Dannion Brinkley - Mayan Stardate 2012

Mayan Stardate 2012
Kathryn and Dannion Brinkley

Together, we have led many sacred adventures deep into the Yucatan Peninsula. After five near-death experiences between us, we’re both on a life long search for spiritual truth. Our heart's desire, through the exploration of many Mayan ruins, is to understand the incredibly rich history and vast spiritual wisdom of this advanced ancient civilization. In the 21st century, the Mayan Calendar stands as an exquisite testament to the galactic knowledge commonly shared throughout this culture (and probably the world) in the time of our ancestors in the years leading up to and including 3113 BC. In many diverse places - from India to Egypt and into Mesoamerica - calendars such as the one designed by the Maya were created and in our recent history have been discovered. How they knew what they knew still remains a mystery; a mystery that is frequently the target of outrageous speculation and rumor. Some theorists venture to say that only extraterrestrial visitors could have brought the knowledge of the intricate workings of the cosmos to these early cultures. Others believe inter-dimensional beings were the ones who passed along the astronomical knowledge and architectural insight they so clearly possessed. Regardless of the source, the evidence remains unchanged - The Maya knew things about the universe, thousands of years ago, that we have only discovered within the past twenty years. According to the Maya, we are set to end this particular phase of creation on December 21, 2012. The world is not ending; no, far from it. However, this phase of Creation will end as it heralds the legendary dawning of its successor - The Age of Aquarius. These end days are teaching us to look beyond the illusion, for nothing is as it appears to be. The very fabric of reality is being rewoven as we move one step closer to bringing Heaven to Earth.

Although it has never happened before in the recorded history of humanity, the Maya foretold the upcoming journey of our Sun into the very Heart of the Milky Way. Amazingly, this pre-Colombian culture was capable of tracking this galactic event (known to modern science as the 26,000 year Procession of the Equinox) which was destined to transpire several millennia into their future. Obviously, this trek of the solar straight into the center of the galaxy has been underway for quite some time, however, the closer the Earth gets to the Galactic Center, the more swiftly and surely we are receiving higher consciousness frequencies. These elevated vibrations are the reason why there is a global spiritual awakening, of unprecedented strength and size, sweeping through every sector of our conscious reality. We are moving into a cosmic bandwidth that will allow us to experience reality on many different levels as well as from many varying perspectives. This quantum leap in our ability to perceive the truth, about space and real time, will alter the way in which we live life on Earth, for all time (or at least the next 26,0000 years).

For example, consider the contribution the Internet has made to our daily lives. Cyberspace has given us instant accessibility to worlds of knowledge heretofore unattainable. Moreover, many of the things we now mindlessly participate in now, such as acts of aggression and world war, will have to be relinquished, for they will not remain viable (or be permitted) in the higher frequencies of Light we are entering. Most of us have already recognized a quickening of our time. There's simply not the same 24 hours in the day anymore. It seems to us that we are working twice as hard to accomplish half as much. This is due to the acceleration of Creation which, as a natural by-product, creates an acceleration of time. As everything continues to speed up, the truth of our identity as spiritual beings cannot help but become more and more obvious and undeniable. In fact, Dr. Carl Calleman believes, "The Mayan calendar is NOT an instrument for tracking the procession of time as previously thought, but as a meter and measure of the evolution of human consciousness."

Yet, from a purely scientific perspective, it has been proven that the universe is four-fifths dark matter. Well, what exactly does this fact mean to the average person? Quite simply, this means there is indeed an invisible, intangible yet, connective spiritual substance linking everything in the universe into a cohesive, evolving state of oneness. What was once seen as superstitious nonsense, concepts of a weak mind, or foolishness, myth and psycho-babble is now being revered as astrophysics and quantum mechanics. This tells us that what the ancients recorded in antiquity is now being translated into a logical, modern language replete with definable, scientific terms. The myriad of recent discoveries within the realms of these modern sciences only reinforces the vast knowledge the Maya possessed regarding the possibilities of a future time; a time we now call the present. How very exciting for all of us! We have at hand the potential to create a future world where hatred, war, greed and deceit will find no shelter. But, it is only a potential until we take it upon ourselves to proactively search our inner natures to find that eternal connection to the Divine. Once found, we must then allow it to navigate our lives into the flow of the great inter-galactic, multidimensional energy, most recently streaming forth from the Heart of the Milky Way. Just as the courageous explorers of old used the trade winds and ocean currents to navigate their way to the shores of the unknown, in hope of discovering the New World, we must now align ourselves with the influx of cosmic energies waiting and willing to sail us into a new reality of time and space. Let us rig our sails, batten down our hatches, and chart our course for the brave new world set to begin on December 21, 2012. We can only accomplish this by getting ready today.

There will be a many teachers coming along to show us how to become dynamic galactic citizens, and it is our responsibility to open our hearts and minds to their energetic presence. However, the gift of discernment will be our greatest ally. Heed only those teachers who foretell of endless possibilities, not doomsday scenarios. Humanity stands at the precipice of all possibilities, including destruction. Yet, armed with unconditional love and compassion, we shall not fail in our dedication to the fulfillment of creating Heaven on Earth. When we return from our current journey to the Yucatan, we shall share what we have once again learned from the ancient Maya, knowing it will reinforce the beautiful dawning of a New Age on Earth.

Dannion Brinkley is an international best selling author. In 1994 Dannion's first book (with Paul Perry), Saved By The Light became an instant success. It was closely followed by his next best seller, At Peace In The Light, in 1996. He has recently written the third installment of his Light Trilogy drawing from his personal voyage and near-death encounters entitled, The Secrets Of The Light: Spiritual Strategies To Empower Your Life... Here and in the Hereafter (Heart Light Productions). This eloquent and highly inspirational book is an intuitively profound manual focused on spiritual strategies to empower life on both sides of the veil.

According to the visions I received in the Heavens, the next six to eight years hold many surprises for us all. It is my deepest hope that we will be able to unearth and decipher the hidden power and purpose of all the twists and turns in the spiritual path just ahead. This new millennium holds more power than any other in history. We are all great, powerful, mighty spiritual beings for choosing to be part of this most special time on Earth.
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