2012 The Online Movie (2009)

David Wilcock - "2012 Enigma:
Blueprint for a Golden Age"

2012 The Online Movie (2009)

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As you know, Roland Emmerichs 2012 movie is coming out on November 13th
and the fear-ladened premise of it is bullshit.
2012 The Online Movie tells the TRUTH behind the Mayan calendar
and shows us there is NOTHING to fear.

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Emmerich's movie is going to create a lot of FEAR and PANIC, which is NOT what the Mayan calendar is about. Let the truth be Told!


What do you choose?

Change your thoughts if you wish to change your circumstances.
Since you alone are responsible for your thoughts,
only you can change them.
You want to change them
when you realize that each thought creates according to its own nature...

- Paramahansa Yoganand

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