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Says, " He is the smartest man on earth."

Explanation of the involvement of extraterrestrial DNA in human history and interesting point of view on the beginning of the late human civilization in general.

Dan Winters background is as multi-faceted as his viewpoint. Graduating with honors from the University of Detroit, Dan pursued graduate studies in psychophysiology and the origin of languages. In addition to his academic background, he has worked as a Systems Analyst with IBM, an industrial metallurgist and crystallographer.

He has undertaken many diverse studies, from quantum physics to modeling at the MIT space lab to developing the early biofeedback prototype equipment as Dr. Albert Axes protégé. Widely traveled, Dan has sojourned to study at the Gurdjieff School of sacred gymnastics, in Florence with Buckminster Fuller, the Gizah pyramids, Israel, the Andes and at Findhorn.

To see and download a better production (audio) of Dan's original footage (part 1 & part 2), please go to:

http://www.goldenmean.info/end ingreligionwars/

http://www.goldenmean.info/end ingreligionwars/parttwo.html

Instruction: for part 1 of the film on http://www.goldenmean.info/end ingreligionwars/ - point and click on empty space where video should appear on the web page and with right click download full part 1 (168MB) on your HD. File will be in SWF format.

You have to convert file with FLV converter to the real FLV or AVI format. Picture and sound will be perfectly preserved after conversion.

Part 2 of the film you can watch in a browser opening the web page: http://www.goldenmean.info/end ingreligionwars/parttwo.html



Dan explained the biggest secret of encoded alphabets, languages in human DNA and their role in DNA implosion itself. Dan used accurate Vorticity of Golden Mean ratio to make his original theory of the origin of Alphabets and their role in human DNA. Other work related to Winters on origin of Ophanim-Enochian alphabets material showing that John Dees alphabet is a hypercube superset to Hebrew.

Most of the work on Ophanim-Enochian alphabet originally came from Vincent Bridges Some esoteric literature references a lost mother tongue or the "language of light" otherwise known as Hiburu. A primal seed language, this ancient form of Hebrew is supposed to be a natural language, the forms of the letters emerging from phosphene flare patterns in the brain.

These alphabetic shapes begin in a spinning vortex, translating into light, embodied neurologically into our biological being. - Author Paul White reports that many contemporary scientists see DNA as a "shimmering waveform configuration" resembling the Qabalistic Tree of Life. It's a live vibrating process ¬ not a static structure, easily modified by light, radiation, magnetic fields or sonic pulses.

He suggests this "language of light" might well be the legacy of Thoth/Enoch. This description of DNA merges well with the experiences related by the subjects who participated in Dr. Strassman's DMT studies referenced earlier. Many subjects perceived a connection between DNA and alphabetic and numerical characters By raising the number of views of the same spiral on the same donut to the symmetry shadows of Dodeca and Pent - (Implosion) - the higher alphabets Ophanim-Greek and roots of Arabic-English are created.

In this way cultures could be taught the charge symmetry of what COULD be made sustainable and immortal - as waves enter the slip knot rope of DNA. Alphabet letters - as the only (symmetry) access to the immortalizing implosive fire in the throat of DNA - are the only way in and out of history (wave sustainability). With this symmetry view, Western genetic engineers might finally get a clue to what gives life and soul to DNA.

Sumerian and Hebrew alphabets in their shape alone are overwhelming evidence that the ET origins of DNA on this planet is a sad story of genetic engineering gone awry. Could it be possible, by looking at the structure of DNA, to reconstruct this dragon's speech, this green language of light's syntax, grammar and vocabulary?

And could it be, as Fulcanelli suggests, that fragments of that original language of light can be found in the divinatory systems used by all nautes, shamans and initiates? We know that DNA emits a weak form of coherent light that has been demonstrated to work like a communication system between cells and even between larger organisms.

In this sense, the art of light is indeed the instrument of the Spirit. It is nothing less than the mechanism, the framework so to speak, that allows Mind to exist in the universe. The language of light emitted and received by the DNA may be the original of all languages, the ultimate language of initiation.



Shet called his name Enos:then began men to call upon the name of the LORD Genesis 4.26

In Hebrew Enos (Enoch) is Enosh, said to mean mortal or Man (German mENSch), is written ANVS, man enslaved by the WHEELS OF TORAH/COSMOS (IHVH/YHWH): the Babylonian captivity (not literally).

The Lord Marduk is Jupiter masters the WHEELS. He can carry it all: Tarot key 10, The Wheel reveals Jupiter (Jovis) is IHVH (YHWH), i.e. WHAT HAS BEEN, WHAT IS & WHAT WILL BE: ALWAYS, EVER, EVERYWHERE & NOWHERE.


Dan Winter - Purpose of DNA


HUMAN DNA I - Alphabet of Genes & Immortality by Dan Winter

We know that DNA emits a weak form of coherent light that has been demonstrated to work like a communication system between cells and even between larger organisms.

In this sense, the art of light is indeed the instrument of the Spirit. It is nothing less than the mechanism, the framework so to speak, that allows Mind to exist in the universe.

The language of light emitted and received by the DNA may be the original of all languages, the ultimate language of initiation. For the full understanding of the origins of Ugaritic, Sanskrit, Egyptian, Hebrew, Greek, Roman, etc., alphabets and their relation to human DNA, please check:




Dan Winter's Science Overview Course

Golden Ratio Phase Conjugation and the New Fractal Field Science

Measureable solutions to the cause of gravity, color and peak perception and introduction to the technologies this opens

Deep immersion in the new fractal science of life.


  • Introduction to concepts of fractal science including glossary of terms and definitions

  • Deep investigation of fractality and it's implications

  • Comprehensive grounding in the physics of sacred geometry and consciousness

  • The cause of gravity

  • The secret of atoms and creation out of donuts

  • How colour is generated

  • DNA and spirals

  • The secret of successful death

  • Life, the ability to attract charge

  • Polarity

  • Application of fractal science to technology

  • Includes 25 DVD collection (click here for details)

  • Personal feedback and question and answer sessions with Dan Winter himself

The curriculum includes a new interactive video narration to be used with this animated visual set

Course Description

Dan Winter is a world-leader in his field and is giving a unique opportunity for people to join him in this new e-class for a comprehensive investigation and education of the science and physics of fractality.

Dan presents cutting-edge discoveries including the "eye of god" which amounts to a boundary condition threshold related to plank length and time where plasma compression is entirely translated in vorticity to plasma acceleration, specifically by golden ratio heterodyning.

The poetry is nice but the physics is even better because we can take the threshold and phase lock it with the right cascade and revolutionize hydrogen energy http://www.goldenmean.info/fractalfieldtechnologies/
and bioactive field effect designs, commercially.

Plus, justify our new physics of what is enlightenment when measured as phase conjugation
www.goldenmean.info/enlightenment and perception www.goldenmean.info/perception not to mention the cause of color www.goldenmean.info/fractalcolor.

The "eye of god" is even a better description for this if you realize how the divine plasma creates perception by sorting phases (conjugated).

We present all this in collaboration with our fractal physics commercialization group www.fractalfield.com.
Our science team and upcoming conferences are introduced there presenting many of the new technologies.

We introduce in the course key frequency cascade of bioactive phase conjugate dielectric which are based on Dan Winter's new equation (www.goldenmean.info/goldenproof) evidencing how fractality (by golden ratio)
causes the gravity in hydrogen (golden ratio x planck length= 3 of the hydrogen radii, in golden ratio.

We look at how golden ratio x planck time = hydrogen key frequency signature.

We will introduce the measurement of the resultant bioactive electric fields (where like poles-attract). We will also discuss our upcoming research paper on phase conjugate magnetics with Prof Eliz Rauscher.

How It Will Work

Each week you will be e-mailed out reading material, articles, images, video content as well as exercises for that week. You can then reply to the material, by email, and ask questions unique to you. Dan will review your emails and give answers, feedback, comments and advice specific to your situation.

A live video presentation will also be made by Dan for an hour and a half each week followed by half an hour of questions and answers. Once the video presentation is over you will receive a link to the recorded version of it for review.

Added to this you will have access to the user forum on our website where you will be able to communicate with the other participants on the e-class. Dan Winter will also be dropping in to be of any assistance and guidance as well as to have a bit of fun!

When Does It Start?

The start date is for the 11th January 2010 however, Dan is allowing for people to delay their start for upto 3 weeks, that means you can join the course up to and including the 1st Feburary 2010.





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Thanks, Linda M. Bloomfield for the re-minder of this info. This is all about Speaking Life to your Bodies and DNA- aka the I AM. This in part is how I am becoming younger.

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