SaLuSa through Mike Quinsey 11-December-2009

SaLuSa through Mike Quinsey

The happiness that is generated by the expectation of having pleasant and memorable festive celebrations is helping overshadow some of your concerns. The effect of the financial collapse is by no means over, and you see a tough year ahead of you. There are plans to use the situation for your ultimate benefit, but it will not emerge for some time yet. Be assured however that there will be changes before long, that will herald a new chapter in your lives. The important step that will put things into motion is Disclosure, and that will come regardless of how many obstacles are placed in our way. It is long overdue and we are working hard to bring it out.

The recent years have been a continual battle to keep the plan for your future on track. Clearly with Ascension coming quite soon, there is a mandate for us that allows whatever action is required to go ahead. We do stop at using force, unless we are placed in a situation that calls for us to defend ourselves. That is rarely the case as we have the powers to ensure that you have protection, and provide you the opportunities that are necessary for your Ascension. The dark forces may gain momentary advantages, but we soon impose our own plans upon them to keep them in check.

We are here there and everywhere, silently and largely unseen as we monitor what is happening on Earth. Most of our observations are from our Space Craft encircling it, and our Scout Ships that move within your atmosphere. We can uncloak when desired but prefer to work unseen, so it does follow that some craft you see are from your own military. This can cause confusion but we remind you that our presence is for peaceful reasons, and you can be certain that any negative incidents do not involve our craft or us. The dark Ones have seriously thought of staging one, but we will prevent it.

You Dear Ones through lack of understanding have caused untold damage to Earth and not least of all by your continual warring. Fortunately, your levels of consciousness are rising and you now see the futility of them. It has put back many souls evolution, as you keep coming back until you learn the lessons involved. Through the Law of Grace you can be allowed to forego karma, providing you have turned to the Light. God is not unreasonable and fully understands your intent, and it is by evolving and proving that your progress has taken place in living your truth. The soul that has transgressed and found the path of Light and Love is greeted back as a long lost son. So do not be too concerned about your earlier life style, as it the now that is important and whether you have truly set your sights on evolving to a higher level of consciousness.

You will know if you have applied yourself to spiritual application, and how well you are doing. Simply hold fast to your goal, and you will certainly reach it. When the Masters walk the Earth again there will be much to discuss, and Man will have the opportunity to access his/her beliefs in the light of the Truth they will bring. The end times are to reveal the truth about your history, and your true purpose in life. You must be fully prepared for Ascension, and Nothing but the truth can accompany you on that journey. Being on Earth is not difficult all of the time, and there are occasions when you have blissful and happy experiences. Just imagine a total existence where there is never anything to upset you, and all is in harmony with everything else. That is the promise of what will come with your elevation to the higher dimensions. Words cannot paint a true picture but think of times when you felt at one with everything, and that experience is as near as can be to what awaits you. Whatever you need to do to ascend is well worthwhile, and when you look back you will be so pleased that you persevered. The past will then quickly become just a dream, and it will fade into the background.

You have to take each day as it comes, and do your best to keep calm regardless of what happens. There is still the possibility of more pressure being put upon you, as the changes will seem to be causing chaos until the future becomes clear and defined. We are desirous of keeping anything connected with the dark Ones in the past where it belongs. So much has no place in your future, and if it is not of the Light it will be unable to match the new vibrations. Consequently it will be impossible for it to proceed with you into the Golden Age.

In the period that remains before Ascension, you will have ample time to get used to changes that will accompany it. Already you are able to visualize and even “feel” what it is like to live in the higher dimensions, and this is helping bring it into manifestation. Think perfection, and think New Age and you will be getting near to the joys that await you. For some it all sounds too good to be true, but any assurances you need to be convinced will come in good time. There will be many helpers coming to Earth, to guide you with your transition. No one will be left out except that they reject help, but we will do what we can to convey the truth to you in an acceptable way. There will be worldwide communication, and our technology will make that possible in ways that will be new to you.

We want you to be happy and able to see further than what is happening around you. Concentrate on the outcome that has been promised to you, because you are on the verge of a series of great happenings. There has to be a speeding up of the process taking you to Ascension, but have no fear as we can plan accordingly. It is as well, because until the dark Ones have been removed from power, obstacles will stand in our way. We will approach them with great gentleness and understanding, as there is now much fear experienced within the ranks of those who now realize the game is up. Their time to answer for what they have done is yet to come and it will not be in the name of revenge, but justice and in accordance with the Laws of the One.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and thank you for your support, which we necessarily need at what you call the grass roots. You can do untold good by simply putting other peoples minds at rest, as fear is still a factor in many lives. Some see nothing but death and destruction for the future of Mankind, so spread your Love and Light around you and help transmute it for them.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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As we have mentioned a number of times, sound is to play a large part in your lives both for relaxation and healing. It has its downside on Earth and is used at frequencies that can effectively drive you mad and induce illness. When used in this way it is a silent killer and hard to detect. Again in instances where technology is used against you, we will not allow it to be escalated against the world population. This problem of misuse of technologies has existed for a long time, and has meant that new discoveries are kept secret. It has been done for gain, and even those discoveries that would be beneficial to you are held back. You have therefore been denied the advancement they were meant to have brought about. However, evolution cannot be static for too long, and those causing it to be so will eventually be removed from their positions of power.

The overall evolution of Mankind is always being re-assessed, and it is our responsibility and others like us to ensure you take great strides forward when appropriate. Inventions and ideas are subconsciously fed to individuals who have the interest and ability to manifest them for the benefit of all. Unfortunately some inventors are threatened or blackmailed to hand over their findings to the dark Ones. It has been the same with the Greys who gave them advanced technology that was solely used for military purposes. However, some spin offs such as the chip have found their way into general use, but much more remains secret. All of this will change with our coming, and is the reason you will experience a great evolutionary step forward. In fact you will go beyond where you should have been by now. So whilst you will have a lot to learn, you will also have the time to do so many more activities than before.

Time on Earth has largely been your enemy, as you rarely have sufficient time to do all that you want. Doing what you choose, will be your release from the laborious jobs that are necessary to keep the world turning. However much is unproductive when your time could be better spent. Again that will all change before very long, and you will be able to spend time using your talents for everyone’s benefit. You have the experience and talents to take on any project between you all. With our help and advanced technologies they will be enjoyable and satisfying experiences. These advancements will all be part of your learning, that will enable you to eventually take your place alongside us. You will therefore see how these changes are a part of your Ascension. The final achievement will be your development into full consciousness.

We know that some of you feel you do not need help with your problems, but it is necessary if you are to complete this cycle successfully, you cannot do it alone in the time scale remaining. There are numerous beliefs as to how the cycle will end but for those that invite us into their lives, Ascension is the path that is open to you. We do not see the massive disruptions that some predict, although parts of your Earth may require the movement of souls to other safer areas. One must not forget that since Mother Earth is part of Ascension, she also has to be allowed to experience the changes necessary for her preparation. All in the Solar System has the opportunity to lift up, and you are to join the other planets on this momentous occasion.

You are really leading double lives, as for your daily existence life goes on as before, and you are also preparing for Ascension. You cannot yet entirely release from the old ways, but you are gradually moving towards a new way of life. It is in accordance with your expectations and the conditioning of your mindset, that allows for changes to come to you. As long as you continue to project your vision of the future you will be helping it manifest. This is why we have told you that you have created your existing reality, and no one else is involved. God looks on and sees all in order because you have been given freewill to create as you desire. Now you are experiencing higher levels of an awakening consciousness, and are lifting your sights to create in a greater degree of perfection. You realize that you have the power, and with it the knowledge of how to use it sensibly.

We are watching you come together and becoming more powerful, and able to dictate the course of Humanities achievements for the benefit of all. This proves how far you have come in a relatively short time, and also shows that many of you have moved into the Light. You are sampling what it is like to be lifting out of the 3rd dimension into the higher 4th/5th levels, and this process will continue until you reach your optimum point in the new cycle. Always you are seeking the highest expression of yourself, because you inherently know that your destiny is to return to the Source. You will not be complete until you do, but that time is as near or far as you like to make it. You have all time in which to experience, and everything already exists in the Now.

By the time you ascend your consciousness will have moved well beyond where it is now. You will be an entirely new type of Being, and much like we are now and able to conduct yourselves with Unconditional Love. Many of you are just beginning to realize that all life is sacred, and to be honored. You owe much to the different kingdoms that have partnered you on your journey through duality. They too are also evolving, and you will have a final opportunity to address some of your neglect and misuse of their service to you. You are meant to be the Guardians of Earth, and you still have lessons to learn in this connection. When you reach that stage of being able to telepathically relate to them, you will clearly know what is expected of you. The animals have been severely abused in the past, and yet you will find they have a great love for Man.

I am SaLuSa of Sirius and must tell you that we of the Galactic Federation have much admiration for you all, as you have descended into a hell of your own making but been able to find your way back to the Light. Never again will you need to make that journey, and you are all the greater for the lessons you have learnt. It was not in any way a punishment that led you to the lower dimensions. You took on the challenge of duality for your love of God, knowing that you would never be deserted.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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