Megan's awakening- Magenta Pixie talks to 11 year old Starseed child

Megan, 11 years old, experienced a conscious awakening of her true Starseed self at just 6 years old. Here she speaks to Magenta Pixie about this awakening experience.
First broadcast on Magenta Magik Radio on the 27th September 2009 on the show 'Starseed, Indigo and Crystal children.

Megan, 11 year old Starseed, discusses Paganism,
Nutrition, 2012 and Earth's future

Who are these "Star Children?" Often referred to as Rainbow Children or the 'New' Children. Many believe they are here to take us forward through this shift, anchoring a certain frequency needed here on our planet for the Ascension. Join Miss Magikal, Magenta Pixie and Jivanda joined by our special guest, conscious and aware of her mission, eleven year old Megan, who will be speaking of her own awakening when she was only six years old! In this excerpt Megan discusses Paganism, Nutrition for Starseeds and Ascending ones, 2012 and Earth's future. Show first broadcast on 'Magenta Magik' on BlogTalkRadio 27th September 2009.

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