SYNCHRONICITIES, a universal experience

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SYNCHRONICITIES, A Universal Experience

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Have you ever come across timely events saving you from desperate situations? These aren't just meaningful coincidences. These are signs from the universe, they are important markers in your life. These unexpected, meaningful coincidences are called synchronicities.
If you see beyond the immediate, you will understand that the synchronicity is actually a blessing in disguise, or a miracle in the working.
Remember, with synchronicities, two heads are NOT better than one. It is useless to consult others. You need to trust yourself and your inner voice which tells you what the synchronicities point to.
Also, a synchronicity can appear as an irony. The universe is so mysterious that sometimes we feel that a comical irony is being played on us. Taking advantage of our synchronicities means being open to opportunities that are calling. And they may exist for us for a long time but remain unexplored because we are too afraid to step out of the "box."


Love & Light, Stu.

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