SerialBrain2: Japan has joined the Alliance. Welcome aboard Prime Minister Abe!

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Japan has joined The Alliance. Welcome aboard Prime Minister Abe!
Do you like Diplomacy?
I had a very colorful history teacher in 12th grade who said: “Diplomacy is the science of saying no with may be, yes with the food, and may be without hesitation”.
I loved that guy. He was married to a biology teacher in my school and one day I caught him flirting with another woman in a restaurant. He called me and said: “this is the only part of history I’ll ask you to forget, capito?”
Japan is America’s Ally. Do you know the main difference between an ally and a friend? The ally is a piece on the chessboard and the friend is the guy you play chess with. Analyzing symbols helps you make the determination and this is what Q means here:
Q140 Why did POTUS receive a sword dance when visiting SA? What does this mean culturally? Why is this relevant?
Q140 What did POTUS receive while visiting China? Where did POTUS dine? What is the significance?
Hussein visited Japan twice during each of his terms and he coldly delivered the messages destined to Japanese leaders from his masters: Img1
During his 2 trips to Japan, Trump delivered a completely different message: Img2
As you can see, under Trump, Japan is more than an ally: Japan is a friend. This reality transpires in the Maestro’s tweets and in his pictures with Prime Minister Abe Shinzo. You can tell they really appreciate each other: Img3
What if I told you that the Maestro’s friendship with Prime Minister Abe is reinforced by a common faith and a shared ambition for our planet?
Do you remember the Notre dame operation I told you about in this article? What if I told you that the Maestro coordinated with Prime Minister Abe to make it happen? Yes, under Abe Shinzo’s leadership, Japan has joined our Q Movement to take down the Cabal! How do I know? It’s revealed in the Maestro’s tweets. Ready?
Prime Minister Abe Shinzo was in the US in late April and the Maestro made an epic tweet with a picture showing both of them giving a thumbs-up. That’s how I knew: Img4 The thumbs-up looks like an L=12 which is exactly the number of days after the Notre Dame fire. Coincidence? How about their tops and hats giving us the French flag and their pants giving us Michael Obama’s colors when he called for the Sri Lanka back up plan with his Beyonce tweet? Right there and then, the Maestro and Prime Minister Abe were saying: Hey Q Movement, the Notre Dame operation went very well and it was us!
Hahaha! Shocking right? But true! They both knew you would react that way and they even coded it in the tweet: Img5
Look how Abe tweeted to confirm the comms before leaving the US and how the Maestro re-tweeted him to pull the Q drop with his coded response: Img6
For those who are still skeptical, watch how Abe welcomed the Maestro and Melania on May 25 2019, confirmed the Notre dame operation and trolled the Cabal big time: Img7
Speaking of trolling, did you see how Kim Jong Un savagely EVISCARATED Sleepy Joe while the Maestro was watching with comprehensible amusement? Watch: until 0:42. Do you see how Kim kept Joe’s Hair-Smelling feature under his sleeves in the event there would be a second round? How about Joe’s Creepy Touches for a very improbable third round? He’s right to deduce Bidan has a low IQ: Putin and Kim Jong Un were around before Trump got elected and he did not do much about them. Instead, his boss said this: video. More flexibility. This is why I sometimes call HUSSEIN The Contortionist. You know how this flexibility manifested after his re- election right? Yes: Putin was kindly allowed to take Crimea… But I digress. Black hats tried to derail Trump’s presence in the region with a missle test in NK. Look how the Maestro revealed what really happened: Img8 Now you know why the Maestro and Chairman Kim both agree Bidan is a fool of low IQ, with a team full of low IQ people, making a cat laugh…
Then, the Maestro made a 7:33 PM EST tweet randomly mentioning Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and Phil Mickelson. Who are the Anons who learned the comms and paid enough attention to decode this amazing tweet?! Img9 I hope to meet one day my brothers and sisters who solved it. What if I told you this tweet is about Chinese control of US politicians? It connects to a past tweet about famous golfers. Look: Img10 The 2 famous golfers brought in the Feb 2 2019 tweet. Do you see that random blue ball behind Nicklaus? That’s the clue needed to hit Jet Blue, Jeb Bush and China.
Next? We analyze the next tweets to gather more clues: Img11
Then we follow the Ray L. Hunt trail and bingo! We discover the APIC China connection and how a Chinese couple spent $1.3 Million trying to make Jeb Bush President : Img12
Then, we expand our thinking and find online articles that allow us to understand how China took control of US politics and how the 16 Year Plan to Destroy America was seeded, fueled and engineered: Img13
Why is this relevant? Answer: because the nature of the ties between the US and Japan are such that if the US fails, Japan is in jeopardy. Why is Jeb Bush pulled in? Answer: because his father and his Skull and Bones buddies and affiliates set America up to lose the trade war against China. It’s right here: Img14
How does it relate to Japan? Answer: if America is weakened, China will be in position to express its hegemony in the region and Japan would certainly be the first to be targeted. Think Russia and Crimea.
It is crucial to understand that, above nations, geopolitics is driven by these dynamics:
Q925 This is not about religions or party affiliation. EVIL is everywhere. There are no drawn lines. No boundaries. Good vs Evil. Q
Therefore, China is not the enemy. The enemy is the Cabal that has installed its franchise in China to move it around. This is key. Have you watched the Exorcist? The enemy is not the poor possessed patient but the demon that inhabits him…
The Maestro illustrated this reality in the thumbs-up tweet with Abe that we analyzed earlier. He coded it in the image size, skipping the WH Correspondent Dinner and going to WISCONSIN instead. Before I show you how, I need to share with you some little history and math. Don’t run away, you’ll see, it’s fun.
History: learn in this article how Wisconsin illustrated itself as a anti Viet-Nam war bastion.
Math: when you have a set of ordered elements let’s say like (a,b,c,d,e) and you want to swap them to another order like (a,d,b,e,c), mathematicians show that you can reach that order by swapping adjacent elements a certain number of time within the set. A fancy way to say that is: all permutations are made of a finite number of transpositions. Then, mathematicians introduce a concept called the signature of the permutation: if the number of transpositions is odd, the signature is -1 and when it’s even, it’s +1. You got that? For example, what would be the signature of a transposition? Yes, it’s a trivial particular case and it’s -1. Now, you have to notice this: Img15
You are now equipped to decode the thumbs up tweet further. Follow the solution path and read the final decoded message very carefully: Img16
Your understanding of Viet Nam will be complete when you add the spiritual component, rise above quantitative analysis and grasp the symbolic value of historical events. Remember: Satan himself runs the Family Y Cabal. So? You need spiritual insight to understand what’s going on. When a Nation kills its own youth, do you see the destructive energy that is being released not only against that Nation but against Mankind in its entirety? They say: Skull and Bones. Yup. That’s exactly what they believe: our death is their wealth…
Now is a good time to watch this 34 second video the Maestro posted from Japan: Tweet.
Welcome aboard Abe.
Q190 Necessary to form WW alliances to defeat.



5G Technology EXPOSED In Ozark Missouri


5G coming to Ozark Missouri near Orark Mill

Is 5G dangerous?

'G' in 3G, 4G and 5G stands for 'generation,' 5G will be fifth
By: David Goldman
Posted: Dec 04, 2015 02:59 PM CST
Is 5G dangerous? you will never know by reading this article. And that's the way our local news media won't sit to be. never telling us how dangerous it is until people start dying from it. So keep letting OzarksFirst.com or KY3News tell you what you need to know about 5G. Not me, I am doing my own research and my own due diligence to get to the bottom of what it really is and how it can affect our future. Join me in asking asking the tough questions to our officials. Has anyone in our local government had a meeting on the subject? ~ Buddy Huggins 
#5G #5GinOzarkMO #ozarks #ozarkmo #ky3 #ky3tv #ky3news #kspr33 #kspr#ksprtv #ksprnews #springfieldmo #RogersvilleMO #BransonMO #news


5G at Walgreens Pharmacy - 1675 W SOUTH ST, Ozark, MO

More 5G black fiber connect boxes right in front of Walgreens Pharmacy - 1675 W SOUTH ST, Ozark, MO. Mark my words, there black now, in time the black will come down. To be replaced with silver Small Cell Antenna. Just like the ones in Rogersville next to the Hardee's restaurant and across the street from McDonald's.

Is 5G Safe? People of Ozark MO start looking in to 5G safety

What's That You Say?   Is 5G Safe?  Is it all a bout Faster Internet?
More Small Cell 5G found in Ozark Missouri

Why 5G Cell Towers Are More Dangerous
 All cell towers emit Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation. This is what makes them dangerous. Plans to transition to the new 5G around the world is already underway.  Soon every city will be retrofitted with this technology. Mini cell stations will be placed all throughout our neighborhoods and cities. They will be installed on the sides or tops of buildings and on street light poles.

5G cell towers are more dangerous than other cell towers for two main reasons. First, compared to earlier versions, 5G is ultra high frequency and ultra high intensity. Second, since the shorter length millimeter waves (MMV) used in 5G do not travel as far (or through objects), with our current number of cell towers the cell signal will not be reliable. To compensate many more mini cell towers must be installed. It is estimated that they will need a mini cell tower every 2 to 8 houses. This will greatly increase our RF Radiation exposure.  READ MORE HERE:   https://www.radiationhealthrisks.com/5g-cell-towers-dangerous/


Empire Fiber Optic Services 1-888-748-7828

This video discusses why 5G radiation is more dangerous than 4G. 5G is ultra high intensity, and ultra high frequency compared to 4G. And there will be over 200 times as many cell towers with 5G when it is fully implemented. So our exposure will be greatly increased

See a WiFi router tested for RF Radiation both before and after being placed in a WIFi Router Guard. For more information visit

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Ozark Farmers Market - May 30th 2019

About - Ozark Farmers Market at Finley Farms (601 N. 4th St.) hosts area farmers, artisans, & Food Trucks each Thursday, May-September, 3:00-7:00.

Mission - The Ozark Farmers Market at Finley Farms strives to contribute to the successes of local food growers and producers thereby strengthening the local food economy; providing community access to locally grown, affordable, and nutritious foods; and serving as a gathering place for the residents of Ozark and surrounding communities.

#OzarkFarmersMarket #FinleyFarms #Ozarkmill #Ozark #ozarks #ozarkmo #ky3 #ky3tv #ky3news #kspr33 #kspr #ksprtv #ksprnews #springfieldmo #RogersvilleMO #BransonMO #FarmersMarket


Ozark Newsletter - June 2019 News and Updates

NOTE This photo is from -  June 13, 2013 
All others are from today May 30 2019


Ozark Newsletter - June 2019 News and Updates

Volume XXI | June 2019
June 2019 News & Updates
If you have a photo you would like to share in an upcoming newsletter please tag @OzarkMO on Instagram with a caption and the hashtag #BeOzark or email spayne@ozarkmissouri.com.
June edition includes....
  • From the Mayor's Corner
  • 2019 Paving Projects
  • Q&A with Ozark's horticulturist
  • 7th Annual Adopt-a-class event press release
  • Ozark PD News and Updates
  • Ozark Employee Spotlight!
  • Upcoming Programs & Events

You can always find more information on our website at ozarkmissouri.com and connect with us on our social media pages, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Nextdoor
Put on the brakes! Stop the car! Get out your smartphone and open up your calendar. Mark the weekend of June 21st and 22nd as a Friday-Saturday in Ozark you won't want to miss! This is the weekend of the Finley River Days at the Sertoma Duck Race Festival. Sponsored by Sertoma, Bass Pro Shops and the James River Basin Partnership, there will be more to do in the Finley River Park than you can shake a stick at. 

Starting Friday evening, there will be live music, kid's carnival rides, food truck park, beer garden, and craft and vendor booths. The grand finale that night will be the spectacular Children's Smile Center Balloon Glow. Come back Saturday and run in the 5K Duck Waddle, have a pancake breakfast in the park, enjoy the car, truck and bike show, take a paddle around the mill pond in a kayak or canoe, eat more food truck fare, wear the kids out on the carnival rides and then watch the duck race as your favorite rubber duck races to the finish line. If that isn't enough excitement for two days, stick around for Christian County's largest fireworks show. 
And you can stay in town to do this. Only in Ozark supporting children's charities. Making Ozark better every day. #BeOzark
I'll see you there.

Rick Gardner
City of Ozark Mayor
2019 Paving Projects
How do you know when summer is officially underway? For some folks it is that first 3-day weekend where we have a chance to reflect on and remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. For some of us, this time of year is known as Decoration Day. Take a look at any of the cemeteries that are scattered throughout the Ozarks and you will see a plethora of flowers and decorations memorializing those that have gone before us. This is a time of year that provides us with an opportunity to honor those friends and family members that we just plain miss. Another indicator that summer is in full swing can be easily witnessed by traveling along any of our local streams, rivers and lakes. It is indeed boating season, and it doesn’t matter if you are at the helm of one of those floating monsters we commonly see on Table Rock or you are the proud owner of a more humble and versatile craft such as a kayak or canoe. No matter your vessel, we are truly blessed to have so many amazing streams and lakes on which to recreate when there is no better way to beat the heat. 

There are several other signs that demonstrate that summer is upon us. However, at your Public Works Department, we know summer is here when we suddenly have multiple infrastructure projects that must be completed prior to the end of those warm days and nights. This year we will tackle another ambitious paving and resurfacing program. On May 6th, the Board of Aldermen unanimously approved the 2019 Paving Package. Thanks to our community's willingness to support repairing and replacing our local streets, the Public Works Department will be making significant improvements throughout Ozark. 

Each year the Public Works Department proposes a “base bid” and “alternatives.” This allows us to identify a specific area that we know will be accomplished during that paving season (the “base bid”) and depending on how the work is coming along and how the budget has been impacted we then begin to accomplish the “alternatives.” 
Your Public Works Department attempts to get the most amount of work accomplished that the budget will allow. No matter how much due diligence our crews do in an attempt to ensure that we are properly prepared to accomplish these projects, there are several unforeseen variables that can impact the overall scope of the project. Variables such as unsuitable soils, insufficient sub-base materials, lack of proper compaction and even weather can dictate the overall cost of the projects. It is amazing what you will find once you start digging out the streets in some of our older neighborhoods.

Site preparation has begun and these projects will begin to take shape over the coming months. Bingham Heights will be the first subdivision to see improvements. Once that is completed, we will work with Journagan Construction to re-mobilize over to the Sunridge Subdivision. (Pictured at the bottom).
We will do our best to keep the communities that will be impacted informed. Progress does come with a price, and sometimes a little inconvenience. So there will be online posts, community meetings and door hangers to notify the citizens that will be directly impacted. If you have a question, please feel free to call us or send us an email: 417-581-1702. We know that these projects can be noisy and messy, but when the cool winds start blowing again, we will be glad to know that we have done our best to live up to the mission statement our employees strive to abide by . . . Making Ozark Better Every Day!
So, the official beginning of summer can mean a lot of different things to people, but at your City’s Public Works Department, summer also means it is time to start paving!
Jeremy Parsons
Public Works Director
Q & A
Q & A this month is with our Horticulturist Lana Baysinger

Q: Why are just half of the flowerbeds in the square done?

We've decided to do this project in phases due to budget constraints, but we are excited to bring more flower beds to the square in our next phases. We are beginning with Church St. for the first part of the phase and branching out from there.

Q: When do you expect to get the other half of the beds done?

Since we are working in phases, once the budget allows we will begin working on the other beds which will surround the square and make it more beautiful.

Q: What kind of flowers are in the bed currently?

The flowers are meant to be low maintenance but aesthetically pleasing. We are changing over to a drip irrigation system as well for better efficiency. We've taken into consideration festive colors that will be more aesthetically pleasing which we will change out as the seasons switch. We want to ensure that these flowers require less resources. There is some of the best evergreen I've ever seen including Dwarf Firepower Nandina, Variegated Liriope, and Variegated Yellow Yucca. There are also submerged pots with plants and flowers in the larger landscaping beds to bring seasonal change in the landscape. With the submerged pots, changes in the season and dramatic color will highlight them.

Q: What is the goal in doing the flower beds and why should people be excited about them?

The past beds were too chaotic for such a beautiful square. The flowers needed to be more professional, classy and up to date without being loaded down by too many plants. Without the help of the Public Works team, the beds would not be possible. Public Works was the biggest support in doing this project. We have gotten really good feedback so far, and I love to beautify the city. 
Ozark Employee Spotlight
Jamie Dougherty, Front Desk Worker at The OC
Jamie Dougherty is a recent Missouri State University graduate and has lived in Ozark for two years now. While she is originally from Iowa, she moved to the area to attend MSU and for family. Some of her responsibilities as a front desk employee at The OC includes greeting guests, helping with memberships and providing information for all of The OC's activities. Her favorite part of the job is getting to know people from the community, helping families who just moved to the area, and seeing guests/members create bonds with one another at the facility. As for working in Ozark, Jamie really enjoys that everyone is friendly and cooperative and there is always a sense of unity among community members.
7th Annual Adopt-a-class Event
The City of Ozark hosted its 7th annual Adopt-a-class/Arbor Day/Tree City USA event on Tuesday, May 14, 2019. This event was not open to the general public. Since its inception in 2013, the City of Ozark has taken pride in the event’s indispensable opportunity for educating students. The students participating were able to experience different programs during this educational event which included learning about leaf identification, predatory birds, reptiles, participating in Stream Team and more. Accompanying the students for this learning process were local educators, the City’s very own horticulturist and other naturalists, conservationists and taxidermists.

For 2019, we divided the students up into 5 different groups which switched every 30 minutes. Stream Team consisted of students being separated into four different groups where they were able to net invertebrates and identify bugs after a 10-15 minute lesson by Carl Romesburg before each 30 minute session. The other groups were furs and skulls by the Missouri Master Naturalists, Woods Fork Outdoors Taxidermy, Predatory Birds and Reptiles in two different areas by the Dickerson Park Zoo and the Department of Conservation, along with the City of Ozark’s horticulturist conducting leaf identification with the students.

The event was hosted at The Ozark Community Center and Mayor Rick Gardner opened the event by reading the Arbor Day proclamation. Cindy Garner from the Missouri Dept. of Conservation was also there to present awards.

Below is a summary of what the day entailed not including some hidden surprises:

Students arrived by 8:45 a.m. with Mayor Rick Gardner’s Arbor Day proclamation following. Awards were presented by Cindy Garner followed by the City’s horticulturist planting seedling. The students were broken into groups by 9:30 a.m. and a series of programs took place. Each of the five groups rotated until every group had a chance to visit each station.

A lunch followed at 12:00 p.m. where we served students: grilled hot dogs and chips, cooked similarly to previous years. After the students meals were accounted for, the volunteers were served hot dogs, brats, chips and similar food items.
Christian County Library Update
For more information on event click HERE
Ozark Police Department
DATE OF RELEASE: May 17, 2019
SUBJECT: Interim Chief of Police

The Ozark Police Department’s Current Chief of Police, Tim Clothier, has accepted the position of Chief of Police for the City of O’Fallon, Missouri. Deputy Chief Justin Arnold will serve in the role as Interim Chief of Police while the City of Ozark works to fill the position of Chief of Police permanently.

Deputy Chief Arnold has been a member of the Ozark Police Department since 2005, working his way through the ranks of the department. Arnold has served in various assignments, including Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force Officer, Patrol Sergeant, Support Services Division Commander and in November 2016, Arnold was promoted to the rank of Deputy Chief. In that position, he oversees both Divisions of the Ozark Police Department, Professional Standards Investigations as well as numerous community engagement initiatives.

Deputy Chief Arnold earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Drury University and his Master of Arts degree in Criminal Justice/ Sociology from Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri. Arnold is a graduate of the 8th Session of the Missouri Police Chief’s Charitable Foundation Command College. He is married and has three children.

For questions, please contact Samantha Payne, City of Ozark Public Information Officer at 417-581-7002 or at spayne@ozarkmissouri.com.
2018-2019 Command College Graduates
Lieutenant Kevin Boyce and Lieutenant Derek Hill graduated from the 9th Class of the Missouri Police Chiefs Command College on May 23, 2019. The 2018-2019 class was comprised of 19 representatives from different law enforcement agencies located across the State of Missouri.

The leadership program required the participants to convene one week each month between November 2018 and May 2019, lasting a total of seven-months. The Command College curriculum is designed to provide valuable leadership, management, and supervisory training for current and future law enforcement supervisors, commanders, chiefs and sheriffs. Congratulations Lieutenants Boyce and Hill!
Congratulations Officer Chris Hambrick!

Officer Chris Hambrick graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice at Central Christian College of Kansas, and recently enrolled in the Executive Leadership Master's program at Liberty University. Congratulations Officer Hambrick!
Upcoming Programs & Events
Ozark Community Blood Drive

Thursday, June 13, 2019
at The Ozark Community Center
9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Please visit RedCrossBlood.org or call 1-800-RED CROSS and enter OZARKCC to schedule an appointment.
Sertoma Duck Race Festival
June 21-22nd
Finley River Park
For more information, click HERE.
11th Annual Hot Air Balloon Glow
Friday, June 23rd
8:50 p.m. - 10:20 p.m.
Finley River Park
For more information, click HERE.
James River Basin Partnership
Friday, June 21, 2019
5:00pm - 11:00pm
Saturday, June 22, 2019
12:00am - 10:00pm
891 North Riverside Road
For more information about this event, click HERE.
Night Swim
June 21, 2019
907 E Parkview
6:30 p.m. -9:30 p.m.

Free Swim Day
June 8, 2019
907 E Parkview
12 p.m. - 6 p.m.

To register click HERE

Ozark, MO Mayor Rick Gardner
Well I went and done it now. I told all these people about The Comprehensive AnnualFinancial Report (CAFR) for Ozark city and Christian County, Missouri.
The mayor of Ozark was there and he told "to knock it off". So I told the crowd that the reason he wanted me to go away was because I was right about (CAFR).
Check on these links.
My Blog, with a video tell all about the (CAFR).

Where The City CITY OF OZARK Hides Your Money


Here are the links that shows CAFR Scam = Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Start with this link.
Statement of Net Assets
December 31, 2011
See Page 24

Ozark Budget Status Goal 
Updated 12-31-11 
This report is updated through 12-31-11. All of the revenues are posted, however there may be some further expenses posted. 

So how much money does Ozark, MO have?


The CAFR Swindle - The Biggest Game In Town / Texas

CAFR- The Only Game In Government Town

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) 

Where The City Of Detroit Hides Your Money

Finally, to test this instruction sheet for accuracy and to prove my claims herein, lets randomly select a few other CAFR’s from governments around the country…
I just sat for a moment and thought of what should be the only City in America that may be an exception to this rule, a government that actually may be in dyer financial trouble. And the name Detroit came to mind…