Stuff They Don't Want You to Know - Second Civil War

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Is the U.S. preparing for a civil war?

The internet is awash with reports of government agencies stockpiling weapons and medical supplies in the face of looming domestic unrest -- but is there any truth behind the rumors? Why do some people believe the U.S. is preparing for civil war?



Ammo Buy-Up: National Weather Service to Purchase 46,000 Hollow Point Bullets

Social Security Admin to Purchase 174,000 Hollow Point Bullets

The Truth About 911 and The Subconscious Mind

The 911 Fear-Based Mind Control Program

September 11th, 2001 has become an unconscious fear-based program that has been continuously triggered by media so as to maintain the global population in state of perpetual fear for the purposes of control via the externalization of power.  This is what I call “The 911 Fear-Based Mind Control Program”.


You want to Know God? - Feel & Heal your FUCKING Shadow

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Unless we heal our 'Dark' Stuff - we'll never really know God, 'Save the Planet', Create Peace, Stop Polluting, stop killing animals etc. or Heal anything. Tobias Lars tries to shed some 'light' and 'dark' on the subject.



Tobias Lars BS, MBA - speaks honestly about 'healing our Shadows'.
Blatant self promotion without honest discussion and attacks will be deleted - keep it it 'Wise people discuss and fools argue' please...you can also create your own channel here on YouTube.


Send An Angel By: Bill Donahue hiddenmeanings.com

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Bill Donahue http://www.hiddenmeanings.com
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Shocking video 'shows LAPD officers bodyslamming woman onto pavement after she was pulled over for talking on her cell phone

A shocking video shows the moment two Los Angeles Police Department officers apparently grabbed a female motorist and bodyslammed her twice to the ground in a parking lot.

Michelle Jordan, a 34-year-old mother and registered nurse, sustained horrific bruising and cuts in the attack, which took place after she was pulled over for talking on her mobile phone.
The brutal arrest was captured by a surveillance camera after the officers followed her car into a Del Taco restaurant parking lot in the Tujunga area on August 11.
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Attack: Michelle Jordan, 34, shows off her injuries after she was allegedly repeatedly thrown to the floor by LAPD officers after she was pulled over for talking on her mobile phone while driving

Attack: Michelle Jordan, 34, shows off her injuries after she was allegedly repeatedly thrown to the floor by LAPD officers after she was pulled over for talking on her mobile phone while driving
Officials told the Los Angeles Times that Jordan had ignored the officers' orders to stay in her car and began arguing with them.
On the video, obtained by NBC4, she is seen getting out of the car before she is knocked to the ground by one of the officers.

'A short time later while still handcuffed another encounter occurred between Jordan and the officers and she was taken to the ground a second time,' a statement released by LAPD admitted.
After getting up and moving towards the patrol car, an officer picks her up and then bodyslams her to the ground. As she sits in the car, the two officers appear to fist bump in celebration.
'Brutal': A surveillance camera catches the officers throwing her to the ground as she gets out of her car

'Brutal': A surveillance camera catches the officers throwing her to the ground as she gets out of her car

LAPD video
LAPD video

'Force': Jordan is cuffed, left, by the police car and she is then thrown to the ground by one officer, right

'Satisfied': The two officers then fist bump in an apparently congratulatory sign

'Satisfied': The two officers then fist bump in an apparently congratulatory sign
Eyewitness Raymond Branch, who was outside the Del Taco, was shocked by the confrontation.
'The first part, I believe they had a right to arrest her for resisting, but the second part was overboard,' Branch said.
Jordan and her lawyers admit that she was arguing and accepted her arrest. But they maintain she was treated with unnecessary force and have filed a personal complaint against the officers.

'She made some unwise moves,' her attorney Sy Nazif told ABC7. 'But certainly nothing that warranted a physical assault from the LAPD.
'If anyone on the street attacked an innocent woman, they would be in jail. We expect the LAPD officers to be held to the same standard.'

Bruised: Jordan suffered cuts and bruises to the top of her body and face as she was thrown to the ground

Bruised: Jordan suffered cuts and bruises to the top of her body and face as she was thrown to the ground

Sore: Her chest also sustained scratches. Jordan has now filed a personal complaint against the officers
Sore: Her chest also sustained scratches. Jordan has now filed a personal complaint against the officers The LAPD has launched an investigation. Both officers - one with 22 years of service, the other a probationary officer with 10 months experience - have been placed 'My initial review of the officers' statements and the recorded video cause me to have serious concerns about this Use of Force,' LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said in a statement.

'We will investigate this thoroughly and hold our officers accountable for their actions.'

Jordan was arrested on suspicion of interfering/resisting arrest and later released.

It is the latest incident involving apparently rough arrests by LAPD officers.



NEWS RELEASE : THE MOMENT - Hot Springs, Arkansas October 20, 2012


August 28, 2012
Contact: Linda VanBibber


Hot Springs, Arkansas – On October 20, 2012, thousands of peple join hands, hearts and minds around the base of Manataka (Hot Springs Mountain) Mountain in Hot Springs National Park.   The event, planned by The Moment, LLC, which included members of several Hot Springs churches and spiritual centers, will bring together people of all religions and races with a common goal of peace and healing for our planet.

Every church in Hot Springs is being invited to participate in this global prayer event, as well as churches and religious communities from around the world.   A special effort is also being made to invite indigenous communities across America.  Many have already confirmed their attendance.  Some people are traveling from as far away as Norway and South Africa.

The event will take place on and around Hot Springs Mountain, long known as a Native American sacred site called Manataka or Place of Peace. This area was a gathering place for indigenous nations for thousands of years prior to the explorations conducted by the Spanish and the French.  Many tribes told stories of this strange place called ‘the Place of Peace’ in their own languages.  This was a place acknowledged as important to all people and all people were allowed to travel there for their physical and spiritual needs without fear of enemy interference.
All events associated with the Moment are free and open to the public.   Before and after the Moment of joined hearts, there will be many events in the downtown Hot Springs area.  Spiritual leaders from various faiths will be present prior to The Moment for meditation and prayer.  A sunrise service with a procession up the Mountain is planned for 5:30 am.  Afterward, an Eco Teepee Village with live music and interactive displays will provide a time of celebration and interest for the entire family.  All events are free and open to the public. 
If you plan to attend The Moment, you are encouraged to register for this free event at www.momenthotsprings.com.  Your registration will allow organizers to assign you and your group a color designating your place the Rainbow around the Mountain.  Color assignments are intended to provide the easiest access to the 7.5 mile circle of participants. 

The web site and Facebook pages “The Moment LLC” and “The Moment Sponsored by the World Drum Project” will be continually updated with the latest news concerning this “can’t miss” event.
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The Moment: October 20 in Hot Springs, Arkansas

THE MOMENT, LLC has announced plans for a spiritual event in Hot Springs, Arkansas October 20, 2012. This event will attract the attention of people from around the globe to join hands, hearts and minds, either in their own communities or on site at Hot Springs Mountain.
The event will bring together people of all religions and races with a common goal of creating a holy vibration and a light that will raise the consciousness of the planet.

According to the Reverend Tom Haley, every church in Hot Springs will be invited to participate in this global prayer event. Reverend Haley is minister of Rock Hill Christian Church, and co-founder of The Moment, LLC. Reverend Haley has authored several books, including Anchor in the Storm and Prayers with Wings.

“It will be a planetary Pentecost”, says Reverend David Hulse, DD, co-founder of The Moment, LLC. Reverend Hulse is also the founder of The RISE Wellness Center, a Hot Springs organization. Reverend Hulse has studied the human vibration for two decades and has an extensive speaking and teaching schedule.

“A critical mass is needed to create a change in the consciousness of the 7 billion people on the planet,” explained Rev. Hulse. “It does not matter if the people are present, only that they are focused on the intention and praying with us.

The site, Hot Springs Mountain, was selected as a known First Nations sacred site. “We know that a prophesy was revealed on the Sacred Mountain concerning the joining hands of a rainbow circle to create a new peace on the planet,” explains Lee “Standing Bear” Moore, Secretary for Manataka American Indian Council, one of the sponsors for the event.

“We felt that this sacred site would be perfect for our intentions,” says Rev. Haley.
To keep up with the progress of The Moment, LLC project, look for The Moment, LLC on Facebook. A web site will be available for registration for this free event before the end of July.

The Story of “The Moment”

An event called “the Moment” that is planned for October 20, 2012 had its beginning in the story that follows:

One year ago, in June 2011, the secretary of Manataka American Indian Council (Lee “Standing Bear” Moore) was visited by Father Bruno Ruel of St Mary’s Catholic Church and Father Stephane Gamache, who represents an order of the Catholic Church in Canada. They came to visit on behalf of the Holy Mother Paul-Marie in Canada who had a dream about a Place of Peace. Her dream caused her much concern because she did not know the location of this place. Fr Bruno may have been the one who thought the place was the sacred mountain that native people know as the Place of Peace in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Their meeting is described in the transcript of the letter below. About a month later, Fr Stephane sent a letter written in French (translated into English) by Mother Paul-Marie to “Bear.”

After reading the letter, Bear had other contacts with the two priests and others from the Catholic Church to talk about the letter and its meaning for Manataka.
Bear wrote this response recently to Mother Paul-Marie [quoted in part]:
The time has arrived to respond to your beautiful message about the “Place of Peace” sent to Fr. Stephane on July 8, 2011 and shared with us by Fr. Bruno.

It may have been obvious to you and others of the church that we were surprised by your message. It was not the first time we received a message stating that Manataka (Unbroken Circle – Place of Peace) is “predestined in divine” ways. Manataka is considered a sacred site by millions of people.
Manataka is a sacred site where the presence of God was witnessed many times over the course of thousands of years. Stories of miracles, great lessons of life, and workings of the Holy Spirit at Manataka all came to shape the course of indigenous lives across North, Central and South America. The light of the holy mountain still resides here.

We were surprised because it was the first time in our history a Christian church recognized Manataka as a sacred site. Your message was the first indication ever received that non-indigenous people accepted the Holy Mother of the Mountain, Lady of the Rainbow as the same “Lady of all Peoples.” The Rainbow Woman is our guide to wisdom and awakened consciousness. The great feminine energy of our Holy Mother gave us the Secrets of Life and created the laws of peace. Therefore, you honored the Mother by recognizing our faith in her.

You graciously and correctly called the crystal we gifted “…the symbol of a providential and divine link that connects the Lady of all Peoples – the Lady of the Rainbow…”
During the time of the visit by your ambassadors, we learned of your dream about the Place of Peace, also experienced by three other Sisters of your church. This is the dream we heard: “A Light will be born at the Place of Peace that will grow and spread to many lands.”

Fr Bruno and Fr Stephane later said they did not tell Bear of your dream during our meeting. This is impossible we thought. Of course they told Bear about your dream! How else would Bear have known it? Your dream was the reason we immediately stood up and picked up the Crystal from the window sill and handed it to Fr Stephane to give to you. The priests must have told Bear about your dream. There is no other way we could have heard it. Yet, they both said on the telephone neither of them told Bear about your dream. Because of the dream, we instantly had a knowing that you and others of your following would keep this crystal sacred artifact in a good way and use it when the Creator of All Things so moved. Your dream was the reason for the gift.

We have come to understand that both priests were telling the truth that neither priest told Bear about your dream during the meeting. It was only later that we understood it must have been your spirit who told Bear through their presence.

Some weeks after receiving a translated copy of your written message, Bear stood outside our home and prayed. We gazed into the heavens through the moonlit tree tops and we felt a presence come to our side and felt a powerful spirit whisper to us. No words were heard, but our troubled mind and heart were soothed by a gentle womanly presence. This was the second time we felt your spirit come to Bear.

Weeks later we were led to sit by a sacred fire for seven days and seven nights. Among several other guests, Fr Bruno and two sisters from St. Mary’s attended one evening and he returned another night to sit the fire for several hours. We were told by spirit not to conduct any formal ceremonies, but to be at rest and open to our heavenly Mother and Father. It was during that week when a new path was given – a new direction for all of Manataka.”

This ends the excerpts from Bear’s letter to the Holy Mother. Many other communications were received by Bear and other elders who sit on the council that talked about the sacredness of Manataka – some even talking about the need for a gathering of nations and religions at that sacred place. The visit of Fr Bruno and Fr Stephane to Bear was the genesis for what is a work in progress. It has become for Manataka American Indian Council a journey of faith.

To all the readers of this story, please consider a spiritual pilgrimage to Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA, on October 20, 2012. Go to our website for emerging details about this once-in-a-lifetime event that will bring over 8,000 people from every religion and ethnicity together encircling the sacred mountain.


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United States Budget Dilemma

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ALARMING! Washington's Dilemma!. Soaring debt and a budget Congress can't balance. This VIDEO explains WHY. Every person in AMERICA should watch this video! Over 2 million VIEWS!



3D Cube Crop Circle NOW and THEN

Metatron's Cube

Hackpen Hill (3), nr Broad Hinton. Wiltshire. Reported 26th August. 2012
Fotos: www.cropcircleconnector.com

A new Rubik’s Cube type of puzzle at Hackpen Hill on August 26, 2012: what is the crop artist trying to tell us?  

The new crop picture at Hackpen Hill shows a puzzle called “V Cube 6”, which is a latter-day successor to Rubik’s Cube (see V-Cube_6  or www.v-cubes.com). What is the crop artist trying to tell us?  

We cannot physically manipulate the “V Cube 6” shown in crops, as we would for a normal cube, to solve any kind of “puzzle”. Yet the crop artist has clearly presented us with a puzzle of some kind: 


A brilliant 3 dimensional multi-layered Cube came down as a Crop Circle formation in a field at Danebury Hilly near Nether Wallop, Hampshire UK on the 6th of July 2010 ... Intricately accurate and blissfully divine, this one brings a certain uniqueness with it's multi-dimensional design incorporating Hexagons with a circle in centre ... arranged in layers to appear as a Cube when viewed from above ...

The Cube Crop Circle Formation Bishop Sutton, near New Alresford, Hampshire. Reported on the 9th of August 2009 !

The Metatron's Cube formation which appeared at Sugarhill Aldbourne, Wiltshire on the 1st of August 2007 ...

An animated diagram of the 3D Cube Crop Circle Formation at Danebury Hill, Hampshire 6th July 2010 !

Images Courtesy :

Cley Hill, nr Warminster, Wiltshire. Reported 9th July.

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Spirit Science 19 ~ What is SS about? Connections!

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As the discussion of consciousness and universal "spirit" is evolving, there comes a time when we have to define what it is that were really talking about. A lot of people have asked "What is Spirit Science about?" and "What is this..some kind of New Age Religion?"

In today's video, we go into just that. What is Spirit Science? Today, we look at how EVERYTHING is connected, and we invite you to come and find the connections in your own life as well.

I also wanted to share the work of Jason Silva with you, who has put together some VERY powerful videos that rapidly expand your awareness and quite often blow one's mind. You can check out his website at www.thisisjasonsilva.com

Thank you everyone for sticking with this series for so long, and motivating to continue to create and produce them :) I'm still having lots of fun with them, and there's going to be a whole flurry of new videos by Guest Artists very soon!

This video is something of a compilation of many ideas that we have talked about before, so I didn't go into a huge list of sources to check out. Instead, i invite you to check out the Resources Page on www.thespiritscience.net, and join in the discussion about what it means to be a being of light and life. You have more power and love than you really know, all you have to do is want to become aware of it.. you will :)





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Contacting ET By: Bill Donahue hiddenmeanings.com Made in 1993

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The COPTIC key and the book of IEOU, and related stuff.


There are only frgaments of the Coptic key left to the world because the church, destroyed most of the writings during the dark ages, trying to stamp out the TRUTH, so that they could keep control over you and I, and keep us from the knowledge of the enlightenment process, and the true meaning of all the ancient teachings.

Here is what is left of the Keys.

Like many other Gnostic texts, the writings in the Books of IEOU were not intended for public distribution or to be simply "read". The material here appears more likely to represent excerpts from texts used in initiatory rituals.

In the original Coptic manuscript, several pages of related ritual formulae have been collected together these having been probably taken from other separate collections.

Interspaced in the text are complex symbolic diagrams listing a variety of the "names of God and the Powers". One might suggest these names were to be used as "mantras", vocalized in ritual recitations.

The names listed in these diagrams (which are not "translated" or transliterated into the English text) consist of long strings of vowel sounds which, like the great name "IEOU", were intended to be intoned or chanted.

This incantation of the divine names occurs as a technique in other ritual traditions (e.g., the Kabbalah of Abraham Abulafia) for the alteration of consciousness in meditation. It should be remembered that the core of Gnosis is individual experience of the divine realms.

The Books of IEOU probably represent notes to rituals used in intiation rituals and meditation directed towards producing altered states of spiritual consciousness.

We have reproduce here some of these diagrams to convey the nature of this book. The coptic names underlined in the illustrations are (as noted above) the "names" which have not been transliterated in the translation only the non-underlined words (which can be translated with meaning) are rendered.

This is of course highly technical material, and the interested student is refered the to the full text found in Carl Schmidt, The Books of JEU and The Untitled Text in the Bruce Codex (Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1978). The illustration below is from the title page of the Coptic codex.

The First Book of IEOU

The Book of IEOU

I have loved you. I have wanted life to be given you; the Living Jesus, who knows the truth.

Chapter 1

This is the book of the Gnoses of the invisible God, by means of the hidden mysteries which show the way to the chosen race, leading in refreshment to the life of the Father in the coming of the Saviour of the deliverer of souls who receive themselves the Word of life.

Which is higher than all life in the knowledge of the living Jesus, who has come forth through the Father from the aeon of light at the completion of the Pleroma in the teaching, apart from which there is no other, which the living Jesus has thaught to his apostles, saying:

"This is the teaching in which dwells the whole knowledge." The living Jesus answered and said to his disciples: "Blessed is he who has crucified the world, and who has not the world to crucify him." The apostles answered with one voice, saying :

"O Lord, teach us the way to crucify the world, that it may not crucify us, so that we are destroyed and loose our lives" The living Jesus answerd : "He who has crucified it is he who has found my word and has fulfilled it according to the will of him who has sent me."

Chapter 2

The apostles answered, saying: Speak to us, O Lord, that we may hear thee. We have followed thee with our whole hearts.

We have left behind father and mother, we have left behind vineyards and fields, we have left behind goods and the greatness of kings, and we have followed thee, so that thou shouldst teach us to know the life of thy father who has sent thee" The living Jesus answered and said :

"The life of my Father is this : that you receive your soul from the race of understanding mind, and that it ceases to be earthly and becomes understanding through that which I say to you in the course of my discourse, so that you fulfil it and are saved from the archon of this aeon and his persecutions, to which there is no end.

But you, my disciples, hasten to receive my word with certaintiy so that you know it, in order that the archon of this aeon may not fight with you this one who did not find any commandment of his in me so that you also, my apostles, fulfil my word in relation to me, and I myself make you free, and you become whole through a freedom in which there is no blemish.

As the Spirit of the comforter (Parakleiton) is whole, so will you also be whole, through the freedom of the spirit of the Holy Comforter."

Chapter 3

All the apostles, Matthew and John, Philip and Bartholomew and James, answered with one voice, saying:

"O Lord Jesus, thou who livest, whose goodness extends over those who have found thy wisdom and thy form in which thou gavest light ; O light-giving Light that enlightened our hearts until we received the light of life; O true Word, that through gnosis teaches us the hidden knowledge of the Lord Jesus, the living one."

The living Jesus answered and said : "Blessed is the man who has known these things.

He has brought heaven down, he has lifted the earth and has sent it to heaven, and he has become the Midst for it is nothing."

The apostles answered, saying: "Jesus, thou living one, Lord, interprete for us how we may bring heaven down, for we have followed thee in order that thou shouldst teach us the true light." The living Jesus answered and said :

"The Word which existed in heaven before the earth came into existence, this which is called the world but you, when you know my Word, you will bring heaven down, and it will dwell in you.

Heaven is the invisible Word of the Father; but when you know these things you will bring heaven down.

As to sending the earth up to heaven, I will show you what it is , that you may know it: to send the earth to heaven is that he who hears the word of Gnosis has ceased to have the understanding mind of man of earth, but has become a man of heaven.

His understanding mind has ceased to be earthly, but it has become heavenly.

Because of this you will be saved from the archon of this aeon, and he will become the Midst, because it is nothing."

The living Jesus said again: When you become heavenly you will become the Midst because it is nothing, for the rulers and the wicked powers (exousiai) will you and they will envy you because you have known me, because I am not from the world, and I do not resemble the rulers and the powers (exousiai) and all the wicked ones.

They do not come from me. And furthermore he who (is born) in the flesh of unrighteousness has no part in the Kingdom of my Father, and also he who me according to the flesh has no hope Kingdom of God the Father."

Chapter 4

The Apostles answered with one voice, they said : "Jesus, O Lord, are we born of the flesh, and known thee according to the flesh? Tell us, O Lord, for we are troubled." The living Jesus answered and said to his apostles:

"I do not speak of the flesh in which you dwell, but the flesh of and non-understanding which exists in ignorance, which leads astray many from the of my Father."

The apostles answered the words of the living Jesus, the said: "Tell us how non-understanding happens, that we may beware of it, lest we should go, The living Jesus answered and said:

" one who bears my virginity and my and my garment, without understanding and knowing me, and blasphemes my name, I have to destruction.

And further more he has become an earthly son because he has not known my word with certainity these which the Father spoke, so that I myself should teach those who will know me at the completion of the pleroma of him who sent me."

The Apostles answered and said: "O Lord Jesus, thou living one, teach us the completion, and it suffices us. And he said: "The word which I give to you yourselves."

Chapter 5

He has emanated him, being of this type This is the true God. He will set him up in this type as head. He will be called Jeu.

Afterwards my Father will move him to bring forth other emanations, so that they fill these places.

This is his name according to the treasuries which are outside this. He will be called by this name: that is to say: The true God.

He will set him up in this type as head over the treasuries' which are outside this. This is the type of the treasuries over which he will set him as head, and this is the manner in which the treasuries are distributed, he being their head. This is the type in which he was before he was moved to bring forth emanations:

Jeu, the true God, This is his name.

This is his type

This now is the form in which (has emanated). This is his name.

He will be called the true God

Furthermore he will be called Jeu. He will be father of a multitude of emanations.

And a multitude of emanations will come forth from him through the command of my Father, and they themselves will be fathers of the treasuries.

I will place a multitude as heads over them, and they will be called Jeu, the true God.

It is he who will be father of all the Jeus, because he is an emanation of my Father.

And the true God will emanate through the command of my Father. He will be head over them. He will move them and a multitude of emanations will come forth from all the Jeus, through the command of my Father when he moves them, and they will fill all the treasuries.

And they will be called ranks of the Treasuries of the Light. Myriads upon myriads will come into existence from them.

This now is the type in which the true. God is placed when he is about to be set up as head over the treasuries, before he has brought forth emanations over the treasuries, and before he has brought forth emanations, because my Father has not yet moved him to bring forth and to set up.

This is his type which I have already set forth, but this is his type when he will bring forth emanations. This is the type of the true God in the manner in which he is placed:

The three lines which are thus, they are the voices which he will give out when he is commanded to sing praises to the Father, so that he himself brings forth emanations, and he also emanates This is the type of what he is:

This is his type when he brings forth

This moreover is the manner in which the true God is placed as he is about to emanate emanations, when he is moved by my Father to bring forth emanations, and to set them up as head over the treasuries, through the command of my Father.

A multitude come forth from them and they fill all the treasuries through the command of my Father, in order to become god(s).

The true God will be called Jeu, the father of all the Jesus; his name in the tongue of my Father is this: But when he is set up as head over a11 the treasuries, in order to emanate them, this now is his type which I have finished setting forth.

Chapter 6

Hear now also the type of the treasuries how they are emanated; he will become head over them in this way, before he has emanated them; this is his type, as he is placed. Now the true God was of this type.

This is his character which is on his face thus

But I have called upon the name of my Father, so that he should move the true God in order to emanate. But he himself caused This is his character an idea (thought) to come forth which is on his face thus: from his treasuries.

A power of my Father moved the true God. It radiated within him through this small idea (thought) which came forth from the treasuries of my Father.

It radiated within the true God.
A mystery moved him through my Father.

The true God gave voice, saying thus: And when he had given voice, there came forth this voice which is the emanation.

It was of this type as it proceeded forth from one side after another of each treasury. The first voice is this, which Jeu, the true God, called, which came forth from him, the one above.

(Jeu) Place Jeu

He will emanate Jeu


This is his character. He will set up a rank corresponding to the treasuries, and will place it as watchers' at the gate' of the treasuries which are those which stand at the gate as the three. This is the true God.

Jeu the true God

When one stood in the treasuries no ranks yet existed.

I stood and called upon the name of my Father so that he should cause other amanations to exist in the treasuries.

But he again caused a from himself to move the true God.

At first he caused it to radiate within him that he might move his emeanations in the treasuries, that they also might bring forth emanations, which are those which he placed as heads over them. But he, the true God, emanated these from his place.

For this reason he gave voice when the power welled up within him. This is the first voice which he uttered. He moved his emanations until they emanated:

Chapter 7


His name: These are the three watchers


His Character: he caused the power to move in.

It welled up in him. he gave voice as he emanated.

This is the first emanation.

These are the ranks which he has caused to be emanated. And there are twelve ranks in each treasury, these being their type: six heads on this side and six on that, turned towards each other.

There will be a multitude of ranks standing in them outside these, all of which I will say. There are twelve heads in each rank, and the name belongs to them all, according to rank; this name is that of the twelve, there being twelve heads in each rank. His name is this:

The three watchers are these

Now the first rank of the treasury is the first which he made as emanation.

I will take for myself twelve out of those ranks and place them so that they serve me.

Chapter 8


His name Jeu, This is his character:

For these watchers do not belong to the ranks of the treasuries of the light

His name Jeu, This is his character

The watchers which stand within the gates are these: their names:

And there are twelve heads in each place of the rank of every treasury; that is, these names which are in the places these names except for those that will be in them.

These are the three watchers:

These are they which emanated, when the power radiated within him.

He emanated twelve emanations, these being his twelve heads in each emanation, and this name is that of the twelve according to each one of the ranks, and these are one outside the other endlessly. These are the names of the emanations.

Chapter 9


His name: Jeu

His Character is this: These are the names of the three watchers,These are also the names of the emanations:

And there are twelve heads in the place of the treasury of his ranks; that is, these names which are in each place; and there are twelve in each rank and this name is that of the twelve, except for those which will be in them, when they sing praises to my Father, so that he gives light-power to them.

These are they which emanated when the power radiated within him. He emanated twelve emanations, there being twelve heads in each emanation, and this name is the twelve, according to each one of the ranks.

And these are one outside the other endlessly, except for their watchers. The names of the three watchers are: Pineal, pituatary, and thalamus.

see the three words in the center of the graph below, the graph represents your brain.

And the twelve cranial nerves of your brain underlined at the right. IEOU, spelled with a Y, in the old language. IEOY, which is really IEOU, which is the OPTIC thalamus within your brain. The EYE.

Chapter 10

And there are twelve heads in each place of the treasuries of his ranks, that is, these names which are in the places.

And there are twelve in each rank, and this name is that of the twelve, except for those that will be in them, when they sing praises to my Father, so that he gives light-power to them.

These are they which emanated forth from him when the power of my Father radiated within him.

He emanated twelve emanations
. There are twelve heads in each emanation, and this name is that of the twelve, and there are twelve according to each one of the ranks.

And they are one outside the other endlessly, except for the watchers. The three watchers.

I will offer my dia-Gnostic of this most ancient Coptic key, to finding the one true God.

Actually this is the same knowledge that is in the Emerald Tablet, and in the Bible.

I shall attempt to bring forth the mystery of this document.


Pages taken from David Fideler's book "jesus Christ, the SON of GOD, Ancient Cosmology and early Christian Symbolism.

Notice it is telling what to do, it says to hold the number 4555 close to you.


See the symbol above, with six dots, inside of six triangles, these are the twelve cranial nerves of your brain, written and coded in a secret symbol. The dot in the middle, is the the OPTIC thalamus.

Part of the deciphered code is the number 4555, and it says, hold this number close to you.

The second clue, is that the word emenation, always refers to LIGHT.

The LIGHT from above, as it enters the SEVEN seals (chakras), emenates within you.

The third part is that, you notice that Gods name here is JEU, and that it is the JEUS that are the ones who emenate.

Now the word JEW in the bible, is derived from this Gnostic key, the spelling eventually became JEW,instead of JEU.

So lets look at the what the bible says about the word JEW

According to the bible a JEW is

Romans 2:29

"A man is not a Jew if he is only one outwardly, nor is circumcision merely outward and physical. No, a man is a Jew if he is one inwardly; and circumcision is of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the written code.

In other words one who meditates, turns inward. Do you see?

A Jew is not a person of national origin, but one who seeks god in meditation, and when you find him you will become Israel, the renewed mind.

"For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh:

But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God. "(Ro 2:28-29).

So you see here, even the Bible says that a Jew, is one who seeks within themselves. And the book of IEOU says that god is JEU.

And notice the word LIGHT throughout the frgamnets.

The word JEU, eventually morphed into the word JUdah, or the tribe of Judah in the Bible.

Now lets look at the tribe of Judah.

The speed of light in the Bible?


All that were numbered in the camp of Judah were an hundred thousand and fourscore thousand and six thousand and four hundred, throughout their armies. These shall first set forth.

A score is 20, so 4 score is 80 so its 186,400 m/s and the tribe of Judah faced East of the rising Sun. You see the reference to light. Judah is the Tribe of Light.

Which you and I are a from, we are the tribe of Judah.

The word Judah, is derived from the Christian gnostic word JEU, from the book of IEOU.

JEU, in the cpotic book, says that those who were JEUS (JEWS) are those that receive light in meditation.

From the website, how stuff works

the speed of light is 669,600,000 miles/hour or 186,400 miles/sec
THERE YOU HAVE IT, the speed of light in the Bible, is it a coincidence?

Notice also, that Jesus says in the text.

He has brought heaven down, he has lifted the earth and has sent it to heaven, and he has become the Midst for it is nothing."

this word NOTHING is along the lines of Buddhists teaching and the Tao.

become nothing, in nothingness, there you will find, you will become.


So what is being said, is that when you enter into meditation, the nothingness, will eventually become something, the new you, the renewed mind.

And the bible says the new Jerusalem (Jeru-salem), will come down from heaven. Isn't this exactly what the book of IEOU says, you will bring heaven (Jerusalem) down to earth, and you will bring earth (you) to heaven.

The king of Salem, was MEL CHI ZE DEK. JERU, is JEU, with the R added, to create the name of a more pronouncable word. Jerusalem.

JEU/SALEM = God, who is dark matter, and a JEU.

It means you will become one with the cosmos, with god. You will become God, in the Flesh.

"I make darkness my secret place" says god in the bible. because in this darkness, this zero point reference, this nothingness, you will become one with the father.And the Dark matter, (the king of SALEM) melchizedek.

Also the key shows the number Eight. Eight is gods number. The infinity sign.

So you see that all this stuff is talking about LIGHT, that will emenate from you, if you allow the energy in your solar plexus to rise through the SEVEN chakras, and you will emenate (radiate) the power of God.

This emenation, is the electromagnetsim from the stars, you will become electrified, by the EL-ectrical one.

God is EL in thebold testament, and all the angels names end with EL, because it is the root of the word ELector, in greek, which means ELectrical.

All of this information is also in the emerald tablet of Hermes, incoded somewhere in the tablet is the number 4555.

Specifically were are touched by light beings as we began studying the cosmic wonders some time ago when we first encountered the strange number 4555.

The number given to the Coptics thousands of years ago which they were told was so important.

The Coptic Key is found in the ancient document of IEOU.

Here we see the watchers on the right, which is the meditation, and the 12 emanations which equate with the 12 cranial nerves of the brain, which also equate with the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

The Three watchers are three kings in your brain.

The pineal gland, the receiver, the pituatary gland, which is the sender, and the Thalamus, which is the true single eye, that's why this gland is called the OPTIC thalamus, Optic, meaning to see, to have vision.

When you enter into meditation, and become the watcher, by activating these glands, you cause these glands to symbolically be watching for the light. But they must first pass the gate guard.

The twelve through out the texts, is referring to the twelve cranial nerves of your brain, where the ELectrical energy must flow through, to reach the crystal palace. The crystal and Filament radio transmitter and receiver within your brain.

Then in the Coptic key we see the sign of eight at the bottom left
. This was very important to us as a sign as we followed the discovery starting in 1995 of the first planets seen orbiting a sun like the one in our system.

There were 8 in the first segment of discovery.