Crop Circle at Vale of Pewsey – June 21st 2010

Crop Circle at Vale of Pewsey – June 21st 2010

Today is Monday, 21 June, the solstice and I'm here to take a message from our crop circle maker friends in regard to the pattern which arrived today, and interestingly they told us a couple of weeks ago that they would put down a message for the solstice (see http://www.the2012countdown.com/The_2012_Time_Line.php ) and so I checked this morning and lo and behold, there it was!!! So I am interested to see what they have to say about this pattern and so I call our crop circle maker a friend forth, and he is saying;

This, as you can see has been laid down as a geometric pattern. It is encoded in a way and it carries an encoding that once more the subconscious will understand and you can see that the pattern is bounded by a solid circle and there are some segments filled in and others not; and one person has already identified that they are 20 slices and 12 rings and yes, it is a message about 2012, so that individual has done very well. I would also say that, as you can see there are parts filled in and parts not, and you can look at this as being like a pie and part of that pie has been filled in and others not, and the information that is coming in that humanity needs to understand, if you like to complete the pie to complete the understanding that is required before the arrival of those energies of the December 2012 solstice, that only some of the knowledge is in place and it's in fragments.

Yes, some of it has come in as a sizeable piece and you could look at the circle around the outside and the sizeable piece, you could say which is filling in various segments of the pattern as coming forth with this solstice, and so it is an important piece of the puzzle that needs to be understood, that needs to be in place before that December 2012 solstice. But as you can see, it is only a piece of the puzzle. It is far from the entire picture, and so you can also see there have been other segments that have come in in the same way. There is a largish piece in the middle that has filled in a number of segments and this too, you could say has come forth along your path but there is much more to fill in, and in some ways humanity will not understand the complete pie, you could say until all of it is filled in and that will be filled in as you proceed through the next 2 1/2 years. So that is the message of this pattern.

Some have asked why we put this pattern in this place, where the farmer or farm manager was not happy to have this pattern. We are not driven so much by whether the farmer is happy to have the pattern there or not. We are driven by where there is suitable material to work with that meets our telluric energy requirements and is in an area where it is most likely to be spotted. So for our purposes, it meets our primary criteria. We do prefer to have them in places where humanity can get access to them, for the reasons we’ve spoken about before in terms of these being, you could say like temples and also because of the energy that is placed in the grain, so that where it can be harvested separately, that is to be encouraged. And this is all we have to say about this pattern.

Blessings, Joy, Love and Peace. Richard Presser www.the2012countdown.com

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The Wilton Protocol – 2nd Crop Circle Signals Ongoing E.T. Communication Effort

A new formation reported on June 21, 2010 at Vale of Pewsey near Oare, Wiltshire, clearly presents a second stage event for a communication protocol first observed in the Wilton Windmill, near Wilton, Wiltshire formation on May 22, 2010.

In our first article in this series, New Wilton, Wiltshire Crop Circle Signals a Major Communication Event is Coming, we expressed the opinion that Wilton could be prove to be clear harbinger of what could be a major communication event this season. With Vale of Pewsey, it certainly has.

According to the the Crop Circle Connector site, “This formation [Vale of Pewsey in Wiltshire] seems to me to have links to the Wilton Windmill formation that appeared in oil seed rape earlier in the season.”

That assessment really caught our attention because if this new formation as well as the previous Wilton formation demonstrate authenticity in the field reports, then we have a clear-cut, two-stage pattern of and ongoing communication event, we’ve dubbed the Wilton Protocol.


Marshall Masters

Steffen Jaschob

In response to Sherry Goeller's question about the numbers 10964:6765: adding them up brings us to 20:24. If you add these up you get 8 - infinity. Doesn't the phi ratio of 1.618..... go on infinitely?

Also, I did a little checking on the formation and noticed that if you count up the blocks of crop in the concentric rings, both laid and left standing, you will find every group to be a prime number - 1, 3, 5, 7 or 11.

I'm not a mathematician so cannot see the message there, but thought it might trigger some thoughts or a direction of thought among the math wiz's that post to this site. Maybe they're pointing to the alpha (prime) and omega (infinity) of existence? Just a guess.

It seems to me that the circle makers are trying to tell us something significant with the formations they leave us. I am not really getting the depth of wisdom gained by the codes we're seeing so far. Are we being too cerebral about them? Should we be looking at them from a more heart-based perspective - squint and feel them rather than put our brains and computers to work to decode something we already know about? Are we able to discern some significant and timely message from these codes once they're unlocked? What are they really wanting us to know now? What understanding are they wanting us to gain? How are we to respond in the world based on what they leave in the fields for us to experience?

Carolyn Anderson

I created a picture about the latest crop circle (Vale of Pewsey – June 21st 2010). I basically unwrapped the circle into a rectangle for better reading. I didn't find anything new, but maybe some of you viewers might. You can post the image on your site, if you like.


We might have to listen to the heart to find the message here ;-)


Steffen Jaschob

First, a back-story from the BBC on the heart-shaped hawthorn grove in the adjoining field, as many readers might be enquiring about it:

Love is in the air... in Wiltshire news.bbc.co.uk

Dominating Huish Hill, overlooking the tiny village of Oare, it's not only a third the size of a football pitch but so big it can only be really appreciated from the air.

So what is this massive heart doing deep in the Wiltshire countryside? And is it, as Google Earth has claimed, a heart shaped crop-circle?

Second comment, on the value of phi – the simplest way to arrive at this number is via the formula:

1+(5^(1/2) – 1)/2

i.e. 1+(((the squareroot of 5) – 1) / 2) = 1.6180339887498948482045868343656

Another interesting property of this number, phi is that it is the only number that is a solution to the equation:

x = 1+1/x

i.e. 1/phi = 0.61803398874989484820458683436564

1+ 0.61803398874989484820458683436564 = 1.6180339887498948482045868343656

The square root of 5 as is the case for any prime number, is irrational i.e. like pi and e (the natural log) so its digits continue forever to infinity without repetition.

Ashley Graham

I have absolutely no idea what this may mean, but when I saw this latest crop circle I remembered a game I had purchased a couple of years ago called Zenerchi. I still have the game and played it for a while but can't say I really understand it or what it may mean, but just wanted to give you guys a chance to check it out. http://www.games.com/game/zenerchi/. Actually, it's not a board game, but sort of a game for meditation. I'd love to hear what formulations may come from this.

Also see the video of the game HERE

Aaron Turner

Earlier in the season it was shown how the Wilton windmill formation was aligned via the equinox sunset to the area of windmill hill. It was also shown that this alignment passed through certain key locations on the landscape. I used the Pavilion Oare House as an example to illustrate this. See my comments for the Wilton Windmill circle and the image below.

This current circle has located itself in a field next to this very same landmark. I personally read this as a confirmation that the crop circles are indeed placed on the landscape to incorporate alignments to the solstice and equinox sunsets/sunrises, and other astronomical alignments on the horizon at certain times and dates.

One thing I have noticed this season is that often the last formation will be aligned to the next future formation via such an alignment, with the direction of the December solstice sunrise or sunset being a popular choice. In this example, following the direction of the June solstice sunrise from the previous Chirton bottom formation, leads to this formation.

Like many other crop circles this year, this current formation near Oare incorporates many such alignments. Not only that but the central maze path in this formation is aligned to at least 8 (with the possibility of 9) previous crop circles that have appeared this year (!)

This crop circle represents a central focal point placed in between all the previous circles that have appeared this year. What a wonderful way of radiating a message of love, by placing this circle next to a love heart, with all the other circles radiating outwards from this point. In the following diagram, all the measurements are precise, with the end of the lines leading to the exact centre of each formation.

The following image shows the alignments included in this formation for the direction of equinox sunrise, June solstice sunset and December solstice sunset (as mentioned in other comments - the date of a total lunar eclipse). There are two other alignments included with a question mark. I don't know what the significance of these alignments are at this stage. Maybe some else will be able to work it out? I do know that they have nothing to do with the position of the sun or moon as these do not move through this area of the sky at any time during the year.

While researching these alignments the next formation appeared at Newmark - a very distant crop circle. I feel this was intentional to make sure we figure out what this alignment may be, considering it's extreme distance, and also the fact that the Oare formation, Liddington castle, and the Newmark formation are in EXACT alignment, a truly perfect feat for a crop circle of such distance.

(Please insert Oare7.jpg Oare8.jpg)

Luke Peacock.

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