Introduction to Unhooking (unhook, rehook, leashing, semi suicide etc)

Introduces the basics of how to unhook and hook back in. Covering, the unhooking procedure, how to control power with the bar in, how & when to leash semi suicide, why to avoid full suicide, and how to avoid accidentally steering with the bar in. Unhooking has increased risks compared to hooked kiting, and the probability of making mistakes while learning is high. It helps to try in very light wind, and you should also have lots of general kiting experience (at least backrolls, frontrolls, downloops, self rescues, handling flagged out kites and tangled lines).

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5 Tips To Prepare For A Hilly Bike Course | Cycling Advice For Triathlon

A hilly bike course is enough to strike fear into any triathlete preparing for their next race, so what can be done to be ready? Given that GTN HQ is surrounded by some brutal climbs we sent Fraser out to explore the subject! A hilly bike course is enough to strike fear into any triathlete preparing for their next race, so what can be done to be ready? So to keep things simple, we’ve put together five of our go-to tips that we reckon will get you through a hilly ride more efficiently! If you enjoyed this video, make sure to give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends. 👍



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Running and Swimming, both improve your cardiovascular fitness! So if you're a runner but want to experience the benefit of non-weight bearing training, then swimming could be the sport for you!

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They Are Planning Something MASSIVE For 2020

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Source: SerialBrain2: https://bit.ly/2lgL4SJ Part 1 Video: https://bit.ly/2m2Ywdo Post # 58 - Trump’s victory at the Singapore Summit and the Deep State retaliation. Buckle up.https://bit.ly/2m2Ywdo Trump says he fired Bolton, Bolton says he resigned: https://bit.ly/2mMZESQ -----------------------------------------------------------------------

It looks like 2020 will be a game changer for all of us, are you ready?

Iran, Bolton and the Lindsey Riddle.

A good advice if you like politics? Never miss a Lindsey Graham interview.
He’s a strong supporter of the Maestro, speaks his mind, vigorously defends a cause when he believes it to be right and never misses an opportunity to destroy the Fake News with colorful comments that leave them speechless. Here is my favorite: video
Hahaha! Thank you Lindsey! Another CNN clown bites the dust!
In this conversation about NK, Lindsey admits he’s sometimes a little hawkish. This can cause him to overlook important details and lead him to hasty conclusions that are rectified after further analysis.
For example, on Sept 17 2019, he tweeted that POTUS’ measured response to Iran shooting down our drone was seen by the Iranian regime as a sign of weakness. A few hours later, POTUS responded by tweeting that, instead, it was a sign of strength that some people don’t understand. This tweet from POTUS was the starting point of the Lindsey Riddle that ended with his 11:11 PM tweet posted on Sept 20 2019: Img1
Before we solve this riddle, we need to refresh our memories about the Iranian drone attack. In this article, we decoded several tweets and gathered that it was a false flag ordered by the Clintons and carried out by clowns within the Iranian military apparatus to trigger a disproportionate response that would create chaos in the region, destabilize the world economy through unstable oil prices and prevent Iran from reaching a peaceful solution to the current crisis. Here is a summary: Img2
The next question is what are these crimes?
This gives me the opportunity to synthetically explain what the Iran nuclear problem is all about from its origin using the Q board. Here are the specific drops that need to be analyzed and assembled: Img3 - Img4
And here is the big picture we get after assembling the pieces, read very carefully: Img5 – Img6 – Img7Img8
Do you now see the real motivation of the Cabal behind Spygate? They knew Trump would shut down their children supply lanes and attack the core of their illegal activities. Do you now see why HUSSEIN has been protected by the C_A and the media despite his bogus birth certificate? Do you now see why Comey’s investigation of the Clinton’s emails was a programmed dead end? It’s all connected. Iran is the Pandora box because all the major bad actors were involved. What happens when Iran finds a way to directly talk to POTUS and make a deal? Yes, their crimes will be exposed:
Q1320 Suicide watch. The deal kept Iran quiet.
For this reason, they will do anything to stay in the loop, like Macron has desperately been trying to, and if they can’t, they’d rather have a war that would destroy Iran in its entirety and the evidence against them at the same time.
So Lindsey, do you now see what the Cabal was really trying to achieve by shooting that unmanned drone?
Did you see that the Maestro’s plan was to achieve our energy independence and provide safety from any possible instability in the straits while at the same time building a military presence with new, advanced and classified weaponry to neutralize the Cabal in Iran? It’s right here: Img9
With this strategic move, POTUS is in a position to gather the intel that allows him to order devastative attacks with surgical precision and without leaving any fingerprints. You thought the explosion at the Semnan launch site One in Iran that occurred on Aug 29 2019 was an accident? Think again. Why do you think it took days for Iran to admit something happened there? POTUS coded a secret message to the Cabal and Iran in the very tweet where he states the USA was not involved and wishes ‘good luck’ in determining what really happened: Img10
Did you notice there are 71 days between the drone attack and the Semnan response? The reason is the Maestro wanted to reveal the context in which he ordered the Semnan operation. Analyzing this number 71 provides spectacular confirmations and pulls the very important Q1948 drop on Rouhani, HUSSEIN and the pallets, Q751 on Operation Merlin, Emmanuel Macron and the reason why the Maestro intentionally misspelled his name at the G7 and, last but not least his former National Security Adviser Bolton that just got fired a few days ago. Look, it’s beautiful: Img11
As you can see, everything we said earlier about Iran is summarized in this beautiful 71 day delta and, as a reward, Macron and Bolton are pulled in.
Before we analyze this additional data, did you notice the date Q1948 was dropped? Peruvian Coffee for those who saw the Semnan attack occurred exactly one year, to the day, after Q1948 was dropped! The trick was to check the date of the satellite image with the smoke indicating the attack occurred a few hours before: Img12
Let’s now focus on Bolton.
What do you do when you just got elected and are surrounded by a DC swamp and so called foreign allies led by corrupt politicians that have been actively plotting against your election? What do you do when Soros is financing people protesting while the C_A is conducting nuclear tests in NK and the Mueller probe is being prepared to attack your presidency?
You endure and you quietly fight the Swamp until its power goes WAY DOWN.
How do you achieve this without alarming the enemy? Answer: you administrate them strong sleeping pills by making them believe they are still in control. How? By hiring people they control and using the yogurt fermentation principle discussed in this article.
This is why Bolton was hired and given the National Security Adviser position. As long as the Cabal had this position, they were still snoring even though the firing of Coats should have been a wakeup call. Do you see that as soon as Bolton got fired the Cabal activated a ‘whistleblower’? That was their last line of defense within the White House.
Bolton is the type of officials the Cabal loves. His known inability to communicate prevents him from integrating a team and therefore exposes him to easier outside control. The cherry on the top is his deranged sex life that caused his abused ex-wife to leave him as well advertised by Larry Flynt in 2005. This was the Cabal putting him on notice before he was appointed US Ambassador to the UN. They were letting him know they had it all about him and about his alleged taste for underage girls and that in the event he decided to go off script one day, the Fake News would continue what Flynt started: Img13
The Maestro knew all this when he appointed him and he killed 2 birds with the same stone: he put the Cabal to sleep and monitored all Bolton’s comms to know who he was reporting to and what the Cabal was trying to achieve through him. How do I know? It’s right here, in a tweet the Maestro posted on Sept 12 2019: Img14
Bolton’s treasonous activities were confirmed in a Sept 18 2019 conversation between POTUS and KANSAS: Img15
In the following tweets, the Maestro confirms Bolton was just a pawn with an expiration date: Img16
Here, under the disguise of talking about environmentally friendly cars, the Maestro uses the Bolton liability example to reveal how he intends to heal our government from decades of secret society manipulation: Img17
In the next tweet, we learn Bolton was a Cabal asset for life because he was caught in a honey pot: Img18
In the next 7 tweets, the Maestro reveals the items on the Cabal’s shopping list that Bolton was asked to treasonously deliver in the name of national security: Img19 – Img20
Here are the final confirmations on Bolton: Img21
With all this precision and the multiple numeric confirmations, you can now watch with the same fun I had how Bolton tried to save face when he got fired and how his resignation letter was dated Sept 10 2019 to mercilessly confirm the Plan: video.
Did you notice how Bolton’s firing coincided with Pompeo and Mnuchin addressing the press? This is the clue needed to solve the ‘Happy hunting’ challenge in item 3 of the Cabal’s shopping list.
Can you solve?
We’ll go through it in my next article and solve the rest of the Lindsey Riddle.
In the meantime, I’ll give you a hint to get you started. It’s in the very first sentence of the Iran Summary:
“With the Cabal’s blessing, the Clintons organized and planned the Iran Program.”
Q1897 Find the matches. Open source. They never thought they'd be hunted.



Waking up in a world that is asleep

A talk on remembering who we are beyond the flesh



Autobiography of a Yogi (The life of Paramahansa Yogananda)

Autobiography of a Yogi is an autobiography of Paramahansa Yogananda(January 5, 1893–March 7, 1952) first published in 1946. Paramahansa Yogananda was born Mukunda Lal Ghosh in Gorakhpur, India, into a Bengali Hindu family. Autobiography of a Yogi introduces the reader to the life of Paramahansa Yogananda and his encounters with spiritual figures of both the Eastern and the Western world. The book begins with his childhood family life, to finding his guru, to becoming a monk and establishing his teachings of Kriya Yoga meditation. The book continues in 1920 when Yogananda accepts an invitation to speak in a religious congress in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. He then travels across America lecturing and establishing his teachings in Los Angeles, California. In 1935 he returns to India for a yearlong visit. When he returns to America, he continues to establish his teachings, including writing this book. The book is an introduction to the methods of attaining God-realization and to the spiritual thought of the East, which had only been available to a few in 1946. The author claims that the writing of the book was prophesied long ago by the nineteenth-century master Lahiri Mahasaya (Paramguru of Yogananda) also known as the Yogiraj and Kashi baba. Before becoming a yogi, Lahiri Mahasaya's actual name was Shyama Charan Lahiri. It has been in print for seventy years and translated into fifty-two languages by Self-Realization Fellowship. It has been highly acclaimed as a spiritual classic including being designated by Philip Zaleski, while he was under the auspices of HarperCollins Publishers, as one of the "100 Most Important Spiritual Books of the 20th Century."It is included in the book 50 Spiritual Classics: Timeless Wisdom from 50 Great Books of Inner Discovery, Enlightenment and Purpose by Tom Butler-Bowdon. Awake - The Life Paramahansa Yogananda Directed by Paola di Florio Lisa Leeman Produced by Counter Point Films - Peter RaderMusic by Vivek Maddala, Michael Mollura Release date Cinema 10/10/2014, DVD 2/2016 Running time 87 min Country United States Language: English The film includes interviews with disciples of Paramahansa Yogananda, as well as with Ravi Shankar, George Harrison, Krishna Das, and others. It was filmed over three years with the participation of thirty countries, including on pilgrimages in India, at Harvard Divinity School and its physics labs, the Center for Science and Spirituality at the University of Pennsylvania, and the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California.

Jul 30, 2018 - Uploaded by Joseph Rodrigues
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This Harvard Professor Explains the Secret to Aging in Reverse | David Sinclair on Health Theory

Harvard professor David Sinclair believes that not only can we slow aging down, we can actually reverse it. On this episode of Health Theory with Tom Bilyeu, David Sinclair explains the three levels of aging, and what can be done on each level. He describes the lifestyle changes that slow aging down, the drug treatments that begin to stop aging, and experimental new procedures that may actually reverse aging once they are fully developed.
Image result for David Sinclair on Health Theory

SHOW NOTES: David explains the information theory of aging [0:59] David explains the difference between genes and the epigenome [2:17] David describes the way that cell stress causes aging [5:20] David explains what proteins are and how they work [6:40] David recommends lifestyle changes to slow down or reverse aging [9:14] David recommends stressing the system by consistent fasting [10:52] David explains why we don’t live as long as whales [15:01] David describes resetting the biological clock [16:16] David explains how to tell when someone is going to die [18:47] David explains why people are taking metformin [20:03] David shares his regimen of exercise and metformin [24:18] David advocates cold exposure [25:28] David explains work he’s done to try to reset the aging clock [29:01] David explains why you don’t want to turn the cellular clock back too far [31:37] David describes the actual process of reversing aging in masses of cells [33:20] David talks about some results with mice that appear to reverse aging [36:40] David shares his father’s story of metformin and NMN use [38:10] David explains the effects of resveratrol [39:07] David describes the kinds of testing he advocates [43:13] David shares the impact he wants to have on the world [45:44] FOLLOW DAVID: WEBSITE: www.lifespanbook.com INSTAGRAM: https://bit.ly/2kPvLjF FACEBOOK: https://bit.ly/2mcAPiq TWITTER: https://bit.ly/2lSh6Vc

Renowned longevity researcher David Sinclair believes aging is not inevitable but a treatable condition. In his talk at Science Unlimited 2019, he explained why we age – and how we can reverse aging to extend human healthspan and lifespan. David Sinclair is Professor in the Department of Genetics, Blavatnik Institute and co-Director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biological Mechanisms of Aging at Harvard Medical School. Science Unlimited is held in Montreux, Switzerland, as part of the annual Frontiers Forum. See all speakers: https://forum.frontiersin.org



John Coleman of KUSI - How the Global Warming Scare Began

A great scientist named Roger Revelle had Al Gore in his class at Harvard and the Global Warming campaign was born. Revelle tried to calm things down years later, but Gore said Revelle was senile and refused to debate. John Coleman documents the entire story and shows how our tax dollars are perpetuating the Global Warming alarmist campaign even though temperatures have not risen in years and years.

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How To Do Freestyle Kick Step By Step Swimming Guide

When learning front crawl, the kick is easily overlooked. It makes up a small percentage of your forward propulsion in middle to long distance swimming, but still an effective kick is vital for an efficient overall stroke. We break down the front crawl kick and explain exactly how to perform it!

Having the correct body position when swimming allows us to be more streamlined, which not only ensures that we improve our efficiency as we swim, but will aid our stroke and help us to move through the water faster! Here's Mark to explain more!



THE KITE VOYAGE 4.0 with Blake Olsen in Egypt

Blake Olsen from Mackite here, I’m reaching out because I want you to join me for a 7 day kite safari with Cabrinha Egypt! Now you may be wondering why in the world would you want to travel all the way to Egypt? Would spending a week on an all inclusive luxury yacht, chasing wind and adventure with a group of like minded people sound fun to you? First of all, the Red Sea has some of the most beautiful, electric blue water I have ever seen as well as steady winds and warm weather year round! The kiteboarding is world class and boasts dreamy, flat water spots throughout a series of desert islands. Whether you’re a beginner kiteboarder, a freestyle pro, or just want to come along and experience what the Red Sea has to offer, we would love for you to join us. Trip Details: Date: October 17-24 Location: Hurghada, Egypt Fly into Hurghada, we’ll arrange transportation. Arrival: The group will meet at 7:30pm and spend the first night on the boat in the port of Hurghada. The next morning we will motor to Abu Mongar island and the journey begins! Departure: Sunrise session, 8:30 breakfast, check out at 12pm. Transportation to the airport or city of El Gouna. Book here: https://holix.co/shop/thekitevoyage4-with-blakeolsen/ You’re not going to want to miss this trip! Feel free to reach out to stay in the loop for future trips. Sincerely, Blake Olsen