About Buddy

Why do I call myself this? I AM Awake, To be awake is to be the Buddha.
Positive affirming energy toward the word pays off in a big way.

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By Speaking Life to my DNA, Cells and the Mitochondria cells.
I AM becoming Younger, I am becoming Lighter.
I eat very little food, mostly only food of Light, like Honey.

I AM, Buddy Huggins, The Buddha from Mississippi ™
This movie clip has a cool song, call:
Be The Change, song By Gypsy Soul
The pics where taken, May 2010

Managing Social Media

This is what I do as a hobby.  I am self taught, and made my first website in 1998.
It is a gift.  I love doing it.  Over the years I have learned many tips and tricks to get my brand out there. My name "Buddy Huggins".  If you need more hits on your YouTube videos, I know how to do it.  Let's talk about how I can help you .

Managing social media

There is an increasing trend towards using social media monitoring tools that allow marketers to search, track, and analyze conversation on the web about their brand or about topics of interest. This can be useful in PR management and campaign tracking, allowing the user to measure return on investment, competitor-auditing, and general public engagement. Tools range from free, basic applications to subscription-based, more in-depth tools.

The honeycomb framework defines how social media services focus on some or all of seven functional building blocks. These building blocks help explain the engagement needs of the social media audience. For instance, LinkedIn users are thought to care mostly about identity, reputation, and relationships, whereas YouTube's primary features are sharing, conversations, groups, and reputation. Many companies build their own social containers that attempt to link the seven functional building blocks around their brands. These are private communities that engage people around a more narrow theme, as in around a particular brand, vocation or hobby, rather than social media containers such as Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. PR departments face significant challenges in dealing with viral negative sentiment directed at organizations or individuals on social media platforms (dubbed "sentimentitis"), which may be a reaction to an announcement or event.


I am a, retired construction worker looking to see the world and experience higher levels of vibration. In order to continue my journey of self-awareness, I seek spiritually minded individuals and couple’s that either work in the arena of spirituality or those who are in tune with their spiritual being.

I do not smoke or drink. I consider myself a calm and relaxed person. I enjoy the simple things in life, as well as being physically fit and healthy.

I practice yoga, meditation, the healing arts, and feng shui. The physically activities that I enjoy include bike riding, swimming, and hiking.

I respect the sanctity of a person’s home. The spiritual integrity of that home will be kept at its utmost highest vibration.
I bring with me the love and knowledge that I have gained throughout my spiritual journey of self-awareness, as well as my positive vibrations and the ability to maintain a person’s living space in a healthy, balanced way.

I bring with me also a level of respect for one’s home, pets, and garden. I enjoy the company of animals and communing with nature. I see animals as a spiritual being, both deserving of respect and love.

I AM Finding my Bliss, and Becoming Younger and Younger.
Hear and Read This With an Open Mind.
This is REAL, the Awakening is Real.
One Must Know Who he or she IS.
"I AM" Awaken, to LOVE

By Speaking Life to my DNA, Cells and the Mitochondria cells.
I AM becoming Younger, I am becoming Lighter.
I eat very little food, mostly only food of Light, like Honey.

I AM learning to Live, On Liquid Light.

Speak life to your Cell, your DNA, your Body. See your self becoming younger, and you will. We are at the Time of Miracles,,, from here to 2012 ,,,, Every thought that you think has its own vibrational frequency.


I AM the I AM, I am ,The Buddha from Mississippi ™

I was asked how do I speak Life to my Cells, my Atoms and DNA?  And how doing this has enable me to become younger and healthier and stronger.

It is a knowing that I was given.  My mind become still.  So still,  that I was able to see without my eyes.  I started to see with my heart.  Forgiving is then was what I started doing.  I forgave myself,  for not knowing that I was the one,  The only one that had ever hurt me my whole life.  I could see that I had never been victim.  So within that instance I was unable to collapse time.  Somehow I was given the gift to time travel in my own life and heal it.   This only lasted for a short time.  I am so blessed to have this at happened to me.  If this has happened to me it can happen to you or anyone that can hear these words.   My Awakening happened the night that I had reached the end of me,   I was ready to leave this world.  But instead of taking my own life I was given life.  August 17th 2003 I woken with my mind so still,   I was able to start living a my life knowing there was no time,  but only this present moment.  In a nutshell we become what we say we are.  So I speak Life to my Cells, my Atoms and DNA.