Meet Larry Ballard author of Liberty Crusade: The Fight to Save The Free World


Presidential "Selection" Club: The Uni-Party And How You've Been Tricked, Conned And Swindled For Decades | Larry Ballard

Election rigging is nothing new. Presidents have been selected for decades, each with specific legislative missions. See how the global elites have tricked, conned and swindled us right before our eyes.

God's Will Or Man's: Equalitarianism Is Coming | Larry Ballard

Larry dives into the future of the global society, natural resources, economic system, NESARA and more.

Orchestration Of A Financial Collapse | Larry Ballard

Larry lays out the intentional orchestration of the global elite (who control the world's money) to collapse the economies of the U.S. and China and establish the Central Bank Digital Currency. It's a blueprint that's been used in past collapses. Will the government bail out the failing banks again or will they have other evil plans in store?

Psychological Assault: Deception, False Reality, And Lies Your Government Tells You | Larry Ballard

This episode is a continuation of the last "The Cabal's Unconventional Warfare: What's The End Game?" People of the work have been under mind control through the media, Hollywood, false realities for hundreds of years. See how mind control is used on the masses for total control and influence.

The Cabal's Unconventional Warfare; What's Their End Game? | Larry Ballard

The end game for the cabal is total control with the cattle being their slaves. See the game play that has been in the works for hundreds of years. They have infiltrated everything with their wealth. WATCH TO SEE GOD'S PLAN.

Meet the author of Liberty Crusade: The Fight to Save The Free World, Larry Ballard and find our first hand his God ordained message to expose our common enemy who's plan is to take over first America, and then the entire free world!

The Fight To Save The Free World-America Will Rise | Larry Ballard

In death, God tells Larry his life will be prepared to tell the world how global events will lead to the rise of America. Now is the time. He authored the book, Liberty Crusade, The Fight To Save the Free World. Through daily messages from God, Larry provides biblically paralleled insights to global events and the rise of America.

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We all share a common enemy. They go by many names; some call them the Global Financial Elite; others call them the Deep State Shadow Government, President Trump calls them the SWAMP. 

No matter their name, their agenda is the same, they intend to collapse the U.S and all sovereign nations with the intent of establishing their New World Order – A One World Communist Government. 

This book identifies:•Who our common enemy is!•How the enemy has infiltrated every position of power in industry and government!•Provides key historical accounts of how our civil liberties and freedoms have been systematically stripped away!

•Provides evidence of the deep-seated corruption within the world’s governments!

•Portrays America’s fate if our common enemy is not stopped!•Lays out a detailed plan to regain the liberties we have lost!

•Provides a foundation for the people of America to heal as one nation!•Provides practical steps for America to be great again! Read for yourself the warnings of our founding father, who establish our great nation. 

Witness the key moments in our nation’s history where events were orchestrated to pave the way for the looming One World Government and learn how they use debt to enslave every man, woman, and child. 

It is time to be informed. Only an informed public is empowered to restore the freedoms we have lost. All others are unwitting pawns of the Global Financial Elite dedicated to collapsing American, and then the world!


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