How Much POWER Do YOU Have In A SIMULATED Universe? (2019)

Welcome to Open Your Reality. Today you’re going to find out exactly how powerful you are in a simulated universe. The answer may surprise you. According to Tom Campbell, thoughts are powerful. How can we change our life? Well, it requires a strong level of intention. How powerful can we be? How much power do we have in a simulated universe? It all depends on our minds. I am going to show you how to change reality with your mind. How we can change our reality is actually not that difficult. If you’ve been following my videos, you know I like to feature some of his talks in them. I find Tom to be the person with the clearest and best explanations for what our reality truly is. Tom’s a consciousness researcher and scientist who has been exploring our materialistic world, and realms unseen – the nonphysical as he would call it, for 40 years. Now this video assumes that we live in a simulated universe. Even if you don’t believe that to be true, keep in mind both the Buddha from 2500 years and ago and Einstein argued that our world is just a very well-formed illusion, so there’s definitely something there – whether it’s a simulation, a hologram, or just a vivid dream we’re all having. You’ve probably heard that we’re all co-creators and can manifest anything we put our minds to. I’m not saying we can’t, but there are certainly limitations to our reality. There’s something Tom calls the rule set. This is akin to the rules programmed into a video game. While it may be possible to break those rules, it’s not likely. Tom gives all the details on this. So check this talk out. I think you’ll really find it interesting, and possibly inspiring. I hope you liked this video. The main take away I got from this video is that if we can maintain a positive outlook on life, we can decrease the probability of bad things happening and increase the chances of good things occurring. Since the future is just a probability, our intention can exert a measure of control over it, even in affecting things outside ourselves, whether we believe it or not. We can’t have everything we want, but we can certainly increase our happiness by focusing more on making other people feel good and dwelling less on our own problems. For most people, this is common sense, and for some it’s a wake up call to lower their entropy and grow up. Well, thank you for watching. I appreciate your comments and likes. Check out my other videos and subscribe to stay notified of future content. See you in the next one.


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