Larry Ballard author of (Liberty Crusade) Book Overview

Hello, Patriots!

I want to just take a couple of minutes here and introduce myself and tell you how this book came to be. I'm Larry Ballard, the author of Liberty Crusade: The Fight to Save the Free World.

The Genesis of This Book

The genesis of this book occurred way back in 1968, when I had a motorcycle accident that resulted in what's known as a near-death experience. At that time, God showed me that the time would come when my hair was salt and pepper (which it is right now) that America would be teetering on the brink of collapse. In 1968, that seemed like an impossibility, but God doesn't lie, and here we are.

God instructed me to spend all those years studying, reading the Bible, reading history, reading anthropology, archaeology, sociology, psychology, etc. He had me travel the world. He had me work for a multitude of companies. So, when the time came, I would have the necessary background and the necessary information to share a message with the world, to open people's eyes, so that we can stand together and we can save this nation. Because if this nation falls, the entire world will lose its freedom.

What's in This Book

So, what's in this book? Very quickly, it:

- Identifies who our common enemy is.
- Tells us that they have an agenda that says America must fall if they're going to usher in their new world order.
- Identifies the endgame of the enemy, and I guarantee you, it is a horrible, horrible agenda that they have.
- And most importantly, once you've gained all that information, the book tells you how we can stand up and defeat that enemy, save America, return America to greatness, make it as great as it's ever been, and even greater.

And in the process, here's what's going to happen. God showed me the end, and here's what it is. God used America to be part of Abraham's covenant. He then used America to spread the gospel around the world. That harvest is now at hand. Those souls are ready, and he is going to use America to harvest those souls. America is going to usher in the greatest revival the world has ever seen. America is not going to fall. America is going to rise. America is going to be as great as it ever was, or even greater.

Now, what's in this book? Nothing enters into this book unless it's part of an agenda that exposes who our enemy is. Basically, what it's about is this: a historical account, a chronological account, of everything that they've done to us, so that you can see the depths of what they've done and how heinous it is. Nothing enters into this book unless it in some way threatens our sovereignty as a nation, unless it divides us, unless it threatens our Constitution and our freedom, unless it drives us into debt, or in other words, if it doesn't in some way insidiously harm America, it has no place in this book. This book is to wake people up, to open their eyes, so that we are empowered to stand and fight and save our nation.

And in the process, we're going to go through some hard times right now, but I can guarantee you, God showed me what the end is, and in the end, we're going to come together as one nation, and we're going to drop on our knees, and we're going to welcome God as we've never done before.

The bottom line is, this is good news, not bad news.

Thank you.


Springboard: the secret history of the first real smartphone (Full Documentary)

A decade before Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, a tiny team of renegades imagined and tried to build the modern smartphone. Nearly forgotten by history, a little startup called Handspring tried to make the future before it was ready. This is the story of the Treo.



Heal Yourself With Your Words and Reverse Aging

Heal Yourself With Your Words and Reverse Aging
Words can save a life, they can free a soul, and they can bring happiness to one's day, never underestimate the healing power of words. Use them to bring happiness to someone's life, love to someone close to you and use them to educate your mind, use them to write, to speak and to find your peace within. Words heal.

"It is a knowing that I was given. My mind became still. So still, that I was able to see without my eyes. I started to see with 
my heart.  It was then that I began forgiving. I forgave myself, for not knowing that I was the one, The only one that had ever hurt me my whole life. I could see that I had never been a victim. So, within that instance I was able to collapse time. Somehow, 
I was given the gift to time travel in my own life and heal it. This only lasted for a short time. 

I am so blessed to have had this happen to me. If this has happened to me it can happen to you or anyone that can hear these words. My Awakening happened the night that I had reached the end of me, I was ready to leave this world. But instead of taking my own life I was given life. 

August 17th 2003, I awoke with my mind still, I was able to start living my life knowing there is no time, there is only this present moment, and realized that we become what we say we are."

Spiritual   Я Ξ √ Ω L U T ↑ ☼ N

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ATHENS UNVEILED: Greeks in Georgia, Underground Tunnels, UGA, Lost History

Are you interested in the hidden history of Athens, Georgia? Do you want to learn about the ancient connections between Greece and America, the mysterious underground tunnels, and the secrets of the University of Georgia? If so, you might want to watch this fascinating video by Mind Unveiled, titled “ATHENS UNVEILED: Greeks in Georgia, Underground Tunnels, UGA, Lost History”. In this video, you will discover how Athens, Georgia was named after the ancient city of Athens, Greece, and how the two places share more than just a name. You will also explore the evidence of ancient civilizations, lost technologies, and hidden agendas that lie beneath the surface of this seemingly ordinary town. Finally, you will find out how the University of Georgia, one of the oldest public universities in the US, is connected to this rich and mysterious history. This video is a must-watch for anyone who loves history, mystery, and adventure. Don’t miss this chance to uncover the secrets of Athens, Georgia!

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Yes, I do. I searched the web for some historical photos of Athens, Georgia, and I found some websites that might be useful for you. Here are some of them:

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'Do something today that your future self will thank you for'

In this video, I share with you my experience of swimming a mile in 29 minutes and 21 seconds at the OC today Nov. 16th 2023. I also show you the beautiful fall scenery and talk about the benefits of cold weather therapy and meditation. I explain why I call myself the Buddha from Mississippi and what it means to awaken to your true nature. Join me on this journey of self-discovery and wellness. I tell you why I call myself the Buddha from Mississippi and what it means to awaken to your true nature. I also explain the nature of your breath, your spinal cord, and your chakras. This is a video about overcoming challenges and discovering yourself. #swimming #meditation #awakening #buddha #mississippi #nature #coldweather #chakras #mindfulness #wellness #swimamile #coldtherapy #buddhafrommississippi #fallscenery #breath #spinalcord #awakentoyourtruenature #peace #happiness #selfdiscovery

Are you feeling a deep, inexplicable pull towards something greater, a shift in your perception and understanding of the world? You may be one of the select 1% undergoing a profound cosmic shift.
In this video, we delve into the mysteries of this new dimension, a place characterized by peace, love, joy, and spiritual growth. We'll discuss the signs indicating your potential ascension to this higher state of being, ranging from physical symptoms to emotional and spiritual awakenings. Discover how the rapid transition from our current third-dimensional reality to the fifth dimension is reshaping humanity's future. Learn about the unique abilities and heightened levels of empathy and intuition associated with this shift. We'll guide you through understanding if you're among the special few destined for this new Earth, and how to align your energy with its higher frequency. This isn't just a personal journey; it's a collective evolution towards a brighter, more harmonious world. Join us as we explore the path to a new era of human existence and uncover whether you're ready to be part of this extraordinary transformation. Chapter 1: Revealing the 5D Earth's Secret 1:00 Chapter 2: Are You Showing Signs of the Shift? 3:28 Chapter 3: What to Expect During the Shift 5:15 Chapter 4: A Glimpse into Life on the New Earth 6:33 Chapter 5: Helping Others Shift (and Why it's Important) 8:22 Chapter 6: Your Final Chance To Be One Of The Chosen 1% 11:14

Time and memory. Perhaps, the two most fundamental aspects of human existence. While it is very important to avoid generalising about the longest continual culture on the face of the Earth, over 50,000 years old, time and memory take on very unique dimensions in spirituality of the First Nations People of Australia. Before Europeans arrived in Australia, the population of First Australians was split into 250 individual nations, many of which were in alliance with one another, and within each nation there existed separate, often related clans, from as few as 5 or 6 to as many as 30 or 40. Each nation had its own language, and a few had several. At the heart of any First Australians conception of time is The Dreamtime, often translated in just two of the 250 plus First Nations languages as Tjukurrpa or Alcheringa. Among the many diverse Australian First Nations there is a shared understanding of time and space as being intricately interwoven with the Dreamtime. The Dreamtime: A Time Beyond Time In the Western worldview, time is mostly perceived as linear, marked by past, present, and future. However, within Australian First Nations cultures, time takes on a fundamentally different character. #australianaboriginal #spirituality #dreamtime



How to Shine as the Stars of Higher Consciousness


In this video, I share with you some insights on how to rise from the dust of the earth (your human thinking) and shine as the stars (enlightened beings) of higher consciousness. You will learn about the true nature of God, the oneness of all things, and the heaven within you. You will also discover how to live in the kingdom of heaven now, and enjoy the unconditional love, peace, and joy that God has for you. This video will help you to awaken to your true identity and purpose, and to experience the bliss of living in the now.

#HigherConsciousness #ShineAsTheStars #Oneness #HeavenWithin #LivingInTheNow #Awakening #Spirituality #Enlightenment #GodIsLove #BlissfulLife
0:00 - Introduction: Rising from the dust of the earth and shining as the stars of higher consciousness
0:25 - The oneness of God and all things: There is no division or separation in God
0:50 - The new man arising on the earth: Shedding the old belief systems and revealing the truth of our oneness with God
1:15 - The true nature of God and heaven: God is unconditional love and heaven is within you
1:40 - Living in the kingdom of heaven now: Enjoying the peace, joy, and abundance that God has for you
2:05 - Conclusion: Awakening to your true identity and purpose, and experiencing the bliss of living in the now

Gary Sigler Books Here - On Amazon - https://amzn.to/3IdsIt1 Website http://sigler.org. Listen to the song go here http://sigler.org/I'llTakeYouBack.mp3

Gary Sigler's Website - https://www.sigler.org/

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Hawley and Blackburn Grill Mayorkas on Border Security and Illegal Immigration

Hawley and Blackburn Grill Mayorkas on Border Security and Illegal Immigration
In this video, you will see a heated exchange between two Republican senators, Josh Hawley and Marsha Blackburn, and the Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, over the Biden administration’s border policy and the $450,000 payments to illegal immigrants who were separated from their families under the Trump administration. Hawley and Blackburn question Mayorkas about the security of the southern border, the vetting of illegal immigrants, and the possibility of Hamas terrorists entering the country. Mayorkas denies any knowledge of Hamas members crossing the border, and claims that they screen and vet everyone they encounter. He also defends the payments as a way of settling lawsuits filed by the immigrants. Hawley and Blackburn accuse Mayorkas of filibustering and not giving straight answers. Watch this video to see the full confrontation and learn more about the border crisis and the controversial payments.

0:00 - Hawley questions Mayorkas about $450K payments to illegal immigrants
0:31 - Mayorkas testifies that the payments are not a pull factor for illegal immigration
1:00 - Hawley asks Mayorkas about Harris’ role in border policy
1:20 - Mayorkas says that Harris is focused on addressing the root causes of migration
1:51 - Hawley presses Mayorkas to reveal how often he meets with Harris
2:30 - Mayorkas admits that he has not consulted with Harris directly about border policies
2:58 - Hawley challenges Mayorkas to explain what Harris is doing exactly
3:00 - Blackburn challenges Mayorkas on the number of illegal immigrants in the country
3:37 - Mayorkas provides the number of notices to appear and notices to report issued to illegal immigrants
4:00 - Blackburn criticizes Mayorkas’ attitude and questions his data
4:14 - Blackburn asks Mayorkas about the technology at the border
4:39 - Mayorkas denies the removal of technology and offers to follow up
4:53 - Blackburn asks Mayorkas about Harris’ role in border policy
5:08 - Mayorkas repeats that Harris is focused on the root causes of migration
5:48 - Blackburn presses Mayorkas to reveal how often he meets with Harris
6:07 - Mayorkas admits that he has not consulted with Harris directly about border policies
6:29 - Blackburn challenges Mayorkas to explain what Harris is doing exactly
6:32 - Blackburn criticizes the 11 million number of illegal immigrants in the country
6:48 - Mayorkas says he will provide a more accurate number
6:53 - Trump speaks at the rally and slams Biden’s foreign policy
7:08 - Trump praises the police and law enforcement and expresses condolences to the family of officer Kevin Cram
7:52 - Trump touts his achievements for Israel and the Middle East
8:33 - Trump says he withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal and prevented a holocaust
9:08 - Trump claims he would have made a deal with Iran in two weeks after the election
9:34 - Trump accuses China of buying oil from Iran and making them rich
10:00 - Trump says the election got in the way of his deal with Iran

The transcript is from a speech that former President Donald Trump gave at a rally in Des Moines, Iowa, on October 9, 2021. He spoke for about 90 minutes and covered a range of topics, such as the 2020 election, immigration, foreign policy, the economy, and his potential 2024 run.

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The Debt Bomb: How Speaker Jackson Warns of America’s Looming Crisis


In this video, we’ll explore the controversial statement made by Speaker of the House, Mike Jackson, who claimed that the national debt is the greatest threat to our nation. We’ll examine the causes and consequences of the debt crisis, and how it affects the economy, the security, and the future of America. We’ll also hear from different perspectives and opinions on how to solve this problem, and what role the government and the people should play in it. This video will give you an in-depth analysis of one of the most pressing issues facing our country today.

#DebtCrisis #SpeakerJackson #NationalSecurity #EconomicImpact #GovernmentResponsibility

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Kennedy vs Witness: The Twitter Feud

In this video, we will show you the heated exchange between Senator John Kennedy and witness Saule Omarova, who is nominated to be the comptroller of the currency. We will explain why Senator Kennedy confronted Omarova about her “appalling” tweets that criticized the U.S. financial system and praised the Soviet Union. We will also show you how Senator Sheldon Whitehouse intervened and defended Omarova from Kennedy’s accusations. Finally, we will analyze the implications of this clash for Omarova’s confirmation and the future of the U.S. banking regulation. 00:00 - Introduction and overview of the video 00:25 - Senator Kennedy clashes with witness Omarova over her “appalling” tweets 01:10 - Omarova defends her tweets and explains her views on the U.S. financial system 02:15 - Senator Whitehouse intervenes and supports Omarova’s nomination 03:20 - Senator Kennedy accuses Omarova of lying and being unfit for the job 04:30 - Conclusion and call to action #KennedyVsWitness #TwitterFeud #OmarovaNomination #BankingRegulation Also, please share this video with your friends and family. Let them know about this interesting and entertaining video. Let them join the discussion and debate. Let them be part of the fun. And, of course, please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already. Hit the bell icon🔔 to get notified of my new videos. Join the notification squad and never miss a video. Be the first to watch and comment on my videos. Be the best fans in the world. 😁 That’s all for today, folks. I hope you have a wonderful day and a fantastic week. I’ll see you soon in my next video. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy, and stay awesome. Peace out! 😊👍🥰 http://www.OneVoiceNow.org website, Explains utilizing established public TV stations to voting on local issues. See This Video - https://youtu.be/NjSA0fC2YMI Follow Him Here: Facebook: 1 @SenatorJohnKennedy Twitter: 2 @SenJohnKennedy Instagram: 3 @senjohnkennedy YouTube: 4 Senator John Kennedy Website: 5 https://www.kennedy.senate.gov/public/


How the White House Responded to the GOP’s Subpoenas for the Bidens

How the White House Responded to the GOP’s Subpoenas for the Bidens youtu.be/g9Sm8agtjsk?si via

The GOP’s Subpoenas for the Bidens: What the White House Said and Did In this video, we will cover the latest developments in the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, who is accused by House Republicans of abusing his power and enriching his family through their foreign business dealings. We will explain why the House Oversight Committee has issued subpoenas to the president’s son, Hunter Biden, and brother, James Biden, as well as a Biden family associate, Rob Walker, and what they hope to find out from them. We will also show you how the White House has responded to the subpoenas and defended the president from the allegations. Finally, we will analyze the political implications of the impeachment probe and how it might affect the president’s agenda and popularity. 00:00 - White House Reacts To House GOP Issuing Subpoenas For Hunter And James Biden 00:25 - The White House spokesperson denies any wrongdoing by the president and his family 01:10 - The House Oversight Committee’s reasons for issuing subpoenas to the Bidens and their associate Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell icon to get notified of my latest videos. I upload new videos every week about current events and politics. I appreciate your support and feedback. See you in the next video.” 😁👍 #WhiteHouseReacts #GOPSubpoenasBidens #ImpeachmentInquiry #BidenFamilyScandal #SubpoenaShowdown #trump #Biden #Bribe #Burisma #Ukraine #FBI #Grassley #Giuliani #Impeachment