, the Bush Administration and as for Bush and Cheney…well, no one knows what they told it because they testified in secret, off the record, not under oath and behind closed doors. It didn’t bother to look at who funded the attacks because that question is of “little practical significance“. Still, the 9/11 Commission did brilliantly, answering all of the questions the public had (except most of the victims’ family members’ questions) and pinned blame on all the people responsible (although no one so much as lost their job), determining the attacks were “a failure of imagination” because “I don’t think anyone could envision flying airplanes into buildings ” except the Pentagon and FEMA and NORAD and the NRO.

The DIA destroyed 2.5 TB of data on Able Danger, but that’s OK because it probably wasn’t important.
The SEC destroyed their records on the investigation into the insider trading before the attacks, but that’s OK because destroying the records of the largest investigation in SEC history is just part of routine record keeping.

NIST has classified the data that they used for their model of WTC7′s collapse, but that’s OK because knowing how they made their model of that collapse would “jeopardize public safety“.

The FBI has argued that all material related to their investigation of 9/11 should be kept secret from the public, but that’s OK because the FBI probably has nothing to hide.

This man never existed, nor is anything he had to say worthy of your attention, and if you say otherwise you are a paranoid conspiracy theorist and deserve to be shunned by all of humanity. Likewise him, him, him, and her. (and her and her and him).

Osama Bin Laden lived in a cave fortress in the hills of Afghanistan, but somehow got away. Then he was hiding out in Tora Bora but somehow got away. Then he lived in Abottabad for years, taunting the most comprehensive intelligence dragnet employing the most sophisticated technology in the history of the world for 10 years, releasing video after video with complete impunity (and getting younger and younger as he did so), before finally being found in a daring SEAL team raid which wasn’t recorded on video, in which he didn’t resist or use his wife as a human shield, and in which these crack special forces operatives panicked and killed this unarmed man, supposedly the best source of intelligence about those dastardly terrorists on the planet. Then they dumped his body in the ocean before telling anyone about it. Then a couple dozen of that team’s members died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

This is the story of 9/11, brought to you by the media which told you the hard truths about JFK and incubator babies and mobile production facilities and the rescue of Jessica Lynch.

If you have any questions about this story…you are a batshit, paranoid, tinfoil, dog-abusing baby-hater and will be reviled by everyone. If you love your country and/or freedom, happiness, rainbows, rock and roll, puppy dogs, apple pie and your grandma, you will never ever express doubts about any part of this story to anyone. Ever.

This has been a public service announcement by: the Friends of the FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, SEC, MSM, White House, NIST, and the 9/11 Commission. Because Ignorance is Strength.

This November vote NO on Initiative 26. Protect the health and safety of Mississippi women and families.

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According to Personhood USA, legislators in at least five states are sponsoring bills that would give the unborn full state constitutional rights from the moment of fertilization.

In North Dakota, such a bill has already passed in the House.

What Personhood USA and the legislators supporting these bills arent telling you is that these bills, if enacted, will hurt ALL pregnant women.

For more information on the stories this video tells, and to read the detailed response to American Life League's video response, go here: http://tinyurl.com/NAPW-ALL-Response

Smart Meters

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Use the letter below to forbid smart meter installation (or modify the letter to demand the meter be removed).

Energy Customer's Name
Street Address
City State Zip

Energy Provider
Street Address
City State Zip

Date of letter


Dear (Energy Provider) and all agents, officers, employees, contractors and interested parties,

If you intend to install a "Smart Meter" or any activity monitoring device at the above address, you and all other parties are hereby deny consent for installation and use of all such devices on the above property. Installation and use of any activity monitoring device is hereby refused and prohibited. Informed consent is legally required for installation of any surveillance device and any device that will collect and transmit private and personal data to undisclosed and unauthorized parties for undisclosed and unauthorized purposes. Authorization for sharing of personal and private information may only be given by the originator and subject of that information. That authorization is hereby denied and refused with regard to the above property and all its occupants. "Smart Meters" violate the law and cause endangerment to residents by the following factors:
1. They individually identify electrical devices inside the home and record when they are operated causing invasion of privacy.
2. They monitor household activity and occupancy in violation of rights and domestic security.
3. They transmit wireless signals which may be intercepted by unauthorized and unknown parties. Those signals can be used to monitor behavior and occupancy and they can be used by criminals to aid criminal activity against the occupants.
4. Data about occupant's daily habits and activities are collected, recorded and stored in permanent databases which are accessed by parties not authorized or invited to know and share that private data by those who's activities were recorded.
5. Those with access to the smart meter databases can review a permanent history of household activities complete with calendar and time-of-day metrics to gain a highly invasive and detailed view of the lives of the occupants.
6. Those databases may be shared with, or fall into the hands of criminals, blackmailers, corrupt law enforcement, private hackers of wireless transmissions, power company employees, and other unidentified parties who may act against the interests of the occupants under metered surveillance.
7. "Smart Meters" are, by definition, surveillance devices which violate Federal and State wiretapping laws by recording and storing databases of private and personal activities and behaviors without the consent or knowledge of those people who are monitored.
8. It is possible for example, with analysis of certain "Smart Meter" data, for unauthorized and distant parties to determine medical conditions, sexual activities, physical locations of persons within the home, vacancy patterns and personal information and habits of the occupants.
9. Your company has not adequately disclosed the particular recording and transmission capabilities of the smart meter, or the extent of the data that will be recorded, stored and shared, or the purposes to which the data will and will not be put.
10. Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency energy contamination from smart meters exceeds allowable safe and healthful limits for domestic environments as determined by the EPA and other scientific programs.

I forbid, refuse and deny consent of any installation and use of any monitoring, eavesdropping, and surveillance devices on my property, my place of residence and my place of occupancy. That applies to and includes "Smart Meters" and activity monitoring devices of any and all kinds. Any attempt to install any such device directed at me, other occupants, my property or residence will constitute trespass, stalking, wiretapping and unlawful surveillance and endangerment of health and safety, all prohibited and punishable by law through criminal and civil complaints. All persons, government agencies and private organizations responsible for installing or operating monitoring devices directed at or recording my activities, which I have not specifically authorized in writing, will be fully liable for any violations, intrusions, harm or negative consequences caused or made possible by those devices whether those negative consequences are justified by "law" or not..

This is legal notice. After this delivery the liabilities listed above may not be denied or avoided by parties named and implied in this notice. Civil Servant immunities and protections do not apply to the installation of smart meters due to the criminal violations they represent.

Notice to principal is notice to agent and notice to agent is notice to principal. All rights reserved.


Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved


This Standard would also allow utilities to recover from ratepayers any capital, operating expenditures, or other costs of the smart grid investment, including a reasonable rate-of-return. ”


THERE IS NO FEDERAL SECURITY MANDATE FOR SMART METERS, according to George W. Arnold the national coordinator for smart-grid interoperability at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. This agency of the U.S.  Department of Commerce is said not to be involved in regulations but is only tasked with promoting standards among industries.

While both the 2005 and 2007 faux energy bills were codified into public laws, NO part of them creates a federal law pertaining to individual consumers or dictating that the public must be forced to comply with provisions of SMART Grid. 

Contrary to the bleating of manufacturers and utility talking heads,  who claim there is no “opt out”, the fact is you, the consumer must be offered the meter, or request a meter and “OPT IN”.  No one can be forced to comply with an unrevealed contract between private corporations, and to which you were never a party and had no knowledge of.

 Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 : An Energy Tax Package was under development in Congress for several years prior to 2008. In September 2008, the package was finally enacted into law via its inclusion in the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. This tax package shifted tax liabilities from corporations who were already posting massive record profits, onto the public. 

Section 1307 State Consideration of Smart Grid 

Energy 2007, Page 6 :  This Section amends PURPA to create two additional PURPA Standards. (Note: Two new PURPA Standards are also created in Section 532.)                                                                                                                                   

These standards are in the form of requirements on parties such as utilities to undertake certain actions. The standards are not directly prescriptive on these parties, however; it is up to state utility regulatory commissions, or the bodies that govern other types of utilities, to decide that the standards should be actually adopted by utilities subject to their jurisdiction.                

The only direct mandate with PURPA standards is for the state or other jurisdictional body TO CONSIDER whether the new Standard should be implemented and to demonstrate that it has undertaken such consideration.   

The first new Standard would require utilities—prior to undertaking investments in non-advanced grid technologies— to demonstrate that they have considered investments in “qualified smart grid systems” based on a list of factors (on page 301) in the section that include total costs, cost-effectiveness, etc.

This Standard would also allow utilities to recover from ratepayers any capital, operating expenditures, or other costs of the smart grid investment, including a reasonable rate-of-return.              

Furthermore, this Standard would allow utilities to recover remaining book value of any equipment rendered obsolete by the deployment of such smart grid systems. There is no description or list relative to what “qualified smart grid systems” would be. ( end Page 6 ) (all emphasis, mine)                               

This is a tax bill.   “Ratepayers” are actually taxpayers.  This is a new TAX forcing the public to finance SMART METERS/GRID at the rate of 100% of costs plus a profit margin written into it.  We are being forced to finance a system sold as energy conservation, efficiency, carbon reduction, and at the same time being subjected to unwarranted surveillance, data mining, and extreme health hazards not to mention the invasion of our homes and businesses.  Taxes for this system are applied to your energy bill under several categories and not one part of this bill or the SMART GRID system will reduce consumption or make energy sources more secure or efficient.                                                                                                                                     

The Energy bills of 2005 and 2007 were Energy TAX bills and had nothing to do with conservation, security or efficiency.Readingthrough the 2005-2007 tax provisions is a laundry list of non-related tax breaks, subsidies, tax credits and other loopholes for gas and oil cartels and other so-called energy producing corporations.  All taxes for financing this loss of revenue will be applied to and paid by ….you, the general public. 

Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978  (PURPA)   Through PURPA, two standards were established:     “The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA 2007) contains two sections (secs. 532 and 1307), that also add additional “States-must-consider” standards to the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 (PURPA).” 

 The “states must consider” does not mean the states must comply as there is no law to force compliance of the states. 

DOE itself is NOT involved in the implementation of PURPA–States (or local governing boards) are–and so DOE is not in a position to offer guidance or advice on these new PURPA provisions.” 

**This is where the Department of Energy excused itself because it has no lawful authority.     

How they got in YOUR state 

Demand Response and SMART METERING Policy Actions since the Energy Policy Act of 2005. A summary for State Officials.                            

This summary is the guide document instructing state officials on how to implement this business plan in their respective states.   

Follow the Money! 

In late October 2009, the Department of Energy (DOE) announced the recipients of the $3.4 billion in stimulus grants under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Award selections were announced for 100 smart grid projects that are intended to lead to the rollout of approximately 18 million smart meters, 1 million in-home energy management displays, and 170,000 smart thermostats, as well as numerous advanced transformers and load management devices. The award selections were organized by category: 1) Advanced Metering Infrastructure; 2) Customer Systems; 3) Electric Distribution Systems; 4) Electric Transmission Systems; 5) Equipment Manufacturing; and 6) Integrated and/or Crosscutting Systems.  In its announcement, the DOE said the $3.4 billion represented the largest amount of ARRA funding ever made in a single day. 

But smart-grid projects that are competing for the $800 million in federal grants under the stimulus program would have to meet strict cybersecurity guidelines. The standards institute and other groups are working on a set of recommendations for state utility boards and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. (this is in addition to the 3.4 Billion the DoE handed out under the stimulus package and does not include the staggering number of other quickly devised “grant” programs which were nothing more than federal subsidizing of private corporations identified as “stakeholders” in this assault on the public, amounting to billions more.) 

ABSOLUTEY no testing was ever done on the SMART METERS to substantiate the claims by government and manufacturers that the meters are safe.  Independent testing however, exposes the danger of these meters to the overall public health. ‘Smart’ meter radiation is a Class 2B carcinogen according to the World Health Organization (pdf) (from http://stopsmartmeters.org/ )  And this is just the tip of the SMART METER iceberg.   No one knows what the affects of meshed systems will have on communities and neighborhoods as they are bombarded with massive amounts of radio frequency radiation thousands of times a day. 

So how did they do it? 

It is an assault on the senses that as the country foundered on the edge of near total economic collapse due to the corruption on Wall Street and in banking, that our congresses and presidents for the last ten years used this crisis to finance a massive assault on the public meant to further cement a police state while pandering to corporations to enrich them and by extension and as a repayment of favors owed, enriched themselves. 

Congress flooded the Department of Energy and the Commerce Department with billions of dollars loaded into the Economic Stabilization Act 2008 and the Stimulus 2009 package to buy access to individual states.  Considering the abhorrent state of our economy, you might be wondering where these billions came from. 

First came the “economic stabilization act of 2008, then the “stimulus” package of 2009 where billions and billions were funneled to federal corporate agencies. Then came a meeting with the ”council of governors” to determine how to access the states, flood them with cash during severe economic distress that they allowed to happen, and gain access inside the geographical boundaries of the states.  

Of course, the “council of governors” jumped right on the wagon and every governor in every state followed them with their hands out for the free cash…..that came from borrowing against the full faith and credit of the United States (Inc) which turns out to be ….you, the taxpayer.  

This allowed the DoE and various other unlawfully created corporate federal agencies to disperse massive wads of cash to those “stakeholders” they cherish so much. 

In short, the public is being forced to subsidize the capital investment and expansion of privately owned utilities in addition to being forced to pay a second time as these same parasitic corporations recoup these same investments that were funded by the stimulus package to begin with.   

Reading through the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and the subsequent EISA 2007 energy bill, it is absolutely clear that what did pass pertaining to SMART Metering pertained only to Federal buildings and [federal] housing.  This is in adherence to the Constitution which gives the federal government power only over needful buildings, insular possessions and territories.  In every other instance the word “voluntary” precedes any item. 

The SMART GRID system is nothing more than a system of accelerated energy costs with accompanying tax increases.  The system cannot and does not deliver more efficient use of energy and isn’t meant to.  The intent of the GRID and the meters is to pin energy rates to the ever fluctuating markets enabling the energy provider to charge the highest rate possible in any given period of time. Higher rates mean higher taxes.  This isn’t about energy conservation or any of the other nonsense put out as propaganda to foist these deadly meters upon an unsuspecting public: This is simply a business plan meant to unlawfully spy on private citizens while extorting the public for corporate profits. 

And if you get sick from these meters blasting you 24 hours a day with radio frequency radiation………tough crunchies.  There’s money to be made.


Notice of refusal of SMART Meter http://www.w4ar.com/Smart_Meter_refusal_Letter.pdf

http://stopsmartmeters.org/                                                                                                           ‘Smart’ meter radiation is a Class 2B carcinogen according to the World Health Organization (pdf), at least 100x the exposure from a cell phone, say UC Nuclear experts.  Equivalent to living within 500 feet of a major cell tower, according to independent EMF expert Cindy Sage.  Thousands are reporting adverse health effects to the PUC, and yet installations continue as if nothing is wrong.


USC Title 15 Commerce and Trade.                                                                                                  

Not revised, codified and enacted into positive law. http://www.llsdc.org/attachments/wysiwyg/544/usc-pos-law-titles.pdf

Regardless, Title 15 Commerce and Trade is non-positive Code & Title, simply meaning that there is no underlying Constitutional authority for the federal government to enter into these areas and therefore, these “codes” cannot be codified into public law and carry no force of law except as it applies to theDistrict of Columbia, insular possessions and territories. These are the ONLY places the federal government has absolute authority. 

Commerce and trade cannot be codified into public law as there is no underlying Constitutional authority for the federal government to enter into commerce or trade other than as a contracting party or, in the treaty process. The government may enter into trade disputes between the states as an arbitrator when there is a state-to-state dispute although, depending upon the political leanings of SCOTUS at any given time, the twisting and contorting of this provision can change dramatically. 

The federal government has no authority to unlawfully cede to or, empower any federal agency with powers and authority the federal government does not possess and never did. 

Federal Energy Regulatory   Commission     (FERC)                                                                          

http://www.ferc.gov/legal/fed-sta/ene-pol-act.asp              http://www.ferc.gov/industries/electric/indus-act/smart-grid.asphttp://www.ferc.gov/industries/electric/indus-act/smart-grid/eisa.pdf                                                                                                                               Federal metering requirements (Applies ONLY to federal buildings and [federal] housing) and include NO specific guidance of what to measure (i.e., kW, KVA, PF, Voltage, etc.)

PURPA Section 532 


Estimated Budget Effects Of The Revenue Provisions Contained In Titles I. And XV. Of H.R. 6, The “Clean Renewable Energy And Conservation Tax Act Of 2007,” As Passed By The House Of Representatives On December 6, 2007 http://www.jct.gov/publications.html?func=startdown&id=1352

Tax provisions written into both the 2005 and 2007 bills.   http://jct.gov/publications.html?func=startdown&id=1353

Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 http://www.house.gov/apps/list/press/financialsvcs_dem/press092808.shtml

Department of Energy  funding from Stimulus package http://www.kema.com/services/consulting/utility-future/smart-grid/follow-the-money-stimulus-funding-begins-to-flow-into-smart-grid-section.aspx

Federal funding for metering federal buildings and federal housing http://www.govenergy.com/2009/pdfs/presentations/Energy101-Session05/Energy101-Session05-Chvala_William.pdf

An Energy Tax Package http://www.house.gov/apps/list/press/financialsvcs_dem/press092808.shtml

Federal Meeting Requirements http://www.govenergy.com/2009/pdfs/presentations/Energy101-Session05/Energy101-Session05-Chvala_William.pdf

Demand Response and SMART METERING Policy Actions since the Energy Policy Act of 2005. A summary for State Officials http://www.scribd.com/doc/43043654/US-Smart-Meters-Regulations-Policy-Makers-Guide

What are “advanced meters?http://www.govenergy.com/2009/pdfs/presentations/Energy101-Session05/Energy101-Session05-Chvala_William.pdf

National Institutes of Standards and Technology            http://www.nist.gov/smartgrid/

US-S Smart Meters Regulations Policy Makers Guide http://www.scribd.com/doc/43043654/US-Smart-Meters-Regulations-Policy-Makers-Guide


What is GENESIS2012?

  Clear your
Energies & Karmic Imprints
The Universal Truth

What is GENESIS2012? 
Its an Awakening Call to realize the new beginning with Earth changes that happen every 26,556 years.

[Watch Timeline to 2012 - A Good Presentation on 2012 with explanation on global warming, pole shift,new Earth map]

An Awakening to what?
To reality. The Universal Truth. The beings on this planet have been blocked from receiving/knowing the real truth. Earth is to be reopened to the universe from its current quarantined position. [Lifting of the veils (at planetary and individual levels].

What is the Reality or Universal Truth?
Truth is provided to us at different levels. We typically only receive what we are able to process based on our ability to accept and comprehend. Its like peeling an onion. There are many layers.

The first layer is the belief system that is already on this planet (amongst all religions). This is the belief system you inherit from your family ancestry when you are born. Its time to question the truth of this belief system (if you have not already done so).

Who are we? Where did we come from? What species are we? Why did we come to this planet in this time line? Have we been here before? What is our source? Who is the creator of this system? What is this system? How does it function?

These questions have been asked by many for thousands of years. Until now the answers were not available at the Universal level. Up to now the general belief is that GOD is the direct creator of all. This is true at the ultimate level as source is the creator of everything that exists.

What is the reality? Look at creation as we know it. The billions of universes, galaxies, planets and beings. How do all of these function? What is the intelligence factor that drives this whole system?

Below is a higher level of universal truth provided in simple form to those that are ready to accept and comprehend it.

Every planetary system has a governing body. Just like every country has a governing body. There is also a universal governing body and a cosmic governing body.

We are in a 15 dimension time matrix system. This time matrix is made up of our solar system and many other solar systems. Each system exists in a dimension zone. Our Earth has been in the dimension 1-3 zone. Our sun and other planets in our solar system are in dimension 4-6 zone. There are other higher systems in the 7-9 and 9-12 dimension zones.

Just like there are trillions of cells in a human body there are trillions of planets in this system created by the Supreme GOD Source. The macrocosm (planetary universal system) works the same as the microcosm (the body layers system in each person). 

SOURCE has created a system within itself that allows everything within itself to flow the same way all the cells inside the human system flow. Source observes and monitors everything within itself and lets its creation manifest. Its divine intelligence has a system of seeding each cosmic and universal time matrix.

A governing body overlooks each 15 dimension time matrix. Through source energies the governing body manifests the planets and all the beings for the time matrix. These are the GODseed (Elohim beings). They reside in the higher dimension 13-15, and overlook the well being of the time matrix system.

Our individual creator GOD seed also resides in Dimension 13-15. It is known as our Godseed Monad. Our Godseed Monad is huge. From its source energies it creates 12 oversouls (also known as oversoul monads). The oversouls reside in dimension 7-9. Each oversoul creates 12 souls. These souls reside in dimension 4-6. The souls create 12 incarnates. The incarnates reside in dimensions 1-3.

There are 1728 beings (12oversouls x 12souls x 12incarnates)  energized and created from each Godseed Monad. The energies of each Oversoul is its group of 144 beings and the energies each soul is its group of 12. 

Where do we fit in all this? We are the incarnate. There are usually 2 incarnates sent to each time cycle one male and one female. These are our soul mates. The other 10 soul mates are in different time cycles.

We are not all human. Our monads belong to different species. For all incarnates to experience life on dimension 1-3 (Earth) the human body uniform has to be worn, so all beings have a similar body structure. One of the conditions in this dimension is free will and choice.

Before we entered this dimension we had full knowledge of our soul, oversoul and Godseed Monad layers. And knew why we chose to experience this dimension. Upon entering this dimension field (the matrix of this system) our memories are blanked out. We come into this matrix with no idea of who we are or the existence of our soul. The free will system does not allow outside assistance without our permission. We are not able to connect to our soul layer for assistance as we are not made aware of its existence.

The ancestral belief systems created on this planet worship an outside God Source when we are actually residing inside the God Source. Just like our cells inside us, we are like a cell inside God's body. The part of our cell that is at its divine level and purest with the highest connection to the GOD Source energy is our Godseed Monad. The only way for us to directly connect to the GOD source is through our Godseed Monad. The God Souce does not want to be worshipped. We are its children. Source wants us to connect and be ONE with it. The ONENESS connection is only possible by going within our heart and through all our higher layers. Outside worship through the planetary/universal Gods and masters cannot establish this ONENESS connection for us.
The journey starts by expanding our beliefs and developing our Self by practicing the following:

  • Know that this life is temporary and has a purpose. Discover the true purpose. What is it that we came here to accomplish.
  • Learn about karmic imprints, negative energy blockages, the real cause of dis-ease and the destructive power of negative feelings and thoughts towards our self and others (especially during anger).
  • Know that when we ACCEPT WHAT IS in every moment WE REMAIN WITH PEACE OF MIND as everything that happens to make us upset or angry is already in the past and cannot be changed.
  • Daily, Love our Whole Self and Source
  • Daily, Show gratitude for everything we have
  • Express love to all under all conditions
  • Know our Whole Self with all our layers
  • Recognize our ONENESS with Source
Discover the Real Truth by being open minded with discernment from the heart about what is real and what is not. There is a lot going on this planet that is not for our highest good. Most of what is being taught and practiced is not from the Godseed levels. Be most careful about receiving energies from others (healers) especially if they are not opened to the higher dimensions. The safest energy zone is from the 12th dimension and above. Most energy healers on the planet transmit Dimension 1 -4 energies. Be cautious with these energies as they can alter the  progress to the higher layers. Psychic energy is mostly 4th dimensional (astral). Many entities reside in the astral realm. It is best to stay away from the astral realm. Shifting your frequencies to 5th dimension and higher (through intention and practice of Soul Awakening techniques) will shield you from the lower entities and keep you away from the astral debris.

Prior to now this information was not available in the 1-3 dimension zone. There are billions of incarnates trapped in this zone. They all came into this zone over thousands of years and have been trapped in this system. The knowledge of our soul, monad and God seed layers is the key to discovering our journey back home.

What is home?
There are many levels of home.
Level 1 - Soul layer merge (Dimensions 4-6)
Level 2 - Oversoul layer merge (Dimensions 7-9)
Level 3 - Avatar layer merge (Dimensions 10-12)

Level 4 - God seed Monad (Rishi) layer merge [I AM]
(Dimensions 13-15)

All dimensions are at at different density frequencies.

We are currently at dimension 1-3 (density) frequencies. Our physical, emotional and mental layers make up the the 3 dimensional layers. The more the beings on this system become contaminated and corrupt their energetics, the more dense the individual and planetary system becomes. Over time Earth became extremely dense and dropped to 3rd dimension density. There was a time when Earth was at 5th Dimension density. At that time the incarnate beings were at the soul layer with full knowledge of their memories and were able to co-create their desires instantly through thought concentration using the universal laws of attraction, gratitude, joy and love.


Every 26,556 year cycle the planetary systems get adjusted. December 21, 2012 is the end of the current cycle.  Earth's frequencies started shifting 25 years ago and is expected to be fully in 5th dimension density by 2012.

This may be a good explanation why there are currently so many people (6.5 billion) on the planet.  A hundred years ago earth's population was around 1.5 billion. Two thousand years ago it was around 500 million. It took 2000 years to go from 500million to 1.5billion. And 100 years to go from 1.5bilion to 6.5billion. Technology in only 100 years has gone from horseback transportation to spaceships, satellite communication and home computers with internet.

FOR MORE GO TO THIS WEBSITE:        http://www.selftransform.net/


Wall Street Protests


Walk-ins Welcome Conference : October 7th, 8th, and 9th, 2011

  • Suddenly, you don’t fit into your environment?
  • Wondering: “What planet am I from?” or
  • Wondering of friends or family, “What planet are THEY from?”
  • Sudden changes in your taste, clothing, habits, friends or relationships?
  • A deep desire to dramatically change jobs for service to humanity?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be a Walk-In. or -  maybe someone you know (and love) is a walk-in. See below for more information on Walk-ins.


When two individual souls have agreed to switch places this is often referred to as a “walk-in”. The first soul (the walk-out) has either completed their task or development, or has suffered a traumatic experience and is ready to move on. The second soul  (the walk-in) serves, often, in a completely different capacity. Also called a “soul transformation”.


It is our information, Walk-Ins are here to help with the shift of this planet, Earth.  They come to be of service, care take this planet, and provide guidance and assistance as needed for the Shift of this planet – now.
Currently, a large number of Walk-ins are occurring here on Earth. Most enter without conscious memory and the adjustment can be jarring and detrimental for many walk-ins as well as their family and friends. By creating support, combined with a forum of walk-in experiences, the transition can be smoother and the adjustment towards the new journey, faster.
See below for more information on “Why”?

  • 5:30 – 7:30PM:    Registration
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  • Lenedra Carroll - Author of The Architecture of All Abundance, Lenedra is an artist, poet, author, entrepreneur, singer and philanthropist. She has also managed the career of her daughter, singer/songwriter Jewel.
  • bj King World re-known mystic and artist, intergalactic channel
  • Rev. Kari Chapman Channel for the Archangel Michael, owner of Namaste Wisconsin
  • Leandra MurrayInternational Psychic, Opening to the Animal Oracle and the Symbols of Siddhi
  • John Schulte Channel – Exposing the Masters Within, Gateway 2011-2012 Activations and The Pass Process
  • Marilyn Harper -  Adironnda & Company – Clear Channel, Award-wining Speaker, Integrational Facilitator of Spiritual Healing, has published 11 CDs
  • Faith RanoliHeart and Home Healing - a Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Life Development Coach and a Radio Host on HealthyLife.net
  • Kathleen Farrell and Chuck Cunningham – SoulTones – Experience a vibrational, integrational concert utilizing crystal and Tibetan singing bowls combined with gong tones
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Author Ruth Montgomery was one of the first to coin the phrase “Walk-In” in her book, Strangers Among Us. Since then, Walk-Ins have been awakening all over the world.
An interesting phenomena, both the Walk-out and the Walk-in agree to the arrangement.  The Soul Exchange may have been agreed upon before the soul enters (or is born), or it may be an agreement that is more recently ‘contracted’. It’s not as “scary” as it sounds. It’s not possession; it’s simply a transformational switch.  Some even call this “soul transformation”.
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September 23, 2011. Today is the Fall Equinox and the Sun also moves out of Virgo into Libra, the Scales of Justice. We have been making mention of this period that we are moving into now for over a year and especially in the past several months. As the Sun moves into Libra and the Fall Equinox begins, we are moving into a different time period that I call "a time between time". It is like an interval or intermission, as we wait for the next phase of humanity's fate to BECOME. We cross over. Thankfully we already know the outcome. This interval period will last for 7 years, during the time of Uranus being stationed in Aries, 2011-2018. Eye have seen that the immediate time frame could be very devastating for the planet and humanity, but Eye also know the end result will be glorious.

Here is a little more detailed lesson about prophecy and understanding the prophetic that we often mention in our publications. A Prophet or Seer may see a thing because of his/her abilities to have visions, hear clearly, to read the energetic frequencies, consciousness, or interpret the scientific data that may manifest in various forms (nature, cosmos, planets, technology, etc). In Christian terminology, God reveals it to him/her. However, if there is a shift in consciousness (people praying, loving, less selfishness, more focus on spirituality), change in the vibratory frequency, change in the scientific or hi tech data; the prophesy will also change. This change could manifest as the impact of prophesied events not being as great, events postponed or delayed. We have many biblical references to this, in biblical terminology it reads, "And the Lord repented..." The Being that we call God is All Knowing and does not need to repent or have a change of mind; unless He does not have full knowledge. However, if there is a change in the hearts of humans; the negative energy or judgement which was coming can be delayed or averted. This was often done through Confession of wrongdoing, Repentance, Fasting and Prayer throughout all cultures. It is not like the Creator is just counting the faults of frail humans and finally decides to punish them. There are universal laws of sowing and reaping on an individual level, nationally, and globally. Positive, loving, spiritual practices can literally change the energetic harvest of what has been sown.

For the month of Elul (End of August til now), we have been in a time of confession, repentance, periodic fasting and prayer for ourselves, the religious system, our nation and the world. Those of you that read our "Daily Blog" have been a part of this awesome spiritual exercise. - - http://www.atam.org/Weblog.html - - We have found out that there were other groups of enlightened souls leading in similar meditative exercises throughout the month of September. Over 2 weeks ago we began to feel a "Shift in the Atmosphere" and an inner knowing that the impact of certain immediate events would be lessened. This is the power of prayer, repentance and releasing love. We are not saying that there wont be disasters in the immediate future, but we are saying that the impact wont be as bad as have been shown in visions and sensed.
Prophecy is given to warn us of things that are coming. It is also given to warn us of things we can avoid by changing (repentance). Prophetic words are not always engraved in stone, many times they are conditional; whether they be positive prophecies (blessings) or negative prophecies (judgements). This shows the power that we have been given as humans to create our future. Nevertheless, we do acknowledge that there are some things that must manifest, and that overall it will benefit the whole of humanity; no matter how horrible or good it seems.

There is a lot of things happening in the world behind the scenes that most are not privileged to know about. If most people even heard about them, it would be hard to believe. Society and the media has conditioned (brain washed) most very well to not think too far outside the box. We have received multiply confirmations about the positive Shift we felt taking place in the atmosphere. While in meditation the Spirit spoke this to me on September 18, 2011 - we posted it in out September 18 blog: Here is an excerpt.

"Eye hear the word of the LORD also saying, "For those of you that have taken this month Elul to heart thus far, and have taken heed to the words of his servant; you shall benefit greatly. You are participating in an exercise which is having positive affects globally and galactically beyond your comprehension. Your meditation, prayers, confessions and repentance is serving to assist the Forces of Light in other dimensions that's been assigned to make Earth's transition smoother. That which projects outwards and ascends upward from your being in love is met with Light particles which are downloaded back into your being, thus, making you less dense and more spirit.
A great change is happening as you have and yet is unconsciously connecting with others on this plane and other planes. Those from this world and from other worlds. The time is nearer where you will clearly see and understand all things. "

What you may not realize and many will have a hard time wrapping their minds around is; there is a literal battle for planet Earth taking place. This literal battle will manifest in your skies above your heads in the near future. This battle is between forces, Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBE's), we are not talking about spirit beings- that's another subject. There are some EBE's along with humans that live off world that have evil intentions for the planet and her inhabitants. Thankfully there are enough humans and other forces that are fighting for the planet. (Within less than a few years this will all be clear beyond any doubts)

One month ago, August 23, the Sun moved into Virgo and we had (2) suspicious Earthquakes in strange places. We prophesied as directed by the Spirit into the meanings of those thing that very day and posted it in our Daily Blog the next day September 24. Some of the prophetic signs begin manifesting and were validated within days. -- http://www.atam.org/Phallicworship.html -- Here is an excerpt:

"We had (2) Earthquakes, one in Colorado and the other in Virginia that shook all of the East Coast. Virgo represents purity, chaste, commitment, and many other positive qualities. However, the symbolism of what we read in the effects of the earthquake are the opposite.

In both Colorado and Virgina there are a lot of secret military facilities and literally secret underground cities, complete with high speed rail system and very hi-tech. "The Earthquakes are prophesying to us and preparing us for a soon coming greater shaking in the government/politics, religious and military might of America. Everything is about to change." 8/23/11

We want to highlight in your mind this phrase we stated: "In both Colorado and Virgina there are a lot of secret military facilities and literally secret underground cities, complete with high speed rail system and very hi-tech ." The strangeness of Earthquakes happening in both places could not have been coincidences. About a week later, we started getting reports that both Earthquakes were caused by a Nuclear Device being purposely set off in the underground facilities. This was verified with seismic readings.

Some documents suggest that the USA has been involved with Black Budget Operations of building Deep Underground Bases and Cities since the 1940's. There are believed to be possibly hundreds of underground bunkers built. Even more interesting is some of the underground bases that our government is using were originally discovered by ground penetrating x-ray technology. These were bases used and built by races of beings not from this planet thousands of years ago. The USA is not the only country that has an interest in going underground. Russia is rushing to build 5000 underground bunkers by 2012. - - http://www.shtfplan.com/emergency-preparedness/russians-to-rapidly-build-5000-bomb-shelters-in-moscow-by-2012_11122010 --- 

The largest known underground city in the USA is underneath the Denver International Airport. This underground city serves many purposes. One of the main purposes; this is where the President, politician, military generals, top scientist and the elite will go when major devastation hits planet Earth. The cities are fully stocked and serve as a Noah's Ark for humanity to start over again. However, what most do not realize is that the Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB's) and cities are also the Control and Communication Center for certain humans (possibly nearly 50,000 or more) living off-world and the EBE's that certain elements of our government are in league with.

It is believe that certain "sentinels of the planet" staged an almost simultaneous attack on the humans and non human forces of evil on August 23, 2011 by setting off nuclear devices underground in Colorado and Virginia. It is also believed that "the powers that were" are quickly dwindling. This is what we have been prophesying into by the Spirit over the past several years. Their underground military might has been greatly damaged or destroyed at both location. Their underground cities for the elite and others are damaged, maybe destroyed and whatever they or the cosmos had orchestrated to hit the planet; they may not be able to escape underground to avoid it. At least in those locations. With the control and command stations gone, the humans and non-humans living off world seemingly are left high and dry for now. 

Are there any prophetic scripture references that men would build underground facilities to hide in this day? Yes!! "Men will go into caves of the rocks and into holes of the ground before the terror of the LORD and the splendor of His majesty, When He arises to make the earth tremble. They will go into caves in the rocks and into cracks in the cliffs because of the LORD's terrifying presence and the honor of his majesty when he rises to terrify the earth." Isaiah 2:19,21 "And the kings of the earth, and the great, and the chiliarchs, and the rich, and the strong, and every bondman and freeman, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains..." Revelation 6:15


Where is off-world? (1) The dark side of the artificial object in the sky that we call a Moon. Did you ever wonder, why is the Moon the only object in the universe that does not spin on an axis? Also, why does it move only when Earth would have full view of the dark side, so that we never get to see it from Earth? - - http://www.atam.org/Moonanomalies.html --
Here is a vision/dream I had of the Moon on September 4, 2011:

"Eye was walking down a street at night and voices began to excitedly yell at me. I could see no people, just voices trying to get my attention shouting out of the dark. They were saying, 'Look up! Look at the Moon, just watch it. Look at it.' Eye looked up and the Moon started to move out of its place, it came a bit closer and then it appeared to move backwards. It appeared smaller and smaller as it appeared to move further away. Clouds were moving rapidly across the sky and the face of the Moon.

My attention was drawn to the shadow on the Moon and suddenly it seems as if the Moon flipped over right before my eyes. The only way Eye can describe it is as some type of polar shift on the Moon. Eye see when this event happens NASA or the government will not be able to cover it up- Something will soon happen with the Moon that will get everyone's attention. There will soon be some type of sign in the Moon that will even be reported in the media. (we are aware of past anomalies regarding the Moon and have written about them, this is something different)".

(2) Humans have been living on Mars, beneath the surface for decades. Certain ET/EBE races have been living there also for eons. Did you ever wonder why there are similar structures on Mars as on Earth? Pyramids and the giant face of a man looking toward Earth were long discovered. Recently domed cities have been discovered by amateur astronomers. (3) Phobos, a Moon of Mars- it has been long known that it is artificial and considered to be a giant space station for an Alien race that lives inside Phobos. (4) Venus has 7 known domed cities, discovered by the Russians space probe in the mid-1980's. It is believed that a Reptilian race inhabits them.
As we have stated many times, there are some Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBE's=Aliens) with good intentions and there are some with evil intents; very much like humans only much more advanced. Some of you are wondering if this is in the Bible and why are we writing about this. Yes, you read about them almost every time you open it, most of the time you read about "angels" this is what it is referring to. Most of what the ancients called Angels, we call Aliens today. We have been writing and teaching about these things for many years to awaken Believers to what is about to happen.

Okay, let's go deeper into what some will think of as the "weird zone". We have shared for many years that disclosure and prophetic events are often shown to us ahead of time through Hollywood. You may wonder why this happens. First of all the Creator is Always speaking and using every means possible to get the messages across, and those who are watching and listening get it. For many years now, each time I go to the theater to watch anything of science fiction, futuristic or political nature; I carry a note pad. I know that there will be prophetic clues given to me. We have shared many over the years. Messages are also given in many of the same types of TV shows. The second reason why future events are disclosed through Hollywood is, "they" live by a code that they keep and honor. Due to certain galactic laws, "they" can not do anything major on the planet without forewarning and sometimes the warnings and hidden messages are given decades in advance.

Many of you will remember the movie released in 1977, Encounter of the Third Kind. In the movie there was a list of numbers or codes given by the Aliens - 104 44 30 40 36 10. Here is a shot from the movie clip:

Is it coincidence that this movie released in 1977 dealing with EBT/ET's - Aliens coming to planet Earth would give the exact cordinance for the Denver International Airport, that sat on top of the largest known Underground City and Military Base in the World?? The Denver International Airport was built 16 years later. I have gone through there many times; if you have gone through there, you will know it is not an ordinary airport. It is filled with prophetic, apocalyptic and occultic symbolism that has caused complaints for many years. The Denver International Airport was built on over 34,000 acres.

I believe that they were instructed to build the airport, underground bases, cities and space command center long before the 1977 movie. The movie Encounter of the Third Kind was made and information was disclosed in keeping with unspoken codes. If one Google "movie mistakes" you will find out that the codes 104 44 30 40 36 10 is considered a movies mistake for the locate of Devil's Tower. This was not a mistake, it was yet another clue as to the negative or evil entities that would be operating from the correct location beneath the Denver International Airport. Devil's Tower, Wyoming is about 400 miles from DIA.

The image above is the coordination of W104 44 30 N40 36 10 - Undisclosed info says the underground cities and bases stretch 88 miles, that would yet fall within the range even if the cordinance would be a few miles off. Since we know that the underground facility was set up as a military and space command center; could this be why Colorado has so many sighting of UFO's.
Scene from Close Encounter of the Third Kind - The Landing.

The Apocalyptic sounds being heard worldwide and the most popular one in Eastern Europe and Ukraine seems to sound like a horn or trumpet. In this video clip Hollywood seems to portray that when the aliens make contact, it will be with the sound of horns (musical). I am reminded of an ancient book I read called the Bible and it seems to state that there would be sounds like a trumpet/horns blasting at the appearing of entities from the sky. Could there be some type of connection?? 

What is the mystery behind the 5 musical notes in the movie CE3K? Were they randomly chosen? I am going to only give you another piece of the puzzle here; otherwise, we will get too far out there off this course.


Over 10 years ago some of will remember we were teaching in our Conferences & Mystic School gatherings on Solfeggio Scale. Gary & Verna Clay worked closely with me during that time and introduced Tuning Forks and many other ancient healing and energetic modalities. (Yes, some thought we were crazy and practicing black magic for using sound therapy, chanting and tuning forks to get people healed) The TribeOscope CD that we produced, the background music is played in the Solfeggio Scale. Gary's keyboard was tuned to it, he did the music. (We are not producing any at this time)

The Solfeggio Scale is the ancient and once forbidden and forgotten musical notes used by the mystics for unlocking the supernatural. The frequencies were used in the Gregorian Chants. The Solfeggio Scale when used properly interacts with DNA and brings healing. We have witnessed this and know it to be true.
Music is a Universal language and evidently the Extraterrestrials/Aliens like it. Apparently, it is believe that they use the Solfeggio Scale. Why wouldn't they? It is the most advance mathematical musical matrix given by the Creator. Could that be why the religious system once banned it and gave us musical tension that creates imbalance? The Solfeggio Scale is based on 6 frequencies or notes but can be expanded. 

In the movie Encounter of the Third Kind, 5 musical notes of the Solfeggio Scale were chosen to communicate with the Aliens.- d e c C G - The composer John Williams was responsible for this choice. Rumors are, German scientists were also involved, this makes it even more fascinating. (Those that have ears to hear let him hear). One would have to tune their keyboard to the Solfeggio Scale to hear how it would actually sound and to experience it. God loves music.

Our next set of "Shift Dates" on the Prophetic Calendar are September 24-26, 2011. As we have explained, the energy in deep space affecting our planet will manifest on and about those dates listed - The affects can start around 2 days before through 2 days after. So far throughout the year, Earth changes and major world event have happened on the exact dates. 

It came to my attention a few weeks ago that President Obama is scheduled to be in Denver, Colorado September 27, 2011. There are some reports saying that he has been ordered to the underground military bunker to escape what shall be happening on that day. I personally believe he will be there to inspect what remains of the underground city, the level of radiation and determine how much can be salvaged. He might also be there to honor the slain 30,000 mostly human military personnel that was killed during August 23, 2011 explosion that caused the Earthquake. Some leaked info states that there may have been up 60,000 killed between the underground blast in Colorado and Virginia. (Of course you would not hear about any of this or the acknowledgement of the underground city in the media).

Was there a clue given in the apocalyptic movie "2012" about September 27, 2011?? We discussed earlier how Hollywood and those who really run it are bound by certain codes to disclose major events that "they" cause or nature causes that they might have foreknowledge about. Several months back I watch the movie 2012 again and took notes, I am finding out that others are doing the same. 

There is a scene at around 11:57 into the move where the actor wakes up and looks at his watch. It is 9:27:11 (9:27 and 11 seconds=9/27/11) He says Oh God, I am a dead man, I am a dead man, I am a dead man.

Here are some very interesting things that will be happening:
China will launch it's Space Station between September 27-30 - It is called "Heavenly Palace"

September 24, 2011 - NASA's doomed 6-ton Satellite is expected to crash back into Earth - They wont know exactly where it will hit until maybe a few hours prior entry. (This happens to be on our prophetic Shift date)

The United Nations has an empty schedule from September 23rd through October 10th, 2011. (Will they be headed underground)?

The UK Parliament is in recess from September 15th through October 10th, 2011. (Will they be underground)?

The United States Congress is on vacation from September 25th through October 2nd, 2011. (Will they be headed underground)?

Germany’s President’s schedule is empty after September 25, 2011.

2011 ACEEE National Conference on Energy Efficiency as a Resource
September 25, 2011 - September 27, 2011
Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center Denver, CO

"A disturbing report prepared by General Alexey Maslov, the Senior Military Representative of the Permanent Mission of Russia to NATO, states that he has been notified by the Americans of their plan to hold a DEFCON 1 “Cocked Pistol” maximum readiness alert drill on 27 September which will be overseen by President Obama at one the United States most secure bunkers located beneath the Denver International Airport." Sorcha Faal 

I am a firm believer in the power of the hi-tech spiritual technologies. With proper use, we have been given power that affects the natural world, other worlds and other dimensions. The technologies I speak of, are prayer, meditation, fasting and releasing decrees from the heart center.

As of this day, September 23rd, we have moved into a very unusual time. There will be many changes manifesting in the government, economy, weather, earth changes, etc. in the coming days, weeks and months. Many of these things will appear negative- Keep focused. Eye expect the knowledge of the glory of the LORD to cover the earth as the water covers the sea.
This video was referred to me that confirms the underground facilities around the Denver International Airport:




Let Psalms 27 be your meditation along with Luke 6:38.

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The most intriguing and arguably the most disturbing aspect of the Denver International Airport are its murals.  These bizarre paintings seem relatively bright and cheerful at first glance, but upon closer inspection, are quite odd.
One of the murals is called “Children of the World Dream of Peace”.  Awww, isn’t that nice?  Well, it would be, if it weren’t for the fact that the mural depicts genocide, famine, military oppression, and death.  Hovering over the “children of the world” is a grotesque alien-like, Nazi-esque,  gas mask wearing uniformed figure, who is in the act of spearing the Dove of Peace with a giant sword.  He is surrounded by women holding dead babies.  There are dead children lying in coffins, and kids with swords wrapped in their nation’s flags.  The mural is covered with images of war and death.

s 12203107351270265 150x150 Mysterious Murals and Monuments at the Denver Airport denver airport children dead murals 150x150 Mysterious Murals and Monuments at the Denver Airport1decd910 150x150 Mysterious Murals and Monuments at the Denver Airport570587209 2d3129a196 150x150 Mysterious Murals and Monuments at the Denver Airportmurals1 150x150 Mysterious Murals and Monuments at the Denver Airportdia6 150x150 Mysterious Murals and Monuments at the Denver Airport