EMERGENCE: Beyond 2012

When You're Creating, There's no Room for Fear to enter in.

David Alexander English, or DAE is an exceptional human being. He is like nobody I have ever met before and it was such an honour to have the opportunity to have some time to speak with him. I have included his story in this section about spiritual entrepreneurs although he would not identify himself as an entrepreneur. "...While i would consider myself basically a professional dreamer, as someone famous once said, the difference between a dreamer and a visionary is a dreamer dreams, and a visionary dreams and makes their dreams come true." He is a visionary. However, he is enterprising and successful, not because he is chasing success, but because he is true to his convictions. His autobiography is extraordinary, it is called THE UNPOLISHED MANUSCRIPT and goes well beyond the scope of this article and I would urge you to download a copy . It may just change the way that you think about things.

David Alexander English is an artist, poet, photographer, astrologer, writer, filmmaker, producer, world traveler, designer, creative genius, imagineer. He is deep and philosophical, warm and playful, creative and inspirational and someone you just want a bit more of. He has studied social theory, political economics, and history in a mainstream university, but the ways that he engages with all of these now is as far away from mainstream as you can get. He went to college to 'learn stuff' not to get a qualification and a job. In fact, he (like most of us) has never really liked working a job, as these always felt like a distraction from what he really wanted to do, explore, and be. Whilst the online world focuses on the Google Wave, DAE is gathering momentum for the 20th of December, Solstice Sunday, creating the next Global Wave/Pulse of Conscious Evolution, the next Conscious Evolution Day Global quiet Sunset Meditation Event. This will be the 8th of 10 such events in 2009, and there will be 18 in 2010. This is key to who he is, this is about a collective remembrance of who we really are and why it is we have come to Earth. Whilst entrepreneurs may talk about The Secret, The Law of Attraction or Attraction Marketing, DAE delves much deeper and explores stimulating the collective remembrance. Whilst entrepreneurs focus on wealth creation, he focuses on the evolution of consciousness, not just for himself, but for the whole species, the whole universe.

One of the interesting things about DAE is that he does a lot of his work in his dreams and sleep. He talks about sleep being a sacred thing and does not take kindly to it being interupted or disrespected! " ...i work best when i get at least 8 hours...i find i can then be more present in my waking state...a better person." DAE has chosen to be absolutely true to himself. He has been writing since 1979 (SOMEWHERE...); drawing since 1981(the BLUE MUSE cartoon series); painting since June 1987. Although in the Fall of 1987 he studied for a semester at the Museum School of the Museum of Fine Art, Boston, he considers himself primarily a self-taught fine artist. Since he started painting the summer he turned 30 he has completed over 1,400 acrylic-on-raw canvas works. "...and i still have them all...i used to try to sell the originals and was kind of put off by how folks would rave about how much they loved the work but wouldn't buy any...then i realized what a blessings, because they are a series that tells a story that is different every time you view them...they are all part of The Book of Mirrors...so the goal is to create a traveling exhibition and a permanent exhibition space for the whole body of work." He has been a self-employed artist since 1985. "...Now instead of trying to sell the originals anymore i sell reproductions in the form of prints, posters, cards, t-shirts, etc., on the low end; and giclee's as big as you want them, high quality digital reproductions on canvas or paper, and prints within LED lightbox technology on the higher end..." In 1995 he started studying & painting sacred geometry and in 2001 created his first website: bluemuse.org (now defunct). In 2006 David created an on-line store http://cafepress.com/davidsartwork. In 2007 he produced the 90 minute DVD THE SACRED GEOMETRY PAINTINGS Vol. 1: a consciousness experiment? Also in 2007, David self -published his first book, THE SACRED GEOMETRY PAINTINGS BOOK 1 and then a few weeks later THE SACRED GEOMETRY PAINTINGS BOOK 2 . They each respectively contain 300 images from the DVD.

Later that same Autumn of 2007 David self -published: "...LOVE, SEAGULLS...". The back of the book cover says it all: "If seagulls could talk whatt wisdom might they share.." It combines his original words with his intimate color photographs in sort of a homage to Richard Bach's Jonathan Livingston Seagull. This stemmed from an amazing bliss consciousness experience he had with seagulls who chose to convene with him and treated him as part of the family. In 2008, he published THE UNPOLISHED MANUSCRIPT. Here he describes himself as a diamond in the rough and exposes the human side of being a creative genius. This grew out of verbally sharing the story of his creative development and personal journey "...so many times that eventually i figured i ought to write it all down, leave a record before heading off any further into the unknown." This according to a rumor he either heard or started a long time ago, "...that before we leave this world for good we must share what we've learned with at least 6 people!.."

Also in 2008 David self-published DIVINE METAPHYSICS 101: the short course...illustrated...the care and feeding of the natural high ? This 100 page book composed of his original words on original photographs is what he calls"... a Reader's Digest version of all the things i was given to understand by the Universe during what i came to call my 'spiritual acceleration', where i was in a state of bliss 24 hours a day for nearly 3 months in the winter of 1993-94. The last 30 pages tells the story of 1999...where i was called to make this amazing journey from Venice Beach, to Hawaii then across the world to all these sacred sites like the Grand Canyon, Serpent Mound, Avebury Stone Circle, Stone Henge, Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, the Palace of Knossos on Crete, Athens, Jerusalem, Mount Sinai; and to gatherings like the American National in Pennsylvania, Woodstock '99, the European Rainbow in Hungary, the 9.9.09 gathering on Glastonbury Tor, and the Israeli National Gathering in the Negev Desert...all to be at the Pyramids for the Millennium..."

In 2009 David self-published his eleventh book in the past two years THE BOOK OF DAYS: THE SACRED GEOMETRY PAINTINGS (TM) DAILY ORACLE & MASTER ALMANAC 2010 ( he self-published the first version, the 2009 edition last New Years Day). This work includes 18 living calendars from the world's traditions, and features 5 original speculative and oracular calendars like THE SACRED GEOMETRY PAINTINGS PERPETUAL CALENDAR, THE 28 NIGHTS OF THE GREEK MUSES SPECULATIVE CALENDAR, and THE I CHING ORACULAR LUNAR CALENDAR which goes through 2012.

I asked him why he thought that so many artists struggle, and he said that it was all about learning to practice the intricacies of 'the care and feeding of a good idea'. In other words it was not just about having good ideas but taking the steps to nurture and nourish them and make them happen. Sound familiar? I have spoken to many artists who love creating but have blocks about trading their brain children into cash flow for various reasons. Not so with DAE, he said, "...the key is to be working on more than one idea at a time so that when you reach the point when you've turned over all the stones you can with one idea, you can move onto the next idea knowing that it's now left up to the universe to follow through...be sure to turn over all the stones you can up to the minute, that way you will know that you have done everything you can, and the rest is up to the universe...and if the universe wants it to to happen it will. And if it doesn't support it, you will know that it wasn't because you didn't do everything you could on your end." He has original ideas and then he breathes life into them and gives them roots and wings. Unless an idea has both roots and wings, it will neither have substance, nor fly. When pressed why he thought most artists, creative folks, and would-be entrepreneurs struggle to turn their idea's and dreams into an income they can live on David said," one word: Perseverance... It's about not giving up, but showing up day after day, after day, after day..Living your passion....but also being responsive to what information our 'failures' are trying to tell us about what adjustments we need to make to our premise as reality tries to naturally bring life to our dream...What great idea isn't informed by our repeated failure? in this light failure is our friend, teacher, and co-worker because it is trying to provide us with what we need to bring our idea into the real world where it fully can stand the true test: the light of day...the Key is not to take 'no' for an answer...sometimes no means just not now, or not yet...the only way to know is to keep on it...entertaining the muse...remaining open to whatever the Universe wants to have happen with the idea...because in the end it's all about what serves the Universe and doing ones best to remain in alignment with this. Basically it's a partnership...the only one you'll ever need and the best one you'll ever have.and if you're lucky it'll be a love relationship, rather than a relationship of convenience or worse: reluctance... " He advises, "...to trust in the Universe and the resources will appear, but you still have to show up and follow through! and show up and follow through!! and show up and follow through...!!!" You get the idea! ""...To develop a partnership, a conscious working and loving and trusting relationship with the Universe. Just imagine ...the Universe is the Lover who will love us anyway, but prefers to be chosen with glee...without reservation...reluctance or hesitation...but with true soulful glee!!!...like the Lover we can't wait to see again...and that moment when we finally see them again...we choose...we can choose at any and every moment."

DAE is a traveller. As a young man, he hitchhiked across America and jumped trains, exploring his raison Detre. "...In college and out in the world i just wanted to know 'WHY?..Why are we here?' then as i started to get a glimpse of some answers...i wanted to know 'HOW'...How are we here? and 'How can i help? how can i do some good?' ". In 1991 he attended his first Rainbow Gathering for peace at the age of 34. He has been to every American Annual Rainbow Gathering since. A Rainbow Gathering is "...like building temporary Eco-village in the wilderness with a full infrastructure, and people coming from all over the world to simply practice being peace, being the best version of themselves they can be in the company of others...imagine a giant slumber party in the woods, hippie summer-camp...At the American National on the 4th of July since the first one in 1972, we hold a silence prayer for world peace from dawn until 'Rainbow Noon' when the silence is broken by the childrens parade making to the center of the circle...". David has helped to "focalize", and even scout for gathering sites, like the World Rainbow Gathering site in Zimbabwe in 2001 for the Total Solar Eclipse on the June Solstice.

We spoke of challenges. He has had many and learned from a very early age how to live a life that was different. He joked: "I know what it is to try to herd cats!" He embraces challenge, welcomes it and learns from it knowing that it is all part of the greater scheme of things "The Universe doesn't miss anything!"

Well, what an fantastic experience for me to share a little time with one of the most phenomenal people of our time. I would really recommend checking him out on FB and exploring his websites. They are a little, shall we say unconventional. But hey, you wouldn't really expect to see convention on any DAE website now, would we?

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