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'Entering the I AM', Part One - by unASLEEP

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I AM is the Truth, your Truth, the only Truth, and so it is.

When you say these words, ‘I AM, I AM THAT I AM, I KNOW’, you are actually closing the gap between you and ‘All That Is’. You are giving up the idea about you being separated from The Source. Everything else is an illusion.

You are unique and more powerful than you know. By listening to the Silence and the Power which lies in the energy of I AM you activate the Divine Love and Peace that is your natural state. You are actually reclaiming Who you really Are. It's like a command from your Self to yourself to let go of separation and become One with The Source again.

When you express the ‘I AM, I AM THAT I AM, I KNOW’, you give yourself access to all knowledge, solutions, and you activate the body’s own living power, wisdom and Divine abilities to dissolve conflicts that have caused drama and sickness in your life ... sickness too is an illusion.

We have for so long, by living in duality, suppressed the Heart and lived through the mind as if it was a greater power, a greater existence and most of the time the one and only truth for us. We have given the mind greater value for thousands of years. As a result we have trusted it the most. The mind is the masculine part of us which is imbalanced when not in Oneness with the Cosmic Heart, The Source.

In the New Energy - the spiritual evolution - this condition is reversed. It is now the Heart, the Cosmic Heart - Universal Love, which is the greater power, existence and Truth. As this occurs the mind is also evolving, and you become an unlimited creator with a creative power far beyond what has been imagined. This is when you start creating greatness, because this is your natural state. Miracles become part of your natural existence, because You Are Miraculous.

I AM is God becoming your mirror and you start to see life through God’s eyes. I AM is the foundation for New Energy, the New Earth, The Golden Age. I AM is you connected to The Source. This connection is important because you are letting yourself become Who you really Are for God’s power is your natural power. That same power is being activated in your heart when you say the words, ‘I AM, I AM THAT I AM, I KNOW’.

You are not alone ... we are all One with Universal Consciousness - The Source. But when you believe in separation, fear takes over and fear becomes your truth. I AM means Oneness with God - The Source, which removes fear. Fear creates sickness, drama, suffering, worrying and belief that we have problems, that we are mortal. I AM THAT I AM makes it simple yet powerful. You engage in a different way of living when you move into the power of I AM, but you no longer have to ‘work’ to get the results you are looking for.

Humans don't believe things are easy or that things should come easily. They like to complicate life. Most people believe that if things seem too good to be true they are not true. As a result they shut down and create the end of a good experience, relationship, or a really good life. When we believe in separation we get stuck in an everlasting ‘seeking’ for something or someone out there that can heal us, help us, save us or give us the life we want. We give away our power and become powerless.

I AM is peace, I AM is freedom, I AM is Divine Love, I AM is Who you Are. As you realize this you become One with The Cosmic Heart. The Source is in contact with All That Is, with all humans. With this understanding all solutions come with people you attract to yourself. I AM is the essence of ecstasy, passion, Divine Love and Peace, and that is the highest form of Creation.

You will both feel and ‘see’ beyond old belief systems. I AM changes your perspective, and in the end you see only Light. I AM is the ecstasy that creates abundance, wealth and luxury on all levels. When you breath in I AM, I AM THAT I AM, I KNOW, you become Peace and Love your Self. You become the God you have always looked for outside yourself. Your life will change as will the way you look at your life. When you live I AM, I AM THAT I AM, I KNOW, it becomes like the wind ... you cannot see it, but you can see the effects of it.

Words from; http://om-iam.com/

Entering the I Am, Part II.......by unASLEEP

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