The Planetary Grid Transmissions
This Saturday, June 26

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Image courtesy of Susan Seymour Hedke


Hang on to your jeweled crowns and remain strapped in... Solstice was just the beginning of our current e-ticket excursion. We immediately flow into a very rare astrological alignment, a Grand Cross, all amplified mega scale by a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses are tremendous energy accelerators and this one brings an even greater boost to this intense galactic configuration and start of a new cycle.

The heavenly bodies around our planet are lining up in a giant cross formation and many of the involved planets will be in dynamic tension. It all will shine a torch of light upon conflicting energies, opposition and competing priorities, already being played out in personal lives and on the world stage. Numerous astrologers say that this cosmic trigger will be a defining and most critical directional point for humanity and for the planet.

How we respond to the unfolding events, through individual choices and action, sets the anchor points for how we transition into our desired new realities. Each act of love and every experience of peace will mold and move this incoming energy into the highest potential for every living thing and atomic particle participating in this sacred Earth experience.

A Grand Cross alignment urges us to take action. In other words, the time for procrastination and complacency is over. For those awake and attuned, this crescendo of energy offers opportunity to receive renewed inspiration and highly creative solutions to our situations. As the break down of old structure continues, the aspects of community, alliances and the ability to work together will become one of our highest priorities.

Our ability to keep up with the quickening pace depends upon our ability to handle abrupt and unexpected change while not taking anything personal. May we be conscious of our every action and always, always remember that our perceptions and responses ripple out and imprint the collective consciousness field.
Take a deep breath. It's going to be quite the ride, and it's now underway. For those choosing to sit in the front seat, may we roll gracefully with change and assist wherever we can to ease and balance the effects of this next grand planetary alignment.

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Our Grid Transmissions ~ Daily Focus So Important
...especially now through the New Moon Solar Eclipse on July 11

It is scientifically proven that it only takes the square root of one percent of a given population, in dedicated focus, to effect change. This is about 8,500 awakened individuals in unified intent to have a significant impact for the ENTIRE world.

Standing in the full supremacy of our Group Avatar, let's take every opportunity with these amplified June/July energies and give DAILY FOCUS towards the Gulf of Mexico.as well the tension in Israel, the warring in the Middle East and other Earth hot spots for unwanted rising potential.

May we focus on transmuting unconscious guilt, past "debts", persecution, religious judgments and the seeds of revenge and violence in human behaviors based on the dualistic mental distinction between good and evil. May we transmit forgiveness and radiate courage to everyone to jump into the fires of love!

i am the truth

I AM the Truth and the Way

To Co-Servers of the One Power,

As the walking Earth Masters, we have been given the opportunity to assist Gaia on the level of Universal Illumination. The Heavens now reflect the absolute spike upward in global human consciousness. Let's assure our full power to affect change by standing unwavering in the light of our Group Avatar supremacy. We are here to use the creative faculties of our thoughts and feelings with the purity and the power of I AM, the One thinking these thoughts.

How shall we remain in the steadfast peace and harmony of our true being as chaos runs its course? We can show our self by what Jesus and others have done by standing (in their truth) on the shore and commanding the storm to cease; or feeding hundreds with a few staples on hand. Let's stand in our Presence and wield our power!

Best said: who you are is not WHO YOU ARE. Who you are is the I AM. In your grid of light transmissions, know with all your mind and all your heart that I AM Global and I AM the only acting Presence.

Also remember the act of Compassion. A energetic out-burst of our group compassion can instantly change everything of nature's form.

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Awakening to our Collective Responsibility

On June 19, the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers met in an unprecedented public teleconference. The Grandmothers spoke about the Gulf of Mexico and its message for Humanity. They say that we are being given a challenge to take full responsibility, both individually and collectively, to heal the imbalances that we have caused in the world. It is time for us to let go of convenient silence and to speak out when we see things that aren't right, even when it is unpopular to do so. The Grandmothers emphasized that it is our collective choice which determines the outcome in the Gulf.

This time is a pivotal juncture for mankind. One of Children of the Sun's recent messages urged our attention to a large gas bubble forming near the sea floor as a result of this oil disaster. If it blows, the consequences for humanity are dire. We must comprehend that we are directly connected to our planet and that our choices have consequences. We must awaken to our collective responsibility in this, which includes taking sincere steps to return to balance with our planet and committing to finding cleaner and more balanced natural energy alternatives. If the bubble erupts, the potential for massive loss of life would certainly cause a great awakening but such destruction is not necessary IF we can make that shift in consciousness now.

If this problem were to be simply fixed for us, in this moment, mankind would remain in a slumber. Right now, we can each individually accept personal responsibility for the way we walk upon this planet. It might mean giving up some of our life conveniences and refusing anymore to buy into a system or anything that contributes to pollution and destruction. It could also mean tapping into divine inspiration to manifest alternative, cleaner forms of energy and energy technology.

Changing our beliefs about the way we live begins with recognizing that WE are all responsible for what is happening. With this realization comes the necessity of forgiveness; forgiveness of those directly accountable for our situation, and also of ourselves for our complacent contribution and silent consent.

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