The Great Global Warming Swindle

The Ice is Melting, the Hurricanes are blowing. and it is all YOUR FAULT SCARED Don't Be, Its not True.

ClimateGate - Hal Lindsey speaks about the FRAUD!
December 04, 2009

The Great Global Warming Swindle Complete documentary - Video ...

Feb 2, 2015 - Uploaded by AAAliAhmad
Watch The Great Global Warming Swindle Complete documentary by Ali Ahmad on Dailymotion here.

Global Warming Hoax, Best Document Ever - YouTube


Feb 5, 2017 - Uploaded by seawapa.org
Updates: http://seawapa.org/climate While the global temperature is starting to decline as we go into the Mini ...

Facts behind "The Great Global Warning Swindle" -Part 1 - YouTube

May 21, 2007 - Uploaded by NewRealities
http://www.newrealities.com Alan Steinfeld looks into the science behind Global Warming. This is a science ...

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