Bill Still's 'The Secret of Oz': The Hidden Economic Symbolism in the Original Wizard of Oz

This is a research documentary on the money system symbolism behind the original Wizard and Oz. It was released in 2009 by the American Reporter Bill Still. It has received a 8.2 / 10 on IMDB with over 240 positive reviews! This powerful documentary will help you uncover the veiled truths about our monetary system. With in-depth research and insights from our esteemed speaker, you'll be taken on a journey through history, understanding, and revelation. Discover how financial institutions operate, the hidden machinations of power and control, and the need for transparency and reform in the system. This is a must-watch for those wanting to comprehend the shackles of the debt money system and the imminent need for monetary reform. Learn about the money system and arm yourself with the knowledge to challenge the status quo. 🕰️ CHAPTER TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 : Introduction Brief overview of the financial world's complexities. Setting the stage for a deep dive into the heart of monetary systems. 05:01 : History of Financial Institutions Origin stories of banks, savings & loans, and credit unions. Their transformation over the centuries. 12:01 : Understanding Monetary Systems How money is created. The role of central banks and the impact of their decisions on economies. 20:01 : The Broken System: Fractional Reserve Banking Exploring the inherent risks and flaws. Real-world examples of its negative impact. 30:01 : The Invisible Chains The concept of debt in modern society. How it's used as a tool of control by financial elites. 40:01 : Financial Crises: Patterns and Consequences Analyzing major economic downturns through history. Uncovering the role of banks and financial systems in these crises. 50:01 : 21st Century Challenges Modern financial challenges and their implications. The role of technology in shaping the future of monetary systems. 1:00:01 : Reform: A Ray of Hope Advocating for transparency, accountability, and change. How each one of us can contribute to a fairer financial future. 1:10:01 : Reflections of the Past Reflection on the journey of discovery. Call to action for viewers to get involved and stay informed. 1:20:01 : The Hidden Power Players Unmasking the unseen forces driving financial decisions. Analysis of their impact on everyday consumers and the broader economy. 1:25:01 : Central Banks: Beyond the Facade Dissecting the role and operations of central banks. The myths vs. realities of their influence. 1:30:01 : Corruption: The Hidden Underbelly of the Financial World Exploring notorious cases of fraud, money laundering, and embezzlement. Their repercussions on the global economy and public trust. 1:35:01 : Global Economy: A Web of Deception Delving into international trade, debt, and interdependencies. How imbalances and malpractices ripple across countries. 1:40:01 : How To Fight For Change Reflecting on the need for systemic change and individual awareness. Bill Still encourages you to take action, seek knowledge, and challenge the status quo. 1:45:11 : Historical Overview of Financial Institutions Differentiation between banks, savings & loans, and credit unions. Their roles and methods in intermediating money. 1:45:43 : 21st Century's First Depression The looming economic downturn and its causes. The importance of educating society on these matters. 1:46:18 Economic Collapse and Banker Threats Historical attempts to challenge the banking system. The dangers of succumbing to bankers' threats. 1:46:49 : Monetary Symbolism in The Wizard of Oz The hidden allegories of money and power in L. Frank Baum's masterpiece. The importance of recognizing and addressing these issues throughout history. 1:48:12 : Global Economic Collapse The aftermath of the real estate bubble and its global repercussions. The dangers of banks controlling the money supply over sovereign nations. 1:49:47 : The Necessity of Monetary Reform The two pillars of monetary reform: forbidding government borrowing and ceasing fractional reserve banking. The pitfalls of the fractional reserve system and its exploitation by major banks. 1:52:50 : Ideas to Fix The Broken Money System The speaker's hope for future generations. The importance of understanding and challenging the current monetary system to pave a more equitable and stable future. Let this knowledge not just remain as information, but inspire you to question, to discuss, and to demand transparency and accountability. Share this documentary with friends, family, and colleagues. 💡✊ If you got something from this please consider sharing the research video and give Bill a follow on X, @BillStill , or visit his website at www.thestillreport.com



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