Harmony Yoga & Wellness Center Greenville, Mississippi

Harmony Yoga & Wellness Center
Greenville, Mississippi

My name is Irina Isayeva and I am a Registered Yoga
Teacher ® teaching yoga since 2005. I'm teaching group
yoga classes in Greenville, MS and teaching private yoga
lessons and practicing Thai Yoga Therapy in Greenville,
MS Area. My intention is for you to leave Yoga class or Thai
Yoga Therapy session with the feeling of balance and inner

Our group yoga classes in Greenville provide training in
Yoga asana (postures), gentle movement, relaxation and
breathing techniques, and are held in a happy and calming

In private yoga lessons 100% of my focus is on you: your wants, your needs, your
challenges and limits, your mood. These one-on-one sessions can be brought to your
home or office in Greenville area. You are a unique individual and each session will
be designed for your specific goals and needs. You'll learn what's right for your own
body - to experience strength, flexibility, and balance; to build self confidence and
reliance - along with the convenience of having your own personal yoga teacher at a
time that works best for you. In addition private yoga lessons allow more time for me
to give you the attention needed to develop and deepen your practice at your own
pace. Because you are the focus of these lessons, we start exactly where you are
and we let you set the pace: Babysteps or strides - whatever feels best. Call or send
me email for appointment.

Irina Isayeva is Buddy Huggins's Yoga Teacher

Yoga has helped me with my balance. And at my age, balance
is one of the most important things. And it helps me to be
flexible, improved my mobility. I used to have back pain, and
since I started doing yoga it improved.
- Betty Joseph

Harmony Yoga has not only helped me relieve stress in a
- Dolores Markowski

Downward Facing Dog is a beautiful
balance between upper body
strengthening and lower body stretching.
Keeps your spine healthy and strong.

Triangle Pose will stretch and
strengthen your legs, stretch your hips,
groins, hamstrings, and calves; stretch
your shoulders, chest, and spine; will
stimulate abdominal organs, help relieve
stress, improve digestion, relieves

Twisting Lunge will strengthen your
front leg and shoulders, stretch the front
of your back leg, relieve tension in your
with fresh blood!

Begin Yoga Now! You’ll be glad you did.
For Better Bodies, Healthier and Happier Life!

Tel: (662) 332-8823, (662) 522-4713

Mailing address:

Irina Isayeva
2174 Highway 1 North
Greenville, MS 38703

Email: harmonyyoga@suddenlink.net

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