Fasting vs. Eating Less: What's the Difference? (Science of Fasting)

*NOTE* One of the key things in being able to fast in a healthy matter is entering the state of ketosis - that is, switching your metabolism from burning carbohydrate to burning fat. *Considering most people have been burning carbohydrate their whole lives* this can make fasting a challenge. Upton Sinclair recommends doing quite long fasts - 12 days, but you may want to work your way up to longer fasts. Unless you are relatively keto adapted (or have experience with fasting of course), it's important that you take precautions while doing a fast. Fasting isn't inherently dangerous, *but diving into fasting when your body is in no way geared for it can be.* I recommend doing more research before doing longer fasts. "The Complete Guide to Fasting" (http://amzn.to/2tQjxXa) is a good book to start with. As Tim Ferriss puts it: Please don't do anything stupid and kill yourself. It would make us both quite unhappy. Just in case I should also say that of course you need to balance fasting with eating - You need to survive off of something. I have been doing intermittent fasting the past year (22 hours fasted, 2 hours eating - you can widen it to 16/8, which still provides great benefits) and will fast for a couple days every other month or so. Several other people have recommend a routine like this - Tim Ferriss recommends doing a 3 day fast once per month and a 7 day fast once per year. Also make sure you're getting enough fat, protein, micronutrients and fiber to maintain a healthy weight and healthy body - *excessive* fasting can be very dangerous. Books Mentioned: "The Obesity Code" by Dr. Jason Fung - http://amzn.to/2rXtalh "The Fasting Cure" by Upton Sinclair - (If you google the title you can find the full book online) "Tools of Titans" by Tim Ferriss - http://amzn.to/2rX6P7E

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I recording this message almost 3 years ago, and I watched this with Sarah today for the first time since making it. I do not have it on YouTube anymore and many of you have seen it. I am asking you to watch again and listen. I am uploading here edited for use on X and Xspaces on the subjects spoken. PLEASE WATCH! It was as if it was someone else in the video when I re-watched, and it was as if I had never herd this before yet, It is me, but it hit me hard and left me in tears. I feel I made this for me to hear later because I needed it, and so do all of us.

Derek from Global Witness has connections in the Entertainment Industry from around the Globe. He was apart of the Production of Outbreak, a film that was released in 1995 in regards to an outbreak of Ebola. Interesting synchronicity, a couple weeks ago, there were several flights quarantined. The same day i did podcasts in reference to the quarantines, i also interviewed Derek. The interview was already scheduled and the podcasts and quarantines were random. i also talked about the film outbreak, without knowing Derek had anything to do with the Film. Only to find out later the connection. What are the odds? Grand Solar Minimum, Extreme Weather and more will also be discussed.


An American Journey

By Derek Broes
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The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the big event for any manufacturer in that industry, and in 2005 I was a part of the team from Microsoft, the perennial 800-pound gorilla of the show. I remember standing in the green room at the Hard Rock Club with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, prepping him with the “Rude Q’s” (also known as Rude Q&A’s), the difficult questions the press would likely ask. We had a big announcement coming up – the launch of the Verizon V-Cast music and video services that my team at Microsoft had put together with the telecommunications giant. The deal had been a year in the making and we were very excited. We had to get it just right, though; Steve was about to be on stage with Verizon’s CEO in front of several thousand members of the international press, as well as their colleagues, invited executives of wireless and technology companies from all over the world.
Deals like this between two major corporations are the pinnacle of an executive’s career, and if anything went terribly wrong, it could be my nadir. We’d gone through seemingly endless negotiations and technology hurdles to build such a complicated and groundbreaking platform, and I was more than nervous.
I made sure to have Microsoft’s marketing director present when preparing Steve, as well as our key executive who had handled the bulk of liaisons with Verizon. We were all a bit on-edge as Steve learned the details of the service and the agreement between the two companies – his first exposure to the full plan – just minutes before taking the stage. Though that may sound unbelievable, it was not uncommon in our business. We were very well equipped in giving Steve the download and it thrilled me to see that his incredible mind absorbed every detail of our 30-minute discussion. We headed for the stage relieved and confident in the abilities of our leader.
As I stood there watching Steve wow the crowd, my worries dissipated, and the full scope of where I’d come in life caused me to reflect back on my improbable journey to that moment. My mind raced back over the past 38 years of my life. It was as though a certain segment of my life was dying away, and something new was being born. How in the world had this all happened?
Four years later, I was again engaged in such a detailed reflection, only this time my future path did not seem so assured. Still, I was even more buoyant than I had been that day in Las Vegas. I was now the Senior Vice President of the digital division at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood, California. I’d traded the emerald city beauty of Seattle, Washington for the endless sunshine and traffic of Los Angeles, lured by a major movie studio environment where the executive parking lot was packed with Priuses, Mercedes, and BMWs like my own. I’d been at Paramount for four years, making half a million dollars a year, a dream life for most. Only now, hotshot studio executive that most people thought I was, I had voluntarily resigned and was driving out of that exclusive executive parking lot for the last time. The $80,000 Beemer was crammed with boxes of my belongings and I was, once again, acting on instinct to shift to a higher gear, following a path whose destination was not completely known to me.
Barack Obama had just been elected the first black President and the “company town” of Hollywood was largely ecstatic – production companies and major talent agencies had virtually shut down to work for the campaign the week of the election. In contrast, I was a conservative employee of a liberal movie studio and I had just voluntarily resigned during the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression. Why? Because I was prepared to take on a very different life to help average people survive the tough times that I knew were ahead. The world had become a very different place for me.
For two decades, I had been an integral part of making billionaires out of millionaires, and that all was coming to a screeching halt. While the journey of most senior executive lives is one of privilege, education, relationships and favor, I had none of that. In fact, I had just the opposite, on all counts. As I drove away from the studio on Melrose Avenue for the last time, my eyes were on the traffic, but my mind was racing back to a U-haul truck and a very different parking lot. I was thinking of where my business life had begun, the day I quit high school in the 10th grade and, living in that truck I was driving, I began an American Journey that would take me to the top, and pinnacles no one who knew me would have imagined. And just like way back then, I knew that, somehow, the road ahead would be amazing.
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Join my guest, Derek Broes and I as we discuss the celestial events of the day, along with spiritual discussions ...



It's Official: We're Living in the Prequel to 'Blade Runner'

Secret History of the Order of the Illuminati

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Time to break out of Hillary's Prison Planet

Senior Executive Service - Deep State Exposed

Friday, November 16, 2018


Yes, Mueller organized 9/11, and then investigated himself!
Mueller placed his patsy Joseph E. Sullivan at Cloudflare to fix the 2018 midterm elections
Sullivan is a shill for the Senior Executive Service (SES) shadow government controlled by Mueller
Sullivan tried to cover up the loss of 57 million Uber customer and driver personal data records, was fired, then rehired by Cloudflare that controls FL, OH election encryption keys
CONTRIBUTING WRITERS | OPINION | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | NOV. 16, 2018, UPDATED NOV. 19, 2018 | PDF | https://tinyurl.com/y8cz4s8d
AFI. (Nov. 16, 2018). Robert Mueller – The Organizer of 911 – is muscling Hillary to be the mob boss of an empire without borders or morality. Americans for Innovation.
Fig. 1—Joseph Edwin Sullivan, currently Chief Security Officer (CSO) at Cloudflare.
Photo: The Outline.
Notice: This post is a work in process. Please return by mid week because we will be adding more evidence links from the Timeline inside the article.
(NOV. 16, 2018)—New facts suggest that special counsel Robert S. Mueller, III who is running the Trump witch hunt, is also muscling in on the Clinton encryption key tax and surveillance empire.
Their war cry appears to be: "Tax and Surveil!" Ask yourself, if controlling these encryption keys is so central to the mission of the Deep State shadow government and their theft of our Constitutional Republic birthright, shouldn't you be resisting them with all your strength? We posit that if you are not—if you are silent, or worse, if you scoff at those who are fighting, while mindlessly repeating the "conspiracy theory!" epithet*—then that is your first clue that youhave been successfully brainwashed and neutralized by incessant mainstream media propaganda—which these miscreants control.
*"Conspiracy Theory" may be the rogue C.I.A.'s most successful mass mind control meme ever
The "conspiracy theory" epithet, and its variant "far right wing conspiracy theory," is a propaganda mind-control creation of the John F. Dulles-led C.I.A. MKUltra program as a way to divert public attention from the now provensuspicions that President John F. Kennedy had been assassinated by the C.I.A. President Kennedy had said in 1961 (1963 timeline entry): "I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds" due to their corruption and insubordination. That same C.I.A. protected its power mongering and murdered our duly-elected President. They have never stepped away from their criminality since.

Red Pill
Now, that same rogue C.I.A. is working to remove another duly-elected President Donald J. Trump—unless we stop them. If we do not protect and defend President Trump, then we do not deserve our Constitutional Republic, and our hard fought sacrifices of time, treasure and life will all be lost. Get off your duffs, folks. Take the red pill and protect your American heritage! She's not perfect, but at least we can strive. Close your ears to the mind-control propaganda, President Trump supports America's ideals, unlike his fascist globalist opponents. See previous post Dismantle the rogue C.I.A.(PDF).
Traditional mobsters control big city garbage, prostitution, loans, drugs, haulage and so on. They either actually run the business or shake down enterprises for monthly “protection” payments.
According to Larry Nichols (Jul. 28, 1994 timeline entry), Bill Clinton’s former political advisor in Arkansas and for President, Hillary’s father Hugh Rodham and Dan Rostenkowski took over the Chicago mob after Al Capone. Later, Rosentkowski became the Democrat representative to Congress from the Illinois 5th district (1959 to 1995). In short, these men learned how to turn corruption into political power—without going to jail.
Hugh Rodham encouraged his daughter to become a patent attorney. He told her to corner the market on emerging technologies, which she has done.
We strongly recommend that you download and store this Sullivan biography. It includes about fifty (50) links to source documents. Thank you to the AFI and AIM Conclave miners!
Click image to view this document.
Joseph Edwin Sullivan. (Prepared Nov. 09, 2018). Biography and Timeline. Anonymous Patriots.
Fig. 3Joseph Edwin Sullivan. (Prepared Nov. 09, 2018). Biography and Timeline. Anonymous Patriots.

In Feb. 1977, Hillary joined the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas, and eventually seized control of a client's promising invention, a quarter-sized quartz device called the QRS-11 that could be used to track planes, cars, trucks, trains, buses, and more generally anything in which it was embedded.
James P. Chandler, III
James P. Chandler, III
Hillary’s legal mentor was a clever black Harvard and George Washington University law professor named James P. Chandler, III. While he coached Bill and Hillary, Chandler was scheming to corner the legal market on protection of software inventions, trade secrets and "the intellectual property of the United States." So he boasted at every opportunity.
When the Clintons came to power in 1993, Chandler became their top outside advisor for intellectual property, patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, economic espionage, counterfeiting and counter intelligence. He immediately wrote and Congress approved (unanimously), The Economic Espionage and Federal Trade Secrets Acts of 1996, and The False Statements Accountability Act of 1996 (officially sanctioned lying to Congress and the courts. That's right, you did not misread).
One of Chandler’s strategies was to use his influence over the Clintons to take over the Internet as a way to stay perpetually ahead of Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Israeli, Irish, Indian and French intelligence. So he also boasted.
At the same time, Chandler was outside counsel to IBM. He worked closely with IBM inside intellectual property counsel, David J. Kappos (Obama's Patent Office director - 2009-2013), to muscle IBM's competitors with "junk patents" to extort license fees. This activity was the real "patent troll" which Chandler and Kappos have flipped 180 degrees into unfounded media attacks on small inventors as the trolls.

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