You're in a PROGRAM. Here is the CODE

You're probably too tired and too distracted to notice that your life is run by an invisible program. The original link for this Video Here: https://youtu.be/T9zfB9e2MdE I uploaded this video to my Channel with the full permission from the owner of this video. I highly endorse this guy's Channel and suggest that you watch all of his videos and learn and share this information. ~ Buddy Huggins

Nothing in your life is real. Nothing you know is true. Your life was designed for you with all lies carefully choreographed and planned. It's time to wake up and escape the matrix. Your future depends on it.
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What are we dealing with right now? How can we defend ourselves? A very different type of video that needed to be made.

Why do we reincarnate and what do machine elves have to say about soul trap and archons? Learn how to escape the matrix



Depopulation - That Means You - BY JERRY DAY - A Must See Video!!!! NEW UPDATES: 11-21-2021

We hear the word "depopulation." Are we prepared to face the implications? Is depopulation actually necessary? Please visit our sponsor pages:FreedomTaker.com with free downloads of empowering documents, notices and templates. PrepareWithJerry.com for top quality long term storage emergency food. EMFhelpcenter.com with carefully crafted solutions for electromagnetic hazards and harm. Jerry Day's YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/minivanjack/ His Web Site https://jerryday.com/

Imagine the arrogance of self-appointed unelected “world leaders” who expect people to participate in their global “reset” idea without even explaining what that means. It is like a slap in the face which forces us to examine not just the idea of a “reset” but the entire idea of central authority and global power.

C.I.A. Secret meeting with the Pentagon, where CIA offers thier Satanic-Talmudic-Masonic methodes to kill the World through nano-vaccins and other satanic-talmudic methodes against the Human Race.

TURN UP the Volume. (filmed with hidden camera). Old clip (5 years ago or so) 



Just the tip Part 1 of 3

Just The Tip 2 Part 2 of 3

Just The Tip 3 Part 3 of 3



Trump Time Travel Series


First aired in Summer 2018, and now newly updated and REMASTERED, this series provides empirical evidence that Time Travel was/is being used in order to implement the Plan to Save the World. Many of the images used in early episodes of this series were taken from videos produced by the American Prophet YouTube channel. That channel has now moved to Rumble as American_Prophet.

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Trump Time Travel Series

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Vaccine Mandates Expert Panel Highlights - Have you seen this on your local news channel? #KY3News Report This!

Sen. Ron Johnson held a panel discussion on November 2, 2021 with doctors and medical researchers who have treated COVID-19 vaccine injuries and are researching the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines, patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine, and vaccine mandates.

Find the entire roundtable video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lepqvdXoA2E

How long will YouTube allow the video that the senator made stay up in the short format?
Copy paste save Backup the video of the short format and put it up on other video sharing services!

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention fact page maintains the vaccines are safe and effective. It also acknowledges the existence of some of the adverse effects discussed at Johnson’s roundtable, and says COVID vaccines are under the most intense safety monitoring in U.S. history.

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HOW DID THEY KNOW? - Early Warning (1981)

Early Warning (1981):
A Christian woman (Delana Michaels) wants a newspaper man (Greg Wynne) to publish a story about a One World Foundation being set up whose only goal is to control the world. She wants him to warn people that this is coming and explain how it ties into the end times spoken about in the Bible. The newsman is opposed to such an idea until he sees the woman being pursued by the Foundation. As this adventure unfolds, the newspaper man begins to realize that what the woman is saying could be true. This evangelistic, classic end times film presents the truth about Jesus Christ and has interesting insight into what might be coming in the last days.

Forty Years Ago, We Were Warned - Nobody Listened Then, Will Anybody Listen Today?:

LARGEST FRAUD/RICO in American History!

Worse than Gitmo!

Mrs. Judge Sheriff "Butch" Conway:

Eudite Erucations, "Sheriff Butch is a Sonofabitch":

"Did M & T Bank actually have any interest at all in Howard Graber’s house? Did they or their agent or assignee or successor-in-interest actually hold Graber’s promissory note and/or have the right to enforce that promissory note? That’s a perfectly legitimate question, and one that should damn well be answered before Graber is thrown under the jail for 170 years."

SWAT standoff: Eviction results in 4-hour incident
with Homeowner and WIFE ASSAULTED:



"Scotch" Freemasonry History and RITUALS!

Proofs of a Conspiracy (1798)

13 Occult Freemason Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall:

12 Masonic Symbols Explained:


Thomas Jefferson warned that the people will wake up homeless.
Thomas Jefferson said in 1802: “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property – until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

"Part of what it means to be human is to recognize the Freemason, Deep state symbols and patterns that are hidden in plain sight waiting for you to decode them for yourself. You can identify these symbols through corruption, and it is through corruption that you will wake up and see what God wants you to see."

ICU NURSE: "You're being lied to about COVID."

There are extremely effective ways of treating and preventing covid and big pharma and the government are doing everything they can to keep people from knowing it because they are making insane amounts of money selling you vaccines. This nurse explains...



Sacred Secretion / Christ Oil / True Anointing - HEAVEN ON EARTH

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Sacred Secretion / Christ Oil / Chrism / Annointing (QUICK AND EASY) - Playlist - 24 videos



The Secret Teachings of Jesus & Incarnations of Christ Consciousness, Sheldon Moore

Remember Zen: Awaken the Buddha-Nature Within 2nd Edition, Sheldon Moore https://www.amazon.com/Remember-Zen-A...

Anunnaki Manipulation, Nephilim & The Giants From Inner Earth, Shambhala, Sheldon Moore

Ancient Occult Calendar of Binary Star & Cosmic Clock Decoded This Is Where We Are Now Sheldon Moore

The Giants of Inner Earth, Nemesis Star & Ancient Blueprints of the Matrix, Sheldon Moore



Inside a $12,000,000 Newly Built Colorado Modern Castle with Mountain Views!

This week we are in Colorado touring a newly built modern castle built on top of a beautiful hilltop! Follow us on Instagram @EnesYilmazerLA , @AyersWorld , @Jaysonk0312! For any business inquiries please contact me at: inquiries@enesplus.com Would you like your listing or property to be featured on this channel? Click the link to get in touch with us: https://bit.ly/2tQBnyv Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EnesYilmazerOfficial Property Address: 600 Chateau V Rd, Evergreen, CO 80439 Specs: 6 Bedrooms, 8 Full Baths 21,692 sq ft interior space (2,015 sqm) 35 Acre lot (141,640 sqm) Listing Price: $11,999,000 Property link: https://www.sothebysrealty.com/eng/sa... Listing Agents: Whitney Cain, Jennifer Davenport, Emily Henderson & Rosemary Nigh Property Description: "The majestic snowcapped panorama of Mt. Evans from this hillside location are rivaled by the architectural masterpiece of Chateau V. Designed by Boulder’s BVZ Architects and inspired by the Biltmore Mansion in Asheville, NC, this four story Texas limestone structure is built facing west to embrace the unparalleled views and mirrors the historic Biltmore landmark with its central courtyard, dormered windows, pitched roofs, turrets, lit colonnade of columns and sculptural ornamentation. A port-cochere gives passageway to a balanced façade with two projecting wings that connect to the entrance tower.

The marbled entrance hall provides one of many entries to an open loggia. Marble flooring, utilized throughout the home, reflects the sunlight to create a soothing naturally lit interior. To the right of the entry is the amazing great room with immense glass wall full of mountain vistas, custom limestone fireplace and unique spoked ceiling detail.

The great room opens to the kitchen which utilizes the self-supporting ceramic tile vault and arch system patented by Spanish architect Rafael Guastavino in 1892. To the left of the entrance hall is the two-story library with walnut flooring and a surrounding 2nd floor balcony. The staircases on opposing ends of the Chateau are dramatic features with limestone steps, winding balustrade, curly wrought-iron insets and multifaceted glass.

The 2nd floor living hall is an extension of the grand staircases as a formal hall and gallery. On the opposite ends of the house the architect has placed the twin two car garages. The primary master suite with bubble decks, living room, limestone fireplace and luxury bath. Upstairs is the guest apartment with full kitchen and windows to an ancient rock outcropping. 4 additional bedroom suites are located on upper and walkout levels. Intentionally unfinished, the bottom level allows customization."



Fully Vaccinated are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome much faster than anticipated


It gets worse – A comparison of official Government reports suggest the Fully Vaccinated are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome much faster than anticipated

If this continues then 30-59 year olds will have zero Covid/viral defence (and perhaps a form of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) by Christmas and all double vaccinated people over 30 will have completely lost the part of their immune system that tackles Covid-19 by January next year.

By a concerned reader

(read the latest update on this report here)

The 5 Public Health England (PHE) tables below from their excellent Vaccine Surveillance Report of all fully genome sequenced delta cases, separated by 5 weeks, clearly show the progressive damage that the vaccines are doing to the immune system’s response. PHE have done so much great work and the picture is very clear. 

Here is the weekly decline in doubly vaccinated immune system performance compared to unvaxxed people. Vaccine efficacy is measured using Pfizer’s vaccine effectiveness formula… 
(Unvaxxed case rate – Vaxxed case rate)/the Larger of Unvaxxed or Vaxxed case rate – We are using the ratio of vaxxed to unvaxxed case numbers to determine vaccine efficiency just as Pfizer itself does.

A Vaccine efficacy of 50% means that doubly vaxxed people are 50% more protected from Covid than unvaxxed people. It means that the delta case rate in the vaxxed is half the delta case rate in the unvaxxed. 
A Vaccine efficacy of -50% means that unvaxxed people are 50% more protected from Covid than doubly vaxxed people. It means that the delta case rate in the vaxxed is double the delta case rate in the unvaxxed. 
A Vaccine efficacy of 0% means that doubly vaccinated people are 0% more protected from Covid than unvaxxed people. It means that the delta case rate in the vaxxed equals the delta case rate in the unvaxxed. It means the vaccines have lost all their effectiveness.

Everybody over 30 will have lost 100% of their entire immune capability (certainly for Covid and most likely for viruses and certain cancers – following the evidence from Cole Diagnostics in Idaho and Dr Nathan Thompson) within 16 weeks. 
Doubly vaccinated 30-59 year olds will have lost it by Christmas. These people will then have no immune defence to Covid at all. The question then becomes how much of the immune system is involved in defending against Covid? The worst case scenario is that they effectively have full blown AIDS and destroy the NHS.
Unless a cure is found quickly they may well die (as occurred at the start of the AIDS epidemic).

These immune system degradations could be caused by ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement – where the vaccine induced antibodies start working in reverse) and be specific to Covid, or could be more general and result in a form of vaccine mediated AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). The fact that the 3rd Jabs worked in Israel (for a short period of time before the 4th jabs were proposed) means that vaccine antibodies do still have a protective effect immediately after vaccination. So that rules out ADE.

The falling efficacy of the vaccines does not asymptotically approach zero (which would mean that vaccines merely lose effectiveness over time). It goes straight through zero and then goes dangerously negative (which means the vaccines become toxic to the immune system). Then it goes more negative in a linear manner week on week. If this continues then the vaccines will completely destroy the part of your immune system which deals with Covid by the end of January. 

The vaccine booster shots have to be the same as the vaccines themselves, because it takes forever to do clinical trials and get approval for something different. So if you take a booster shot, these figures show that you are giving yourself an even faster progressive form of AIDS (after an initial few months of effectiveness). The risk benefit analysis for these vaccines has now become a risk detriment analysis for everyone over 30.

Table 2. COVID-19 cases by vaccination status…

Cases reported by specimen date between week 32 and week 35 2021 – https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1016465/Vaccine_surveillance_report_-_week_36.pdf 

Cases reported by specimen date between week 33 and week 36 2021 – https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1018416/Vaccine_surveillance_report_-_week_37_v2.pdf 

Cases reported by specimen date between week 34 and week 37 2021 – https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1019992/Vaccine_surveillance_report_-_week_38.pdf 

Cases reported by specimen date between week 35 and week 38 2021 –  https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1022238/Vaccine_surveillance_report_-_week_39.pdf 

Cases reported by specimen date between week 36 and week 39 2021 – https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1023849/Vaccine_surveillance_report_-_week_40.pdf 

Cases reported by specimen date between week 37 and week 40 2021 – https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1025358/Vaccine-surveillance-report-week-41.pdf 

Pfizer originally claimed a 95% efficiency for their vaccine (calculated as in the boost or degradation column above). The figures above indicate that, their figures may well have been correct immediately after vaccination (the younger age groups have had the vaccine for the shortest time). But the figures above also show that the vaccines do NOT merely lose efficiency over time down to zero efficiency. They progressively damage the immune system until a negative efficiency is realised. They presently leave anybody over 30 in a worse position than they were before vaccination  For more see here.

(read the latest update on this report here)

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