Empowered Ascension: By Wiley Brooks

Ascension: By Wiley Brooks
Breatharian Institute Of America

Ascension has been a major buzzword in the New Age community for more than a decade. Information about ascension has come from numerous spirit guides and ascended masters, through many different channels. We've been counseled to heal our dysfunctions and let go of our blockages, to prepare for ascension into our light bodies. We've been shown visions of a time when we will slough off the need for food as sustenance along with other basic human needs and limitations. Of course, there is a time-honored way of sloughing off the limitations of the human body already in common use-it's called "death." And ascension is definitely not death; it's something else entirely. Yet in order to ascend we must, in a very real and present sense, "die" to certain aspects of human behavior and of human biology.

To gain a better understanding of the coming ascent from human flesh into our light bodies, we begin by remembering the long-ago descent of our lightbodies into human flesh. In the teachings of tribal traditions, belief systems, mythologies, faiths and religions, there is a common thread that poses and answers the question, "Where did we come from?" Someone dreamed us... someone made us... someone sent us here. Someone invented us and empowered us. The source of our forms and lives, the source of our abilities to maintain, sustain and reproduce our species, the source of our strength, intelligence and guidance is generally acknowledged to be a force that stands above and beyond ourselves, a force that comes from outside.

The Hopis speak of the creator Taiowa and his nephew Sotuknang, who drew up the solids, the waters and the winds from endless space. Basques, Australian Aborigines, the Iroquois and the Gypsies, along with a number of others, tell timeworn tales of their ancestors having come to Earth from afar. Hindu creation mythology speaks of a lotus flower floating on the waters of infinity, and a number of Oriental and Polynesian traditions refer to a huge turtle upon whose back all land and land animals, including humanity, came into existence in the midst of surrounding primordial waters.

Judeo-Christian tradition begins with the Bible's familiar Old Testament quotation: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God, and the Word was with God." In this way we are given to understand that all creatures great and small upon the Earth (and indeed, the heavens and the Earth themselves) came into existence as the thought forms-the choices and intentions-of the powerful being we call God.

And so it was on Earth at humanity's beginning. The cosmic mystery of life itself had been unfolding for countless eons across a boundless universe. Forces of light had created our planet and focused on it, setting the wheels of perpetual creativity into motion. An ecological process had been in operation for countless millennia, biodiversity was an established norm and animal life was abundantly present on the planet-along with powerful beings of light from the source planets in the Pleiades-before the first human being came into existence.

In the transition from pure thought form to physical incarnates, the colonists established within themselves a physical structure loosely comparable to that of the planet's pre-human animal population, but with certain differences. They entered into bodies of flesh and blood, bone and tissue, cellular biology and microbiology, yet the whole of it was still powered by direct universal energy, rather than food-source fuel.

It wasn't until much later, long after the great sharing of the divine spirit, that the star-colonists converted to an energy source that relied on food for fuel. That came gradually over the centuries as the vibration of a young humanity was steadily rising and the vibration of the star-colonist elders was steadily diminishing. At last, the personal vibrations of the two classes-humans and colonists-were close enough together to permit intermingling and interbreeding. In this way, divine and animal natures came to exist in one marvelous creature: the human being.

That was a major milestone in the Earth's development. The original colonists and their descendants gave up the last remnants of their special powers and privileges, and invested themselves more fully in mortal lives. Within a few generations, they became so absorbed by their own condition of humanity as to have forgotten that they had only recently been gods and goddeses. It was then that the star colonists switched from reliance on direct energy sources to the food-fuel process. They continued to be powered by electricity-"energy"-as before, but now the source of that electrical energy was provided by an internal process rather than by tapping into an external source. It was then that they also gave up their expectations of life spans extending over hundreds of years and entered into a series of shorter incarnations. From that time, we humans have relied on the internal production of electrical energy to power our lives The process of converting food to fuel, within a human body relies on tiny cells within our cells, called mitochondria. The mitochondria hold the keys to life, and the keys to death, as well.

According to Guy C. Brown in his article, "Symbionts and Assassins," "Extensive new research shows that in harboring the mitochondria, our cells may also have taken in their own executioners. Mitochondria are extremely sensitive to damage by such things as toxins, free radicals (some of their own making, some not), excessive calcium, and lack of oxygen. When the mitochondria are damaged, the energy supply to the rest of the cell fails..."Brown goes on to explain the microbiological details:

"Mitochondria produce virtually all of a cell's energy. They use the oxygen we breathe to burn the food we eat. Just like a power station burning coal or gas, the mitochondria use the energy released from the burning process to produce electricity. So our cells are really powered by electricity."

In one carefully crafted physical process, the former star colonists of early Earth embodied internally the operational principles of life and death. Like the other life forms of the planet, they were dependent on their own bodies instead of relying on external sources of energy. They became progressively more distanced from the external energy sources (free energy) upon which they had previously depended. Even though this happened more or less gradually over a period of a few hundred years, it must have been quite a shock to them. And at that juncture, the hows, whys and microbiological details of their own life and death processes would have been so obscure as to be totally beyond their comprehension.

Now, after all these millennia of human experience and development, researchers and scientists are unraveling the secrets of human microbiology. They are unlocking the riddles of foods that hurt and foods that heal. They are mapping the human genome and exploring visions of a new kind of human perfection. They are focused on the mysteries of human aging, mortality and immortality. Intellectually, they are seeking something very much akin to what the metaphysical thinkers are seeking spiritually-human ascension into the lightbody. Both groups know instinctively that it can be done because they have deeply buried memories of a time when lightbodies were the norm.

After the star colonists had "downgraded" and descended vibrationally into humanity, there followed a long, slow process of human intellectual and spiritual growth. There were always individual anomalies and exceptions, but the vibration of humanity as a whole were through a wavelike series of peaks and troughs. At some point the vibrational downslide bottomed out, and the rising curve (still manifested in a wavelike series of peaks and troughs) took hold. The divine spark of light itself that had been breathed into the newly human and boosted by the self-investment of the star colonists began to shine more surely and brightly. Human vibration has been steadily on the rise for quite some time, and some of us are starting to think in terms of "upgrading" to a significantly higher vibrational base. We call it ascension.

Converting the human body from a food-based energy to direct cosmic ("free") energy is like converting a fossil-fueled home furnace to an electric heat pump. The distribution equipment-the ductwork-that distributes energy throughout the body may be maintained in place and will continue to function, though the source of its energy has been completely changed. In order to accomplish this in our bodies, the mitochondria will have to be either phased out or retrained.

To assume our lightbodies we have three basic options: death and resurrection, simple ascension and empowered ascension. Death and resurrection are, as the terms imply, a death crossing followed by a rising again to life. It doesn't matter how death comes; our spirits leave our bodies and the body shuts down. The empty body, no longer the vessel of a living being, is sloughed off, discarded and soon decays. The mitochondria within each cell of the body die as the body dies-and indeed, they will have played a key role in creating the death of the body.

When death is followed by resurrection (as opposed to spirit plane life and/or rebirth), the physical body is wholly reconstituted as a "lightbody" thought form manifestation, having achieved godlike immortality. There is indeed a physical body present, but the resurrected lightbody will not age or decay or die, though it may disappear or change-and indeed might be changed in an instant according to the creative intentions of the spirit who inhabits it.

The resurrected lightbody has no need of the food-as-fuel conversion process, but relies on pure energy as the star colonists once did. Therefore, even though the body might appear to be made up of cells and tissues, it is not. It is a thought form manifestation and contains neither cells nor mitochondria within them.

Simple ascension is essentially a one-way trip to the etheric planes. There is no death crossing per se. We step into our lightbodies and simultaneously step through the veils of illusion to the "other side." In this case, the mitochondria are phased out at the moment of our being absorbed into the lightbody. They are burned away like dross and cease to be a part of our ascended selves.

If living persons were able to witness this event, they would see us begin to glow more and more brightly...and then disappear into the light. There would be no body left behind to bury, and unless there was a whole crowd of witnesses (including, perhaps, a law enforcement official or two) the disappearance would be hard to explain to the civil authorities who concern themselves with such things! Can you imagine the confusion this might cause? Meanwhile, the ascended one(s) would find themselves in the etheric world or spirit planes that surround the Earth. From that point on, they would have exactly the same opportunities for unlimited life in the Earth sector or elsewhere as those who had come to the spirit planes through the gates of the death crossing.

Empowered ascension is more complex, and requires much preparation, yet it can be done. One who achiever empowered ascension will have all the qualities of those who have stepped into their lightbodies through death/resurrection or simple ascension, plus the ability to maintain a continued presence on the physical Earth plane in physical form. It will be "physical" in the sense that it is tangible, to the self and to others and has all the functional options of a physical body. Yet it will be a new kind of physical, thanks to the empowered options of the lightbody.

Simple ascension is an assumption of the physical body into the lightbody; empowered ascension is an assumption of the lightbody into the physical body. It is a full manifestation of God-light in humanity through which humanity-even if only in the presence of one person, one example, one "first" achiever to blaze the trail-"graduates" into God-hood. Those who achieve empowered ascension here on Earth will be the first fully mature prototypes of a new breed of physical, sentient, spiritual, empowered humans, whose impact on the Earth sector and the entire cosmos will be enormous.

Curiously enough, it is easier to phase in the new free energy source than it is to phase out the old food-as-fuel energy source within the human body. When the decision to step into the lightbody has been made and begins to be implemented, countless trillions of mitochondria suddenly find themselves deprived of their primary raison d'etre as power plants within human cells. They are no longer needed to sustain the life of the body, so they then turn to their secondary task, which is to participate in creating cell death.

As Brown explains, "Cells can die in two different ways...chaotic explosion or controlled suicide. The former is known as necrosis and the latter as apoptosis. Necrosis is a frenzied, savage form of killing... the mitochondria and other parts of the cell blow up like balloons and explode. This can be a big problem for the rest of the body, too, because the release of a cell's total contents, including toxic chemicals and enzymes, damages surrounding healthy cells and causes general inflammation. Apoptosis, also known as programmed cell death, is a much more orderly process, in which the cell is gradually disassembled from within and digested by white blood cells.

It is a chain reaction. When we make a decision to seek ascension, we unconsciously (as well as consciously) look for ways to implement that decision. Our bodies get the message and start converting from the internal production of energy (food converted into fuel by the mitochondria within our cells) to reliance on free energy. Although we might continue to consume food, we find ourselves no longer dependent on diet/nutrition for our sustenance; virtually all of what we eat is processed and expelled as waste.

At that point in the pre-ascension process, the old familiar patterns of creating and maintaining good health (a sensible diet, moderate exercise, getting a "normal" amount of sleep, and so forth) play a steadily diminishing role in maintaining body energy and no role whatsoever in determining overall body health or body appearance. At the same time, the physical body of one who has embarked on the empowered ascension path becomes progressively less likely to be negatively affected by purely physical external stimuli (such as viruses, bacteria, toxins, adverse weather conditions, routine minor cuts and bruises and insect stings).

Conversely, the physical body-whose very nature is in the process of changing and preparing for the major transformation soon to come-is also less likely to be helped by traditional health care methods or interventions. That's really not a problem, though-by the time people are candidates for empowered ascension, they will already have become intimately familiar with natural healing methods, including vibrational healing such as Reiki, Mahikari, noninvasive psychic surgery, a variety of aura therapies, chakra repairs and other metaphysical methods of addressing imbalances and dysfunctions.

One who has embarked on the ascension path will typically experience a seesaw effect in everyday life. Sometimes she or he will feel superhuman: energy flows easily, challenges are minimized, productivity and overall sense of well-being are enhanced. At other times, he or she may feel all too human, weighed down by heavy tasks and challenges, aware of every little ach and pain, and at the mercy of setbacks and delays and even crises as energy flows uncertainly.

Differences between rising inner vibrations and the heavy vibrations of the surrounding environment can take a heavy toll. It is during this phase that the bodily process of converting food to fuel tries to kick in. The mitochondria are stimulated into a frenzy of activity and go on a rampage of creating cell death. The body starts breaking down in various ways, and we feel all sorts of warning lights starting to flash in our consciousness. This brings to a body focus, as well as opportunities for decisions that will heal and restore a sense of wholeness.

Those on the ascension path will want to do more than just correct today's imbalance and dysfunctions or to allay momentary concerns; they will want to look deeper into the situation and find ways to solve the problem on a broader basis. "If I'm on my way to the lightbody," they ask themselves, "then why is my physical body breaking down?" Actually, the physical deterioration (whether minor or major) may well be a natural part of the ascension process. As such, it will require progressively greater understanding and stronger problem-solving skills.

All in all, the pre-ascension process involves a restructuring-and often a redesigning-of the lightbody. During this phase, the mitochondria must be dealt with. Otherwise, they will continue to attempt to implement their old program of creating cell death.

How will the mitochondria be dealt with? That remains to be seen. At this moment there are several candidates for empowered ascension, each creating his and her own methods for bringing the lightbody into the physical body. Each is intently focused on the transformation and on how to implement it each brings the combination of a uniquely human resourcefulness and a growing divine empowerment to bear on problems as they arise. And as one discovers or creates a breakthrough in understanding or methodology, the thrill of success is felt at once by others across the world who are on the same wavelength.

Following are some of the ideas they have come up with so far for dealing with the mitochondria:

· Flashpoint Conversion: This model of mitochondria phaseout is based on the method used in simple ascension. At the moment of final transformation, the mitochondria-and any other appropriate material in the body-would simply be burned away as dross during the initial moments of the integration of the physical body and lightbody. This method would be quick and clean, but would also require great delicacy in implementation. If the candidate were even so much as a micrometer misaligned in preparation, timing or execution, he or she would either fail in the attempt or, more likely, slip into simple ascension (bringing the physical body up into the lightbody) instead of empowered ascension (bringing the lightbody down into the physical, resulting in the "new kind of physical" human of we have spoken).

· Cellular Redesign: This begins with reprogramming of one's personal DNA. Old programs are identified, examined and phased out or redesigned. Old cells in the physical body (that are dependent on the mitochondria's conversion of food to fuel) would continually die off as is the normal process that exists today. The new replacement cells would be the redesigned "upgrades," drawing free energy directly from external sources (and therefore having no mitochondria, for which there would be no need). These cells would in and of themselves embody a kind of microbiological empowered immortality, for they would be capable of instant transformation into any form-including reversion to pure energy, which many people think of as being "formless"-but they would never die. Immortal cells would eliminate the need for those bodily systems that now manufacture and distribute new cells. Those systems could then be redesigned to serve some other useful or aesthetically pleasing purpose.

· Chakra Upgrades: Existing chakras within the body and aura would be replaced, one or two at a time, with redesigned chakras capable of implementing the intentions of the candidate for empowered ascension. This would include the twelve major chakras, plus the secondary and tertiary minor chakras, and could easily be designed as a two- or three-step upgrade. The improved chakras would draw free energy directly from universal source into the aura, and distribute it throughout the physical body. They would also distribute information-a schematic of the cellular redesign plan-to all parts of the body, along with the free energy. New cells would be automatically upgraded as they were generated, and existing cells would be re-educated. Mitochondria would be phased out or retrained at the cellular level, one body area at a time. In order for this method to work smoothly, you wouldn't necessarily have to reprogram your individual DNA, but you would definitely have to deprogram it selectively in order to prevent old programs from interfering with the details of the upgrade intention(s).

Mitochondria Retirement/Relocation Program: This format calls for direct telepathic communication or creative visualization contact with the mitochondria that live inside our cells. If you are a candidate for empowered ascension, you would speak to them as a group or ask that they put forth a leader or team of leaders for you to talk to. If you prefer, you might also create a thought form personification to represent your mitochondria. It would be appropriate and courteous to acknowledge the positive role they have played in your life (lives) and to thank them for their participation.

You would address them in a loving way, offering a win-win scenario in which they would be phased out in your body (in a gradual and orderly way-not by mass cell death) and transferred to another appropriate host or retirement community. Once a destination has been located ( or created), your guides will back you up by providing transport for the mitochondria. Remember, you don't want them to all leave at once! Until you are restructured into immortal status, you'll need the mitochondria to keep killing off old cells to make way for the new ones being generated.

· Mitochondria Retraining: Like the previous method, this is also based on open communication with the mitochondria. Instead of arranging for them to be retired or relocated, however, you would talk to them about the need to phase out the food-to-fuel conversion method and ask them to reconfigure themselves to be able to access free energy from the universal source and distribute it correctly throughout your physical body-your new physical body. It would be something akin to converting a fossil fuel power plant to nuclear power. The distribution system would remain in place, but the source would be very different.

Empowered ascension is an intimately personal process. Every aspect of the process and every experience along the way belongs uniquely to the individual candidate. One might choose a combination of the technique suggested above and/or create entirely new methods for handling the microbiological details of the ascension process.

The lightbody is a birthright of humanity; everyone will step into it sooner or later, one way or another. It is the destiny of humanity to come to know its own divinity. It is nirvana and light-merge; it is becoming one with the All. It is wonderful, and you will come to experience it...regardless of which pathway you choose and even if it takes you a long time to get there from here.

But empowered ascension is beyond a simple integration with the lightbody. It is not a birthright; it must be earned. It must be actively, consciously co created. The empowered ascended one becomes a living God on Earth. She or he will be in full oneness with the higher powers, yet will also walk the Earth in godly power and grace, taking part in the life of the planet and in the lives of its inhabitants as she or he may see fit. If it's what you want, you can do it The concept of empowered ascension is a uniquely human one, and will mark the creation of a new breed of human beings in whom higher powers are also vested. The universe is watching in breathless anticipation for the next development in the process, the next step forward.

Microbiology, the restructuring of the physical human body so that it can successfully sustain the assumption of the lightbody into itself, is a critical part of the process. Science can contribute to the making of this miracle, but science alone cannot make it happen. The researchers who decipher the mysteries of microbiology and map the human genome are giving the candidates for empowered ascension more tools to work with, more information to build on, but that won't be enough.

Empowered ascension is both a physical process a spiritual process. You can't get there by body focus alone. Scientists are on a path toward reducing (and eventually eliminating) a number of physical health challenges through genetic alteration and gene therapy. Even though there might be some expensive mistakes along the way, this is, in principle, a wonderful thing for humanity. However, its benefits-improved quality of life and a tendency toward greater longevity-cannot, in and of themselves, bring about ascension.

Apart from the issues of spiritual development that pave the way for ascension, there is also a glaring omission in the scientific research and development approach toward achieving human immortality: no one is working on converting the human body's fuel source from food to direct energy and the subsequent questions of how to deal with the mitochondria. The traditional scientific research community, despite their great leaps forward in genetic research, would presumably laugh at the idea that such a thing is even possible.

This aspect is clearly being left to the spiritual "Research & Design" community, and perhaps that is just as well, for only the most unlimited and freethinking researchers are going to be able to come up with workable solutions to the problem. Science can't make it happen. Ritualistic or religious approaches can't make it happen. Limited thinking can't make it happen. Simple body focus can't make it happen. It's going to take the fully developed spiritual qualities of an enlightened candidate whose intelligent imagination and resourceful problem-solving skills represent the best of humankind. And it's going to take the intense focus of someone who truly wants empowered ascension for all the right reasons. It's going to take someone who knows herself/himself to be truly human and who is ready to mature into his/her essential divinity.



See all the videos with this link; Below

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Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot interviews A'shayana Deane

Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot interviews A'shayana Deane

May 30, 2010 — I went to Florida to interview A'shayana Deane, author of the Voyager books. Her previous work details the history behind the genetic engineering of the human race and the numerous ET races that have been interacting with and shaping our destiny here on Earth as well as throughout the many multi-verses. This information is highly complex and detailed. She and two other "speakers" as they call themselves are receiving this information via telepathic downloads. They have been trained by the Guardian Alliances, a group of ETs who protect the secrets of ascension and the stargates on this planet and others from what they call the self-interested Intruder races.

This interview is the first part of several hours I spent with Ashayana Deane and the others working with her on briinging the science of Keylonta to the planet. Keylonta is the science of "light, sound, subconscious symbol codes and base codes of matter". The many images on the video of charts and "maps" depict these concepts in a visual manner aimed at stimulating memory and re-awkening the DNA pathways in the viewer. I am attaching the .pdf files for download to assist those who are interested in following along more closely while watching the video. Note: go to my site to download the .PDF files: http://projectcamelotproductions.com

Because of the complex but vital information presented here I encourage anyone who is interested to do further research and to visit the website for more information. Classes and DVDs are available there as well: Azuritepress.com

Kerry Lynn Cassidy

May 2010



Asha-yana and A'san Deane

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Winterville Mounds Native American Ceremonial Center

Winterville Mounds North of
Greenville, Mississippi

Ceremonial Event

Summer Solstice Event, 
June 20-21, 2010
     The Conscious Convergence,

July 17-18, 2010 

Native American Ceremonial Center

[Photo of Winterville Mounds.]Winterville Mounds, named for a nearby community, is the site of a prehistoric ceremonial center built by a Native American civilization that thrived from about A.D. 1000 to 1450. The mounds, part of the Winterville society's religious system, were the site of sacred structures and ceremonies. Archaeological evidence indicates that the Winterville people lived away from the mound center on family farms in scattered settlement districts throughout the Yazoo-Mississippi River Delta basin. Only a few of the highest-ranking tribal officials lived at the mound center.
The Winterville ceremonial center originally contained at least twenty-three mounds. Some of the mounds located outside the park boundaries have been leveled by highway construction and farming. Twelve of the site's largest mounds, including the 55-foot-high Temple Mound, are currently the focus of a long-range preservation plan being developed by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History and the University of Mississippi's Center for Archaeological Research.
[Winterville artifact case.]Archaeological evidence indicates that the Indians who used the Winterville Mounds may have had a civilization similar to that of the Natchez Indians, a Mississippi tribe documented by French explorers and settlers in the early 1700s. The Natchez Indians' society was divided into upper and lower ranks, with a person's social rank determined by heredity through the female line. The chief and other tribal officials inherited their positions as members of the royal family. The elaborate leadership network made mound building by a civilian labor force possible.
A great fire during the late 1300s consumed the original building on the Temple Mound at Winterville. According to archaeological evidence, the cause of the fire remains a mystery. The site continued to be used afterwards, but no more mounds were built or maintained. Even though the site continued to be occupied after the fire, the general population declined at Winterville while increasing at settlements and mound sites 50 miles to the south, in the lower Yazoo River basin. By 1450 A.D. the Winterville Mound site appears to have been abandoned completely.

Archaeological Investigations

During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, relic collectors occasionally visited the site, although few artifacts were discovered. The National Park Service and Harvard University's Lower Mississippi Survey conducted the first modern archaeological studies at Winterville in the 1940s. Lower Mississippi Survey archaeologist Jeffrey P. Brain directed extensive excavations at Winterville in 1967. His final report, Winterville: Late Prehistoric Culture Contact in the Lower Mississippi Valley, was published in 1989 by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History.

[Winterville Mounds museum entrance.]Preservation of the Site

In 1939, the Greenville Garden Club led a community effort to purchase forty-two acres of the Winterville Mounds site and to convey the property to the City of Greenville. Supported by the Winterville Mounds Association, the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (formerly the Mississippi Park Commission) operated Winterville as a state park from 1960 until 2000, when the property was conveyed to the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. In 1993, Winterville Mounds was designated a National Historic Landmark.

Visiting the Site

Winterville Mounds, an official state historic site listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is maintained by the Historic Properties Division of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History.

It is located on Mississippi Highway 1, six miles north of the intersection of Highways 82 & 1 in Greenville, Mississippi. The grounds are open daily from dawn to dusk. The museum is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Sunday. Admission is free.
[Winter at Winterville Mounds.]For additional information, contact: Buddy Huggins
805 Mayer St.
Greenville, MS 38701
Tel. (662) 335-5665

E-Mail - iambuddy@suddenlink.net

Buddy Huggins E-Mail Here

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Drunvalo Melchizedek THE BIRTH OF A NEW HUMANITY

This recent film presents Drunvalo Melchizedek, best known for his contributions to our understanding of the human lightbody (MerKaBa) and sacred geometry, discussing a wide range of topics that are central to our collective and spiritual evolution. Topics include, the origins of Creation from a Melchizedek and Christ perspective, the imminent dimensional change that is upon us, Earth kundalini energy and its effect on human consciousness, the Fibonacci spiral and how life uses it for evolution in the physical plane and an uplifting message for an uncertain humanity as we enter a period of both great change and transformation.

This film will be found controversial for some, uplifting for others. But it provides a fresh perspective on the prophesied coming changes in a way that those who choose to do their own research will find validating. Perhaps most compelling are the indigenous perspectives on entering the heart and our need to learn a non-polarized way of creating our Reality.

In fact, later this month, the Mayans will begin to release information for the first time to the outside world. For the past two years the National Mayan Council of Guatemala, has been meeting to interpret the glyphs that relate to their prophecies. The Council of 440 elders (265 grandfathers and 175 grandmothers) is led by Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, a 13th generation Quiche Mayan high priest and elected leader)

They have not spoken as one people, in unity for 528 years. They have remained largely quiet as researchers, archeologists, scientists and anthropologists wrote books and papers about them. All the knowledge that we have of them is coming from non-Mayans. But now, they themselves will speak in total unison, as one people to reveal things that have been underground since the landing of the conquistadors. Due to some of the work that Drunvalo Melchizedek has done with them for 25 years and his connection to the modern world, he was asked to bring this information to the techno-cultural people of the world.

What I was told from Drunvalo is that they retain the cultural memory of the last dimensional shift on the planet 13,000 ago. But they also have the memory of the previous one, 26,000 years ago. This gives them a memory of both ascending and descending cycles of consciousness and what is needed to successfully pass through it. According to the Maya, when these shifts occurred previously, great loss of life was unnecessarily experienced by humanity because they were in fear. The Maya and certain other indigenous cultures said that when one enters into the heart in a certain way, at that time they are able to ride with the shift in consciousness and bring their bodies and memories of the previous cycle (age) with them. They say this is imminently upon us now and they wish to spare the rest of humanity from needlessly repeating what happened before. In addition, they say the old ways of the tribes and indigenous peoples and the way of the so-called “modern” peoples must unite together; that unless we can find a way to honor and respect the planet and re-discover this forgotten aspect of ourselves as an expression of the divine, then neither culture can advance. In other words, we need them as much as they need us.

If you will notice, for the last few decades now, previously secret traditions, knowledge and techniques have been released from various cultures openly to the world. They all say basically the same thing: “Because its time. All the different peoples are in this together and we have a way that has worked for us.” They have released these teachings in order to help the upliftment of a planet that needs to remember whom they are in time to make the leap they say is coming.

On July 29th, Drunvalo Melchizedek will broadcast via the web, the beginning information that he was given permission by the Maya to go public with. This will be available to about 40-50 countries. There is a website that allows you to subscribe to these web casts: http://www.onelotus.net/html/live_broadcasts.html

Another video interview with Drunvalo, already on Google video, also talks about some of these events and what it means to human consciousness and our role in helping to birth this new way of Being. See:

Many see this Shift/Ascension/2012 scenario and express it in different ways and different terminologies. This video mixes scientific and tribal explanations to make this as understandable to people as possible. Try and see the way in which this presentation harmonizes both approaches to give an awakening humanity another clue to the direction it needs to go: Into the Sacred Space of the Heart



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  • Drunvalo Melchizedek : the birth of a new humanity on Vimeo

    May 23, 2013
    Video de Drunvalo Melchizedek . ... Advanced Search. Advanced Search. Upload · Drunvalo Melchizedek ...
  • Drunvalo Melchizedek Birth of a New Humanity 2010 ...

    Aug 19, 2014 - Uploaded by Chee Keong Tan
    Divine Healing conducted to Removing Entities, for a person http://youtu.be/cGC3R_v21xE This Sound track is ...
  • 2010 Drunvalo Melchizedek The Birth of a New Humanity

    (2010) Drunvalo Melchizedek - The Birth of a New H. Uploaded by Holographic on Jun 4, 2010; Hits: 858 ...
  • Drunvalo Melchizedek - The Birth of a New Humanity 7-9 ...

    Sep 14, 2010 - Uploaded by EiriniInTheWorld
    Drunvalo Melchizedek - The Birth of a New Humanity 7-9 greek Subtitles .... the ascertained fact that Egypt was ...
  • Drunvalo Melchizedek - The Birth of a New Humanity 3-9 ...

    Sep 10, 2010 - Uploaded by EiriniInTheWorld
    Μέρος 3ο. Η Γεννηση της Νέας Ανθρωπότητας! με τον Ντρούνβαλο Μελχίζεδέκ. Το 1ο Μέρος: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBEonC.

  • Drunvalo Melchizedek - The Birth of a New Humanity 5-9 ...

    Sep 12, 2010 - Uploaded by EiriniInTheWorld
    Μέρος 5ο. Η Γεννηση της Νέας Ανθρωπότητας! με τον Ντρούνβαλο Μελχίζεδέκ. Το 1ο Μέρος: http://www.youtube.com/watch?

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