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Chemtrails: US Patent #5003186: Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding For Reduction Of Global Warming



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Long have I suspected that the suspicious cloud-spreading activity in the sky commonly called “Chemtrails” has been part of a program and research into methods to reduce the amount of Solar radiation and heat and therefore to reduce Global Warming.

Today I discovered US PATENT #5003186. Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding For Reduction Of Global Warming. Patented March 26, 1991.

Everything I suspected has been patented.
Chemtrails Are "Small Reflecting Particles" In The Upper Atmosphere.
Back in march of this year on the above thread I said "My chemtrail theory is this... They are spraying a substance which is meant to reflect sunlight and alter the albedo of Earth."


Most important notes from the Patent PDF:
"A method is disclosed for the reducing atmospheric warming due to the greenhouse effect resulting from a greenhouse gases layer. The method comprises the step of seeding the greenhouse gas layer with a quantity of tiny particles of materials characterized by wavelength dependent emissivity or reflectivity… Such materials can include the class of materials known as Welsbach materials. The oxides of metal, e.g., aluminum oxide, are suitable for the purpose.
The greenhouse gases layer typically extends between about seven and thirteen kilometers above the earth’s surface. The seeding of the stratosphere occurs within this layer”
- Direct quote from Page 6 of the source PDF.

“Aluminum Oxide is one metal oxide suitable for the purpose which is relatively inexpensive.
It is presently believed that the particle sizes in the ten to one hundred micron range would be suitable for the seeding purposes. Larger particles would tend to settle to the earth more quickly. The greenhouse gases are typically in the earths stratosphere at an altitude of seven to thirteen kilometers (23,000 ft to 42,000 ft). This suggests that the particle seeding should be done at an altitude on the order of 10 kilometers (33,000 ft). The particles may be seeded by dispersal from seeding aircraft; one exemplary technique may be via jet fuel as suggested by prior work regarding the metallic particles. Once the tiny particles have been dispersed into the atmosphere, the particles may remain in suspension for up to one year.”
- Direct quote from Page 7 to 8 of the source PDF

A bit about the Inventors: David B. Chang of Tustin and I-Fu Shih of Los Alamitos
“David B. Chang of Tustin and I-Fu Shih of Los Alamitos, who both work for Hughes Aircraft Co. in Manhattan Beach, received a patent last month for a controversial method to seed a portion of the atmosphere with certain types of dust particles. These particles would screen out radiation from the sun while allowing heat from the earth's surface to pass through.
"We think it could conteract completely the amount of heating that would be caused by the greenhouse effect," said Chang, who is director of technology for the training and support systems group of Hughes Aircraft, a subsidiary of General Motors-Hughes Electronics Corp.”

I did a little digging and found that Chang and Shih are were still working for Raytheon (the company who bought Hughes Aircraft) as of at least 2005.
Raytheon Technology Today 2005 Issue #2

quote from page 26:
6849855B1 Method for marking and identifying objects coated with up-conversion material”

Council on Foreign Relations on Planetary Geoengineering: “Add more small reflecting particles in the upper part of the atmosphere”

Chemtrail proof! 1990 US Air Force document!

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KSLA NEWS and Chemtrails--------Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding for Reduction of Global Warming

feel free to forward- if you wantþ
From: Ferrell, Jeff (JFerrell@ksla. com)
Sent: Sat 12/01/07 5:26 PM

A scientist now confirms that the United States military funded
research which led to a patent suspected of making so-
called "chemtrails" in our skies. In this follow-up report,
investigative reporter Jeff Ferrell also discovered a U.S. Air Force
manual called "Owning the Weather in 2025," which describes the very
same approach.
Ferrell's original report aired on KSLA News 12, the CBS-TV
affiliate in Shreveport, Louisiana where he works as a reporter and
anchor. The story attracted attention from hundreds of people across
the country and Canada. They watched it on YouTube, Google Video and
a host of other web sites that posted the story. In turn, those
viewers began emailing and calling the station.
While Ferrell immediately began investigating for a follow-up
report, the station's interest in the subject waned. So, here's what
he found out in his independent research:
************ *
"I learned about U.S. Patent #: 5,003,186, titled
..Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding for Reduction of Global Warming,"
better known by chemtrail researchers as "The Welsbach Patent."
The patent describes putting metallic particles like aluminum
and barium into jet fuel. Then, exhaust from the jet engine seeds the
stratosphere. In turn, those small metallic particles serve a dual
purpose by: 1) reflecting incoming light back into space and 2.)
helping convert the warmth below into infra-red waves, allowing them
to escape from the earth's atmosphere.
"It turned out that it seemed to work and so that's why we had
applied for a patent," said patent co-inventor David Chang. Chang
confirmed that the U.S. military did fund that research while he
worked at Hughes Aircraft, an aerospace giant at the time. It would
later downsize considerably and evolve into Direct-TV, which required
some of the very same kinds of research and development.
In fact, Chang described several other military-funded projects
where jet engine exhaust dispersed metallic particles into the
atmosphere. "For instance, we were using it to develop targets for
laser range finders," continued Chang.
I then learned about that U.S. Air Force document
titled, "Owning the Weather in 2025." it details weather
modification for war-fighting and describes putting carbon dust into
jet fuel for dispersal as the quote, 'most convenient, safe and cost
effective method," just as the Welsbach Patent explained. That
method is described on page 15 of the Air Force report, originally
written in 1996 as a study paper.
In September of 2002, then-Secretary of State Colin Powell even
told a United Nations World Summit in South Africa quote, "we are
committed to a billion-dollar program to develop and deploy advanced
technologies to mitigate greenhouse-gas emissions." Powell never
fully elaborated.
And few may remember that the U.S. military used covert weather
modification in the past. During the Vietnam War a top secret
mission called "Operation Popeye," seeded clouds over the Ho Chi Minh
Trail to create floods and wash out the enemy's supply routes.
Reporter Jack Anderson is credited with breaking that story back in
A Discovery Channel program, which first aired in February 2007,
investigated so-called Chemtrails, describing them as contrail
formations that persist in the skies for hours after a jet passes.
But the military refused them access to jet fuel for testing.
"I suspect it may be some sort of weather control," said Stamps,
Arkansas resident Bill Nichols in our first report on the subject,
which aired on KSLA News 12. Nichols handed us a mason jar with a
sample inside containing water and ..other' material collected
recently from his back yard. Independent testing at a Shreveport, LA
lab did show high levels of barium, a hallmark of other chemtrail
testing. Louisiana regulators described such a reading as unusual,
but very difficult to prove its source.
Chemtrail skeptics argue barium is used very often commercially
for everything from mining to oil drilling. But Chang told me
that's 'exactly' why they considered such material safe to use in our
skies as a welsbach particle.
But, no one has yet to officially confirm a direct connection
between these alleged chemtrails and the U.S. military. Such a
discovery is the 'Holy Grail' of chemtrail researchers. Such a
revelation, if there is indeed such a covert program in existence at
all, would require someone to step forward and potentially risk court
martial or legal action. Until then, the guessing and the waiting

Story by Jeff Ferrell
Scor~Pios -AKA- Pit Viper

'When the people fear their government, there is tyranny;
When the government fears the people, there is liberty.'
Thomas Jefferson

Never underestimate the stupidity of the American people.

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." - Samuel Adams

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Fluoride Treatment Pictures, Images and Photos
People used to have brains that worked...long before the internet, YouTube and all the other "advanced" warning mechanisms we have now.

The Sheeple are just as much our enemy as the Sky Spiders who spray these poisonous webs above us. If it was a capital offense to be dumber than a box of rocks, the Illuminati would get to see their dream of global depopulation come true. Maybe that's their idea...to get rid of everyone who is too damned ignorant to see what they are doing. Can you imagine a world without Sheeple?

Being the "Good Shepherd" is such a thankless job, you just have to wonder why we even bother. Maybe it's because they are our best friends, families, neighbors, fellow citizens and human beings. I guess it's because we love their little woolly dumb asses, even if they are dragging us down with them!

PanPan Man

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Subject: Chemtrails are REAL and they are POISON!

I am on a mission to inform others of the poisoning of our air that happens world-wide with no official admission attached, or chemical disclosure statements. First, here is a video I took out my front window earlier this month. This shit has to stop!



Documentary: Aerosol Crimes





PanPan Man
WOW! This is incredible footage of chemtrail planes who fly outside of the normal FAA requirements of dumb stuff like ATC monitored straight line flight plans. How do they get away with this shit? That's simple! They don't really exist, according to the officials, politicians and governments of the world! They are just figments of our imagination called "persistent contrails" (government double speak disinfo!) being exhausted from normal every day commercial airliners.




The commercial pilots who filmed these Sky Spiders weaving their chemical and biological agent filled webs of death will be the first to tell you these are not normal flight procedures from normal planes with normal condensation vapor trails! I bet we will see a lot more films like this from real commercial airliner pilots as time goes by!


History Channel does Chemtrails Weather Warfare

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