Gerald Blaine and the Kennedy Detail - Was the Secret Service 'Stood Down' in Dallas?

I am totally convinced that the Warren Commission was correct in its findings, ... there is so much evidence in the Warren Report and the supporting volumes of evidence that there is no doubt there was one lone shooter who fired three bullets from a perfect vantage point and all three shots found their mark. 

- Gerald Blaine in The Miami New Times 

Most of the people writing conspiracy theory books don't make any sense to me. If they are not going to deal with facts, then I don't want anything to do with it. 

Clint Hill on C-SPAN with Gerald Blaine at 16:00

It's generally agreed, especially by anyone who believes that John F. Kennedy was killed by a bullet from behind, that if Secret Service agents were riding the rear bumper steps on JFK's limo, JFK would probably not have been assassinated. Secret Service Agent Lynn Meredith said the number one reason JFK was killed was, "No Secret Service agents were riding on the rear of the limousine." Jim Bishop author of The Day Kennedy Was Shot wrote, "No one wanted to weigh the possibilities that, if a Secret Service man had been on the left [sic] rear bumper going down Elm Street, it would have been difficult to hit President Kennedy." 

This is a view from the sniper’s nest on the sixth floor of the TSBD. The car circled in yellow is the location of JFK’s limo on Elm Street at the moment of the fatal headshot. I added two men onto the rear bumper of the car. Image created from the photos of Warren Commission Exhibit 875.
The image above is a view of Elm Street from the sniper's nest on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD). The car in the yellow circle is where JFK's limo was at the moment JFK received the fatal head shot. From this image it is obvious that an agent standing on the right rear bumper step could have shielded JFK. 

So, the big question is why were there no agents on the rear bumpers? 

There is a segment from the ten-hour video documentary Evidence of Revision where Special Agents (SA) Clint Hill and Don Lawton are called off while running near the rear bumpers by Assistant Special Agent In Charge (ASAIC) Emory Roberts who stands up in the follow-up car. The video captures the start of the Dallas motorcade at Love Field not long after Air Force One landed. This can also be seen in this YouTube video: "JFK assassination - Secret Service Stand down". This video has almost five million views. 

If you watch this video now for the first time, watch it with the sound off, so as not to be influenced by the bias of the narrator. What did you think? Did everything seem hunky dory? What is your reaction to Lawton's three shrugs? Is his shrugging in puzzlement or maybe only playful banter? 

While Emory Roberts stands to wave off Don Lawton, SA Paul Landis on the right rear running board of the follow-up car moves into the car to seemingly make room for Don Lawton. The reason why Landis gets in the car is never stated. But Lawton remains at Love Field with four other agents (Henry Rybka, Roger Warner, William Patterson and John O'Leary) as well as members of the Dallas police, "to effect security for the president's departure," as Lawton described it. If Lawton's assignment was to remain at Love Field, why was he running with the motorcade in the first place? 

Don Lawton shrugging after being dismissed from jogging
at the rear bumper of JFK’s limo by Emory Roberts. 
Although Lawton is left behind, Landis sits in the rear seat next to SA Glen Bennett who slides over to make room for him. Landis doesn't stay seated too long. Emory Roberts instructs him to get back on the running board, "just in case." This is Landis's first time riding in the follow-up car and Bennett is new to it as well, which may be part of the confusion. In fact, until that morning, Landis thought he was going to be assigned to the Trade Mart where JFK was to make a luncheon address. [The Kennedy Detail, page 177] 

As an aside: Landis, Bennett and Ready (all on the follow-up car) were up late at The Cellar Door in Fort Worth the night before. Landis stayed until 5:00 AM. He went on duty at 8:00 AM. The Cellar served no alcohol and they only drank fruit juice [The Kennedy Detail, page 177] or pure Everclear [Who's Who In The JFK Assassination, page 239]. Vice-President Lyndon Johnson, coincidentally, may have made his way to The Cellar Door that night as well, according to his mistress, Madeleine Brown. [Texas in the Morning, page 166] I assume he was there for the fruit juice too. 

The above video clip begs the question: would Don Lawton have ridden that rear bumper if he was not called away? It's an interesting question, because just four days prior to that fateful day in Dallas, Don Lawton rode the same right rear bumper of JFK's limousine as it travelled 28 miles around the streets of Tampa, Florida. 

Special Agents Don Lawton and Charles Zboril ride the rear bumper steps in Tampa four days before JFK is assassinated. 
Clint Hill Rides the Bumper 

Now on that fateful day in Dallas, SA Clint Hill does ride the left rear bumper every now and then. Clint's duty is not to JFK but to Jacqueline Kennedy, to whom he is assigned, and he is there at her request. Clint Hill as well as Paul Landis are not part of the Kennedy detail, but the First Lady Detail: Jackie Kennedy. Unlike Lawton and Zboril in Tampa, the photos of Clint show him always squatting on the rear bumper step. 

We can see Clint riding the right rear bumper in these pictures: 

But there are no pictures of anyone riding the bumper behind JFK. That is because no one does. Not once. 

Clint Hill offers a reason why he is riding the rear bumper in Florida. You may be able to see in the last photo that the crowds have spilled onto the streets and Bill Greer (the driver of JFK's limo) no longer drives down the middle of Main Street, but is on the left side of the road. He wants to leave more space between JFK and the crowd than between Jackie and the crowd. Greer's primary duty is to protect the president, not his wife. Clint notices this and wants to give Jackie some added protection, so he leaves the running board and rides the rear bumper step on her side. Otherwise, Clint's position was on the running board on the follow-up car, like the three other agents. 

Clint Hill says this in this statement he prepared only eight days after the assassination: 

Don Lawton shrugging after being dismissed from jogging
at the rear bumper of JFK’s limo by Emory Roberts. 

Work Of:

Clearly, LBJ had all the motivation in the world to eliminate his competition in the political marketplace. Doing things “Texas-style” was quite natural for him, as his behavior following the assassination boldly demonstrated. What has been observed is that not only LBJ, but there were many others who were operating completely without conscience, so intent were they to change the game of personal enrichment in their favor.
The man to the left in the bowtie is Congressman Albert Thomas, winking at LBJ
This analysis is not without other very serious backup. For instance, the father of George W. Bush’s press secretary Scott McClellan further exposed the truth about LBJ with an unprecedented and convincing perspective on the whole matter. As follows:
“The father of the White House press secretary claims in his upcoming book, “Blood, Money & Power: How L.B.J. Killed J.F.K.,” that former President Lyndon B. Johnson was behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
Barr McClellan, father of White House press secretary Scott McClellan and Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Mark McClellan, is preparing for a Sept. 30 release of a 480-page book by Hannover House that offers photographs, copies of letters, insider interviews and details of fingerprints as proof that Edward A. Clark, the powerful head of Johnson’s private and business legal team and a former ambassador to Australia, led the plan and cover-up for the 1963 assassination in Dallas.”[1]
In the same article the author is further quoted:
“[Johnson] had the motive, opportunity and means,” said McClellan, 63, who was a partner in an Austin law firm that served Johnson. The book, McClellan said in an exclusive interview at his Orange Grove home, is about “[Johnson's] role in the assassination. He was behind the assassination, how he was and how it all developed.”[1]
Then you have Phillip F. Nelson weighing in on the matter with an equally compelling account with his book “LBJ: The Mastermind of JFK’s Assassination“.
“The premise of the book, and the term “Mastermind”, is that there had to have been one key person who was the single most important catalyst behind the JFK assassination who would have provided the “critical mass” required to bring all other elements together and held them together throughout the planning and execution of the 1963 coup d’etat. That person would have necessarily been someone who had the power to assure the others that they would succeed and be protected from discovery and prosecution afterwards; he would have to be someone who recruited and marshaled all the others and he would had to have influence across the federal government bureaucracy as well as the Texas state and local judicial and law enforcement agencies. Lyndon Johnson was uniquely positioned to fulfill all of these requirements and be able to provide the unifying “driving force” required to pull of “The Crime of the 20th Century.”[2]
In fact, LBJ’s long list of actions and inactions immediately before and following the assassination tell a story that has rarely been told before in the MSM.
“The day after Kennedy’s funeral, on November 26, 1963, Lyndon Johnson signed national security resolution no. 273, which completely reversed Kennedy’s plan for a withdrawal from Vietnam. Then Johnson fraudulently used the gulf of Tonkin resolution as a blank check to fund the massive military buildup in Vietnam, an agreement Johnson apparently made with the CIA in exchange for them taking out Kennedy, and handing the presidency to him.”[3]
There is much anecdotal evidence that has found its way into the public domain regarding LBJ’s involvement in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. So much has come to light that it is truly a wonder that the MSM has either actively suppressed it or ignored it altogether. Perhaps the following quote sums up what many were aware of at the time, but chose to ignore for their own safety and the protection of their families.
Madeleine Brown, Lyndon Johnson’s mistress and mother of his illegitimate son, Steven, made the following statements:
“Lyndon Johnson told me, because he was angry,
that the Kennedy’s would never embarrass him again.
That is not a threat. That is a promise.”
He hated them with a passion. They were stumbling blocks to him.
He had always seeked the presidency of the United States
and John Kennedy definitely had become a stumbling block to him.”
(Per jfktruth.org)
Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 6.45.08 AM
“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” ~ MLK
As Martin Luther King implies with these words of wisdom, justice will be always served in the end. In the final analysis, as this nation moves further away from the tragic events of November 22, 1963, a more objective and unjaundiced eye will be used to view them. As the great majority of individuals who were a part of the original plot pass on to other realms, it will be more difficult for those who continue to disseminate the false narrative to maintain the ‘official’ lie.
This article is just one more exposé which has unveiled, once and for all, the coup d’etat which occurred in broad daylight in Dallas, Texas[4] in the fall of 1963. May these revelations contribute to a new atmosphere of full disclosure on the part of the US Government. The federal government is now viewed with unparalleled and deep distrust. Perhaps now is the time for it to come clean concerning so many government secrets and clandestine programs which do not serve the best interests of the American people.
Michael Thomas
State of the Nation
November 18, 2013
Author’s Note:
Because of the degree of obfuscation perpetrated by the actual assassination plotters, it is impossible to say with absolute certainty who exactly did what, when and where.  The level of interference, which has been run incessantly for 50 years, is both intensely deliberate and misleading.  Therefore, the actual incriminating conduct on the part of LBJ with respect to the JFK execution is difficult to pin down.
However, the coverup is an altogether different matter.  Because of LBJ’s actions and inactions regarding the Warren Commission, it can be stated categorically that he directly participated in the coverup.  Whether this occurred due to his complicity, or because he was forced to support the coverup by TPTB, is known only by those few individuals at the very peak of the decision-making process.
Could LBJ have been set up to become an eventual fall guy as has now happened?  Yes!
Nevertheless, he chose at some point to fully participate in the coverup and never look back.  In either case, there is no question that his very life depended upon it.
Editor’s Note:
The following quote from Robert F. Kennedy may be the most
compelling evidence of all where it concerns the culpability of
LBJ in the eyes of the Kennedy family.
Robert F. Kennedy to Lyndon B. Johnson:
“Why did you have my brother killed?”

Lyndon B. Johnson had both the motive and the power.
There is no question that Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) had both the incentive and the position of power to ensure a relatively seamless operation. He also enjoyed the protection and influence of the southern good-ole-boy network. Both Big Oil and the Military-Industrial Complex money stood squarely behind him. So did the entire Texas political machine. After all, isn’t that why Dallas why chosen as the site of the very public execution. Simply put, LBJ and his many cronies had “the whole place wired” right down to Dealey Plaza and the Texas School Book Depository.

Look at: the Non Verbal Communication (NVC) - the 3 (three) shrugs = asserting he is under DISTRESS! 
[From US Secret Service Agent Henry J RYBKA after the Orders given by Emory P ROBERTS (US Secret Service Agent in Charge) Ordering the US Secret Service Agents to Stand Down from their Legal & Public Duty to protect the President Of The US!] - HIGH TREASON!

JFK - [the late] Dr CHARLES CRENSHAW INFORMS US OF THE FIGHT WITH US SECRET SERVICE MEN [The late Dr Earl ROSE (Pathologist at Parkland Hospital was NOT allowed to perform an Autopsy under Texas State Law)!] 

JFK's body was taken from the PARKLAND Hospital to the BETHESDA Naval Hospital so it was under the Naval/Military Control of the C-in-C who was the President.

Thus LBJ [as V-P] was determined to be sworn in BEFORE the return flight back to Washington. That way he would have total control of the Assassination Committee - the notorious WARREN Commission [with his friends on the Committee]!

JFK WARNED US OF ALL OF THE ILLUMINATI ON 11-12-1963 - ON 11-22-1963. JFK was killed by inter alia LBJ & JEH [who gave the Orders - Secret Service Personnel were withdrawn just before the Presidential entourage entered the symbolic pyramid on Elm Street - the plan to assassinate him - HIGH TREASON - at the apex of the symbolic Pyramid].

Look up the important video clips by inter alia Colonel Fletcher PROUTY who sets out the precautions always taken BEFORE & DURING any and every Presidential visit.

Note the actions of Henry RYBKA [Secret Serice Agent assigned to be next to the US Presidential limousine - Vehicle Identification Number: "GG 300" (symbolic numbers)] as he shrugs his arms clearly 3 (three) times as a clear Non Verbal Communication (NVC) sign that he asserts he was under "Distress" as he was ORDERED over the radio by Emory P. ROBERTS [the Secret Service Agent-In-Charge] of the US Presidential Detail in the Secret Service back-up car to withdraw [NOW!]... [to open up the line of fire]. [For James FILES; John ROSELLI & Charles NICOLETTI].

[Look at 00:571:191:42 - note the choice of funeral dirge music]

He knew that things were NOT RIGHT...

James Files Confesses in JFK Assassination

Interview with [the late] Dr. Charles Crenshaw 

LBJ's Mistress Blows Whistle On JFK Assassination 


LBJ was very close to those in charge of the FBI [J Edgar HOOVER] and the CIA [John McCONE - John McCone 1961-1965
Kennedy exercised greater supervision, and appointed a Republican with a general engineering background. McCone, despite a lack of intelligence background, is often considered one of the most competent DCIs and excellent managers. He directed the IC during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The agency stepped up its activity in Southeast Asia under President Lyndon B. Johnson. McCone resigned from his position of DCI in April 1965, believing himself unappreciated by Johnson. McCone's final policy memorandum to Johnson argued that expansion of the war in Vietnam would arouse national and world discontent over the war before it brought down the North Vietnamese regime] - whereas LBJ of Texas was close to the MAFIA (Chicago boss, Sam GIANCANA & Tampa boss, Santa TRAFFICANTE - linked very closely to the CIA, it was under the Mafia that James FILES, John ROSELLI & Charles NICOLETTI were deployed in the professional assassination of JFK - using the method of Triangulation (firing shots from 3 different angles) - James FILES admitted that he and his 2 Mafia gunmen were involved in shooting to death the US President) the Mafia had financially supported Jo KENNEDY Senior (who had been a Boot-legger during Prohibition - they expected JFK & RFK to deliver support to lay off organised crime due to their financial support of the Democratic Campaign) when this did not materialise the Mafia feeling let down over the non support over Cuba were very angry with JFK & RFK [RFK was the brother of JFK, the Attorney General, who wanted strict enforcement against Organised Crime - under the MAFIA which was very closely linked to the CIA]...

GHW BUSH was to become head of the CIA [he was working in Dallas, Texas on November 22,1963 - a good friend of LBJ]. GHWB was to be made President Of The US.


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