How to plan a trip using Social Media!

Published on Jan 31, 2018

We're headed out to New Zealand shortly and although we're not HUGE planners... we like to leave more to what we find! 
We do a bit of planning with social media and I wanted to share how we do it!! 

1. Search "New Zealand" and it will tell you all of your friend who have been, then send a message!! 
2. Ask your network (with a photo for attention) if anyone has been and if they know anyone who has been. ASK SPECIFIC QUESTIONS! 

1. Follow the accounts around the locations you're going and follow the popular hashtags of the location!
2. Share the good photos with your travel partner. 
3. Use a shared Notes on your phone! 

Tinder: Good way to get to know locals but BE CAREFUL! 

Google and YouTube: Duh ;) 

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