2012, 11:11, the Mayan Calendar and the Roman Catholic Church

The symbolism within the Roman Catholic Church seems to indicate a knowledge of what the Mayan's have stated all along.  The Mayans, along with other indigenous cultures, represented the Milky Way Galaxy (MWG) as a snake who is about to bite its own tail.

The snake, in Christianty, has represented temptation and evil, yet look at these pictures below and ask yourself, "What did the Roman Catholic Church know about the Mayan calendar that they're not telling us?"

Further examination into this coverup by the RCC leads us to pictures like this:

Notice the royal crown above the snake.  If the snake represents the  MWG, then this man is ascending into the MWG, feet first.

Quetzalcoatl depicted as a snake devouring a man, from the Codex Telleriano-Remensis.

This story was replicated on other continents, long before they were able to communicate with one another:

In the designs above from Egypt and Europe, the little souls is emerging jubilantly from the mouth of a Serpent (or worm hole). These express the passage "Osiris enters the tail of a great serpent, was drawn through its body and came out through its mouth, and was then born anew." The story of Jesus/Jonah and the whale mirrors this story.

A statue of the Great Sun Buddha, dating from the 12th century in Cambodia. He is seated in the coils of a snake.

These aren't "random" images by any stretch of the imagination.  Check out the religion section of this forum for more info on this in the Vatican Lies Illuminated – A Prologue thread: http://maya12-21-2012.com/2012forum/index.php?topic=1316.0

It is no coincidence the symbols like this have been used in today's society:

The Mayan Calendar & Roman Catholic Church Connection
Richard C. Hoagland

When Columbus sailed the ocean in 1492, one of the things he brought back was stuff from the Mayan calendar, Mayan Codices. We were told they were burned, right? Wrong! I think they were sequestered in the Vatican archive. Who in the right mind is going to destroy information? Forget the fact that they are not religious, that they're into saving their own skins, that they're looking for edges on society and politics and populations, and it's all about control.

The cover story is, of course if they're burned, nobody can look at them any more - so you can look at them in secret. So I think all these codices that the scholars missed, they went back to the Vatican.

The reason I know this, cause the only way this could have worked out is that in 1582, when a German scholar was set up by Pope Gregory to head a council to reform the calendar. The seasons had gotten out of sequence with Easter and Christmas, and the resurrection of Christ and all that. You can’t have Christmas in July, and that was what was going on. So the calendar had to be reformed from the old Julian calendar. So Gregory sets Clavius, who is the German mathematician genius, to head this panel, this ‘presidential committee’, if you want to think of it in those terms, to basically recommend changes in the calendar.

When all's said and done, they came out with a calendar which readjusted the dates, the seasons, the times, brought everything back in sync. It’s called the Gregorian calendar. We live under it now. It took a while for it to percolate through various parts of Christendom and parts of the world that were not Christian at that time. In 1583 it was set ahead 11 days.

If you look at the synchronization of the Mayan calendar and the Gregorian calendar, this very crucial date of 2012, according to the US Naval observatory, you can go on to their website - Google is your friend - and you will find that the magic moment, the Mayan moment when the world changes, doesn’t end - but changes - radically, is December 21st, 2012, at 11:11 am. Universal Time.

There's no way that can be accidental, because 11:11 is a code for the physics that we’ve decoded from the monuments of Mars. That’s a long story that we don’t have time to get into now, but it’s on the Enterprise website, it’s in the books. The point is: there's no way that Clavius could have done this unless he either had an independent source of knowledge that was much more sophisticated.


Web Bots Agree!
Cliff High, innovator of the web bot, stated:

"The 11:11 am alignments on December 21, 2012 was deliberately created by Pope Gregory, under the direction of the powers that be at that time.  They took a german mathmatician, who assembled a team and then they used texts that theoretically do not exist.  Many of the mayan books that were said to have been burned weren't burned, but crated up and taken back to the Vatican as part of the payoff for the expedition and the slicing of the planet between the spanish and the portugeuse by the pope of that time."

"Pope Gregory brought aboard a  team of mathmaticians who spent 5 months at the reconciliation level alone, to get the gregorian calendar to align, specifically, with the end of the mayan calendar with these particular numbers. They wanted the 11:11 am because 11 is the number of mastery, it is one number beyond divinity and the 11:11 combo brings you to 22 which is their number for sainthood or ascension.  The whole 2012 date continuously points back to the holy cross, or the swastika.  If you look down on a swastika, it's both the double cross, indicating the 4 sided pyramid, or 5 sided counting the bottom, but it also represents a solar effect.  This solar effect can been seen from the sun or from outside the earth but we can't see it from here.  The effect twists somewhat to create an image similar to the swastika.  the swastika was encoded as a reference to solar activity that will occur around 2012."

full web bot interview at: http://maya12-21-2012.com/2012forum/index.php?topic=5588.0

I’ve had a mathematics professor who was the head of the department at Fairleigh Dickinson University actually write on the record that he could not figure out how Clavius did this. It’s too damn precise. So my supposition is that it was the secret codices brought back by Columbus et al, sequestered in the Vatican, with the Mayan Calendar, where they were able to adjust the Gregorian calendar so it would come out at 11:11 AM, the morning of the 21st, 2012.

Because the implications are so serious, and the amount of effort being spent by the bad guys is so great, I strongly infer that it’s not going to be a good hair day for a lot of people. I cannot take that to the bank yet.

There are various ways that this could be changed, radically. One way is if the guys in the black ops community, who are playing with their secret toys, spaceships and secret space program, going to and from, looting the Moon, finding the libraries, doing God knows what they are doing out there. If they suddenly realize that this technology is actually applicable to entire worlds, that there is a physics here that can literally take control of the planet, and prevent bad things from happening... that would be really cool.

The thing that would get us in the end is if there is a real problem coming, and there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it. Fortunately, based on all kinds of evidence, including the folks that you guys talk to all the time, everybody inside knows all this stuff. It’s just us peons outside that are not supposed to know it. Which means that nothing has to be invented. All there has to be, is redirected from over here, whatever they are doing with it, to over there, which is the planetary problem.

Our job is to get people on the inside to realize they don’t have a ticket out of here. That they’re caught with all the rest of us. We're all in it together because the lie has been different at every level. Even if they have been told they have a ticket out, they probably don’t. Do they have families and aunts and uncles and dogs and cats and mortgages and all that stuff? They will be here when whatever is coming in 2012, based on a physics that I can document, is here.


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