Noble Wise, An American Patriot Starts His Journey

I mat a noble man today, we had a good talk. I AM, Backing Him on His Journey.
Read about him here. Help him if you feel, he is the Real Deal. I Good Man!

Mission Statement:

To ride horseback across this great nation and speak with and encourage other American Patriots to answer a call for action. The American people have never been as angered by career politicians as they are today, and rightfully so. Our goal is to suggest to other American Patriots that now is the time to unite as one non-partisan people in order to show our disgust at the polls in November of 2010. Vote against all incumbent politicians regardless of party.

It’s Our Constitution:

Our Founding Fathers were great thinkers and men of vision who created a form of government unique to the world. Our Constitution gives each of us, the people, the freedom to govern our great nation as free men and women. As such, our first amendment right to redress our government has never been more precious than it is in today’s turbulent times. Both political parties have shown reckless disregard for the will of the people to the point that the disconnect is causing an unhealthy fear for the well being of our country. The average working folks of this country, the backbone of America, feel they no longer have a say in their government. Those who feel that taking personal responsibility for their lives today see themselves as being used by an ever-larger group of “special Americans” content on living off of the hard work and taxes of true “American Patriots.” Now is the time our founding fathers spoke of when creating our Constitution— the time when the citizens of this Nation could legally and without bloodshed alter their current government when its leaders stray too far from the basic values and principles of its citizenry. Now is the time to answer this call to action!

It’s all of our’s Country:

The two party system has failed the American people. These days when a career politician is elected they seem only to represent his or her party’s interest in Washington, the heck with the Americans who voted for the other guy. Now is the time for the American people to send a loud and clear message to all of our elected officials— we are fed up with the bickering and the name calling. Tell them we do not care if they are of this party or that party, we want citizen statesmen representing us who will adhere to the Constitution and represent 100% of the people regardless of party affiliation. The best way to send that message is to vote all incumbents out of office in November and continue to do that until they cry UNCLE. Perhaps it is time to send both main political parties home for a few years and try two new political entities. That’s just a suggestion.

It’s my fault:

I’ll admit it, I didn’t take action before. I was too busy, or I told myself there wasn’t really anything I could do about it or maybe I was just too self absorbed with my little world that I didn’t care. The fact is we did not get to this point politically in our country overnight. While there have been countless Americans screaming at the top of their lungs, not enough of us heeded their call to action. Our form of government – like life itself – is a pro-active endurance test, it demands that we actively participate. No longer can we, as true American Patriots, afford to stand on the sidelines and simply say “Someone needs to do something about this.” The truth is that we can always find others to blame for the ills our country suffers today, but we can only blame ourselves for not taking simple actions at the voting booth that may have created solutions. We must become willing to unite in a common cause in order to preserve this Great Union that has given so many blessings to all of us. We suggest the common cause should be to vote all incumbents out of office and therefore restore integrity in our Legislative bodies.

Vote all Incumbents out—The Pros and Cons

One bad apple spoils the barrel they say—seems these days the whole bunch is bad, or should I say, gone mad. In our humble opinion, the pros of voting all incumbents out of office far exceed the cons. The first positive would be that the power of the majority party would shift to a more conservative legislature, giving the American people a break from this spending spree our congressmen have been on. Secondly the lobbyist and special interest groups would have to start their bribery and such all over, at great expense I hope! Another positive is our representatives would know the peoples’ power at the polls and understand better just exactly whom they work for. But, most importantly, the American people’s faith in the electoral system would be restored, they could see that there is power in unity.
The worst negative would be that some good politicians would have to fall to the wayside. We should, however, remember that they were just as ineffective as the bad ones. Secondly, one could argue that having a Congress full of freshmen would be worse than what we have today, yet I reason the freshmen would not know how to take advantage of us as easily as our current representatives already do.


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