The Grid and how to Exit the Matrix - By Wes Penre

WesPenre.com is diving into the details of the creation of our Universe/Multiverse; how and where life on Planet Earth started; the genetic manipulation of ...
Our names are Wes Penre and Ariel Glad. This channel is bringing up metaphysical topics that we believe are crucial for people to know for the immediate futu...
May 20, 2018 - Uploaded by Ankaraman
What is happening is that - you leave religion, but you always use the same brainwashing mental pattern in ...
Nov 21, 2018 - Uploaded by Ankaraman
Wes Penre channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0RVai_3hFfJ75juEEcwNog http://wespenre ...
Sep 14, 2018 - Uploaded by Ankaraman
Wes Penre channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0RVai_3hFfJ75juEEcwNog It all comes ...
Dec 2, 2018 - Uploaded by Ankaraman
Wes Penre channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0RVai_3hFfJ75juEEcwNog ...
Nov 5, 2018 - Uploaded by Ankaraman
http://wespenre.com http://youtube.com/c/wespenre60 Support Wes Penre: http://wespenre.com ...
Sep 25, 2018 - Uploaded by Ankaraman
Wes Penre: http://youtube.com/c/wespenre60 http://wespenre.com/ SupportWes Penre: http ...
Nov 7, 2018 - Uploaded by Ankaraman
http://wespenre.com http://youtube.com/c/wespenre60 Support Wes Penre: http://wespenre.com ...


Leon's Lobster Hut-TripAdvisor Page is Off the Hook!!-Jamaica Burwood Beach

https://tinyurl.com/Leon-The-Lobsterman Leon's Lobster Hut - TripAdvisor Page is Off the Hook!! He has some of the best reviews of any restaurant in Falmouth and on the beach. #LeonsLobsterHut See These Videos: UPDATE on Leon's Lobster Hut Falmouth Jamaica 12-03-17 - https://youtu.be/N710PqfX9T8 LEON'S LOBSTER HUT Next Royalton White Sands Jamaica Published on Feb 14, 2015 https://youtu.be/9bQ-sNXom4Y LEON'S LOBSTER HUT Next to the Royalton White Sands Jamaica - There is Good food on the beach. Check Out His Reviews On TripAdvisor! http://tinyurl.com/pwa9zrt #glisteningwaterslagoon #PaddleBoardRentals #luminoulagoon #glisteningwaters #LeonTheLobsterman #LeonTheLobsterman #LEONSLOBSTERHUT #PaddleBoardRentals #BurwoodBeach #LuminousLagoon #luminoulagoon #BurwoodPublicBeach
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Glistening Waters at the Luminous Lagoon from the air

JAN. FEB. MARCH AND APRIL 2019 !!! and All Year
Book Stand Up Paddleboarding SUP Tour with Boat Rides. For 2 up groups of 20 people Martha Brae River SUP and Luminous Lagoon Boat Ride with SUP - We offer daily night-time tours of the #LuminousLagoon starting at sunset. Come relax first with a nice drink or meal and great times! 1h 4 hours  or ALL DAY!
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AirBnB Luminous Lagoon https://tinyurl.com/kitesurfjamaica 
 "Our Blue House"is a ten minute walk to beautiful Burwood Beach. Car transportation is available if you prefer. Our Blue House has ground level access to two comfortable bedrooms with 2 bathrooms, modestly equipped kitchen, large living area and veranda and washing machine. Two friendly dogs live in the yard.
Each ground level bedroom is outfitted for double occupancy at a rate of $55.00 per room per night ($5.00 extra per night for 3rd person in the room).
The private entrance bedroom in the owner's area is double occupancy at a rate of $45.00 per night. Call Kimberley at: 876-594-7562 - Jamaica Phone Number 

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Gopro Hero7 Silver Test 4:3 Aspect Ratio converted to 16:9

Video Resolutions for HERO7 Cameras
The following table show the available video resolution settings for HERO7 Cameras. -  https://gopro.com/help/articles/block/video-resolutions-for-hero7-cameras

I edited it both of these videos with PowerDirector 10 I know it's old but it works.  This had been driving me nuts for a couple of days but I just sat down and I figured out how to do it in a few hours.

Goprohero7 Silver Test 16:9 Aspect Ratio - SEE THIS LINK:

Gopro Hero7 Silver Test 16:9 Aspect Ratio

PowerDirector 10

Aspect Ratio Resolutions 16:9
Resolutions displayed in RED

16:9 resolutions

Aspect Ratio Resolutions 4:3 * 
Resolutions displayed in BLUE

Not displayed: 4k 4:3

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Ozark Newsletter February 2019 News & Updates on 5G in Ozark MO

Volume XVII | February 2019
February 2019 News & Updates

If you have a photo you would like to share in an upcoming newsletter please email tospayne@ozarkmissouri.com.
February edition includes....
  • Weight Loss Challenge @ The OC
  • Chamber of Commerce Director letter
  • Meet Brooke, the new Communication Assistant
  • Q&A: When is Ozark getting a Target? TJ Maxx? Chick fil-a
  • Upcoming Programs & Events

You can always find more information on our website at ozarkmissouri.com and connect with us on our social media pages, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Nextdoor
A note from Anna Ozark Chamber of Commerce
The Ozark Chamber of Commerce has the privilege of representing Ozark’s community of businesses - the economic drivers of our city. Our mission is: Strengthening Ozark through Economic Impact, Community Enrichment, and Individual Connection. With these objectives in mind, we create opportunities for our members to make meaningful connections with their clients and with each other.

One of the most important functions of our Chamber is to advocate for Ozark’s economic health. To that end, our staff and board are constantly working behind the scenes to make connections with business owners, listening to their feedback and celebrating their accomplishments. In fact, it was our pleasure to facilitate three groundbreaking ceremonies and more than 45 ribbon cuttings in 2018! Whether through relocation, expansion, or brand new entrepreneurship, we look forward to continued business growth in our city in 2019.

As we look to the future, what can residents do to help build economic vitality and a strong foundation for Ozark?

1.   Shop local! When we patronize Ozark businesses, whether large or small, we are supporting the livelihoods of our friends and neighbors and ensuring the continuation of municipal services like transportation infrastructure, an effective police department, and more. Making the intentional decision to shop local has ripple effects beyond a single purchase. In fact, local businesses are much more likely to purchase goods and services from other local businesses, helping ensure fresh products, friendly service, and a stronger community.

2.           Stay informed. In the age of information overload, knowing where to go to get the facts is as important as ever. We have a fantastic county library system, our Board of Aldermen meetings are always open to the public, and our local news media strives to keep Ozark residents up to date on the latest happenings. Of course, the Chamber is a great resource for information on business development and expansion. Let us know if you have a question and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction -- just emailinfo@ozarkchamber.com.

3.           Explore. Have you ever taken the opportunity to “visit” our city like you were a tourist? Set aside some time to find a new place to visit, eat, shop, or experience in Ozark. You may find that your favorite hobby, event, restaurant, boutique, service provider, or weekend hangout is right here in your backyard! We want you to love where you live. (And if you’re looking for suggestions, the Ozark Chamber is a great place to start.)

As we look forward to another exciting year of growth in 2019, please let us know if we can assist you in your business or connect you with the information and resources you’re looking for. We look forward to celebrating Ozark this year.

Anna Evans
Executive Director
Ozark Chamber of Commerce
Weight Loss Challenge @ The OC
Your Destination for Recreation

At the Ozark Community Center (The OC) we recognize that people want an affordable top-notch facility with state-of-the-art equipment and innovative programs. That’s why we offer more than your average local health club and give it to you at a competitive price. Membership offers a wonderful value you can feel great about.

There are many benefits to being an Annual OC Family member:

  • 3,739 square-foot strength center featuring state-of-the-art strength equipment, a complete free weight area, and cable tower
  • Cardio center with innovative cardio pieces (stepmills, treadmills, bikes, rowing machines, and ellipticals) and a suspended indoor walking / running track
  • Fitness classes every week, including spinning, water fitness, yoga, TBC, Martial Arts, Dance classes, and more
  • Discounts on fun and unique birthday party packages hosted by The OC staff at the indoor aquatic center

For more information check out our website HERE, or stop by The OC today for a tour of the beautiful facility.
Q & A
Q: Why doesn’t Ozark have a Target? TJ Maxx? Chick Fil-a?

During any given week I get asked “what is coming to Ozark” or “when are we going to get a Target?” Well, the answer to the first question is that lots of new and exciting things are coming to Ozark. The answer to the second question, and I’m sorry to burst the bubble, but the likelihood of Ozark getting a BIG BOX retailer such as a Target is extremely low. It isn’t because we are not trying to land more retailers as retailers are essential to our ability to generate local sales tax revenue. The fact is that the day of the BIG BOX store is dead, especially for smaller communities like ours. You see, Ozark is a bedroom community that houses the workforce for Springfield. Over 75% of our daytime population leaves Ozark every day to go to work in Springfield, which is the retail and job center of our region. When a national retailer has to make their numbers work, whether a Target or a Cheddars Restaurant, the numbers in a bedroom community of 20,000 people who commute to work every day just doesn’t add up. Add the fact that online shopping is growing at a continually rapid pace, and the argument for a national retailer like Target to build another brick and mortar store estimated to cost $20M in a town of 20,000 people only minutes from two other locations isn't justified.

Don’t be discouraged because like I said Ozark is getting many new and exciting things. We are a great community with top-notch schools and a small town appeal that most towns would love to have. One of the most important historical landmarks, Ozark Mill, is being redeveloped and will bring new focus to our central business district and our Finley River. We are both blessed and cursed with a great location along Highway 65 between Springfield and Branson, and are learning how to maximize our opportunities each and every day.       
Communication Department
Brooke Pawling is the new Communication Assistant with the City of Ozark. She moved to Ozark with her family when she was five-years-old and they still reside here. After attending college in Chicago and graduating in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in magazine journalism, she decided to move out of the Windy City and back to Ozark to be closer to family and friends. Brooke is excited to work for and engage with her hometown and its citizens. 
Winter Time Ready
Be Winter Ready in 2019

Ozark Public Works Crews always keep a close eye on the skies and we would like the Citizens of Ozark to be winter ready as well. Click Here are some educational and interesting links that can help you manage whatever Old Man Winter decides to send our way during the remaining winter months.  
Christian County Library Update
For more information on event click HERE
Upcoming Programs & Events
Baseball & Softball Registration
NEW this year!!!
4-year olds able to play co-ed tee ball!

Registration Deadline: March 15,2019

For more information or to register click HERE
English Country Dance

For more information click HERE
Ozark Tiger Shark Swim Team

For more information click HERE
Home School P.E.

Tuesday & Thursday 1-2 p.m.

For more information click HERE
Kids Night In

2nd Friday of the month

For more information
Click HERE

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