Men and the Conservative Vision | Senator Josh Hawley | EP 300

Dr Jordan B Peterson and Senator Josh Hawley discuss the leftist ideology surrounding men and their diminished worth, the current Republican swing as a result, and the potential future of American politics as we move towards the midterm elections. Senator Hawley is recognized as one of the nation’s leading constitutional lawyers. He has litigated at the Supreme Court of the United States, the federal courts of appeals, and in state court, fighting for the people’s liberties. He previously fought Obamacare at the Supreme Court — and won — as one of the lead attorneys in the landmark Hobby Lobby case. Since taking office in 2019, Senator Hawley has been a leading champion in Congress for working families. He’s worked across the aisle to deliver protections for kids online, led the fight for direct payments to working people during the COVID-19 pandemic, and taken steps to crack down on predatory landlords. Currently, Senator Hawley is writing a book set for a 2023 release.



How I Received the Vision for One Voice Now | Dave Frank

In this captivating video, Dave Frank shares his extraordinary experience of receiving the vision for One Voice Now. It all began when his life took an unexpected turn one morning, leading to a series of profound moments. Watch as Dave recounts the mesmerizing events, where his life replayed before his eyes and a divine message was revealed. Discover the significance of television, smart phones, and computers as tools for empowering the people. Join Dave on this transformative journey that showcases the true potential of technology in shaping our collective future. https://onevoicenow.org/




The World is waiting for America to lead.  America now has the Plan and Technology to give Every Citizen One Voice Now.  The plan can NOW be used in Every Country around the World giving a Voice and Freedom to all Citizens of the World Equally!


Our mission is to educate and give a voice to the people of our community by establishing the communication technology, which allows them to participate and have a continuous voice on governmental, political, and community issues.


Fixing America starts locally. The fix isn’t in Washington, Indianapolis, Lansing, or any other
state capitol. The people in each locality, communicating and working together, provide the only
way to build a bright future for our children and theirs.

Here is the basic idea. Specifically,

  1. YOU THE PEOPLE raise the issues to make your community better.

  2. YOU THE PEOPLE watch debates on those issues on TV, Internet, Phone, or listen to it on the Radio

  3. YOU THE PEOPLE vote on those issues with any touch tone phone.

The Politicians have figured this trick out a long time ago. They have been remapping America forever with Gerrymandering. Gerrymandering is remapping a district so they can get either elected or re-elected.

The Postal Service figured it out by remapping America with Zip Codes.

The Phone Company figured it out by Remapping America with Area Codes..

NOW! We the People have to figure it out...In order to get Organized, We the People have to Remap America as well...Your Community will now look like a Hexagon....

The Plan is simple..Use Your Local Public Broadcasting Station as Your Local Issue Channel...Build a Community Computer that will House Your Community Voter Data Base. Citizens can watch Issues that Affect Their Lives over the Television and Vote by Phone on Interested Issues. The Computer will Prevent people from Voting more than once..A 21st Century Of the People, By the People and finally, For the People System...




Living a spiritual life - Words By: Gary Sigler

Living a spiritual life is not about works.  It’s about being a manifestation of God on this earth.  I love what Stacy Wood shared with me a few years ago.  He said, you can go down to the ocean and take a cup and scoop out the water.  And in that water is everything that the ocean is, all of the elements and the minerals and the salt.  Everything of the ocean is in that cup, but that cup is not all of the ocean. 

 Everything that God is, all of His wonderful attributes, the wonderful expression that He is, all the loveliness is in me, but I’m not all of God. I love what Paul told the Ephesians.  This is Amplified translation, but He said, “The church is the fullness of Him who fills everything, everywhere with Himself.”  You see, that is the true expression of the church.  And that is why I say the church age isn’t over.  The religious age is over, but the church is just beginning to stand up in all of her beauty and glory.  A people being raised up in the consciousness of God; we have no Condemning judgment, we refuses to look on one another according to the flesh. 

 Today we understand that all men are spiritual beings.  All men have been lowered into this flesh realm, and have lost their way, have lost their understanding of where they came from and who they are.  So we hold aught against no man.  We have no wrongful judgment against any man.

  John 4:13, “Whosoever drinks of this water shall thirst again: but whosoever drinks of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst.

  I used to read that and say, “Oh my God!”  I was always hungry and thirsty after God.  I was never satisfied.  I never found the reality that I was searching for.  I would read scriptures like “I am come that you might have life, and that you might have it more abundantly.” And I’d ask, “God, where is it?” Because I thought the life abundant was in my performance, and because I wasn’t performing as a good Christian, then I couldn’t believe these things were so for me.  I thought that for these things to be so I had to correct my outward condition.  And that is what keeps us in darkness.

  “Out of our innermost being flows that living water.”  It’s not on the outside of us.  We have created our life today the way we are?”  God didn’t do it.  We have created our experience today.  In the past we’ve done that by default because we have not known the truth of our being.  What I mean by that is, we have unconsciously created our condition.  I didn’t consciously create a body of sickness and disease.  We have been unconscious creators.  We have believed the lies that we’ve been taught.  We’ve believed all the divisive things that we’ve been taught.  But now we are having an awakening to know we have the mind of Christ, and we’re letting this mind function in us and we are refusing to think about the negative thoughts. 

 We are refusing be anxious about where our next meal is coming from when our boss gives us the last paycheck.  We are refusing to accept the circumstances that we may be in now because we know the truth.  And because we know the truth and we understand that we are now operating out of the mind of Christ, we are becoming a conscious creator, which simply means that if you don’t like circumstances, you have the power to change them.  And we are just learning this understanding.  And we’re not going to change overnight, but we are changing.  Death and life are in the power of our tongue.  You may not believe it, and you don’t believe it or you wouldn’t be speaking the way you do.  I’m talking to myself when I say, “I”.  I’m not pointing fingers.  But you see; we are learning to control our tongue. We are learning not to speak negative thoughts but speak life, light and love to ourselves and everyone else.

Gary Sigler Books Here - On Amazon - https://amzn.to/3IdsIt1 



Church Sign of The Week - Monday, June 19, 2023



Pond Mill Bridge Resetting - Update McCracken Road At 3rd St. Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Pond Mill Bridge Resetting - Update McCracken Road At 3rd St. Tuesday, June 20, 2023
Video shows work at The Pond Mill Bridge Being Resetting Over The Finley River In Ozark Missouri. Tuesday, June 20, 2023 - What I Saw On My Bicycle Ride Today
Hartman & Company, Inc. is the prime contractor. There Link Below

McCracken Road Project 2022-2023 SEE Link For More Info.

As a citizen who drives every day in Ozark you certainly recognize our volume of traffic is becoming more not less. The City of Ozark continues to be a highly desirable market for developers, both residential and commercial, because of the many wonderful attributes our community has to offer. As new growth occurs the impact that growth has on our infrastructure system, specifically transportation, creates significant demands for increased capacity. As a river community, bridges are a critical component to the transportation system as well as managing the flood waters that can cause road closures, increase safety risks, and cause property damage.

Knowing growth and economic development is intricately tied to transportation improvements, in 2019 Governor Mike Parsons created the Governor’s Transportation Cost Share Program, specifically focused on funding local transportation improvements that would advance economic development projects in Missouri while also improving capacity and safety.

The City of Ozark, in partnership with Christian County, Ozark Special Road District, and the Finley Farms Transportation Development District, submitted an application to receive some of these funds for a project in Ozark. We were fortunately successful in our application and in the summer of 2020 received a Governor’s Cost Share Grant with a project scope that included:

1. The reconstruction and rehabilitation of the 95-year old Mill Pond Bridge;

2. The reconstruction of the intersection of North 3rd Street and McCracken Road;

3. The rising of the roadway elevation to provide new storm water boxes that will decrease the negative impact of frequent flooding events;

4. Improve safety with the addition of new intersection approaches, striped turn lanes, directional islands, and improved signage.

This project was originally scheduled for late summer 2020, however, due to the COVID pandemic causing supply and labor shortages, increased costs, and funding delays an extension request was necessary and a new “Phased” timeline was developed as outlined below:

Crews will begin construction on the improvements to the 3rd and McCracken intersection and the Rehabilitation of the McCracken Road Bridge on December 5, 2022. Work will include the reconstruction of the 3rd and McCracken intersection to allow a thru north-south traffic movement. Improvements will also include the addition of multi-use pedestrian tunnels below McCracken Road and 3rd Street. The pedestrian tunnels will serve new trails connecting the Finley River Park, the Ozark Mill site, and the future Garrison Branch trail extension. Lastly the improvements will include the rehabilitation of the existing McCracken Road Bridge over the Finley River. The improvements are anticipated to occur in five (5) phases

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