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Justin.tv, a live video streaming site, has announced a new feature that integrates its chat interface with Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. Site founder Justin Kan says the integration is aimed at leveraging users’ status updates on social networking sites to encourage a social viewing experience.

The new functionality lets viewers of any of Justin.tv’s 400,000 live streams log directly into their Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace accounts from the site. Once logged in, viewers can use a given site’s status updates to share what they’re watching with friends.

For example, a Twitter user can tweet straight from one of Justin.tv’s chat windows, as well as view tweets of other users watching the same video stream. Likewise, Facebook and MySpace users can now update their status from Justin.tv, while also inviting friends to join them in watching the video stream.

Although Justin.tv’s newest integration isn’t viewable offsite (yet), Kan believes the integration of real-time conversation from popular social platforms like Facebook can add a lot of value to the site’s streams. Ultimately, it will be up to users to decide, but Kan seems to be on the right path. CNN has adopted a similar (and widely successful) approach with its real-time innaguration coverage on Facebook. Of course, if Justin.tv wants to replicate that success, it’ll need live streams that are at least equally compelling.

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Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston - When You Believe, When You Believe 2012 Awakening

When You Believe 2012 Awakening,  A great song of Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston one of the Soundtrack songs of "The Prince of Egypt".

To see it as it is "already done". Is a key to the Key.  One must believe so deep as to believe to there very atoms.  Even deeper, I say to you. This seeing is as deep as your Sub-Conscious.  And it will be Done.

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Consciousness Awakening (Ralph Buckley)

Consciousness Awakening....
I don't know why....but I feel compelled to continue with this...call it what u will....intuition...instinct...but this idea is constantly spinning in my head. It's very weird...but I remember thinking these same thoughts back when Art did his experiment way back when. I was so riveted during this time. I literally couldn't wait to listen to Mr. Bell's show every night...it was way better then cable....(hehe)!
I recall wondering why this hadn't been done or thought of before & why the 'powers that be' hadn't put there monies & resources into a venture that held such extraordinary potential...I was really quite naive then...we've never had any real money, nor have we been truly exposed to the corruption of it all, always been poor....& for this I feel fortunate. Never really bothered me much. In the years that Marcie & I were homeless...we didn't really analyze it then, but we were always taken care of...people, things...necessities came to us....as they were needed. I wish I would've been more in tune with the spirit back in those days, I would've been more relaxed...for I was constantly in a state of panic and anxiety.

anyways....this 'consciousness' project is a really delicate matter and we musn't allow things to become distorted....or lost in hype and money. I think that we need to become accustomed to this idea...the idea of thinking or being as one. Like everything else this takes getting used to...it takes practice. With large groups it becomes extremely evident of personalities that are louder then others...ego's are incredibly fragile & unpredictable & possibly dangerous. We have to account for this....before we begin. This is why I think we need to keep on trying...until we are comfortable with the idea & more importantly comfortable with each other in what we're trying to accomplish, again we have to get used to thinking of ourselves as one.
When I close my eyes....I think about a flock of birds that can change direction instantly....as one. Thousands of birds that can make a complete change of direction...as one. One mind. One heart. One Love....
I am positive that as long as everyone involved has their hearts in the right place that this could really grow....quickly. We could enter into this online as individuals or groups....small or large...depending on where the comfort zone is with an individual....so we can eventually be able to develop this intuitive ability to think and be as one.

To be honest, I don't want to be the one to lead this experiment. I believe for this to work we'll need to trade off on who will 'moderate' or host certain 'sessions'... Just to be sure & positive, I think it would be wise to prevent any one individual to be in control of things, for very long anyways.....if this happens it will most assuredly fail.
I'm doing this, because, in my mind, it is the most important endeavor of our time. We need to come together spiritually...without a care for race color or creed....or money. Staying as far as we possibly can from any organized religious beliefs...
We are one...and until we can start thinking about ourselves in this capacity....we'll never get past the differences that have held us back for the ages.


What would be the focus? - perhaps prayer lists? - those who are sick? - without a doubt we should always try to envision a world of peace. But eventually we could attempt to become more specific...specific regions - focus for specific leaders -............ This is always about bringing light.....we can never feed the darkness.

The response to this idea in recent attempts has shown great promise...but as I stated in the video.... Most people won't think of such things as necessities...that is until their very lives are effected by the chaos that our future promises....

If anyone feels inspired....then it's important that you act on that impulse....


"Shine on Forever" (ralph buckley)

note*:...after writing this I came upon a u2b video of Eckhart Tolle on the Oprah Winfrey show...& it just blew my mind. Please view
Eckhart Tolle on Oprah

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Super Bug CNN is Talking About is Not True

Do not go into Fear over this so called Super Bug. Do your own thinking. Look it up and see for your self's what is real happening.

See this link;
The FDA Shuts Down Common Infant Vaccine After Startling Discovery


ITN's Lawrence McGinty reports on the discovery of a new "super-bug." What does this mean for public health?

Health News - Medical, Mental and Dental Treatment - Beauty, Nutrition and Fitness - CNN.com

One million U.S. children, and about 30 million worldwide, received GSK's Rotarix vaccine. Now a research team has discovered it is contaminated with "a substantial amount" of DNA from a pig virus.

"U.S. federal health authorities recommended ... that doctors suspend using Rotarix, one of two vaccines licensed in the U.S. against rotavirus, saying the vaccine is contaminated with material from a pig virus," CNN reports.

The Rotarix vaccine, which is made by GlaxoSmithKline and was approved by the FDA in 2008, has already been given to about 1 million U.S. children along with 30 million worldwide. The vaccine was found to contain DNA from porcine circovirus 1.

"The FDA learned about the contamination after an academic research team using a novel technique to look for viruses in a range of vaccines found the material in GlaxoSmithKline's product and told the company," FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg told CNN.




Flu Shot destroys the life of a young girl

Refusing vaccination labels you a criminal, so says WHO

The establishment media and the scientific dictatorship are promoting brain-eating vaccines that virtually lobotomize people and rewire their brains into a state of subservient compliance so that their natural instinct to get angry and rebel against the tyranny being imposed upon them is neutered and sterilized.
"Academics say they are close to developing the first vaccine for stress -- a single jab that would help us relax without slowing down," reports the Daily Mail.


Do not believe me, or anyone on this subject,,, you must look it up for your self.
Thanks,, Buddy Huggins

Why do I call myself this? I AM Awake, To be awake is to be the Buddha.
Positive affirming energy toward the word pays off in a big way.

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Sydney Banks and The 3 Principles

Sydney Banks , The late SYDNEY BANKS (1931 - 2009) was a well-known author, philosopher and lecturer. He was born in Scotland but spent most of his adult life in Canada's Gulf Islands. In 1973, Banks came to a profound understanding about the Mind and human consciousness and subsequently developed an approach to this understanding which he called The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought.

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UFO Eyeing Our Nuclear Sites

Former U.S. Air Force personnel claim they experienced
UFO activity near nuclear sites at which they worked.

National Press Club has experts talking UFO activity near nuclear sites (Video)

National Press Club today was the outlet where three former U.S. Air Force personnel claim they saw or had access to UFO activity near nuclear sites in the United States. This interesting press conference had everyone smirking as it is always those pesky Press Club members who say bloggers make stuff up about aliens.
Thanks to this Press Club event, people can learn more about the cover ups of the UFO's hovering over missile silos in Montana and the people who were told to never speak about it. According to one of the experts he had to sign a don't talk about it contract to keep America safe from the little green people.
If you find this hard to believe, take a look at the video from CNN. Not only are these men extremely serious (hey, don't knock the experts) they talk in details about what they have seen and when. It appears there is something else out there and no doubt they want to share more with the public.
While you check out the video, also take a peek at the backdrop where it says 'National Press Club.' Yes, we are making fun of them this one time. It is the only chance there is to point out that they allow people to talk about aliens on their time too. It's only fair!!!
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Love is Energy.... Pass it forward !



"Titans of Yoga" is a recently released 70 min documentary film which shares with us timeless yogic wisdom as best known to the 25 Masters of Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness who are featured in this fantastic documentary on the union of the mind and body ; spirit and matter.
For yogis, there's always one teacher that stands out in their practice, the one that inspired them to work harder, dig deeper and enjoy all that is yoga.

Few have been lucky enough to practice with the big-name yogis, but a movie due out Sept. 1, "Titans of Yoga," features 25 modern masters of yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

The movie highlights words of wisdom and practice tips from Dr. Dean Ornish, Lilias Folan, Kim Eng, Bryan Kest, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Dharma Mittra, John Friend, Rajashree Choudhury, Gurmukh Khalsa, Swami Kriyananda, Beth Shaw, Shiva Rea, Gary Kraftsow, Ana Forrest, David Swenson, Seane Corn, Larry Payne, Deva Premal & Miten, Vinnie Marino, Lisa Walford, Krishna Kaur, Saul David Raye, Sara Ivanhoe.


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Dr. Wayne Dyer & Bruce Lipton : Biology Of Belief

You Can Heal Yourself
In this video, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Bruce Lipton have a discussion about "The Biology Of Belief" on the Hay House Radio Stage at the I Can Do It! Las Vegas. Another good one from Dr. Bruce Lipton & Dr. Wayne Dyer sharing with us how we can choose to reprogram our belief systems and empower our self ...

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NIST Special Safety Announcement - Urgent Warning About Tall Buildings Post 9/11

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NPC Press Conference UFOs and Nukes Sept.27. 2010

PlayList- NPC Press Conference UFOs and Nukes

"FULL Version"

For the first time since the early days of the presidency of Barack Obama in 2009, a wave of scheduled or predicted events around the theme of ‘official’ disclosure of extraterrestrial life to the human civilization of Earth appears to be surging.
The early days of the Obama administration were rife with rumors that ET ‘disclosure is imminent’ and one observer predicted, “An official announcement by the Obama administration disclosing the reality of extraterrestrial life is imminent.”
In fact, Barack Obama’s failure to make ET disclosure turned out to be the top UFO/ET story of 2009.
As of today, almost a year to the day since the 2009 Obama ‘ET disclosure wave’ started, a new 2010 ‘ET disclosure wave has begun to surge.
The 2010 ET disclosure wave is focused around a new set of institutions from the Obama administration – an announcement of an appointment of a person - and then an official denial of this UN appointment - for ‘contact by extraterrestrial civilizations’ at the United Nations, a National Press Club Press conference by U.S. and U.K. nuclear missile UFO whistleblowers, and the Denver ET Affairs November 2010 vote.

An in-depth evaluation of each of these ‘drivers’ in the 2010 ET disclosure wave reveals deep conflicts around what 'extraterrestrial contact' may mean to the SETI ‘search for the extraterrestrial presence’ paradigm as used by the United Nations personnel and bodies, and the UFO and Exopolitics paradigm of ‘extraterrestrial disclosure’ used by citizen-driven initiatives such as the nuclear missile UFO whistleblowers and the proponents of the Denver Extraterrestrials Affairs commission.
The confusion and false expectations of the 2009 ET disclosure wave must be avoided at all costs in the new 2010 ET disclosure wave now surging.
Dr Mazlan Othman & the UN: Just what does ‘extraterrestrial contact’ mean? 
In some deep sense, there is still a deep chasm of mis-understanding and cultural conflict between the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) paradigm that for many years has dominated the discussion at the Royal society and the U.N. Outer space office (UNOOSA), and reality of the UFO and extraterrestrial presence that U.S. nuclear missile UFO whistleblowers, proponents of the Denver ET Affairs commission, and the UFO and exopolitical research community are referring to.
It was initially reported that Dr Mazlan Othman, head of the UN Outer Space Office (UNOOSA) and former director of the Malaysian Space Agency, announced she would explain at a October 4-5, 2010 at a U.K. Royal Society conference on a scientific and social agenda on extraterrestrial life how a proposal to designate her office as the official point of contact with extraterrestrial life will be debated in the U.N. Outer Space Committee, and if approved, sent to the U.N. General Assembly for a vote.
Then in a public email, Dr. Othman stated, "It sounds really cool but I have to deny it," she said of the [London Times] story. She will be attending a conference next week, but she'll be talking about how the world deals with "near-Earth objects".
Other news reports stated, "A UN spokesperson this afternoon told Newslite the story was "nonsense" and insisted there were no current plans to appointment anyone to the role.
"Never-mind… we guess this just means any visiting aliens will have to continue asking to be taken to our leader.
"The spokesperson said: "The Office for Outer Space Affairs, headed by Mazlan Othman, serves as the secretariat to the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.
"It carries out activities to promote international cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space and strengthens the use of space science and technology applications.
"The mandate of the Office for Outer Space Affairs is defined by the United Nations General Assembly and there are no plans to change the current mandate.
"The article in the Sunday Times is nonsense."
Prior to this announcement-denial of the UN 'extraterrestrial point of contact,' Dr. Othman is reported to have said.“The continued search for extraterrestrial communication, by several entities, sustains the hope that some day human kind will received signals from extraterrestrials.'
“When we do, we should have in place a coordinated response that takes into account all the sensitivities related to the subject.
“The UN is a ready-made mechanism for such coordination.”
The U.N. General Assembly in 1978 in Decision 33/426 (1978) approved the establishment of an office to investigate ‘extraterrestrial life’.  That 1978 Decision has not been implemented to date.
A review of the Committee debates and working papers of the U.N. Outer Space Committee make it clear that by ‘extraterrestrial contact’ is meant contact of the sort envisioned by SETI through the reception of radio signals from a distant point in deep space.
In a fundamental way, this chasm between the SETI-type contact and an actual physical contact from extraterrestrial presence around Earth may serve to fuel false expectations and substantive confusion about what ‘ET contact’ means.  There is a vast difference between (1) the sort of SETI-type radio antenna contact that Dr Mazlan Othman and the rest of UNOOSA and the UN General Assembly have in mind and (2) authentic disclosure of secret human-extraterrestrial liaison programs of the U.S. government and the presence around Earth of multiple advanced intelligent civilizations from other worlds and dimensions.
When Dr Mazlan Othman (director of the Malaysian Space Agency 2002-7) and the UN speak of ‘extraterrestrial contact,’ they are speaking of a scenario of the return of radio signals from some distant galaxy via the SETI program.  They are not speaking of, and will officially fail to confirm, the evidence of an active extraterrestrial presence on Earth, and of secret human-ET liaison programs of the U.S. government.
The functional effect (and some say the mission) of the SETI program – and of the UN ‘ET’ paradigm - is to continue the cover-up of the active extraterrestrial presence on Earth, and of secret human-extraterrestrial liaison programs of he U.S. government.
This fueling of false expectations by the UN designation happened already in 2009 with the Obama ‘disclosure is imminent’ bubble and should not be encouraged again in 2010, as has happened already by this apparent reporting of a bogus announcement by the UN on its appointment of an 'extraterrestrial contact' person in Dr. Othman.

Deactivation of nuclear weapons 'is a message' to human race
Examiner.com readers can view a video of the Sept. 27, 2010 nuclear missile UFO whistleblowers' pressconference here:

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