Near Death Experiences (2010)

When it comes to near death experiences(NDE), various polls show that anywhere between 5 to 30 percent of people who have come close to death have reported having had them. I used such a wide percentage range because it really depends what poll you go by.

One report stated the percentage of those having the experience was close to 15% while another report stated that it was closer to 30%. On the other hand, I also remember reading from another source that it may be closer to 5%.

While at this time we don't yet know why everyone who at the moment of death doesn't have a near death experience,click here for some possible theories

So what exactly is an NDE? Well, an NDE is a vivid visual experience that happens to a certain amount of people when their physical body dies but is later revived. It is often characterized as being uplifting and life changing and progresses through several different stages.

Some of those who've had NDEs may experience all of the stages, while others may only experience 1 or 2 stages, and why everyone doesn't experience all of the stages has yet to be determined.

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