Three Principles Movies meet The creators and movie makers

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Rudi Kennard and Jenny Kennard
The creators and movie makers of Three principles Movies talk about how and why the site was created and the statistics on the time and work gone into it as of Jan 2010

The Three Principles is an understanding that points people towards their own intrinsic wellbeing and innate human potential for peace of mind, emotional resilience and wellbeing.

The movies on this site document the impact this spiritual understanding has had within numerous fields and the potential for global change via a shift in humanity's consciousness.

Thoughts (in the disguise of paradigms, and cultural beliefs) create the world we live in. Understanding the very nature of thought (one of the Three Principles) allows a natural non-attachment to unproductive thinking and a shift into higher levels of thinking and creativity, individually and globally.

Sydney Banks Talks About The Three Principles

Discovery of the Three Principles.

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